Adjectives That Start with R: a Large List of Positive Words to Describe Someone with Definitions and Examples

In English, over 600 adjectives start with the letter R. If you are looking for Rich and Realistic colors to enhance your descriptions, then you are in the right place! Click here for a list of positive adjective words that you can use to describe someone, with definitions and usage examples!

Adjectives That Start with RA (88 Words)

rabbinicOf or relating to rabbis or their teachings.
In classical rabbinic literature.
rabbinicalOf or relating to rabbis or their teachings.
Ross was not a rabbinical student.
RabelaisianOf or relating to or characteristic of Francois Rabelais or his works.
It’s a particularly Rabelaisian dialect but that’s part of the charm.
rabidMarked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea.
Rabid Rebecca is the toughest teen in town.
racemoseHaving stalked flowers along an elongated stem that continue to open in succession from below as the stem continues to grow.
One or two racemose inflorescences are produced per plant and are usually long.
rachiticAffected with, suffering from, or characteristic of rickets.
racialOf or characteristic of race or races or arising from differences among groups.
The victims were members of the congress of racial equality.
racistBased on racial intolerance.
I found your comments sanctimonious, racist and offensive.
racketyUncontrollably noisy.
racySuggestive of sexual impropriety.
Initially, the radio station felt that it was too racy.
raddledUsed until no longer useful.
How on Earth did it lose out to that raddled, brassy old barmaid
radialIssuing in rays from a common center; relating to rays of light.
The surface is latticed, sculptured with radial ribs.
radiantRadiating or as if radiating light.
The candles are radiant with peace.
radiateHaving rays or ray-like parts as in the flower heads of daisies.
Manipura is said to radiate and distribute prana to the rest of the body.
radiatingArranged like rays or radii; radiating from a common center.
It is the center from which the activities of the individuals radiate.
radicalMarkedly new or introducing radical change.
The nazis passing the enabling act was radical.
radioIndicating radiation or radioactivity.
The man is fixing the radio.
radioactiveExhibiting or caused by radioactivity.
The compound is radioactive due to the radioactivity of thorium.
radiographicRelating to or produced by radiography.
I have already started the page on radiographic equipment.
radiologicalOf or relating to radiology.
Radiological and nuclear imaging studies are generally not helpful.
radiolucentAlmost complete transparent to x-rays or other forms of radiation.
The ‘aortic window’ is a normally radiolucent region below the aortic arch.
radiopaqueNot transparent to x-rays or other forms of radiation.
A medical sponge having a radiopaque handle for detection by radiation scanning techniques which is arranged to display a readily identifiable trace and which is adapted to reduce the chance of separation of radiopaque material from the sponge body.
radiophonicRelating to or by means of radiotelephony.
However I can find no evidence he was ever at the radiophonic workshop.
radiosensitiveSensitive to radiation
radiotelephonicRelating to or by means of radiotelephony
raffishMarked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners.
She thinks that she is lucky to have a raffish side.
rafteredHaving the rafters especially having them visible.
The professor’s section of the room has a low raftered ceiling.
raggedWorn out from stress or strain.
It covers the ragged, exposed end of the post.
raggedlyWorn out from stress or strain.
Beneath the gibbet, the boy finds a ragged woman, frozen to death.
raimentlessPossessing no clothing
rainlessLacking rain.
Many remain dormant during rainless times.
rainproofNot permitting the passage of water.
It is made from an umbrella with the rainproof cover removed.
rainyWet by periods of rain.
The downdraft is the rainy area to the right.
raisableCapable of being raised A chess or checker board has individual blocks for each square enclosed by a raisable normally recessed lattice or egg crate structure.
raiseableCapable of being raised The flying saucer originally started as a proposal for a raiseable platform.
raisedIncreased in amount or degree I’ve raised awareness of the issue.
raisingIncreasing in quantity or value The plan includes raising the roof on the building.
rakishMarked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness- crary moore He drives like a rakish man.
rallentandoGradually decreasing in tempo
ramateHaving branches
ramblingTending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects The scent is rambling across the room.
rambunctiousNoisy and lacking in restraint or discipline She has grown out of her rambunctious, tomboy ways.
ramoseHaving branches Who planted the ramose tree here
ramousHaving branches
rampageousDisplaying raging violence; often destructive- w.h.auden
rampantRearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile The supporters of the escutcheon are two rampant golden lions.
ramshackleIn deplorable condition Greene organizes the ramshackle but fun annual er banquet.
rancidHaving a rank smell or taste usually due to a chemical change or decomposition Isn’t it the same as the word rancid
rancorousShowing deep-seated resentment- aldous huxley The statemen is obvious and only achieves a rancorous tone.
randomLacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance The use of the flags seems to be random.
randomisedSet up or distributed in a deliberately random way A randomised controlled trial is currently underway.
randyFeeling great sexual desire Randy is married with one daughter.
rangyTall and thin and having long slender limbs Adult american bison are not as rangy in build, and have shorter legs.
rankComplete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers The corps and the rank system evolved.
rankedComplete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers He later achieved the rank of bombardier.
rankingConspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible Infants rank the lowest in the group.
rapaciousExcessively greedy and grasping The mountain fauna was particularly rich in precious and rapacious birds.
rapidCharacterized by speed; moving with or capable of moving with high speed Rapid bacterial decay prevents the accumulation of humus.
raptFeeling great rapture or delight Jimmy is portrayed rapt in conversation with a colourfully dressed gypsy woman.
raptorialRelating to or characteristic of birds of prey Mammal remains from detritus of raptorial birds in california.
rapturousFeeling great rapture or delight The music was performed to fill these celebrations with rapturous joy.
rareNot widely distributed Preoperative diagnosis, however, is rare.
rarefiedHaving low density Her personality needs to be rarefied.
rarerCooked a short time; still red inside Auriferous jemstones are rare to be found.
rarifiedHaving low density It seems quite a rarified thing to do.
raringFull of eagerness I’m very excited to be a part of this, and raring to go.
rascallyLacking principles or scruples – w.m. thackaray It had an aura, a rascally mischievous past.
rashImprudently incurring risk- george meredith She had a rash on her face.
raspingUnpleasantly harsh or grating in sound Kennedy gives gore a rasping stem winder of introduction.
raspyUnpleasantly harsh or grating in sound Dennis provides a raspy yet soulful lead vocal on the song.
rastafarianOf or pertaining to or characteristic of rastafarianism or rastafarians The main difference is work on rastafarian topic.
ratableLiable to payment of locally assessed property taxes The tax base is the annual ratable value arv or area based rating.
rateableLiable to payment of locally assessed property taxes The actual rateable value might be different is the two cases.
ratiocinativeBased on exact thinking
rationalConsistent with or based on or using reason The ideas of rational cosmology are dialectical.
ratlikeResembling or characteristic of a rat In one building they come across a ratlike being hunched over a martian book.
rattlebrainedLacking sense or discretion- glenway westcott
rattlepatedLacking sense or discretion- glenway westcott
rattyOf or characteristic of rats Ratty race, which would be a race that is dilapidated.
raucousUnpleasantly loud and harsh His version is raucous and punk influenced.
raunchyEarthy and sexually explicit She became famous for her raunchy item songs in movies.
raveningExcessively greedy and grasping He’s not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans.
ravenousDevouring or craving food in great quantities Behind the other door is a ravenous tiger.
ravishingStunningly beautiful From the north comes a ravishing maiden, whose beauty stands alone.
rawHurting The fruit is astringent and acidic and is not palatable when raw.
rawbonedHaving a lean and bony physique
raylessHaving no parts resembling rays; not having ray flowers
razorbackHaving a sharp narrow back It just merely means that the razorback itself wouldn’t be included.

Adjectives That Start with RE (307 Words)

reachableEasily approached It was temporarily not reachable then.
reactionaryExtremely conservative That seems awfully repulsive and reactionary in the extreme.
reactionistExtremely conservative
reactiveParticipating readily in reactions Some dogs are not that reactive towards people.
readableEasily deciphered The original plan was to lighten the red so that the blue was readable.
readyImmediately available Let’s get ready to rumble
realNo less than what is stated; worthy of the name The opposite of nominal is real.
real-timeOf or relating to computer systems that update information at the same rate they receive information I live in real time, not fantasy, pal.
realisedSuccessfully completed or brought to an end The man realized his mistake.
realisticRepresenting what is real; not abstract or ideal They are carved in a realistic and lifelike manner.
realizableCapable of being realized Continuous mappings are not always realizable as deformations.
realizedSuccessfully completed or brought to an end She realized that the pickerel in the fridge is now gone.
reanimatedGiven fresh life or vigor or spirit She eventually encounters the reanimated scarecrow.
rearLocated in or toward the back or rear In the rear, airflows encased the rear wheels through the use of fender skirts.
rearingRearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile The main occupation of the people is sheep rearing.
rearmostLocated farthest to the rear The front axle and the rearmost steer the tractor.
rearwardDirected or moving toward the rear The rearward visibility was also dismal.
reasonableShowing reason or sound judgment His prompting is very reasonable.
reasonedLogically valid Your summary of the evidence seems fair and reasoned.
reasoningEndowed with the capacity to reason Deductive logic is the reasoning of proof, or logical implication.
reasonlessNot marked by the use of reason The reasonless edits often happen here.
reassuringRestoring confidence and relieving anxiety The response he got was not reassuring.
rebarbativeServing or tending to repel
rebelliousResisting control or authority The misspelling represents the rebellious nature of the project.
rebornSpiritually reborn or converted Reborn in the darkest magic of all.
recalcitrantStubbornly resistant to authority or control In recalcitrant cases surgery may be indicated.
receivableAwaiting payment The accounts receivable portfolios of business regarding delinquency are in good shape.
recentNew What are the sources for the recent outburst of new episode titles
receptiveAble to absorb liquid (not repellent) The open line represents yin, the receptive principle.
recessionalOf or relating to receding The relation of redshift to recessional velocity is another matter.
recessionaryOf or pertaining to a recession But its music now sounds just right for a certain recessionary mood bleary, frustrated, cranky, heartsick and gallows humored.
recessiveOf or pertaining to a recession The merle gene is not recessive and is not carried.
rechargeableCapable of being recharged Overcharging must be considered in the design of most rechargeable batteries.
rechercheLavishly elegant and refined But do not forget what a tremendous recherche that means.
reciprocalOf or relating to the multiplicative inverse of a quantity or function It is the reciprocal of the service time.
reciprocativeMoving alternately backward and forward
reciprocatoryMoving alternately backward and forward The platens are mounted for reciprocatory movement upon a three post frame.
recklessMarked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences-macaulay The protagonist is morally reckless.
reclaimableCapable of being used again The marshy land consists chiefly of exhausted bog, all reclaimable by drainage.
recluseWithdrawn from society; seeking solitude Boo radley is described in the article as a recluse.
reclusiveWithdrawn from society; seeking solitude Ricard is reclusive and famously mercurial.
recognisableCapable of being recognized It is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city.
recognisedProvided with a secure reputation The above are the internationally recognized standards.
recognizableCapable of being recognized Many of the electric instruments feature a recognizable reverberation effect.
recognizedGenerally approved or compelling recognition The consensus of the debate recognized this.
recoillessOf or being a weapon that is designed to minimize recoil A recoilless rifle fires a large shell that resembles an artillery shell.
recollectiveGood at remembering Attention and recollective experience in recognition memory.
recombinantOf or relating to recombinant dna Such recombinant changes in the non recombinant region of y are extremely rare.
reconcilableCapable of being reconciled These acounts are not reconcilable.
reconditeDifficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge Again reality isn’t so recondite to others as it is to you.
reconstructiveHelping to restore to good condition Tympanoplasty is reconstructive surgery for the tympanic membrane, or eardrum.
record-breakingSurpassing any previously established record It is breaking the stillness of the occasion.
recoverableCapable of being recovered or regained Oat oil is recoverable from the solvent.
recreantLacking even the rudiments of courage; abjectly fearful- spenser
recreationalOf or relating to recreation These range from the highly competitive to the recreational.
recriminativeCountering one charge with another
recriminatoryCountering one charge with another
recrudescentThe revival of an unfortunate situation after a period of abatement The state of becoming raw or sore again. recrudescent adj.
rectalOf or involving the rectum It can be diagnosed by rectal examination.
rectangularHaving four right angles The planform of the wrench is substantially rectangular or arcuate.
rectifiableCapable of being repaired or rectified It remains to handle the non rectifiable curves.
rectilinealCharacterized by a straight line or lines
rectilinearCharacterized by a straight line or lines Rectilinear scanner can scan the entire body.
rectosigmoidOf or related to or near the sigmoid colon and the upper part of the rectum The rectosigmoid junction is at the level of the sacral promontory.
recumbentLying down; in a position of comfort or rest The pilot is in a recumbent position in the cockpit.
recuperativePromoting recuperation A self recuperative burner can be fired with oil or gaseous fuel or both.
recurrentRecurring again and again The recurrent character serves the unity of the film.
recurringComing back The only recurring character from the comic is the toucan kid.
recursiveOf or relating to a recursion Furthermore the proofs of the non recursive algorithms are recursive.
recurvateCurved backward or inward
recurvedCurved backward or inward Anthers hang from recurved filaments behind the pistil.
recusantRefusing to submit to authority- mary w.williams She came from a recusant family.
recyclableCapable of being used again The content makes it fully recyclable.
redReddened or suffused with or as if with blood from emotion or exertion He is blue eyed and wears a red bandanna like jack.
red-and-whiteMarked by the presence of snow The team wore tangerine, black and white uniform.
red-facedReddened or suffused with or as if with blood from emotion or exertion The episode faced the issue of gay dating.
red-handedIn the act of committing a crime or other reprehensible act He handed over the money without relaxing his grimace.
redbrickOf or relating to british universities founded in the late 19th century or the 20th century This building was the first building of aalto’s redbrick period.
reddenedLighted with red light as if with flames Examination may show a reddened external urethral meatus.
reddishOf a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies Furniture is often made from the reddish sapwood.
redeemableRecoverable upon payment or fulfilling a condition Money is a redeemable debt.
redemptionalOf or relating to or resulting in redemption- e.k.brown
redemptiveBringing about salvation or redemption from sin Andrew might get a redemptive heroic death.
redemptoryOf or relating to or resulting in redemption- e.k.brown
redheadedHaving red hair and usually fair skin By age six, the redheaded gwen was performing on stage as a dancer.
redolentHaving a strong pleasant odor- jean stafford It is redolent with factual errors and wild speculation.
redoubtableInspiring fear- g.h.johnston Check the latest happenings to our redoubtable friend.
reducedWell below normal (especially in price) The poaching menace was dramatically reduced.
reducibleCapable of being reduced- edmund wilson He goes on, and shows it is actually reducible.
reductionistOf or relating to the theory of reductionism The generalist by the reductionist.
reductiveCharacterized by or causing diminution or curtailment – r.h.rovere The most common version is reductive amination with lithium in a bottle.
redundantMore than is needed, desired, or required The section is redundant and wordy.
reduxBrought back Redux, the renaming of the tennis articles is in the process of being undone.
reechoingRepeating by reflection
reedlikeResembling a reed in being upright and slender Most grow into long reedlike stems.
reedyHaving a tone of a reed instrument Thanks to reedy boy for the notification.
reefyFull of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals
reentrantPointing inward The function is not reentrant.
referableCapable of being assigned or credited to Neurological deficit referable to the spine may require an urgent mri scan.
referentHaving reference The referent of this term is uncontroversial.
referentialReferring or pointing to something The actual lyrics of the song are sparse and self referential.
refinedSuggesting taste, ease, and wealth Can the structure of the article be refined
reflectiveCapable of physically reflecting light or sound Both covers may have reflective, decorative, or phosphorescent coatings.
reflexWithout volition or conscious control The maculoocularrelflex is a reflex in the eye.
reflexedBent downward and outward more than 90 degrees Peristome is expanded and reflexed, pinkish brown or flesh tinted.
reflexiveReferring back to itself The dual of a reflexive space is reflexive.
reform-mindedFavoring or promoting reform (often by government action) Can gun reform misfire
reformableSusceptible to improvement or reform A shaft seal with a reformable shell and a seal lip which can be readily installed over a roughened, enlarged or irregular portion of a shaft and then be reformed so that the sealing lip is brought into proper sealing engagement with the shaft.
reformativeTending to reform Catherine was somehow delivered from the reformative action.
reformatoryTending to reform He is apparently studying after leaving the reformatory.
reformistFavoring or promoting reform (often by government action) He is close to hashemi rafsanjani and the reformist movement.
refractileOf or relating to or capable of refraction Another interesting feature is the refractile body behind the flagella.
refractiveCapable of changing the direction (of a light or sound wave) The dispersion of the refractive index is a fundamental property of matter.
refractoryNot responding to treatment What about the refractory period
refreshfulImparting vitality and energy
refreshingImparting vitality and energy I think refreshing the page is the solution.
refrigerantCausing cooling or freezing It uses the evaporation of a refrigerant, like freon, to provide cooling.
refulgentRadiating or as if radiating light The auditorium is unmatched for its refulgent splendor.
refutableAble to be refuted It is not refutable just because you don’t like it.
regalBelonging to or befitting a supreme ruler A regal restatement of the theme closes the movement.
regardantLooking backward
regardfulShowing deference Be regardful to all the past prophets.
regardlessWithout due thought or consideration Such a cycloidal pendulum is isochronous, regardless of amplitude.
regenerateReformed spiritually or morally If isvar leaves the room, the troll will regenerate from the helmet.
regeneratingReformed spiritually or morally If isvar leaves the room, the troll will regenerate from the helmet.
regentActing or functioning as a regent or ruler A regent may rule when the monarch is a minor, absent, or debilitated.
regimentalBelonging to or concerning a regiment It is the regimental centre for the madras regiment of the indian army.
regimentedStrictly controlled And those are activities and delights that cannot, and should not, be regimented and dictated.
regionalCharacteristic of a region They were involved in internecine warfare seeking regional supremacy.
registeredListed or recorded officially It was registered in japanese pharmacopoeia.
regnantExercising power or authority A royal family is the extended family of a king or queen regnant.
regressiveAdjusted so that the rate decreases as the amount of income increases We are now plainly going in the regressive direction.
regretfulFeeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone In hell, the rich man was feeling regretful.
regrettableDeserving regret The thread continued thereafter was regrettable.
regularBelonging to or engaged in by legitimate army forces However, the property of being regular is not monotone.
regulationPrescribed by or according to regulation It stresses self reliance over escapism and strict regulation.
regulativeRestricting according to rules or principles Regulative principle of worship.
regulatoryRestricting according to rules or principles The regulatory mechanism is situated in the gastrointestinal tract.
rehabilitativeDesigned to accomplish rehabilitation- j.b.costello These rehabilitative activities of jesus were permanent.
reincarnateHaving a new body Bad people reincarnate backwards.
reinvigoratedWith restored energy This organizational strategy reinvigorated the temperance movement.
reiterativeMarked by iteration Normally the disruption is reiterative and even systematic.
rejectiveRejecting or tending to reject
rejoicingJoyful and proud especially because of triumph or success All the japanese people are rejoicing.
relatedConnected by kinship, common origin, or marriage The pauperism is related with poverty.
relationalHaving a relation or being related An integrative relational approach.
relativeProperly related in size or degree or other measurable characteristics; usually followed by `to’ The man calculated the relative abundance of proteins.
relativisticOf or relating to the philosophical doctrine of relativism I’m fighting this relativistic constructivist bs.
relaxantTending to relax or relieve muscular or nervous tension Last week’s collaboration was muscle relaxant, and was improved considerably.
relaxedWithout strain or anxiety The album is very relaxed and introspective.
relaxingAffording physical or mental rest Here’s wishing you a restful and relaxing break
relentlessNever-ceasing The movies are just relentless sinkholes of imbecility.
relevantHaving a bearing on or connection with the subject at issue Consanguinity is also relevant in issues of inheritance.
reliableWorthy of being depended on What are the reliable sources calling the campaign gaffe
reliantRelying on another for support Nevertheless the economy is heavily reliant on the fishing industry.
relievedMade easier to bear Fanny is relieved to free the child.
religiousHaving or showing belief in and reverence for a deity Religious fervor caused the accident.
reluctantDisinclined to become involved He is reluctant to take the handout.
remainingNot used up The remaining liquid is squeezed from the pulp and the rest is discarded.
remarkableWorthy of notice The lack of appreciation is remarkable.
rembrandtesqueIn the manner of rembrandt In the technique, the artist avows again rembrandtesque derivation.
remediableCapable of being remedied or redressed This is an easily remediable and unambiguous issue.
remedialTending or intended to rectify or improve In 2007, remedial work and repairs were carried out.
remindfulServing to bring to mind- wilder hobson
reminiscentServing to bring to mind- wilder hobson A chorale reminiscent of the introduction leads to the coda.
remissFailing in what duty requires In fact, i think the article is remiss not to mention it.
remittentCharacterized by periods of diminished severity Mild or remittent disease can sometimes be safely left untreated.
remorsefulFeeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses He was very remorseful for, and horrified by the death he caused.
remorselessWithout mercy or pity After years, he becomes extremely vicious, remorseless, and cruel.
remoteInaccessible and sparsely populated; The idea of heroism in this context is extremely remote.
remote-controlledLacking a crew The footrest controlled the rudder.
removableAble to be obliterated completely A removable hard top was available.
remunerativeFor which money is paid Indeed, remunerative work is one of the most important parts of personal life.
renalOf or relating to the kidneys Because of renal insufficiency, she spends most of the time in the hospital.
renascentRising again as to new life and vigor He supported the inclusion of silesia into renascent poland.
renegadeHaving deserted a cause or principle He is a renegade and the archenemy.
renewableThat can be renewed or extended They were influential in the passing of the renewable fuels standard in 2005.
reniformResembling the shape of kidney Botryoidal or reniform cassiterite is called wood tin.
renownedWidely known and esteemed The bakhshi is renowned for his prodigious memory.
rentableThat is able or fit be rented It has rentable area and in total.
rentalOf or relating to rent The consideration for the lease is called rent or the rental.
renunciantUsed especially of behavior
renunciativeUsed especially of behavior
reorganisedOrganized again I’ve reorganised the ideology section.
repandHaving a slightly undulating margin On young trees the leaves are often repand.
reparableCapable of being repaired or rectified Most of the apaches returned damaged but reparable.
repayableSubject to repayment Normally repayable at call or very short term.
repeatableAble or fit to be repeated or quoted It is not so repeatable in that way.
repeatedRecurring again and again In the fall, the event is repeated as the animals return from the high meadow.
repellantHighly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust Citronella oil is the active ingredient in insect repellent candles.
repellentServing or tending to repel The leaves are used as an insect repellent.
repellingHighly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust The man is repelling to hear that.
repentantFeeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds Kaikeyi is repentant of her deeds, and rama forgives her.
repetitiousCharacterized by repetition I think it makes for a flabby bit of repetitious writing myself.
repetitiveCharacterized by repetition He found the repetitive work onerous and dull.
replaceableCapable of being replaced As to being replaceable, i’ll grant it’s not replaceable.
repleteFilled to satisfaction with food or drink Even in the 21st century the area is replete with colonnaded mansions.
reportableRequired by law to be reported This is a personal attack and reportable to admins.
reprehensibleBringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure Playing the race card here is rather reprehensible.
representableExpressible in symbolic form It looks way better now, and very representable.
representationalDepicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen Representational measurement theory.
representativeStanding for something else He was the impersonal and representative man.
repressiveRestrictive of action Many are simply patriarchal and repressive.
reproachfulExpressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective The reproachful self in malamati terminology was the perfect self.
reprobateDeviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good These groups were respectively called the elect and the reprobate.
reproducibleCapable of being reproduced The signals were unstable and poorly reproducible and thus were discarded.
reproductiveProducing new life or offspring Anestrus is the period of reproductive quiescence.
reptilianOf or relating to the class reptilia It has no reptilian characteristics whatsoever.
republicanRelating to or belonging to the republican party He serves alongside fellow republican donna stifler.
repudiativeRejecting emphatically; e.g. refusing to pay or disowning
repugnantOffensive to the mind It is abhorrent and repugnant to the very principles of saxon government.
repulsiveSo extremely ugly as to be terrifying Arise, son of erin, and eschew the repulsive jack daniel’s
reputableHaving a good reputation He was, by the way, a highly reputable cartographer back in the day.
requiredRequired by rule Amicability is required in befriending others.
requisiteNecessary for relief or supply The plan includes the requisite commercial space in four towers.
rescindableCapable of being rescinded or voided It’s not something that we can permit to be optional or rescindable.
resentfulFull of or marked by resentment or indignant ill will Effie is resentful of her change in status within the group.
reservedSet aside for the use of a particular person or party She enjoys staying home as she is reserved.
resettledSettled in a new location Residents from degraded are being resettled.
residentUsed of animals that do not migrate Historically, the most educated and cultured resident was the local priest.
residentialUsed or designed for residence or limited to residences The construction of the residential area of munkkivuori began in the 1950s.
residualRelating to or indicating a remainder The epoxy resin reacts with residual surfactants in the copolymer on heating.
residuaryRelating to or indicating a remainder Some assets were given to residuary bodies for disposal.
resilientRecovering readily from adversity, depression, or the like The resilient padding absorbs impact experienced by the cup.
resinatedImpregnated or flavored with resin Though not officially regulated, the ball is usually resinated.
resinlikeResembling resin in properties or texture
resinousHaving the characteristics of pitch or tar An improved resinous structure is disclosed.
resinyHaving the characteristics of pitch or tar Has a resiny, spicy aroma/flavor with hints of black currant.
resistantDisposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority The pale brown sapwood is resistant to lyctus borer.
resistibleCapable of being resisted or withstood or frustrated
resistiveDisposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority How will it vary the resistance in the resistive element
resistlessImpossible to resist; overpowering Having or exercising the power of resistance. resistless adj.
resoluteCharacterized by quickness and firmness The resolute management and great team could not put out of track.
resolvableCapable of being solved A valid objection should be focussed and resolvable.
resolvedDetermined She is resolved to follow the order.
resonantCharacterized by resonance The length of the element determines the resonant frequency.
resoundingCharacterized by resonance The battle was a resounding victory.
resourcefulHaving inner resources; adroit or imaginative The villagers are proud of their resourceful wise man.
resourcelessLacking or deficient in natural resources
respectableCharacterized by socially or conventionally acceptable morals I checked for scholarly respectable cites on urology and ichthyology.
respectedReceiving deferential regard He was highly respected as an incorruptible judge.
respectfulFull of or exhibiting respect Please be discerning in you comments and respectful of the work of others.
respectiveConsidered individually The respective clients approved the use of their names as sapient clients.
respiratoryPertaining to respiration The major causes of death are cardiovascular and respiratory conditions.
resplendentHaving great beauty and splendor The image of the southern cross shines resplendent.
respondentReplying The requisition concerned the capital structure of the respondent.
responsibleHaving an acceptable credit rating Who is responsible for scolding
responsiveReacting to a stimulus The authoritative parent is responsive to the child’s needs but not indulgent.
restfulAffording physical or mental rest It was a beautiful, restful place to be.
restiveBeing in a tense state However his forces became short of food and restive from their inactivity.
restlessWorried and uneasy He was restless, vain, and conceited, and addicted to gambling.
restorativeTending to impart new life and vigor to The move is a restorative action and is required for common usage.
restrainedPrudent Prior to that, the media coverage was restrained and infrequent.
restrictedSubject to restriction or subjected to restriction The permissible height in the tunnel is also restricted.
restrictiveProtective of national interests by restricting imports However the hie list is also too restrictive.
resultantFollowing or accompanying as a consequence ‘brucella’ organisms locate in the synovitis with resultant effusion.
resupineLying face upward
resurgentRising again as to new life and vigor However the student union had become wary of the newly resurgent ure.
resuscitatedRestored to life or consciousness After being resuscitated, the two souls inhabit the body.
retaliatoryOf or relating to or having the nature of retribution Retaliatory vfds are pointless, by the way.
retardedRelatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development What retarded the conference
retentiveHaving the power, capacity, or quality of retaining water Anal retentive gets its name from the anal stage of development.
reticentCool and formal in manner They are peaceful and reticent in the home.
reticularResembling or forming a network It is a part of the reticular formation.
reticulateResembling or forming a network This fellow has an irregular reticulate pattern.
retinalIn or relating to the retina of the eye The myopic eye becomes normal and the risk of retinal detachment is gone.
retiredNo longer active in your work or profession Crass retired from the public eye in 1984.
retiringOf a person who has held and relinquished a position or office She usually stays home since she is retiring.
retractableCapable of being retracted The nosewheel of the tricycle undercarriage was retractable.
retractileCapable of retraction; capable of being drawn back They have non retractile claws that are used primarily for digging.
retralAt or near or toward the posterior
retributiveGiven or inflicted in requital according to merits or deserts Also, retributive has no connection to utilitarianism.
retrievableCapable of being regained especially with effort However, much of the data was still retrievable.
retroAffecting things past There are also retro bars and lounge bars.
retroactiveDescriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on the effects of events or stimuli or process that occurred previously The thing about the retroactive accession is true.
retroflexBent or curved backward In addition to the voiced retroflex fricative of natsilingmiutut.
retroflexedBent or curved backward I think the tongue is lax, not retroflexed, for that sound.
retrogradeGoing from better to worse Retrograde amnesia and somnolence frequently result following recovery.
retrogressiveGoing from better to worse So please make you deletion retrogressive.
retrorseBent or curved backward or downward Retrorse barbs can be found on the callus, the lemmas, and the awns.
retrospectiveConcerned with or related to the past The former is often prospective, the latter always retrospective.
retrousseTurned up at the end
returnableThat may be returned Everything is returnable, even if it’s open, with no restocking fee.
reusableCapable of being used again The handle may be disposable and reusable.
revealingShowing or making known His forthrightness in revealing this is appreciated.
revelatoryProphetic of devastation or ultimate doom It is anti revelatory and anti essential.
revenantOf or relating to or typical of a revenant The sagas tell of drastic precautions being taken after a revenant had appeared.
revengefulDisposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge- shakespeare- m.r.cohen Eight weeks ago, revengeful men shot dead three brothers.
reverberantHaving a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected This mechanism becomes especially important in reverberant environment.
reverberativeCharacterized by resonance
reverendWorthy of adoration or reverence The vicar at the church is the reverend preb.
reverentShowing great reverence for god It was educated by the reverent john strachan.
reverentialFeeling or manifesting veneration Reverential mendacity should not be substituted for fact.
reverseReversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect The reverse process is known as inverse kinematics.
reversedOf the transmission gear causing backward movement in a motor vehicle At the end, they reverse the names.
reversibleCapable of assuming or producing either of two states Due to the nature of the xor operation, it is reversible.
reversionaryOf or relating to or involving a reversion (especially a legal reversion) A reversionary lease is a lease that does not commence until some future date.
reversiveTending to be turned back
revertibleTo be returned to the former owner or that owner’s heirs In any case, it’s an easily revertible move if you all don’t like it.
revitalisedRestored to new life and vigor The new recruits revitalised the band’s career.
revitalisingTending to impart new life and vigor to This is all done with the hope of revitalising the project.
revivalisticOf or relating to or characterizing revivalism
revocableCapable of being revoked or annulled Basic is that it is revocable at any time.
revokableCapable of being revoked or annulled This is also a non revokable action, so it should not be considered lightly.
revolutionaryOf or relating to or characteristic or causing an axial or orbital turn However, the majority of the strikers were reformist, not revolutionary.
rewardfulOffering or productive of reward
rewardingProviding personal satisfaction The faithful often found the shows rewarding.

Adjectives That Start with RH (18 Words)

rhapsodicFeeling great rapture or delight Capriccio espagnol is based on folk song but its structure is more rhapsodic.
rhenishOf or relating to the rhine river and the lands adjacent to it He put together a rhenish armorial book arranged according to the charges.
rheologicOf or relating to rheology
rheologicalOf or relating to rheology Rheological properties can also be shown very effectively by carbon nanotubes.
rhetoricalGiven to rhetoric, emphasizing style at the expense of thought The form of the sonnet is rhetorical.
rheumatoidOf or pertaining to arthritis It is part of the usual disease criteria of rheumatoid arthritis.
rheumyOf or pertaining to arthritis Young women are simply sold off to rheumy, ageing bidders.
rhinalOf or in or relating to the nose In the human it is located along the rhinal sulcus.
rhizoidalOf or relating to a rhizoid The narrow compressed axes form peg like rhizoidal attachment organs.
rhizomatousProducing or possessing or resembling rhizomes It is a herbaceous rhizomatous perennial plant growing to tall.
rhodesianOf or relating to the former country of rhodesia (now zimbabwe) The rhodesian government then established a new constitution.
rhombicResembling a rhombus A rhombic dodecahedron appears in the upper right.
rhombohedralHaving threefold symmetry Calcite and other carbonate minerals exhibit perfect rhombohedral cleavage.
rhomboidShaped like a rhombus or rhomboid As the word rhomboid suggests, the rhomboid major is diamond shaped.
rhomboidalShaped like a rhombus or rhomboid Quadrilateral and overlapping rhomboidal bearing surfaces may be employed.
rhymelessNot having rhyme Talk to me later when you get a chance, rhymeless.
rhythmicRecurring with measured regularity- john galsworthy She is the grand champion of the world of rhythmic gymnastics from bulgaria.
rhythmicalRecurring with measured regularity- john galsworthy Later it was gradually replaced by rhythmical office.

Adjectives That Start with RI (54 Words)

riantShowing or feeling mirth or pleasure or happiness
ribaldHumorously vulgar Life was often ribald and bawdy too.
ribbonlikeLong and thin; resembling a ribbon Flat or ribbonlike hair shafts produce kinky or curly hair.
ribbonyLong and thin; resembling a ribbon
riblessHaving no ribs or no visible ribs
riblikeResembling a rib
richStrong; intense Granular cheese is rich and tangy.
richerVery productive The rich flaunt their money in order to hide their emptiness.
richestHaving an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources) Filthy rich, spoke like an habitant.
rickettsialRelating to or caused by rickettsias Doxycycline has been used in the treatment of rickettsial infection.
ricketyInclined to shake as from weakness or defect The modern backwater bridges replaced a wooden and somewhat rickety structure.
ridgedHaving a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship The horns are scimitar shaped and heavily ridged.
ridiculousIncongruous;inviting ridicule In this facetious case, the logic is ridiculous.
riemannianOf or relating to riemann’s non-euclidean geometry Glossary of riemannian and metric geometry.
rifeMost frequent or common Disease became rife in the inhospitable climate, decimating the expedition.
rightIntended for the right hand Where the page is right now is the scientifically correct term for the process.
right-handLocated on or directed toward the right The cartouche in the upper right hand corner states a different name.
right-wingBelieving in or supporting tenets of the political right Is this just a view expressed by right wing jingoist pundits
righteousMorally justified Sorry to deflate your righteous indignation about perfidious southerners.
rightfulLegally valid He is diego’s father, and the rightful leader of the pueblo.
rightishTending toward the political right
rightistBelieving in or supporting tenets of the political right He was a nationalist but not a rightist.
rightmostFarthest to the right Simply remove that rightmost heap.
rigidIncapable of or resistant to bending He was rigid and had a character of asperity.
rigorousDemanding strict attention to rules and procedures The fasts and disciplines were rigorous and frequent.
rimedCovered with frost-wm.faulkner Then follows a preface in rimed prose.
rimelessNot having rhyme
rimingHaving corresponding sounds especially terminal sounds In growing clouds, it was noted that the particle size often grew by riming.
rimlessLacking a rim or frame Sometimes has a rimless reverse.
rimmedHaving a rim or a rim of a specified kind Deep red scars, crisscrossed with heavy, unhealed, blue rimmed cuts, feverish and noisome.
rimoseHaving a surface covered with a network of cracks and small crevices
rimyCovered with frost-wm.faulkner
ringletedShaped into ringlets
ringlikeHaving the shape of a ring A ringlike extension is secured to the plate around the opening.
riotousUnrestrained by convention or morality It became a place for riotous football in the playground.
rip-roaringUncontrollably noisy Someone shattered the windshield and left a big rip in the car.
riparianOf or relating to or located on the banks of a river or stream The riparian parts were filled with forests of alder and willow.
ripeFully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used The dried ripe fruit is a mild laxative.
risenAbove the horizon The energy he possesses is the risen form of kundalini.
risibleArousing or provoking laughter The responses by tennis expert are indeed risible.
risingComing to maturity The rising immunity terminates the infection.
risk-freeThought to be devoid of risk It is a tradeoff between the risk and the cost of mitigating that risk.
riskierNot financially safe or secure Tipsy is good but drunk is risky.
riskiestInvolving risk or danger Isolation was inexpedient and risky in the politics of his day.
risklessThought to be devoid of risk She has purchased a riskless bond.
riskyInvolving risk or danger The main objection was that the manoeuvre was very risky.
risqueSuggestive of sexual impropriety Numerous versions exist of the lyrics are more risque.
ritardandoGradually decreasing in tempo Now i’m going to redirect ritardando and accelerando here as well.
ritenutoGradually decreasing in tempo
ritualOf or relating to or employed in social rites or rituals- nadine gordimer An example of a ceremony was the ritual of the oak and the mistletoe.
ritualisticOf or characterized by or adhering to ritualism Most of the art forms of the pulluvar are ritualistic.
ritzyLuxuriously elegant He made him an offer to photograph ritzy parties in the midwest.
rivalrousEager to surpass others Non free content is rivalrous of free content.
rivetingCapable of arousing and holding the attention Chester and the green pig is a riveting adventure.

Adjectives That Start with RO (77 Words)

roadlessLacking pathways Roadless areas form core reserves of biological diversity.
roanHaving a brownish coat thickly sprinkled with white or grey The effect of linkage between roan and chestnut is readily observed.
roastCooked by dry heat in an oven What did you just roast
roastedCooked by dry heat in an oven Rub the salt and pepper on the roast.
robedDressed or clothed especially in fine attire; often used in combination One of the robed figures pulls a long curved dagger.
roboticResembling the unthinking functioning of a machine Most of its existence is thoroughly of the biologically robotic variety.
robotlikeResembling the unthinking functioning of a machine
robustSturdy and strong in form, constitution, or construction Trespasser features a robust physics system.
robustiousNoisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
rockboundAbounding in or bordered by rocky cliffs or scarps Rockbound eventually won the competition.
rocket-propelledPropelled by (or as if propelled by) a rocket engine The armament was the rocket launchers.
rocklikeHard as granite
rockyCausing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements Much of the area is deforested and rocky.
rococoHaving excessive asymmetrical ornamentation Cassels took over the project and was responsible for the rococo interiors.
rodlikeResembling a rod These proteins can be globular or rodlike.
roentgenographicRelating to or produced by roentgenography
roguishPlayful in an appealingly bold way Call him a roguish tribal chieftain or an ornery sociopath, he is what he is.
roilyAgitated vigorously; in a state of turbulence The water was roily, as though recently disturbed.
rollickingGiven to merry frolicking He could also be funny and rollicking.
rollingUttered with a trill Let’s keep the snowball rolling.
romaicRelating to modern greece or its inhabitants or its language For more information please searchwikipedia for romaic.
romanOf or relating to or derived from rome (especially ancient rome) Following the roman example, they abduct the girls.
romanceRelating to languages derived from latin The romance between them has rekindled.
romaniOf or relating to the gypsies or their language or culture He also celebrated the ludi romani on a scale of unexampled magnificence.
romanianOf or relating to or characteristic of the country of romania or its people or languages It stands as the basis of the legitimacy of the romanian government.
romanicOf or relating to or derived from rome (especially ancient rome) English has adopted many romanic words without adding accents.
romanistOf or relating to or supporting romanism I am not a romanist so i do not know the exact number.
romanshOf or relating to the romansh language In the last decades the romansh speaking percentage has decreased.
romanticNot sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic The film is a romantic and melodious love story.
romanticistBelonging to or characteristic of romanticism or the romantic movement in the arts Bangs described it as repellent romanticist bullshit.
romanticisticBelonging to or characteristic of romanticism or the romantic movement in the arts
romanyOf or relating to the gypsies or their language or culture It isn’t even translated into the romany language at all.
romishOf or relating to or supporting romanism
roofedCovered with a roof; having a roof as specified (often used in combination) The hammock on the cabin’s roofed porch was a coveted napping spot.
rooflessPhysically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security- james stern Note the roofless and pockmarked altes rathaus looking up the tal.
roomyHaving ample space It is a larger, more roomy version of the i30 hatchback.
rooseveltianOf or relating to or like or in the manner of franklin roosevelt
rootboundGrown too large for its container resulting in matting or tangling of the roots Hoya carnosa needs to be rootbound to flower.
rootedAbsolutely still It is rooted in your laziness.
rootlessWandering aimlessly without ties to a place or community Moss is a primitive, non flowering, rootless green plant.
ropeyForming viscous or glutinous threads Hello there, this section seems a bit ropey to me.
ropyOf or resembling rope (or ropes) in being long and strong It’s still pretty ropy but i hope a little more legible.
rosaceousOf something having a dusty purplish pink color Damage can be extensive on rosaceous plants.
roseOf something having a dusty purplish pink color The rose petals were preserved.
roseateOf something having a dusty purplish pink color Jesse likes how her fish are roseate.
rosicrucianOf or relating to the rosicrucians Meyer became a member of the occult rosicrucian order.
rosierPresaging good fortune At the same time, it prints a very rosy picture of the western culture.
rostrateHaving a beak or beaklike snout or proboscis
rosyPresaging good fortune The baby has rosy cheeks.
rotaryDescribing a circle; moving in a circle Is the rotary engine a truly seductive concept
rotatableCapable of being rotated A rotatable pivot plate has three pivot points.
rotationalOf or pertaining to rotation Failure of rotational invariance.
rotatoryOf or relating to or characteristic or causing an axial or orbital turn Hence references to the rotatory gait as disunited.
rottenDamaged by decay; hence unsound and useless He took out the fang which was rotten.
rotundFull and rich Additionally, he is also depicted as a rotund hearthom made of granite.
rougedMarked by the use of various kinds of red makeup It is a common misconception that flapper’s rouged their knees.
roughUnpleasantly stern The rough wall abraded his arm.
rough-cutLacking refinement or cultivation or taste The rough wall abraded his arm.
roughdriedDried but not ironed
rougherFull of hardship or trials Explanation of the kinematics is also rough.
roughestViolently agitated and turbulent- ezra pound The ground has numerous hummocks and rough spots.
roughhewnOf stone or timber; shaped roughly without finishing
roughishSomewhat rough I have a roughish draft of it close to completion.
roughshodAble or disposed to inflict pain or suffering Running roughshod over that for personal vendetta , whatever, is rude.
roumanianOf or relating to or characteristic of the country of romania or its people or languages His nationality was hungarian and not roumanian.
roundExpressed to the nearest integer, ten, hundred, or thousand He has a round face.
round-the-worldInvolving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope The global world wants peace and harmony in the globe of the world.
roundaboutDeviating from a straight course The roundabout is located in the newer part of the jordanian capital.
roundedCurving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged The furnace is shaped like an equilateral triangle with rounded corners.
roundheadedHaving a brachycephalic head
roundishSomewhat round in appearance or form The small flowers are arranged in corymbose or roundish groups.
rousingCapable of arousing enthusiasm or excitement The cooking program becomes a rousing success due to the recorded footage.
rousseauanOf or pertaining to or characteristic of french philosopher jean-jacques rousseau (1712-1778)
routineFound in the ordinary course of events- anita diamant None of the judges like the routine.
rovingMigratory For how long was he roving
rowdyDisturbing the public peace; loud and rough The film follows the sibling relationship and the threat from the rowdy.
royalBelonging to or befitting a supreme ruler The royal family lives in a kingdom.

Adjectives That Start with RU, RW (60 Words)

ruandanOf or pertaining to rwanda
rubberReturned for lack of funds The elastic wallet band is a variation of the rubber band wallet.
rubberlikeHaving an elastic texture resembling rubber in flexibility or toughness A drum shaped infant’s teething device consisting of a soft non toxic rubberlike hollow toy having thick walls and generally toroidal rims about the size of teething rings which rims are integral with the drum shaped toy and yet stand out from the drum for teething purposes.
rubberyDifficult to chew The student figures are a bit rubbery.
rubbishyCheap and inferior; of no value Most articles start out pretty rubbishy.
rubicundInclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life
rubyOf a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies It was used as the theme song to the japanese dub of ruby gloom.
rudderlessAimlessly drifting Celidoine is set adrift in a rudderless boat.
ruddyOf a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies The healthy food made him ruddy.
rudeLacking in refinement or grace Being rude to adults is unendurable.
rudimentaryBeing or involving basic facts or principles Over the course of the film, she slowly learns rudimentary english.
ruefulFeeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses Willow has a tiny rueful smile through her tears.
ruffianlyViolent and lawless
ruggedTopographically very uneven The rugged and remote area is part the sierra madre occidental.
rugoseOf leaves; ridged or wrinkled Katepisternum rugose anteriorly.
ruinedDoomed to extinction The whole thing is ruined by her.
ruinousExtremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin The building, however, was old and in a ruinous state.
rulingExercising power or authority The older generation is ruling ruthlessly.
rulyNeat and tidy An example should be at ruly prominent use, preferably an early first use.
rumBeyond or deviating from the usual or expected Cuba’s rum, and specifically barcadi, remained the rum to beat.
rumanianOf or relating to or characteristic of the country of romania or its people or languages The monastery of moldovita was motive on a stamp of the rumanian post of 1968.
rumanshOf or relating to the romansh language
rumbustiousNoisy and lacking in restraint or discipline The paperboys are depicted as a rumbustious and tight knit group.
ruminantRelated to or characteristic of animals of the suborder ruminantia or any other animal that chews a cud The living pronghorn is a small ruminant mammal resembling an antelope.
ruminativeDeeply or seriously thoughtful; His essays are always funny, sometimes lyrical but almost never ruminative.
rummyBeyond or deviating from the usual or expected So the picture of rummy is relevant to the context.
run-downWorn and broken down by hard use Run the tests and declare the result.
run-of-the-millNot special in any way The mill supplied flour to the region.
runawayCompletely out of control There’s no perceivable way to avoid runaway listbloat here.
runcinateHaving incised margins with the lobes or teeth pointing toward the base; as dandelion leaves
runicRelating to or consisting of runes This seems to assert that the use of the runic alphabet was preliterate.
runningMoving or issuing in a stream He was the first to perform a somersault from one running horse to another.
runnyCharacteristic of a fluid; capable of flowing and easily changing shape Non allergic rhinitis refers to runny nose that is not due to allergy.
runproofResistant to runs or (in britain) ladders
runtyWell below average height Kelso was her first foal, a bit scrawny, a bit runty, and quite the handful.
rupestralComposed of or inscribed on rock
rupicolousComposed of or inscribed on rock They are rupicolous rock dwelling and feed on small arthropods.
ruralLiving in or characteristic of farming or country life The bulk of the area is rural in character.
ruritanianOf or pertaining to or characteristic of ruritania (or any other imaginary country) But this ruritanian message box with its misleading message just won’t do.
rushDone under pressure They rush into an embrace and kiss each other.
rushedDone under pressure People were rushed to go to the hospital.
rushlikeResembling rush or sedge
rushyAbounding in rushes The burgies are two slag heaps on the site of the old rushy park coal mine.
russetOf brown with a reddish tinge Orange flush with hint of russet.
russianOf or pertaining to or characteristic of russia or its people or culture or language The emergence of russian futurist books.
rustOf the brown color of rust Rust is named after the resulting phenomenon of the oxidation of iron.
rustedOf the brown color of rust Copper will not rust.
rusticCharacteristic of rural life The book details the rustic lifestyle in a lively manner.
rustingOf the brown color of rust Some of the rust has been washed away.
rustlessWithout rust
rustlingCharacterized by soft sounds- r.p.warren What is rustling in the forest
rustproofTreated against rusting It was also used to render it rustproof, suitable for carrying water.
rustproofedTreated against rusting
rustyCovered with or consisting of rust At the heart of the series is the sibling relationship between casey and rusty.
ruthfulFeeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses
ruthlessWithout mercy or pity He is an aloof, impassive, and ruthless man.
ruttedFull of ruts The roads were rutted and rough.
ruttishFeeling great sexual desire
ruttyFull of ruts
rwandanOf or pertaining to rwanda Role of the international community in the rwandan genocide.

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