Adjectives That Start with M: a List of 790+ Words with Examples and Descriptions

In English, over 790 adjectives start with the letter M. Use these words in your speech and writing to express exactly what you see and feel and to boost your vocabulary!

Adjectives That Start with MA (201 Words)

macabreShockingly repellent; inspiring horror The mood set by the music appeals to many who enjoy the strange and macabre.
macaronicOf or containing a mixture of latin words and vernacular words jumbled together How is a patois compared or contrasted to the concept of a macaronic language
macedonianOf or relating to macedonia or its inhabitants Work on the macedonian standard language.
macerativeAccompanied by or characterized by maceration
machiavellianOf or relating to machiavelli or the principles of conduct he recommended Coercive power is machiavellian in nature and is the opposite of reward power.
machinelikeResembling the unthinking functioning of a machine
machoUsed of men; markedly masculine in appearance or manner Contrast the male characters with the often macho male leads of shonen comics.
macrencephalicHaving a large brain case
macrencephalousHaving a large brain case
macroVery large in scale or scope or capability Rather, it was addressing the macro issue.
macrobioticOf or relating to the theory or practice of macrobiotics Foods such as these are used in a macrobiotic way of eating.
macrocephalicHaving an exceptionally large head and brain
macrocephalousHaving an exceptionally large head and brain
macromolecularRelating to or consisting of or characterized by macromolecules Macromolecular crowding may be important in chaperone function.
macroscopicVisible to the naked eye; using the naked eye Both the tooth and the abscess are macroscopic
macroscopicalVisible to the naked eye; using the naked eye
maculateMorally blemished; stained or impure Ed’s wikihistory is… well… it’s too maculate.
madRoused to anger- mark twain He is wacko, mad and crazy.
madagascanOf or relating to madagascar or its people Fork marked lemurs are found in the following madagascan reserves.
madcapCharacterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation; (`brainish’ is archaic) Smith was urbane, charming and witty and also madcap.
madlyVery foolish He is wacko, mad and crazy.
magentaOf deep purplish red The location of the earliest chariots is shown in magenta.
maggotySpoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of flies It is not recommended as it is often maggoty, and may taste soapy.
magicPossessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers- shakespeare The place is magic and relaxing.
magicalPossessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers- shakespeare Enter the magical world of the arabian era.
magisterialUsed of a person’s appearance or behavior; befitting an eminent person What do you look like when you are looking magisterial
magnanimousNoble and generous in spirit Being magnanimous, the king ordered the killing to stop.
magneticPossessing an extraordinary ability to attract For magnetic implats under the fingertips.
magnetisedHaving the properties of a magnet; i.e. of attracting iron or steel As long as it’s the sort of thing that can be magnetised.
magnificentCharacterized by grandeur The influence of postmodern dance is magnificent.
magniloquentLofty in style According to her own magniloquent phrase, she was extremely nervous.
magyarRelating to or characteristic of hungary Many english speakers will stare blankly when you say magyar.
maidenServing to set in motion The bats swoop down and attack the squirrel maiden.
maidenlikeBefitting or characteristic of a maiden
maidenlyBefitting or characteristic of a maiden
mainMost important element Their best expertise and the main income of the pagans was piracy.
mainstreamedPlaced in regular school classes Miyamoto further mainstreamed the jcp throughout his term.
maintainableCapable of being maintained Is the list easily maintainable
majesticBelonging to or befitting a supreme ruler We’ve featured some fairly majestic mansions in the past.
majorOf a scale or mode The ability of the drum major is the main condition for the appointment.
majuscularOf the nature of a majuscule or written in majuscules
majusculeUppercase Uncial is a calligraphical minuscule script forced into a majuscule format.
makeshiftDone or made using whatever is available It should preserve the makeshift nature of the action.
maladaptiveShowing faulty adaptation Reflect on how the behavior is more maladaptive than adaptive.
maladjustedNot well adjusted People described him as painfully shy and socially maladjusted.
maladjustivePoorly adjusted
maladroitNot adroit I beg you to forgive my maladroit submission.
malaproposOf an inappropriate or incorrectly applied nature
malawianRelating to or characteristic of malawi or its people or culture This is especially evident in the malawian population.
malayOf or relating to or characteristic of the people or language of malaysia and the northern malay peninsula and parts of the western malay archipelago The word malay in this term didn’t referred to malay it self.
malayanOf or relating to or characteristic of malaysia Plankton from two lakes of the malayan region.
malaysianOf or relating to or characteristic of malaysia List of malaysian coats of arms.
malcontentDiscontented as toward authority He isn’t a malcontent despite being tossed out of his last game.
maleFor or pertaining to or composed of men or boys Contrast the male characters with the often macho male leads of shonen comics.
maledictUnder a curse
maleficHaving or exerting a malignant influence Mars is considered the lesser malefic, while saturn is the greater malefic.
maleficentHarmful or evil in intent or effect Deserted, the castle was later adopted by maleficent as a headquarters.
malevolentWishing or appearing to wish evil to others; arising from intense ill will or hatred They are malevolent spirits that dwell in the sanzu river.
malformedSo badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly Astigmatism due to misaligned or malformed lenses and mirrors.
maliciousHaving the nature of or resulting from malice- rudyard kipling Oftentimes, the vandalism is blatant and clearly malicious.
malignEvil or harmful in nature or influence It’s not fair to malign the entire mall.
malignantDangerous to health; characterized by progressive and uncontrolled growth (especially of a tumor) Myxosarcoma is a rare malignant tumor of the heart.
malleableEasily influenced He was one of the first chemists to succeed in producing malleable platinum.
malnourishedNot being provided with adequate nourishment He was repeatedly beaten and became severely malnourished.
malodorousHaving an unpleasant smell This intensely malodorous liquid is a useful reagent in organic synthesis.
malodourousHaving an unpleasant smell
malposedCharacterized by malposition
maltedOf grain that has been converted into malt Made from floor malted barley and rye.
malteseOf or relating to the island or republic of malta or its inhabitants Maltese are bred to be cuddly companion dogs, and thrive on love and attention.
malthusianOf or relating to thomas malthus or to malthusianism They invent their way out of the malthusian crisis.
mammalianOf or relating to the class mammalia I’m a mammalian paleontologist and a taxonomist.
mammaryOf or relating to the milk-giving gland of the female The fold is formed by the fusion of the superficial and mammary faciae.
mammothSo exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth The woolly mammoth is common in the fossil record.
man-madeNot of natural origin; prepared or made artificially The man made the robot animate.
manageableCapable of existing or taking place or proving true; possible to do At the moment the size is manageable because the list is incomplete.
managerialOf or relating to the function or responsibility or activity of management The second generation was managerial and generous.
manchurianOf or relating to or characteristic of manchuria or its people or their culture The movie is set on the trans manchurian route.
mancunianOf or relating to or characteristic of the english city of manchester or its residents These present a partly ironic and satirical view of mancunian history.
mandaeanOf or relating to the mandaean people or their language or culture A basic guide to mandaean theology does not exist.
mandatoryRequired by rule The trustee must arrange mandatory counselling of the bankrupt.
mandeanOf or relating to the mandaean people or their language or culture Mandean is still spoken in parts of southern iraq.
mandibularRelating to the lower jaw It is mesial from both mandibular lateral incisors.
mandibulateHaving mandibles They have a sclerotised head with compound eyes and mandibulate mouthparts.
mandibulofacialOf or relating to the lower jaw and face
maneuverableCapable of maneuvering or changing position These make the plane less maneuverable.
manfulCharacteristic of a man Marko spent his manful years in that service too.
mangeyHaving many worn or threadbare spots in the nap
mangyHaving many worn or threadbare spots in the nap Her mangy coat is sleek and black as night.
maniacWildly disordered Campbell was also the star of the maniac cop b movie franchise.
maniacalWildly disordered His maniacal personality appears to annoy the more serious abobo.
manicAffected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason- h.w.carter A manic song that becomes rambunctious near the end.
manichaeanOf or relating to manichaeism To me this characterisation of manichaean belief seems questionable.
manicheanOf or relating to manichaeism Diocletian found much to be offended by in manichean religion.
manicheeOf or relating to manichaeism
maniclikeResembling the mania of manic-depressive illness
manifestClearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment Does the prophet manifest the works of god
manifoldMany and varied; having many features or forms The network is itself the purpose, and the possible uses are manifold.
manipulableEasily managed (controlled or taught or molded)- samuel butler The embodiment disclosed is hand manipulable.
manipulativeSkillful in influencing or controlling others to your own advantage He is also portrayed as rather manipulative.
mankyInferior and worthless She was busy selling her phone cards to that girl with the manky foot,
manlikeCharacteristic of a man I was a weird, flying, manlike creature.
manlyPossessing qualities befitting a man Manly police came across several people who were severely intoxicated.
manneredHaving unnatural mannerisms Thanks for the well mannered and informed discussion
mannerlySocially correct in behavior Kudos, and thanks again for you timely and mannerly response.
mannishResembling or imitative of or suggestive of a man rather than a woman Nick castle wasn’t that big and jlc was always a bit mannish.
manoeuvrableCapable of maneuvering or changing position They are best used against less manoeuvrable divebombers and torpedo bombers.
manorialOf or relating to or based on the manor Manorial hedgerows and woodland.
manqueUnfulfilled or frustrated in realizing an ambition For desire is not a relation to an object but a relation to a lack manque .
mansardHaving two slopes on all sides with the lower slope steeper than the upper The mansard roof is made of slate.
manticResembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy An even more general difference between this treatment and usual treatment by pairs is found in the use made of the number of all the languages containing a certain lexical item as the cover of a se mantic atom.
mantledCovered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloak The mantled howler is usually indifferent to the presence of humans.
manualOf or relating to the hands Armstrong strove to instill in these disciples the moral value of manual labor.
manxOf or relating to the isle of man or its inhabitants or their language All participants wear , the manx national flower, otherwise known as mugwort.
manyA quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as’ or `too’ or `so’ or `that’; amounting to a large but indefinite number Barlow left the band in 2003, much to the chagrin of many fans.
maoistOf or relating to maoism As stated above the article is on maoist ideology.
maplelikeResembling maple
maraudingCharacterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding Furthermore, soldiers were still marauding through the region.
marbledPatterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marble The thighs are marbled yellow and black and the armpit is yellow.
marbleisedPatterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marble
marbleizedPatterned with veins or streaks or color resembling marble A marbleized appearance is imparted to the column of paste or like material extruded from a flexible walled container by injecting material of a different color into a column of a predominantly base color passing through a container outlet lined with irregular projections.
marginalProducing at a rate that barely covers production costs The legal protection of the marine environment in china is marginal.
marianOf or relating to or venerating the virgin mary In the center of the high altar is the namesake marian stature.
marineOf or relating to military personnel who serve both on land and at sea (specifically the u.s. marine corps) The waters adjacent to the island are teeming with marine life.
maritalOf or relating to the state of marriage We handle marital disputes within the family and probate courts.
maritimeRelating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen Singapore based maritime technology company has received $482,000 in funding.
markedStrongly marked; easily noticeable Markings are marked on the frill.
marketableCapable of being marketed The money could be invested in both non marketable and marketable securities.
markovianRelating to or generated by a markov process Another important advantage of the simple markovian model is that it is relatively straightforward to transfer the model from english to other natural languages.
marlyOf or relating to or resembling or abounding in marl Marly and lindsay are unbelievable.
marmorealOf or relating to or characteristic of marble
marmoreanOf or relating to or characteristic of marble
marocOf or relating to or characteristic of morocco or its people Air arabia maroc has its head office in the arrivals terminal of the airport.
maroonOf dark brownish to purplish red She used some maroon and white colors.
maroonedOf dark brownish to purplish red The school’s colors are maroon and gold and the mascot is the crusader.
marredBlemished by injury or rough wear My achievemnets were marred by the person.
marriageableOf girls or women who are eligible to marry It may be that ‘marriageable age’ is not normative today.
marriedJoined in matrimony They were married thereabout.
marshySoft and watery The lands were most marshy and unhealthy.
marsupialOf or relating to the marsupials As for the marsupial mole, the evidence so far seems to point the other way.
martialSuggesting war or military life The woman altered the names of the martial arts.
martianOf or relating to the planet mars (or its fictional inhabitants) She helped duck dodgers thwart a plot by martian commander x 2.
marvellousToo improbable to admit of belief Magic is normal and expected in the marvelous world.
marvelousToo improbable to admit of belief The silence of the lambs was a marvelous thing.
marxistFollowing the ideas of marx and engels You can always tell a sulky marxist.
marxist-leninistFollowing the ideas of marx expanded to include those of lenin Does the hindu criticize marxist fanaticism
masculineAssociated with men and not with women Frankincense is associated with masculine powers.
masochisticDeriving pleasure or sexual gratification from being abused or dominated It was borderline masochistic to keep playing.
masonicOf or relating to stonemasons or masonry That is especially true of the masonic content.
masoreticOf or relating to the masorah They do not include the masoretic notes of the aleppo codex.
massFormed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole The mass of the earth is approximately three millionths of the mass of the sun.
massiveImposing in scale or scope or degree or power Also, the massive wad of meatpuppetry is disturbing.
mastedHaving or furnished with a mast; often used in combination- s.e.morrison A two masted schooner is in the right foreground.
masterMost important element He is the master of countless universes.
masteredMost important element Adjoining the library was the master bedroom.
masterfulHaving or revealing supreme mastery or skill My name is the one and only, masterful, and completely unopposed isaratd.
masterlessHaving no lord or master Many feature roaming masterless samurai, seeking work or a place in society.
masterlyHaving or revealing supreme mastery or skill Masterly recasting of the beerbohm story.
mastoidRelating to or resembling a nipple The base is fused with the internal surfaces of the squama and mastoid portion.
mastoidalRelating to or resembling a nipple
matNot reflecting light; not glossy You should look under the mat in the hallway.
matchingBeing two identical The user has to poke around for the matching story
matchlessEminent beyond or above comparison The film was matchless as it avoided any depiction of miracles.
matelessOf someone who has no marriage partner Mole had mad a mate called mateless and will be with him for the inter.
materialDirectly relevant to a matter especially a law case The material is extremely hydrophobic.
materialisticConforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class New zealanders are arguably the most materialistic people of earth.
maternalRelating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent It serves to anchor the embryonic chorion to the maternal endometrium.
maternalisticRelating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent The maternal clinics network was the result of her initiative.
mateyHaving the relationship of friends or pals Thanks for reverting my user talk page matey.
mathematicalCharacterized by the exactness or precision of mathematics The articles consider the mathematical set of the referents.
matriarchalCharacteristic of a matriarchy And finally, for the matriarchal succession at sparta.
matriarchicHaving a female as the family head or having descent traced through the female line
matricentricCentered upon the mother
matrilinealBased on or tracing descent through the female line Technically they are considered matrilineal, not matriarchal.
matrilinearBased on or tracing descent through the female line Their society is mostly matrilinear, and women often have the authority.
matrimonialOf or relating to the state of marriage After the establishment of a matrimonial bond, though, promiscuity stopped.
matronlyBefitting or characteristic of a fully mature woman She complained to friends of gaining weight and becoming matronly.
mattNot reflecting light; not glossy The proprietor of the website is matt slick.
matteNot reflecting light; not glossy Matte collodion was used in the same period.
mattedTangled in a dense mass Some specimens have matted, fibrous aerial roots.
maturationalRelating to or involved in maturation Maturational process can be hard to get through for a young child.
matureFully considered and perfected The mature spores are disseminated by the wind.
maturedFully considered and perfected He is a matured pervert of the group.
maturingHaving reached full natural growth or development I am the mature adult in the room.
matutinalPertaining to or occurring in the morning
maudlinEffusively or insincerely emotional It’s not maudlin or sentimental, but it is excitingly inspirational.
mauritanianOf or related to the island or country of mauritius or its inhabitants Moroccan army immediately occupied the former mauritanian part.
mauritianOf or related to the island or country of mauritius or its inhabitants I don’t think seychellois has as many hindi words as mauritian does..
mauveOf a pale to moderate greyish violet color The rump is colored pink, mauve and blue.
maverickIndependent in behavior or thought However, there are cases in which maverick melanoma cells may bring about a recurrence after many years.
mawkishEffusively or insincerely emotional Ccd impaired journalists blot out the past and embrace the mawkish.
maxiUsed of women’s clothing having a hemline at the ankle Maxi, the redirects are there specifically for that purpose.
maxillaryOf or relating to the upper jaw Maxillary canines begin to calcify by 4 months of age.
maxillodentalOf or relating to the upper jaw and its associated teeth
maxillofacialOf or relating to the upper jaw and face (particularly with reference to specialized surgery of the maxilla) Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a more specialized form of dental surgery.
maxillomandibularRelating to the upper and lower jaws
maximalThe greatest or most complete or best possible The entropy is maximum and the temperature is infinite.
maximisingMaking as great as possible Everyone works from home to minimise costs while maximising impact.
maximumThe greatest or most complete or best possible The maximum handicap for the event was fifteen.
mayoralOf or relating to a mayor or the office of mayor Not yet successful mayoral candidates are not.
mazedPerplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment Literally that would be ‘fine mazed’, but that sounds horrible.
mazyResembling a labyrinth in form or complexity He is famous for his mazy dribbling and superb pace.

Adjectives That Start with ME (162 Words)

meagerDeficient in amount or quality or extent Meager eruption articles in the category.
meagerlyDeficient in amount or quality or extent The government meagerly has funds to provide welfare to citizens.
meagreDeficient in amount or quality or extent The monsoon is scanty and meagre.
mealyComposed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency Mealy mouthed words from third rate intellects.
mealymouthedHesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e.g. timidity or hypocrisy He’s responsible, thoughtful, and compassionate, never mealymouthed .
meanMarked by poverty befitting a beggar Intoxicant doesn’t mean its toxic.
meanderingOf a path e.g. The wetland was formed by meandering ik and belaya.
meanerMarked by poverty befitting a beggar It’s nothing but venomous mean spirited swill.
meaningRich in significance or implication Context also affects the meaning of the gesture.
meaningfulHaving a meaning or purpose The final part of the sentence isn’t even meaningful.
meaninglessHaving no meaning or direction or purpose This fosters regimentation and meaningless fact retention.
meanspiritedHaving or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality- edmund burke- shakespeare As such it was a baseless accusation and meanspirited, so i removed it.
measlyContemptibly small in amount The page seems measly in comparison to some other airport pages.
measurableOf distinguished importance The quantities on the right all are directly measurable.
measuredHaving notes of fixed rhythmic value He measured out his niggard alms.
measurelessWithout limits in extent or size or quantity His gift to me was measureless in terms of his knowledge.
meatlessLacking meat Quick did offer a grilled cheese sandwich as a meatless option.
meatyLike or containing meat Lots of talk, lots of meaty contribs.
mechanicResembling the action of a machine- emily dickenson The mechanic replaced one of the bolts.
mechanicalRelating to or concerned with machinery or tools The cause of the mechanical failure is undetermined.
mechanisedEquipped with machinery The process was increasingly mechanised and perfected.
mechanisticOf or relating to the philosophical theory of mechanism Mechanistic inorganic chemistry.
mecopterousOf or relating to mecopterans
meddlesomeIntrusive in a meddling or offensive manner Beyond that, his edits are simply meddlesome and unconstructive.
meddlingIntrusive in a meddling or offensive manner But pinky’s meddling alters the outcome of the race in an unexpected manner.
mediaevalAs if belonging to the middle ages; old-fashioned and unenlightened He attacks the medieval values of chivalry.
medialDividing an animal into right and left halves The medial segment is also called the quadrate lobe.
medianDividing an animal into right and left halves Gnrh is secreted in the hypophysial portal bloodstream at the median eminence.
mediateBeing neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series To mediate on the truth of the truistic is also necessary.
mediatedActing through or dependent on an intervening agency The japanese then stepped in to mediate the conflict.
mediatorialOf or relating to a mediator or the duties of a mediator
mediatoryOf or related to or directed toward mediation This is a mediatory measure between the two of us and the two of us alone.
medicalRequiring or amenable to treatment by medicine especially as opposed to surgery The medical malpractice coverage is provided.
medicinalHaving the properties of medicine Are you eating the chinese medicinal soup too
medicolegalPertaining to legal aspects of the practice of medicine (as malpractice or patient consent for operations or patient information)
medievalRelating to or belonging to the middle ages The old building is medieval.
mediocrePoor to middling in quality The majority of population is mediocre.
meditativeDeeply or seriously thoughtful; In india, the esoteric schools were mainly of a meditative character.
mediterraneanOf or relating to or characteristic of or located near the mediterranean sea The climate of the region is mediterranean.
mediumAround the middle of a scale of evaluation The medium protrusion of wall is extended.
medium-sizeIntermediate in size The problem is the medium of radio.
medium-sizedIntermediate in size By the 1960s, the preferred clientele was small and medium sized businesses.
medullaryOf or relating to the medulla oblongata Medullary carcinoma of the breast.
medullatedCovered with a layer of myelin
medusoidRelating to or resembling a medusa This refers to the presence of the deadly medusoid mycelium in the grotto.
meekHumble in spirit or manner; suggesting retiring mildness or even cowed submissiveness The restaurant appears to be meek.
meetBeing precisely fitting and right The matchmaker comes to meet nucki.
megakaryocyticOf or pertaining to large bone marrow cells Megakaryocytic dysfunction in…
megalithicOf or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths Megalithic monuments are numerous in the neighborhood.
megaloblasticOf or relating to megaloblasts Dihydrofolate reductase deficiency has been linked to megaloblastic anemia.
megalomanicSuffering from megalomania I’m somewhat megalomanic in that sense.
megascopicVisible to the naked eye (especially of rocks and anatomical features) This is a megascopic version of what may occur around porphyroblasts.
meioticOf or relating to meiosis I changed a few things regarding meiotic drive.
melancholicGrave or even gloomy in character The harsh soul of the war was surrounded by melancholy.
melancholyGrave or even gloomy in character He became melancholy and unsociable.
melanesianOf or relating to melanesia or its people or culture In the centre, more traditional melanesian cultural systems dominate.
meliorativeTending to ameliorate Czech diminutives can also express familiarity, meliorative, and affection.
mellifluousPleasing to the ear When rains fall on the trees, the mellifluous sounds resonated.
mellisonantPleasing to the ear
mellowHaving a full and pleasing flavor through proper aging According to many, his refined mellow voice was the finest in the field.
mellowedSlightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana) The song is mid tempo, and the vocal is mellow.
melodicContaining or constituting or characterized by pleasing melody Her melodic lines are singable and carefully attentive to the text.
melodiousHaving a musical sound; especially a pleasing tune The songs in the movie are very melodious and situational.
melodramaticCharacteristic of acting or a stage performance; often affected The melodramatic plots are so melodramatic they are very humorous.
meltableCapable of melting Two warp sheds are formed from warp threads at least some of which are meltable.
meltedChanged from a solid to a liquid state The fire melted all the computer equipment in the house.
meltingBecoming liquid That was a melting story of yours.
memberedHaving members; normally used in chemistry in combination with a number A pentasil unit consists of eight five membered rings.
memberlessOf a group or set having no members
membranousRelating to or made of or similar to a membrane The inner coats of the bulbs are membranous.
memorableWorth remembering Even the artist’s indignant statement is not, of itself, memorable.
menacingThreatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments The doctor sees another clockwork creature menacing her.
mendaciousIntentionally untrue They are also blatantly false and downright mendacious.
mendelianOf or relating to gregor mendel or in accord with mendel’s laws Darwin made no comment on mendelian genetics.
mendicantPracticing beggary The king decided to meet the mendicant.
menialUsed of unskilled work (especially domestic work) Those of arrogant disposition were given the most menial of jobs.
meningealRelating to the meninges It accompanies the middle meningeal artery and supplies the dura mater.
menopausalOf or relating to the menopause Asps is frequently encountered in the elderly and in post menopausal women.
mensalThe dining table
menstrualOf or relating to menstruation or the menses In the past, women used it to soothe menstrual pain.
mensurableHaving notes of fixed rhythmic value
mensuralHaving notes of fixed rhythmic value The sign is similarly a vestige of the one used in mensural notation.
mentalOf or relating to the chin or median part of the lower jaw The mental uneasiness and ego also decrease.
mentholatedContaining, or impregnated with, menthol Halls is the brand name of a popular mentholated cough drop.
mephistopheleanShowing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil It seemed to be like part of the mephistophelean code.
mephistophelianShowing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil
mephiticOf noxious stench from atmospheric pollution It reeks of a patronising mephitic fetor.
mercantileProfit oriented- john buchan The area had mercantile relationship with phoenicians and the romans.
mercenaryMarked by materialism The only recurring characters are the crew of the mercenary spaceship.
mercerisedOf cotton thread that has been treated with sodium hydroxide to shrink it and increase its luster and affinity for dye Mercerised thread is commonly used to produce fine crochet.
mercerizedOf cotton thread that has been treated with sodium hydroxide to shrink it and increase its luster and affinity for dye All varieties of cotton have a dull finish unless mercerized.
merchantableFit to be offered for sale The most important of these to a consumer is likely to be merchantable quality.
mercifulShowing or giving mercy Aaron rodgers, since taking over as the packers’ quarterback in 2008, has not been nearly as merciful.
mercilessHaving or showing no mercy I like your merciless use of the hatchet.
mercurialRelating to or having characteristics (eloquence, shrewdness, swiftness, thievishness) attributed to the god mercury His exuberance was one symptom of a mercurial attention span.
mereBeing nothing more than specified You should give up the mere benefits.
meretriciousBased on pretense; deceptively pleasing Trusting such a simple system feels cheap and meretricious while you’re doing it.
meridianOf or happening at noon In this secant case, two paths of true scale flank the central meridian.
meridionalOf or relating to a meridian This meridional circulation is then the secondary circulation.
meritableDeserving reward or praise Very much meritable on your part.
meritedProperly deserved If merited, a sentence about the unusual nature of the international response.
meritlessWithout merit This was an entirely meritless nomination.
meritocraticRelating to or characteristic of a meritocracy The lower house is not meritocratic.
meritoriousDeserving reward or praise He was awarded the john chard medal for long and meritorious service.
merovingianOf or relating to the merovingian dynasty or its members The manuscript is written in merovingian script on vellum.
merryQuick and energetic In my most avuncular santa voice i said, quot;merry christmas, calvin quot;.
mesentericOf or relating to or located in a mesentery Inferior mesenteric lymph nodes.
meshugaSenseless; crazy
meshuggaSenseless; crazy
meshuggeSenseless; crazy
meshuggenehSenseless; crazy
meshuggenerSenseless; crazy
mesialBeing in or directed toward the midline or mesial plane of the body It is mesial from both mandibular lateral incisors.
mesicOf or pertaining to a meson- lawrence wilets He’s well the complete opposite of mesic.
mesmericAttracting and holding interest as if by a spell Allamah rasheed turabi had a spiritual charisma and a mesmeric personality.
mesmerisedHaving your attention fixated as though by a spell I was mesmerised by the rotating tulip.
mesoamericanOf or relating to the people of mesoamerica or their languages or cultures The antecedents of mesoamerican sacrifice.
mesoblasticRelating to or derived from the mesoderm
mesodermalRelating to or derived from the mesoderm These muscles are mesodermal in origin.
mesolithicOf or relating to a middle period of the stone age (following the paleolithic) The first evidence of deforestation appears in the mesolithic period.
mesomorphicHaving a robust muscular body-build characterized by predominance of structures (bone and muscle and connective tissue) developed from the embryonic mesodermal layer The mesomorphic body type seems to be the ideal in much of estern society.
mesonicOf or pertaining to a meson- lawrence wilets
mesophyticBeing or growing in or adapted to a moderately moist environment They are mostly mesophytic trees and shrubs; a few are lianas or sub herbaceous.
mesozoicOf or relating to or denoting the mesozoic era Hesperornithine birds were the only mesozoic birds to colonize the oceans.
messianicOf or relating to a messiah promising deliverance Messianic anticipation in the book.
messierDirty and disorderly The disturbance is that messy blotch of lighter colors on the right.
messyDirty and disorderly By clumsy writing, he aggravated the messy content of the article.
metabolicOf or relating to metabolism Treatment of metabolic acidosis is treatment of the cause.
metabolousUndergoing metamorphosis
metacarpalOf or relating to the metacarpus The metacarpal bones are sometimes indicated.
metacentricOf or relating to the metacenter She had a metacentric height of at deep load.
metagrabolisedTotally perplexed and mixed up- wall street journal
metagrabolizedTotally perplexed and mixed up- wall street journal
metagrobolisedTotally perplexed and mixed up- wall street journal
metagrobolizedTotally perplexed and mixed up- wall street journal
metalContaining or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal- ambrose bierce Iron is the most popular metal from which the pokers are wrought.
metallicContaining or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal- ambrose bierce Adults in nonbreeding plumage are all black with a metallic iridescence.
metallikeResembling metal
metalloidOf or being a nonmetallic element that has some of the properties of metal Sorry, there is no direct quote saying aluminum is not a metalloid.
metallurgicalOf or relating to metallurgy The iron pillar is one of the world’s foremost metallurgical curiosities.
metamericHaving the body divided into successive metameres or segments, as in earthworms or lobsters They are elongated metameric animals with one pair of legs per body segment.
metamorphicOf or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks) The base is crystalline and metamorphic rock.
metamorphousProduced by metamorphosis
metaphoricExpressing one thing in terms normally denoting another They are merely metaphoric manifestations of the one.
metaphoricalExpressing one thing in terms normally denoting another The metaphorical implications are obvious.
metaphysicalHighly abstract and overly theoretical The most common argument for metaphysical nihilism is the subtraction argument.
metastableContinuing in its present state of equilibrium unless sufficiently disturbed to pass to a more stable state of equilibrium The rest of the atomic nuclei are only metastable.
metastaticRelating to or affected by metastasis It causes metastatic soft tissue calcification.
metatarsalOf or relating to the metatarsus The dorsal metatarsal ligaments are ligaments in the foot.
meteoricOf or pertaining to atmospheric phenomena, especially weather and weather conditions In a short span of three years, the channel’s rise has been meteoric.
meteoriticOf or relating to or caused by meteorites Meteoritic steel as a construction resource on mars.
meteoriticalOf or relating to or caused by meteorites It is listed as a carbonaceous chondrite by the meteoritical society.
methodicalCharacterized by method and orderliness The killings were organized and methodical.
methodistOf or pertaining to or characteristic of the branch of protestantism adhering to the views of wesley Ragged harbour and doting cove by 1884 were both almost entirely methodist.
methylatedHaving received a methyl group It is a methylated derivative of prednisone.
meticulousMarked by precise accordance with details I always knew you to be the serious and meticulous guy.
metricThe rhythmic arrangement of syllables The metric is pervasive throughout the 2004 report.
metricalBased on the meter as a standard of measurement It might help to remove the lists of metrical patterns and lengths.
metrologicalOf or relating to metrology The metrological cause of the storm.
metropolitanRelating to or characteristic of a metropolis The second to the tallest skyscraper in the metropolitan area.
mettlesomeWilling to face danger Forgive me in advance for my mettlesome concern.
mexicanOf or relating to mexico or its inhabitants The galleon era ended in 1815 following the mexican revolution.

Adjectives That Start with MI (132 Words)

miasmalFilled with vapor
miasmicFilled with vapor And then we get into the miasmic mire of notability.
micaceousHydrous silicates of or relating to or resembling mica This micaceous orange solid is virtually insoluble in all common solvents.
michelangelesqueIn the manner of michelangelo The frescoes are described as michelangelesque in influence.
microExtremely small in scale or scope or capability Micro alloy diffused transistor.
microbialOf or involving or caused by or being microbes Maybe an anti microbial mention.
microbicOf or involving or caused by or being microbes
microcephalicHaving an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain Patients are sometimes microcephalic.
microcephalousHaving an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain
microcosmicRelating to or characteristic of a microcosm This is just a microcosmic instance of the general problem.
microcrystallineContaining crystals that are visible only under a microscope The second type of particle is a randomly shaped microcrystalline form.
microeconomicOf or relating to microeconomics A microeconomic analysis of a price control should perhaps be its own article
microelectronicOf or relating to or consisting of miniature electronic components These microelectronic cpus may consume power in the order of tens of watts.
micrometeoricOf or relating to micrometeorites
micrometeoriticOf or relating to micrometeorites
micropylarOf or relating to a micropyle The egg contains a single micropylar opening located at the animal pole.
microscopicVisible under a microscope; using a microscope Most deal with the macroscopic world, and others with the microscopic.
microscopicalSo small as to be invisible without a microscope They may also have microscopical and geological sections.
microsomalOf or relating to microsomes This protein is remotely related to microsomal glutathione s transferase.
midUsed in combination to denote the middle Broadband in mid 2000 is the connection of choice.
mid-atlanticOf a region of the united states generally including delaware; maryland; virginia; and usually new york; pennsylvania; new jersey Brittle naiad in the united states is established in the mid atlantic states.
mid-to-lateHaving died recently The fishery ended in the late 1890s.
middleBeing neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series These two roads formed the center of the grid and intersected in the middle.
middle-agedBeing roughly between 45 and 65 years old Golf tournaments began to look a lot like father son events, with paunchy middle aged veterans competing against tall, muscular rookies.
middle-classOccupying a socioeconomic position intermediate between those of the lower classes and the wealthy The sport was a favorite pastime of the leisure class in the late middle ages.
middle-of-the-roadSupporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative At the center of the square is a flag pole located in the middle of the road.
middlemostBeing in the exact middle The middlemost horse is blue with a blue mane and brownish tail.
middlingLacking exceptional quality or ability Also a party chairman for a middling county in oh.
midgetVery small A midget who cant reach the doorbell.
midiUsed of women’s clothing having a hemline at mid-calf Or was it in the lds midi format .
midlandOf or coming from the middle of a region or country Midland is yet to do a official pre season testing with the midland m16.
midmostBeing in the exact middle
midwayEqually distant from the extremes The first was the dedication of the battle of midway monument on midway island.
midweeklyOccurring during the middle of the week
midwesternOf a region of the united states generally including ohio; indiana; illinois; iowa; missouri; kansas; nebraska; and sometimes michigan; wisconsin; minnesota The midwestern dialect is the traditional standard.
miffedAroused to impatience or anger After the nationals held on for a 7 4 win, johnson was miffed.
mightyHaving or showing great strength or force or intensity- bulwer-lytton This editor would be mighty appreciative of the help.
migrantHabitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work I myself being an example of intrastate migrant.
migratoryHabitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work The playas are very beneficial to the migratory birds.
milaneseOf or relating to or characteristic of milan or its people As a consequence, many paroxytone italian words are oxytone in milanese.
milchGiving milk; bred or suitable primarily for milk production In the 1920s, froedtert was known as a breeder of prize milch goats.
mildHumble in spirit or manner; suggesting retiring mildness or even cowed submissiveness The taste was mild.
mild-manneredBehaving in or having a mild or gentle manner He was witty and urbane, clean and well mannered.
milderHumble in spirit or manner; suggesting retiring mildness or even cowed submissiveness Autumns are cool to mild, with increasing dampness.
militantDisposed to warfare or hard-line policies This experience shaped the militant characteristic of the weatherman.
militarisedIssued military arms I think that the stereotype on chechens is to militarised.
militaristicImbued with militarism So they’re often militaristic in response.
militarizedIssued military arms Civilian and militarized heavy equipment.
militaryCharacteristic of or associated with soldiers or the military Military commissariat is a military institution in some european counties.
milklessHaving no milk Then his aunt milkless ate new zealand and washed it down with kangaroo urine.
milklikeResembling milk in color not clear
milkyResembling milk in color not clear Broken leaves exude a white milky sap.
millenarianRelating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness Dow was a republican and a millenarian.
millenaryOf or relating to the doctrine of the millennium The millenary of st meinrad was kept there with great splendour in 1861.
millennialRelating to a millennium or span of a thousand years The department of amazonas has a millennial history.
millennianRelating to a millennium or span of a thousand years
millionDenoting a quantity consisting of 1,000,000 items or units The number of people vaccinated increased to 2.3 million.
millionthThe ordinal number of one million in counting order In 1955 the millionth ton of the coal was produced.
mimeticCharacterized by or of the nature of or using mimesis Some are part of mimetic complexes.
mimicConstituting an imitation- archibald alison The races began to mimic the powers of the gods.
mimickingConstituting an imitation- archibald alison The dimensions of the field precisely mimic that of the old yankee stadium.
minaciousThreatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
minatoryThreatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments I will show them that i can also be minatory.
mincingAffectedly dainty or refined Let there be no mincing of comparisons in this assertion.
mind-blowingIntensely affecting the mind especially in producing hallucinations The simultaneous blowing of the pipes results in harp like sounds.
mind-bogglingIntellectually or emotionally overwhelming The ingratitude and greed is mind boggling.
mindedNaturally disposed toward He was open minded, valorous and skilled in strategy.
mindfulBearing in mind; attentive to In the meantime, please be mindful of the waters i swim in.
mindlessNot marked by the use of reason The demon that inhabits the corpse is mindless, not sentient.
mineralComposed of matter other than plant or animal Calcite is the primary mineral in metamorphic marble.
mingyCharacterized by or indicative of lack of generosity It was a hat which had lost all aspiration it had become a mingy hat… .
miniUsed of women’s clothing; very short with hemline above the knee She bought a mini skirt from the mall.
miniatureBeing on a very small scale Malwa miniature paintings are well known for their intricate brushwork.
minimalThe least possible The climate is bracing and temperature variation is minimal.
minimalistOf or relating to artistic minimalism Professional but not minimalist per se.
minimumThe least possible The coherent state realizes the minimum of uncertainty.
minisculeVery small The verifiable content is miniscule.
ministerialOf or relating to a government minister or ministry Individual ministerial responsibility.
ministrantGiving practical help to Prayer for priests and ministrant day.
minoanOf or relating to or characteristic of the bronze age culture of crete Crete was the centre of europe’s most ancient civilization, the minoan.
minorOf a scale or mode The question of the party’s nomenclature is minor.
mintAs if new They represent the name of the mint.
mintyRelating to or suggestive of mint All parts of the plant have a distinctly minty smell.
minusOn the negative side or lower end of a scale The f minus k dissimulation index for the mmpi.
minuscularVery small In the grand scheme of things, the difference is minuscule.
minusculeVery small In the grand scheme, that difference is minuscule.
minuteInfinitely or immeasurably small I hollered the minute i let the ball go.
mioticOf or relating to or causing constriction of the pupil of the eye Anaplastic tumors have a high miotic rate and lymphovascular invasion.
miraculousPeculiarly fortunate or appropriate; as if by divine intervention The idea of the miraculous child was mine.
miredEntangled or hindered as if e.g. in mire Diocese mired in clerical sexual abuse.
mirkyDark or gloomy One issue that often is a mirky one is one of homosexuality.
mirroredLike or characteristic of a mirror image Parts of the video mirrored the song’s imagery, especially the diner scene.
mirrorlikeCapable of reflecting light like a mirror
misanthropicHating mankind in general He is a cynical and misanthropic philosopher.
misanthropicalHating mankind in general
misbegotBorn out of wedlock- e.a.freeman
misbegottenBorn out of wedlock- e.a.freeman This was the misbegotten family resolutions project interposed for ei.
misbrandedBranded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirements Drugs that make false and misleading claims are misbranded under the fdc act.
miscellaneousHaving many aspects It is now in the miscellaneous section.
mischievousDeliberately causing harm or damage I think the reason for the deletion is very mischievous and mean.
miscibleCapable of being mixed And ‘immiscible’ is the condition of not being miscible.
miserableOf very poor quality or condition The experience in siberia for the soldiers was miserable.
miserlyCharacterized by or indicative of lack of generosity Oswald was well known for his miserly ways.
misfortunateDeserving or inciting pity- galsworthy He also demonstrates how insensitive modern society is to the misfortunate.
mishnaicOf or relating to the mishna (the first part of the talmud) Other ordinances dating from the mishnaic period.
mislabeledBranded or labeled falsely and in violation of statutory requirements Someone mislabeled an unsigned comment.
misleadingDesigned to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently It’s a fatuous and misleading description.
mismatchedNot fairly matched as opponents The mismatched couple was blissfully happy.
mismatedNot easy to combine harmoniously
misogynicHaving deep-seated distrust of women
misogynisticHating women in particular This might be misogynistic or anti epicurean slander.
misogynousHating women in particular The backlash against her on that score still seemed misogynous.
misplacedLost temporarily; as especially put in an unaccustomed or forgotten place The information on the different pressings is possibly misplaced.
misrelatedMistakenly related
misshapenSo badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly Clumps of cannonballs, misshapen with rust and age lie around.
missingNonexistent Title is missing in the autograph.
missionalRelating to or connected to a religious mission It was here that he learned about being missional and incarnational first hand.
missionaryRelating to or connected to a religious mission He was the founder of the pontifical missionary union.
mistakableSo similar as to be easily identified for another thing It’s not, and it’s not even mistakable for trivial coverage.
mistakenArising from error Only really silly ones with revengeful spouses and mistaken identities.
mistrustfulOpenly distrustful and unwilling to confide I am mistrustful of the abilities ofwikipedia in general.
mistyWet with mist I has disagreeable misty weather with strong winds from the westward.
misunderstoodWrongly understood I misunderstood the purpose of the forum.
mithraicOf or relating to mithraism or its god The evidence claims have not be scrutinized by mithraic scholars yet.
mithraisticOf or relating to mithraism or its god
mitigableCapable of being alleviated
mitigativeModerating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear Mitigative measures can be structural or non structural.
mitigatoryModerating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear
mitoticOf or relating to or undergoing mitosis Mitotic sporogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction.
mitralOf or relating to or located in or near the mitral valve Ensuring proper leaflet apposition during mitral valve repair.
mixableCapable of being mixed It is insoluble in water, but mixable with most common organic solvents.
mixedInvolving or composed of different races The album was received to mixed fanfare.

Adjectives That Start with MO (183 Words)

moatedProtected by a deep wide ditch usually filled with water It includes a notable, moated manor house.
mobbishCharacteristic of a mob; disorderly or lawless Their stances are mobbish and insulting at the same time.
mobileAffording change (especially in social status) This made the birkebeins more mobile and adaptable.
moblikeCharacteristic of a mob; disorderly or lawless
mockConstituting a copy or imitation of something The mock runway was performed in front of the firefighters.
mockingAbusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule Always a pipe in his mouth, phlegmatic, mocking, cold, an arguer.
modRelating to a recently developed fashion or style; The type scopal mod phrase bears no such constraint.
modalRelating to or constituting the most frequent value in a distribution Contingency has to do with the modal status of moral truths.
modelWorthy of imitation The design of the model, a braced wing biplane, was essentially obsolescent.
modeledResembling sculpture His redemptive passion is modeled on the passion of christ.
moderateMarked by avoidance of extravagance or extremes According to the information was moderate and assiduous men.
moderatingLessening in intensity or strength Tedious was one of the most moderating influences on this article
moderatoModerate Currently the page is missing a discussion of ‘allegro molto moderato’.
modernAhead of the times The modern version is slightly retouched.
modern-dayCharacteristic of the present This invention was the horse drawn forerunner of the modern day road grader.
moderneOf or relating to a popularization of art deco that used bright colors and rectangular shapes It is a two story brick structure constructed in 1938 in the moderne style.
modernisedBrought up to date A new wall was built and the interior modernised.
modestLimited in size or scope In the early years, the competition was modest.
modifiableCapable of being modified in form or character or strength (especially by making less extreme) – alexis carrel I do not see how they are modifiable.
modifiedChanged in form or character The resulting convulsion is modified by the muscle relaxant.
modishIn the current fashion or style At first, it’s a song about a modish revolutionary who outlives his group.
modularConstructed with standardized units or dimensions allowing flexibility and variety in use Eisenstein series for the modular group.
modulatedAltered in volume as well as tone or pitch The amplitude of the pulses is parabolically modulated at a vertical rate.
mohammedanOf or relating to the arabian prophet muhammad or to the religion he founded Also the pc word for a follower is a muslim, not mohammedan.
moireHaving a wavelike pattern Endoscopically, the mucosa shows a brownish discoloration in a moire pattern.
moistSlightly wet The cap is very slimy when moist and has an incurved margin.
molalDesignating a solution containing one mole of solute per kilogram of solvent I’ve also side stepped the question of molar and molal concentrations.
molarDesignating a solution containing one mole of solute per liter of solution A molar has the identifying characteristic.
moldedShaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort) In the strictest sense, plasticity means the ability to be formed or molded.
moldovanOf or relating to or characteristic of moldova or its people or culture And, no, they are not counting moldovan as a separate language.
molecularRelating to simple or elementary organization–g.a. miller The series explores the science of molecular psychiatry.
moltenReduced to liquid form by heating The composition is preferably added to the molten metal in a ladle.
mom-and-popNew and of general appeal (especially among young people) What is your favourite pop
momentaneousLasting for a markedly brief time
momentaryLasting for a markedly brief time Commonly, each exercise is continued to the point of momentary muscular failure.
momentousOf very great significance He grew up hearing stories of the momentous event.
monacanOf or relating to or characteristic of monaco or its people Just as in kosovo, many people have slovenian or monacan phone numbers.
monandrousHaving only one husband at a time In botanical terms, ‘monandrous’ simply means to have a single stamen.
monarchalHaving the characteristics of or befitting or worthy of a monarch Meiji emperor is not a monarchal title.
monarchicRuled by or having the supreme power resting with a monarch Just about her every move is specifically part of the monarchic system.
monarchicalRuled by or having the supreme power resting with a monarch It was still a monarchical state.
monasticOf communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows The monastic and foundation church became the parish church.
monasticalOf communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows The monastic and foundation church became the parish church.
monatomicOf or relating to an element consisting of a single atom The simple case of the monatomic gas.
monauralRelating to or having or hearing with only one ear Depending on the specific mixer, each channel is stereo or monaural.
moneciousHaving male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal The terms monoicous and monecious do not mean the same thing.
monegasqueOf or relating to or characteristic of monaco or its people The article claims that monegasque was threatened with extinction in the 70s.
moneranOf or relating to the monera
monestrousHaving one estrous cycle per year
monetaryRelating to or involving money The bank of japan stood pat on its monetary policy.
moneyedBased on or arising from the possession of money or wealth You implied that i had said that moneyed individuals were notable.
moneylessNot based on the possession of money The key issue in a moneyless economy is land access.
moneymakingProducing a sizeable profit The zombie film was now a moneymaking franchise film.
mongolOf or relating to the region of mongolia or its people or their languages or cultures The primary weapon of the mongol forces was the mongol bow.
mongolianOf or relating to the region of mongolia or its people or their languages or cultures The origin of the timurids was evidently mongolian.
mongoloidCharacteristic of or resembling a mongol They came into assam after the mongoloid migration.
moniedBased on or arising from the possession of money or wealth They stood against the monied interests of capitalists in the northeast.
monisticOf or relating to the philosophical doctrine of monism- j.s.roucek But all of them produce a monistic result.
monitoryServing to warn David and i have left monitory messages on the anons’ talk pages.
monkishBefitting a monk; inclined to self-denial It does not demand a monkish existence.
monoDesignating sound transmission or recording or reproduction over a single channel I am the mono lingual sod.
monoatomicOf or relating to an element consisting of a single atom A wound from a monoatomic sword is nearly painless.
monocarboxylicContaining one carboxyl group Tiglic acid is a monocarboxylic unsaturated organic acid.
monocarpicDying after bearing fruit only once The unifoliate species are monocarpic and die after producing seeds.
monochromaticOf or relating to monochromatism I also like the monochromatic quality.
monochromeHaving or appearing to have only one color The term is also applied to monochrome painting in enamels.
monochromicHaving or appearing to have only one color The film was originally made in 1967 in monochrome.
monochromousHaving or appearing to have only one color
monocledWearing, or having the face adorned with, eyeglasses or an eyeglass
monoclinalOf a geological structure in which all strata are inclined in the same direction
monoclinicHaving three unequal crystal axes with one oblique intersection Sylvanite crystallizes in the monoclinic 2/m system.
monoclinousHaving pistils and stamens in the same flower
monoclonalForming or derived from a single clone Foravirumab is a monoclonal antibody for the prophylaxis of rabies.
monocotyledonousHaving a single cotyledon in the seed as in grasses and lilies Liliales is an order of monocotyledonous flowering plants.
monodicHaving a single vocal part Their poetry is traditionally divided into choral poetry and monodic lyric.
monodicalHaving a single vocal part
monoeciousHaving male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal They can be either monoecious or dioecious.
monoestrousHaving one estrous cycle per year
monogenicOf or relating to an inheritable character that is controlled by a single pair of genes An example of a number field that is not monogenic was first given by dedekind.
monogynicHaving one head or chief wife at a time (along with concubines)
monogynousHaving one head or chief wife at a time (along with concubines) Colonies tend to be monogynous and are founded by a single queen alone.
monoicousHaving male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal All sexual animals are diploid, so they are never monoicous or dioicous.
monolingualUsing or knowing only one language A bilingual concordance is like a monolingual concordance except that each line in the concordance is followed by a line of text in a second language.
monolithicImposing in size or bulk or solidity The chinese culture isn’t monolithic.
monomaniacalObsessed with a single subject or idea In every case heston has been effective without being monomaniacal.
monometallicContaining one atom of metal in the molecule
monomorphemicConsisting of only one morpheme The high and rising tones occur only in monosyllabic, monomorphemic lexemes.
mononuclearHaving only one nucleus Exoerythrocytic schizogony occurs in the mononuclear phagocyte system.
mononucleateHaving only one nucleus
monophonicConsisting of a single melodic line Attribution of monophonic music of the medieval period is not always reliable.
monophysiteOf or relating to monophysitism They have been traditionally referred to as monophysite.
monophysiticOf or relating to monophysitism
monoploidOf a cell or organism having a single set of chromosomes I corrected the definition of monoploid number in the article.
monopolisticHaving exclusive control over a commercial activity by possession or legal grant But that does not justify a return to the industry’s monopolistic past.
monopteralHaving circular columniation
monosemousHaving only one meaning We would then be able to map directly onto word senses of polysemous words in the second language and would not be restricted to using only monosemous words.
monosyllabicHaving or characterized by or consisting of one syllable The high and rising tones occur only in monosyllabic, monomorphemic lexemes.
monotoneOf a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or consistently decreasing and never increasing in value On a surface level, the guy is practically singing in a monotone.
monotonicOf a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or consistently decreasing and never increasing in value This can be determined in general by using a monotonic operation such as unification for making categories more and more specific.
monotonousTediously repetitious or lacking in variety He preferred playing the piano because the wireless work had become monotonous.
monotypicConsisting of only one type Pseudolarix is a monotypic genus in the family pinaceae.
monounsaturatedSaturated except for one multiple bond Monounsaturated should be merged into unsaturated.
monovalentContaining only one kind of antibody In chemistry, a carbyne is a monovalent carbon radical species.
monovularDerived from a single egg or ovum
monozygoticDerived from a single fertilized egg Monozygotic and dizygotic twins.
monstrousAbnormally large The principal is replaced by the monstrous captain gannet.
montaneOf or inhabiting mountainous regions It lives in the undergrowth of montane and elfin forests.
monthlongLast through a month The monthlong countdown, with all the attendant drama, has begun.
monthlyOf or occurring or payable every month The album includes the songs from the singles released over the monthly period.
montserratianOf or relating to montserrat or the inhabitants of montserrat
monumentalRelating or belonging to or serving as a monument The herrerian was used most successfully in grandiose and monumental projects.
moodySubject to sharply varying moods She is moody, energetic, and very trustful.
moonlessWithout a moon or a visible moon The night sky was moonless with between and of visibility.
moonlikeResembling the moon in shape
moonlitLighted by moonlight Heard throughout the day and frequently during moonlit nights.
moonstruckInsane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon Pierrot is also portrayed as moonstruck, distant, and oblivious to reality.
moonyDreamy in mood or nature The origin of the different moony or mooney families is lost in antiquity.
mootOpen to argument or debate The origins of the faith is moot and does not matter.
moraceousOf or pertaining to or characteristic of plants of the family moraceae
moralPsychological rather than physical or tangible in effect The former distinction merely lacks moral salience.
moralisticNarrowly and conventionally moral Moralistic theorising does not aid the content of this article.
moravianOf or relating to the people or culture of moravia Probably it is czech or moravian and not originaly slovakian.
morbidCaused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology I did find the condition of the planet to be a bit morbid.
morbificAble to cause disease
morbilliformOf a rash that resembles that of measles The term morbilliform refers to a rash that looks like measles.
mordaciousCapable of wounding
mordantHarshly ironic or sinister Carmine stains require the use of a mordant, usually aluminum.
moreQuantifier meaning greater in number The first is much more photogenic.
moresqueRelating to or characteristic of the moors
morganaticOf a marriage between one of royal or noble birth and one of lower rank; valid but with the understanding that the rank of the inferior remains unchanged and offspring do not succeed to titles or property of the superior In the article of morganatic marriage, there are examples of cases.
moribundNot growing or changing; without force or vitality The prince’s return brings a rush of joy into the moribund fort.
mormonOf or pertaining to or characteristic of the mormon church The mormon view of the fall is radically different.
moroccanOf or relating to or characteristic of morocco or its people The moroccan interior decorating …..opulent.
moronicHaving a mental age of between eight and twelve years Most certainly offensive and moronic.
moroseShowing a brooding ill humor- bruce bli He is morose and sullen.
morphemicOf or relating to morphemes The proper place of td is at the morphemic or morphonemic level.
morphologicalRelating to or concerned with the morphology of plants and animals The syntactic and morphological criteria are perhaps the most convincing.
morphophonemicOf or relating to morphophonemics Morphophonemic analysis may be contrasted with phonemic analysis.
mortalSubject to death Personal sins are either mortal or venial.
mortuaryOf or relating to or characteristic of death It would be scary to be in a mortuary.
mosaicOf or relating to moses or the laws and writings attributed to him The colors of the mosaic are especially decorative.
moslemOf or relating to or supporting islamism No cause for a moslem to weep shall they give.
mosstoneOf a moderate somewhat dull yellow-green color
mossyOut of fashion; old fashioned It is a mossy substance that can be eaten or smoked.
mostQuantifier meaning the greatest in number Most of the attraction resides on the parking lot near the marketplace.
motherlessHaving no living or known mother How she left a small child motherless.
motherlikeSuggestive of or acting like a mother
motherlyBefitting a mother; warm and nurturing A normal looking motherly woman.
mothproofResistant to damage by moths
mothyWorn or eaten away by (or as if by) moths And that thing certainly is a mothy looking butterfly.
motileCapable of movement A wet preparation can be used to look for the motile trypanosomes.
motionalOf or relating to or characterized by motion This is the motional narrowing effect.
motionlessNot in physical motion The members of the donor’s family are motionless.
motivatedProvided with a motive or given incentive for action The incident also motivated plans to replace the stadium.
motivationalOf or relating to motivation The most motivational screening test is unknown.
motivativeImpelling to action- arthur pap
motiveImpelling to action- arthur pap The motive of the crime was revenge.
motivelessOccurring without motivation or provocation- f.d.roosevelt A man is accused of a seemingly motiveless murder.
motleyHaving sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly The pieces on the list at the moment are a fairly motley assortment.
motorConveying information to the muscles from the cns The turbine is the actual engine, the motor is the transmission.
motoredEquipped with a motor or motors It can be sailed, rowed or motored and can be trailed or car topped.
motorialOf nerves and nerve impulses; conveying information away from the cns
motorisedEquipped with a motor or motors But is really just a motorised shopping cart.
motorizedUsing vehicles Also an example of a motorized bicycle.
motorlessHaving no motor
mottledHaving spots or patches of color The book got mottled with stains.
mouldyCovered with or smelling of mold The dense vapor has a mouldy, acrid odour.
mountainousContaining many mountains Most of the terrain in the area is mountainous.
mountedDecorated with applied ornamentation; often used in combination- f.v.w.mason The bus mounted the pavement and toppled over.
mournfulFilled with or evoking sadness Sometimes, it can emit mournful sounds during the day.
mourningSorrowful through loss or deprivation The mourning of her mother demeter causes the dead of winter.
mouselikeOf something having a drab pale brown color resembling a mouse It’s the ‘motion’ of the pointer that’s mouselike.
mouseyOf something having a drab pale brown color resembling a mouse I’m not sure if i could think of someone less suitable to play mousey lynne.
mousyQuiet and timid and ineffectual She’s been looking less and less mousy since then.
mouthlessHaving no mouth or mouthlike opening The squid can shift between his human form and his mouthless squid like form.
mouthlikeOf an opening that resembles a mouth
movableCan be moved from place to place (especially carried by hand) The piston is connected to the movable part of the clutch.
moveableCapable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another This was the advent of the portable or moveable frame.
movedBeing excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion The entreaty moved their hearts.
movingUsed of a series of photographs presented so as to create the illusion of motion It forages mostly on the ground, moving restlessly.
mozambicanOf or relating to the people of mozambique The push to depart was sharpened by the 1977 onset of the mozambican civil war.
mozarteanOf or relating to or in the manner of wolfgang amadeus mozart
mozartianOf or relating to or in the manner of wolfgang amadeus mozart The mozartian concept of the piano concerto.

Adjectives That Start with MU (88 Words)

muchGreat in quantity or degree or extent Simmy is much more the placid one.
much-talked-aboutOn the move She’s acting so neurotically about some things.
muciferousContaining or secreting mucus
mucilaginousHaving the sticky properties of an adhesive I made a redirect for mucilaginous.
mucinoidResembling mucin
mucinousRelating to or containing mucin Mucinous cystadenoma is a type of tumor in the cystadenoma grouping.
muckySoft and watery Call in your high mucky muck to make a final decision.
mucocutaneousOf or relating to the mucous membranes and skin Associated with a mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome.
mucoidRelating to or resembling mucus Fluctuating blurring is common, due to tearing and mucoid discharge.
mucoidalRelating to or resembling mucus
mucopurulentContaining or composed of mucus and pus Read the article on mucopurulent discharge of the eye for starters.
mucosalOf or relating to mucous membranes Mucosal necrosis may occur in gizzard.
mucoseOf or secreting or covered with or resembling mucus
mucousOf or secreting or covered with or resembling mucus The stomach was large and the mucous membrane only congested.
muddiedDirty and messy; covered with mud or muck Currently unpaved, the road is muddy and impassable in the wet season.
muddleheadedStupid and confused- isaac sterne The critical distinction is muddleheaded and belongs with the year 1911.
muddyDirty and messy; covered with mud or muck The muddy waters reached roofs and treetops in new braunfels.
muffledWrapped up especially for protection or secrecy Crunchiness is the gustatory sensation of muffled grinding of a foodstuff.
muggyHot or warm and humid It can be very muggy with little breeze and mosquitos can be bad.
muhammadanOf or relating to the arabian prophet muhammad or to the religion he founded There was a thirteenth brother who become a kalandar, a muhammadan ascetic.
mulishUnreasonably rigid in the face of argument or entreaty or attack However, expect some rather mulish opposition.
mullionedOf windows; divided by vertical bars or piers usually of stone The windows are transommed and mullioned and the parapets is castellated.
multicellularConsisting of many cells Afterwards, the cambrian explosion of new multicellular life forms started.
multicolorHaving sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly The display has multicolor and color reversal capabilities.
multicoloredHaving sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly Raw snapping turtle meat is multicolored, with individual chunks mottled either red or white.
multicolourHaving sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly A multicolour ramsey number is a ramsey number using 3 or more colours.
multicolouredHaving sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly Trappatoni is an extreme example of the multicoloured navboxes.
multiculturalOf or relating to or including several cultures Indonesia is a multiethnic and multicultural nation.
multidimensionalHaving or involving or marked by several dimensions or aspects It is a generalization to the secant method for a multidimensional problem.
multiethnicInvolving several ethnic groups Indonesia is a multiethnic and multicultural nation.
multifacetedHaving many aspects Albert was the first of robby garner’s multifaceted bots.
multifactorialInvolving or depending on several factors or causes (especially pertaining to a condition or disease resulting from the interaction of many genes) Multifactorial inheritance is defined with emphasis on the inheritance.
multifariousHaving many aspects In fact, the multifarious deities within hinduism pose a false polytheism.
multiformOccurring in or having many forms or shapes or appearances- john dewey Duds are many and multiform.
multilaneHaving two or more lanes for traffic It becomes a multilane highway again after a brief concurrency with sh 48.
multilateralHaving many parts or sides The formal agenda is to discuss multilateral efforts in afghanistan.
multilevelOf a building having more than one level Hence, the notion of multilevel selection.
multilingualUsing or knowing more than one language The telecomms section is also multilingual.
multinationalInvolving or operating in several nations or nationalities The article describes the operation as a multinational force.
multinomialHaving the character of a polynomial The analogy to multinomial does not hold.
multinucleateHaving two or more nuclei The vegetative form is a multinucleate cell, called a plasmodium.
multiparousProducing more than one offspring at a time
multipartiteInvolving more than two parties Extending to the multipartite case.
multiphaseOf an electrical system that uses or generates two or more alternating voltages of the same frequency but differing in phase angle Multiphase flowmeters are an evolving technology and the fastest growing flowmeter type.
multipleHaving or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual The article mentions how gasification is an efficient process multiple times.
multiplexMany and varied; having many features or forms It really isn’t on the multiplex.
multipotentAble to many things Most progenitors are described as unipotent or multipotent.
multipurposeHaving multiple uses Multipurpose playing quadrangle.
multiracialMade up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races Most belizeans are of multiracial descent.
multistoreyHaving more than one story In 1839 the two mills were connected by a further multistorey block.
multistoriedHaving more than one story This multistoried building is one of the oldest of its kind in germany.
multistoryHaving more than one story I believe the multistory chicago style porches may use treated lumber.
multitudinousToo numerous to be counted Overwhelming with multitudinous changes is not the way to reach consensus.
multivalentHaving many values, meanings, or appeals The dab for multivalent is currently not very good, in my view.
multivariatePertaining to any procedure involving two or more variables The application of multivariate statistics is multivariate analysis.
mumFailing to speak or communicate etc when expected to Is a widow and befriended haven’s mum.
mundaneConcerned with the world or worldly matters I am against merging the mundane with the holy.
municipalRelating or belonging to or characteristic of a municipality The municipal holiday is the easter monday.
munificentVery generous He gave munificent grants to scholars and was a prolific writer himself.
muralOf or relating to walls Now, he was flanked by a mural of pastel colored ice cream cones.
murderousCharacteristic of or capable of or having a tendency toward killing another human being Such accusations could be murderous at that time.
murineOf or relating to or transmitted by a member of the family muridae (rats and mice) The fact that the antibody is murine is extra.
murkierDark or gloomy The landscape through the window is murky.
murkyDark or gloomy So the article should treat the difference as murky.
murmurousCharacterized by soft sounds- r.p.warren Not really a big problem, it just says mumurous instead of murmurous.
muscoviteOf or relating to the residents of moscow Muscovite simply described a ‘life style’ of this person.
muscularPossessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful The muscular boy is attempting to rape her.
musculoskeletalRelating to muscles and skeleton Particularly when it comes to the musculoskeletal system.
mushyHaving the consistency of mush I predict a mushy, mushy future for the french wiki article.
musicalTalented in or devoted to music The musical performance was exciting.
muskyResembling the smell of musk I want the wafty odes, the musky odours.
muslimOf or relating to or supporting islamism So muslim league is culpable of starting the violence.
mussyDirty and disorderly Mussy sur seine is a commune in the aube department in north central france.
mustHighly recommended The annihilation of jewry must be the necessary consequence.
mustachioedHaving a moustache He looks like a large mustachioed bunny with a wrestling outfit.
mustyStale and unclean smelling So, what exactly causes the musty smell with natural fibers
mutableCapable of or tending to change in form or quality or nature The system can be easily backed up just by backing up all of mutable storage.
mutafacientCapable of inducing mutation (used mainly of intracellular agents)
mutagenicCapable of inducing mutation (used mainly of extracellular factors such as x-rays or chemical pollution) If bpa is mutagenic, it’s mutagenic, but this table is made from whole cloth.
mutantTending to undergo or resulting from mutation The way the mutant breast fed was disgusting.
mutationalOf or relating to or resulting from mutation It can also be referred to with mutational nomenclature as e m2.
mutativeOf or pertaining to or marked by genetic mutation Naturally, the mutative segment of such rules is always set to an empty string.
muteExpressed without speech- emily dickinson- thomas wolfe Any arguement to the contrary is mute and silly.
mutedIn a softened tone Muted brass bring in the briefest tinge of nightclub jazz.
mutinousDisposed to or in a state of mutiny He angrily rejects these terms just as the mutinous nobles burst in.
mutualCommon to or shared by two or more parties There is mutual unconcern between people.
mutualistMutually dependent To the mutualist, this is the distinction between property and possession.
muzzyConfused and vague; used especially of thinking Muzzy constructs another invisibility device and uses it to make amanda visible.

Adjectives That Start with MY (24 Words)

myalgicOf or relating to myalgia But i still prefer a separate article on myalgic encephalomyelitis.
mycenaeanOf or relating to or characteristic of ancient mycenae or its inhabitants The textile industry was one of the principal sectors of the mycenaean economy.
myelicOf or relating to the spinal cord
myelinatedCovered with a layer of myelin They have a relatively large diameter, and are bipolar and myelinated.
myelinicOf or relating to the substance that forms a sheath around the axon of some nerve fibers
myeloidOf or relating to bone marrow Myeloid leukemia is a type of leukemia affecting myeloid tissue.
myocardialOf or relating to the myocardium It can lead to a myocardial infarction.
myoidResembling muscle
myopathicOf or relating to any disease of the muscles that is not caused by nerve dysfunction Myopathic gait or waddling gait is a form of gait abnormality.
myopicUnable to see distant objects clearly For example, i am nearsighted and myopic.
myoticOf or relating to or causing constriction of the pupil of the eye
myotonicOf or relating to or caused by myotonia Myotonic dystrophy follows an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance.
myriadToo numerous to be counted The myriad plant responses to herbivores.
myrmecophagousFeeding on ants
myrmecophilousLiving symbiotically with ants They have also been recorded to be myrmecophilous.
myrmecophyticOf or relating to myrmecophytes
mysophobicSuffering from mysophobia; abnormally afraid of dirt or contamination
mysteriousHaving an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding The overall mood of the composition is mysterious.
mysticRelating to or resembling mysticism He was a mystic and demagogue for the most part.
mysticalRelating to or characteristic of mysticism He realized a mystical union with god.
mythicRelating to or having the nature of myth Relationship with the mythic tradition.
mythicalBased on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity Religion is just the ritualized adherence to the mythical.
mythologicBased on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity He specialized in painting lush mythologic scenes.
mythologicalBased on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity The group’s logo is the mythological phoenix.

We hope you’ll enjoy our list of M adjectives. Use them wisely to add vivid interest to your conversation or written communication and turn ordinary into extraordinary!

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