ACQUISITIVE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for ACQUISITIVE?

Need another word that means the same as “acquisitive”? Find 10 synonyms and 30 related words for “acquisitive” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Acquisitive” are: greedy, covetous, avaricious, possessive, grasping, predatory, avid, rapacious, mercenary, materialistic

Acquisitive as an Adjective

Definitions of "Acquisitive" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “acquisitive” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas.
  • Excessively interested in acquiring money or material things.

Synonyms of "Acquisitive" as an adjective (10 Words)

avariciousHaving or showing an extreme greed for wealth or material gain.
A corrupt and avaricious government.
avidHaving or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.
She was avid for information about the murder inquiry.
covetousShowing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another’s advantages.
Jealous of his success and covetous of his possessions.
graspingImmoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth.
Grasping commercialism.
greedyHaving an excessive desire or appetite for food.
People driven from their land by greedy developers.
materialisticMarked by materialism.
We re living in a highly materialistic society.
mercenaryProfit oriented- John Buchan.
Mercenary killers.
possessiveShowing an unwillingness to share one’s possessions.
Has he become jealous or possessive.
predatoryLiving by or given to victimizing others for personal gain.
She always felt at the mercy of predatory men.
rapaciousExcessively greedy and grasping.
The rapacious wolf.

Usage Examples of "Acquisitive" as an adjective

  • An acquisitive society in which the craving for material things seems never satisfied.
  • An acquisitive mind.
  • We live in a competitive and acquisitive society.

Associations of "Acquisitive" (30 Words)

carnivorous(of an animal) feeding on other animals.
Carnivorous plants are capable of trapping and digesting small animals especially insects.
covetousHaving or showing a great desire to possess something belonging to someone else.
Jealous of his success and covetous of his possessions.
covetousnessReprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins.
discreditableTending to bring harm to a reputation.
Allegations of discreditable conduct.
enviousFeeling or showing envy.
I m envious of their happiness.
genitiveThe genitive case.
The genitive endings.
gluttonousExcessively greedy.
A gluttonous appetite for food and praise and pleasure.
graspingAvaricious; greedy.
A grasping old miser.
greedReprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins.
Mercenaries who had allowed greed to overtake their principles.
greedy(often followed by `for’) ardently or excessively desirous.
Don t be greedy with the cookies.
hungerFeel or suffer hunger.
When he had fasted forty days and forty nights he afterwards hungered.
infamousKnown widely and usually unfavorably.
The infamous Benedict Arnold.
jealousyZealous vigilance-Paul Blanshard.
Cherish their official political freedom with fierce jealousy.
lecherousHaving or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire.
She ignored his lecherous gaze.
locativeThe locative case.
miserA stingy hoarder of money and possessions often living miserably.
A typical miser he hid his money in the house in various places.
miserly(used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity.
His miserly great uncle proved to be worth nearly 1 million.
moneylenderSomeone who lends money at excessive rates of interest.
obsessionAn unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone.
He was in the grip of an obsession he was powerless to resist.
possessiveThe possessive case.
A possessive parent.
predatoryCharacterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding.
A predatory bird.
rapaciousExcessively greedy and grasping.
Rapacious landlords.
raptorialRelating to or characteristic of birds of prey.
Raptorial birds.
raveningExcessively greedy and grasping.
Ravening wolves.
selfishConcerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others.
I joined them for selfish reasons.
sordidMorally degraded- Seattle Weekly.
A sordid political campaign.
swineA contemptible or unpleasant person.
A contagious viral disease of animals that primarily affects swine.
unscrupulousHaving or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.
Unscrupulous politicos who would be happy to sell their country in order to gain power.
vocativeThe vocative case.
Vocative verb endings.
voraciousDevouring or craving food in great quantities.
She s a voracious reader.

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