1640+ Adjectives That Start with S: a Huge List with Examples and Definitions

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Adjectives That Start with SA (138 Words)

sabahanOf or pertaining to sabah or its people Sabah also has its own unique sabahan slangs for many words in malay.
sabbatarianPertaining to the sabbath and its observance But the strict sabbatarian doctrine spreads.
sabbaticOf or relating to the sabbath A google search turns up all kinds of references to the term sabbatic.
sabbaticalOf or relating to sabbatical leave The sabbatical officers are generally trustees of the students’ union.
sabertoothedHaving teeth that resemble sabers
sabineOf or relating to or characteristic of the sabines Sabine, however, refused to be drawn into the controversy.
sableOf a dark somewhat brownish black Another name for a shaded sable is a tri factored sable and white.
saccadicOf or related to the rapid movement of the eyes between points of fixation Saccadic oscillations facilitate ocular perfusion from the avian pecten.
saccharineOverly sweet That doesn’t mean that workers need to be saccharine sweet and never disagree.
sacculateFormed with or having saclike expansions Some species have a gelatinous fruiting body or a sacculate parenthesome.
sacculatedFormed with or having saclike expansions
sacerdotalAssociated with the priesthood or priests The reverend received the sacerdotal ordination on 15 march 1919.
saclikeShaped like a pouch
sacralOf or relating to sacred rites Other sources include a category vagal and sacral .
sacramentalOf or relating to or involving a sacrament Related is the sacramental character of catholic doctrine.
sacredWorthy of religious veneration The church was sacred to the baptists.
sacrificeableMay be deliberately sacrificed to achieve an objective
sacrificialUsed in or connected with a sacrifice In effect, the corrosion is transferred to the sacrificial anode.
sacrilegiousGrossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred My performance is neither anti christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous.
sacrosanctMust be kept sacred The placement and distribution of some has never been sacrosanct.
sadExperiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness- christina rossetti She looks solemn and sad.
sadderExperiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness- christina rossetti The story is quite sad and tragic.
sadduceanOf or relating to the sadducees Others claim there was a separate sadducean and pharisaic sanhedrin.
sadisticDeriving pleasure or sexual gratification from inflicting pain on another Each death is lovingly detailed to heighten the sadistic effect.
sadomasochisticOf or relating to sadomasochism Sadomasochistic desires, however, seem to form at a variety of ages.
safeSecure from risk He keeps talon to keep him safe.
saferSecure from risk Pyromania is simply a safe love of fire.
safestFinancially sound It is always safe, effectual, and guarantees womens’ salvation.
sagaciousSkillful in statecraft or management Dangis are prosperous, reputed and sagacious people.
sageHaving wisdom that comes with age and experience Thorn is the eldest of the clan and considered a sage.
sagittalLocated in a plane that is parallel to the central plane of the sagittal suture The sagittal suture joins together the two parietal bones of skull.
sagittateLike an arrow head without flaring base lobes The leaves of the species in this genus are upward pointing and sagittate.
sagittiformLike an arrow head without flaring base lobes
saharanOf or relating to or located in the sahara desert If nubia is sub saharan then sub saharan africa had civilization before europe.
saintedMarked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint Seraphim would not be sainted and that it would damage fr.
saintlikeMarked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint No,i just said that you’re this incredibly perfect saintlike saint.
saintlyMarked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint The doctrine of saintly intercession goes back to the earliest church.
salableCapable of being sold; fit for sale The parcel will yield 216 condo units with net salable floor space of about 400,000 square feet.
salaciousSuggestive of or tending to moral looseness You should leave the salacious rumors to them.
salamandriformShaped like a salamander
salariedFor which money is paid He has a salaried daily surgery.
saleableCapable of being sold; fit for sale Hdil’s total land reserves comprise approximately of saleable area.
salientRepresented as leaping (rampant but leaning forward) The scan is legible for the salient parts of the article.
salientianRelating to frogs and toads
saliferousContaining or yielding salt
salineContaining salt The waters of the river are naturally saline.
salivaryOf or relating to saliva Minor salivary glands on the tongue secrete the amylase.
sallowUnhealthy looking Asians were sallow, avaricious and easily distracted.
salmonOf orange tinged with pink The color of this salmon is special.
saltPainful or bitter- shakespeare I added salt in my dish.
saltedPainful or bitter- shakespeare What’s the difference between the salt and the powder
saltishSomewhat salty I guess you could remove the word ‘saltish’ from the article.
saltlikeResembling a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal
saltyContaining or filled with salt This created a malodorous salty marsh similar to that at booterstown marsh.
salubriousPromoting health; healthful- c.b.davis Anaimalai is well known for its salubrious climate.
salutaryTending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health This ought to be a salutary lesson for us all.
salvadoranOf or relating to or characteristic of el salvador or its people He decided to become a salvadoran citizen.
salvadoreanOf or relating to or characteristic of el salvador or its people Salvadorean literature as such began in the second half of the 19th century.
salvageableCapable of being saved from ruin But he’s notable, and there is content there that is salvageable.
salverformOf or concerning a gamopetalous that has a slender tube and an abruptly expanded tip Their cup shaped, solitary, salverform flowers taper off into a narrow tube.
salvificPertaining to the power of salvation or redemption At first, no messianism and salvific univocal strategy.
sameEqual in amount or value Socialism and communism are similar but not the same.
samoanOf or relating to samoa or its people or language or culture It is known to the samoan people as the finale.
sanativeTending to cure or restore to health
sanctimoniousExcessively or hypocritically pious It’s deemed to be patronising, sanctimonious and totally objectionable.
sanctionativeImplying sanction or serving to sanction
sandaledShod with sandals
sandalledShod with sandals A sin is only if we don’t exterminate this bunch of sandalled peasant valachs.
sandlikeResembling or containing or abounding in sand; or growing in sandy areas Once opened, the sandlike chemicals can be alluring to children.
sandpaperyHaving the abrasive texture of sandpaper Some of us like the sandpapery heat, thankye verymuch.
sandyOf hair color; pale yellowish to yellowish brown The sandy soil of the region is not fertile.
saneMarked by sound judgment It’s the only sane way of organising the project.
sanguinaryMarked by eagerness to resort to violence and bloodshed-g.w.johnson The exchange would turn very sanguinary for us in israel.
sanguineInclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life Individuals with sanguine temperaments are extroverted and social.
sanguineousInclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life Also, genius, the word sanguine means cheerfully optimistic.
saniousOf or resembling or characterized by ichor or sanies
sanitaryFree from filth and pathogens After the treatment, the liquids filter into the sanitary sewer.
sanitisedMade sanitary You, on the other hand, want a sanitised, insipid version of the truth.
sanitizedMade sanitary Less sanitized version here…..
sapidFull of flavor
sapiensOf or relating to or characteristic of homo sapiens Homo sapiens are a species of human.
sapientAcutely insightful and wise Eventually, the species becomes sapient.
sapientialCharacterized by wisdom, especially the wisdom of god Being sapiential and clever are different.
saplessDestitute of sap and other vital juices; dry- norman mailer He stated, let’s not burn a forest for a sapless stub .
saponaceousResembling or having the qualities of soap
saponifiedConverted into soap Oleic acid does not usually act as a surfactant unless it is saponified.
saporousFull of flavor
sapphicA meter used by sappho and named after her In any case it did not effect a cult of sapphic marie lamballe ites.
sapphireOf something having the color of a blue sapphire One application of synthetic sapphire is sapphire glass.
sapphirineMade of or resembling sapphire Sapphirine is a mineral noted for being found in the dome rock mountains.
sappyAbounding in sap Salon.com later described the song as a sappy duet .
saprobicLiving in or being an environment rich in organic matter but lacking oxygen Taxa have a widespread distribution and are saprobic, on herbivore dung.
saprophagousFeeding on dead or decaying animal matter Some species are saprophagous or fungivorous.
saprophyticFeeding on dead or decaying organic matter The second principle is to promote saprophytic fungi in the environment.
saprozoicFeeding on dead or decaying animal matter
sarawakianOf or relating to sarawak or its people In fact, most est malaysian do not understand sarawakian conversation.
sarcasticExpressing or expressive of ridicule that wounds Sami’s style of comedy is often described as sarcastic and acerbic.
sarcoidOf or relating to or resembling flesh Association of bovine papillomavirus with the equine sarcoid.
sarcolemmalOf or relating to the sarcolemma
sarcolemmicOf or relating to sarcolemma
sarcolemnousOf or relating to sarcolemma
sarcosomalOf or relating to sarcosomes
sardinianOf or relating to or characteristic of sardinia or its people or its language This was a direct continuation of the sardinian lira.
sardonicDisdainfully or ironically humorous; scornful and mocking- frank schoenberner- irwin edman It was also full of sardonic satire on human behavior.
sartorialOf or relating to the sartorius muscle This is the list of types of sartorial hijab.
sassyImproperly forward or bold She’s sassy, cynical, prone to violence.
satanicExtremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell Treating survivors of satanic abuse.
satelliteSurrounding and dominated by a central authority or power All of the satellite signals are modulated with the l1 carrier.
satiableCapable of being sated
satiateSupplied (especially fed) to satisfaction Perhaps a mathematical solution is inadequate to satiate my animal brain.
satiatedSupplied (especially fed) to satisfaction This is a justification which is enough to satiate a feminist.
satinyHaving a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light Underside purplish brown with a smooth satiny lustre.
satiricExposing human folly to ridicule He also wrote satiric essays and dramatic criticism.
satiricalExposing human folly to ridicule He provided running commentary of a satirical nature.
satisfactoryGiving satisfaction Progression of the article was satisfactory.
satisfiableCapable of being sated On the contrary, non modular constraint may not be satisfiable.
satisfiedFilled with satisfaction The calculable problems made the scientist satisfied.
satisfyingProviding freedom from worry But having the star on the page is satisfying enough.
saturatedUsed especially of organic compounds; having all available valence bonds filled The clothes is saturated with water.
saturnineShowing a brooding ill humor- bruce bli The old man lives in the saturnine apartment.
satyricOf or relating to or having the characteristics of a satyr He also attended to satyric, marital and folklore poetry.
satyricalOf or relating to or having the characteristics of a satyr The original content was derived from a satyrical article on the internet.
saucyImproperly forward or bold He was the guy who married the saucy girl.
saudiOf or relating to saudi arabia or its people The terrorists impersonate members of the saudi state police.
saurianOf or relating to lizards It is described as being saurian in appearance.
sauteFried quickly in a little fat Saute onions and tomatoes in the cooking oil.
sauteedFried quickly in a little fat It is good steamed, sauteed, or simmered mushrooms.
savageMarked by extreme and violent energy Music has charms to soothe the savage beast.
savedGuarded from injury or destruction Can the world be saved
savingBringing about salvation or redemption from sin Greenpeace is also about saving the whales.
savorlessLacking taste or flavor or tang
savoryPleasing to the sense of taste I’m surprised the flavors listed in the article are all savory.
savourlessLacking taste or flavor or tang
savouryMorally wholesome or acceptable Great job on saving this savory delectable from an unsavory deletion
saxatileGrowing on or living among rocks
saxicolineGrowing on or living among rocks
saxicolousGrowing on or living among rocks In the wild, all fascicularias are either terrestrial or saxicolous.
saxonOf or relating to or characteristic of the early saxons or anglo-saxons and their descendents (especially the english or lowland scots) and their language The confessor was actually the third saxon king by the name of edward.

Adjectives That Start with SC (97 Words)

scabbyCovered with scabs The exanthem became rough and scabby where there was no ulceration.
scabrousRough to the touch; covered with scales or scurf He is not very scabrous.
scalableCapable of being scaled; possible to scale Good training works and is scalable.
scalarOf or relating to a musical scale For example, if phi is a scalar, it could be a scalar fermion with no problem.
scalelessDestitute of scales The body of the lumpsucker is scaleless and covered with small lumps.
scalelikeReduced to a small appressed thing that resembles a scale The skin of the worm tegument is heavily covered with scalelike spines.
scaleneOf or relating to any of the scalene muscles For buttress threads, the triangle is scalene.
scaleyHaving the body covered or partially covered with thin horny plates, as some fish and reptiles Most of the fossils support a scaley tyrannosaurus.
scalicOf or related to a musical scale
scallopedHaving a margin with rounded scallops Its commonly known as the ‘scalloped spreadwing’.
scalyRough to the touch; covered with scales or scurf It is whitish and scaly and brittle.
scandalmongeringTypical of tabloids Not my problem this person is notable for scandalmongering.
scandalousGiving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation- thackeray It is scandalous and the prosecution has been turbid.
scandentUsed especially of plants; having a tendency to climb Most are erect ground ferns or scandent epiphytes that start from the ground.
scandinavianOf or relating to scandinavia or its peoples or cultures Scandinavian classical composer and artist.
scantLess than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so I’m shocked at the scant coverage of the five nations championship.
scantyLacking in amplitude or quantity The town gets scanty rainfall during the monsoon.
scaphoidShaped like a boat Scaphoid, lunar and central are distinct.
scaposeResembling or consisting of a scape; having a bare leafless stalk growing directly from the ground It comprises about 15 species of annual scapose herbs.
scapularRelating to or near the shoulder blade A number of saints have been associated with the rosary and the scapular.
scapulohumeralRelating to the shoulder blade and upper arm bone Helps to raise the shoulder, also involved in moving the scapulohumeral joint.
scarceDeficient in quantity or number compared with the demand In the depression of 1877, jobs were scarce in kamloops.
scarcerDeficient in quantity or number compared with the demand By spring 1862, food was scarce and some members were becoming discontented.
scarecrowishResembling a scarecrow in being thin and ragged
scaredMade afraid Are you not scared of quietus
scarletOf a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies The vivid scarlet of the italian miniaturists is unique.
scarredBlemished by injury or rough wear It will not improve the appearance of scarred skin, nor minimize the scars.
scaryProvoking fear terror The silence at home is deafening and scary.
scathingMarked by harshly abusive criticism It has been scathing in its criticism of the patriot act.
scatologicalDealing pruriently with excrement and excretory functions At this point you are either being scatological, or trolling.
scatterbrainedGuided by whim and fancy He is also extremely selfish and sometimes scatterbrained and clueless.
scatteredLacking orderly continuity I scattered seeds in my garden.
scattershotCovering a wide range in a haphazard way Scattershot is the aggressive and argumentative leader of the technobots.
scattyLost in thought; showing preoccupation Scatty is millenia old, but does not look a day over seventeen.
scenicOf or relating to the stage or stage scenery The scenic beauty of the place exudes romance.
scentlessLacking the sense of smell Its wide yellow flowers is scentless.
scepteredInvested with legal power or official authority especially as symbolized by having a scepter By the time secret service hit the sceptered isle, the conquest was history.
scepticalMarked by or given to doubt I am sceptical of the reliability of these data.
sceptredInvested with legal power or official authority especially as symbolized by having a scepter
schematicRepresented in simplified or symbolic form The central focus of this schematic was the context.
schismaticOf or relating to or involved in or characteristic of schism Schismatic is a completely legitimate word.
schismaticalOf or relating to or involved in or characteristic of schism All schismatical acts don’t produce a schism, but ed says there is a schism.
schizoidMarked by withdrawal and inability to form close relationships This is the counter disorder to schizoid challenges.
schizophrenicOf or relating to or characteristic of schizophrenia The schizophrenic nature of the godless communists again.
schmaltzyEffusively or insincerely emotional And he could be as sentimental and schmaltzy as a neil simon play.
schmalzyEffusively or insincerely emotional
scholarlyCharacteristic of scholars or scholarship It would be the backing of a scholarly source.
scholasticOf or relating to the philosophical doctrine of scholasticism It also shows the poor scholastic ability of some students.
schoolboyishBefitting or characteristic of a young boy The original article was very schoolboyish.
schoolgirlishBefitting or characteristic of a young girl
schoolwideOccurring or extending throughout a school This show consists of the morning announcements schoolwide.
sciaticRelating to or caused by or afflicted with sciatica Migration of proteins along the axons of the sciatic nerve.
scientificConforming with the principles or methods used in science The scientific history of radium is beautiful.
scintillantHaving brief brilliant points or flashes of light Colibri de scintillant, as said in the article, looks just wrong to me.
scintillatingMarked by high spirits or excitement Scintillating scotoma is a common visual aura in migraine.
sciolisticShowing frivolous or superficial interest; amateurish
sclerosedRelating to or having sclerosis; hardened
scleroticRelating to or having sclerosis; hardened Some fossil skeletons have preserved sclerotic rings.
scopalOf or relating to scope The type scopal mod phrase bears no such constraint.
scorbuticOf or relating to or having or resembling scurvy In his experiment he divided twelve scorbutic sailors into six groups.
scorchingHot and dry enough to burn or parch a surface The two giant banyan trees act as a shield from scorching sun.
scorelessHaving no points scores The game was a scoreless tie at halftime.
scornfulExpressing extreme contempt As you know, he can also be very haughty, petty and scornful.
scotchOf or relating to or characteristic of scotland or its people or culture or its english dialect or gaelic language The company describe their whisky as the most distinctive of scotch whisky.
scotomatousRelating to scotoma
scotsOf or relating to or characteristic of scotland or its people or culture or its english dialect or gaelic language Scart rock off the island is named from the scots for a cormorant.
scottishOf or relating to or characteristic of scotland or its people or culture or its english dialect or gaelic language It is insulting to both the scottish and the welsh.
scoundrellyLacking principles or scruples – w.m. thackaray
scrabblySparsely covered with stunted trees or vegetation and underbrush
scragglyLacking neatness or order A man with a seriously scraggly beard pulls at the bandana on his head, looks around vaguely, a pronouncement forming in his head.
scraggyBeing very thin I looked for a circular path, but the entire area was kinda bare and scraggy.
scrappyFull of fighting spirit The vocab added is somewhat scrappy.
scratchyCausing abrasion Why does your voice go pitchy and scratchy when you are sick
scrawnyBeing very thin Every now and then, i enjoy fattening up a scrawny little stub.
screakyHaving or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge
screechyHaving or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge And gilbert gottfried always talks in this irritating, screechy kind of voice.
screwballFoolish; totally unsound It was also known as the screwball design.
screwyNot behaving normally It’s the seacoast that seems to be screwy.
scrimpyDeficient in amount or quality or extent
scrimyDirty and disgusting- al hine
scripturalWritten or relating to writing Moreover, one could debate the scriptural consistency of the message.
scrivenedCopied in handwriting
scrofulousHaving a diseased appearance resembling scrofula- farley mowat
scrotalRelating to or having or lying within a scrotum Gonads should be removed if scrotal placement is impossible.
scrubNot selectively bred Denser woodland and scrub occupies much of the rest of the site.
scrubbedNot selectively bred The species occurs in deciduous forests and scrub.
scrubbySparsely covered with stunted trees or vegetation and underbrush This species is found in woodland and scrubby areas.
scruffyShabby and untidy- mark twain Birds’ scruffy pinions are only temporary.
scrumptiousExtremely pleasing to the sense of taste Um pickle jelly tastes very good and scrumptious.
scrupulousCharacterized by extreme care and great effort Second, he paid scrupulous attention to the materials he used.
sculpturalResembling sculpture The sculptural group and its setting.
sculpturesqueResembling sculpture
scummyCovered with scum If you neglect a pool it will get moldy and scummy and rank.
scurfyRough to the touch; covered with scales or scurf The centre of mature fruiting bodies is noticeably scurfy, or scaly.
scurrilousExpressing offensive reproach His personal and scurrilous writings involved him in many quarrels.
scurvyOf the most contemptible kind A lime adds to the taste and helps prevent scurvy.
scythianOf or relating to the ancient scythians or their culture or language The scythian social structure was much decentralized.

Adjectives That Start with SE (230 Words)

seaborneConveyed by sea I was mainly interested in the seaborne landings and logistics.
seafaringUsed on the high seas He was self educated while engaged in seafaring.
seagirtSurrounded or enclosed by the sea But probably only in seagirt states do the insects go by the name buckeye flies.
seagoingUsed on the high seas The seagoing people of indonesia are mostly the bugis.
sealedDetermined irrevocably Although the doors were sealed, the bunker itself was not hermetically sealed.
seamanlikeCharacteristic of or befitting a seaman; indicating competent seamanship
seamanlyCharacteristic of or befitting a seaman; indicating competent seamanship
seamedHaving or joined by a seam or seams But at the time, the idea of blocking undiscussed reverts seamed ok…
seamlessPerfectly consistent and coherent It also provide the seamless connectivity across the heterogeneous network.
seamyShowing a seam Now, i’ll be your guide to another seamy, amoral underworld.
searHaving lost all moisture The solenoid uses a push rod to actuate the sear in this system.
searchingDiligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation We are searching for the originals of the painting.
searedHaving lost all moisture Another spring is provided to urge the sear toward the post.
searingHaving lost all moisture Working in batches to avoid crowding the pan, sear the meat on all sides until well browned, about 3 minutes.
seasickExperiencing motion sickness The seasick incoming troops literally thought they were hallucinating.
seasonableIn keeping with the season Paddy, wheat and seasonable vegetables are the main crops.
seasonalOccurring at or dependent on a particular season Rainfall was seasonal, alternating between semiarid, and mesic conditions.
seasonedRendered competent through trial and experience The capybara meat is dried and salted, then shredded and seasoned.
seawardComing from the sea toward the land On the seaward side were the refreshment rooms of mr h matthews.
seaworthyFit for a sea voyage Both ships were still seaworthy after the incident.
sebaceousContaining an unusual amount of grease or oil I just spotted you’d done the same to integument and sebaceous gland too.
secModerately dry Regarding sweetness, the triple sec provides the sweetness.
secludedProviding privacy or seclusion Greer spring may be the most secluded and undisturbed big spring in the ozarks.
secondComing next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude The work on the second prototype’s aerodynamic body started.
second-by-secondA part or voice or instrument or orchestra section lower in pitch than or subordinate to the first He then set to work to extricate a second man, who was found to be dead.
second-yearUsed of the second year in united states high school or college Cornucopia day takes place every year on the second saturday in august.
secondaryInferior in rank or status The book is the secondary source.
secondhandPreviously used or owned by another One is a secondhand imported from the uk.
secretThe next to highest level of official classification for documents Appropriation is precisely the secret of conversation.
secretarialOf or relating to a secretary or to a secretary’s work His secretarial career was ended by the great cultural revolution.
secretiveInclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information The work of the submarine miner was secretive, technical and dangerous.
secretoryOf or relating to or producing a secretion These two inputs regulate the secretory activity of the pancreas.
sectarianOf or relating to or characteristic of a sect or sects The divided clergy of chauntea is sectarian by nature.
sectionalConsisting of or divided into sections It was the tough sectional final losses.
sectorialRelating to or resembling a sector The lower third premolar is sectorial.
secularNot concerned with or devoted to religion, They have also argued that secular humanism leads to permissiveness.
secureFree from fear or doubt; easy in mind The househusband helped the couple secure their new home.
sedateDignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises Scotland coach is having a more sedate moment as he watches from the stands at the millennium stadium.
sedativeTending to soothe or tranquilize The dogs collapsed from the sedative.
sedentaryRequiring sitting or little activity The effects of this sedentary lifestyle crept up on me.
sedgelikeResembling rush or sedge
sedgyCovered with sedges (grasslike marsh plants)
sedimentaryResembling or containing or formed by the accumulation of sediment Sedimentology includes the study of sedimentary processes and sedimentary rocks.
seditiousArousing to action or rebellion If the latter, it was a seditious libel.
seductiveTending to entice into a desired action or state Is the rotary engine a truly seductive concept
sedulousMarked by care and persistent effort The man is sedulous to get what he wants.
see-throughSo thin as to transmit light You almost have to squint to see things through the grain and the mist.
seeableCapable of being seen; or open to easy view
seedlessLacking seeds This is the method used to create seedless watermelons, for instance.
seedySomewhat ill or prone to illness He earned two dollars but gave it to a seedy beggar.
seeingHaving vision, not blind Seeing it, the woman reappeared from the sprouts.
seemingAppearing as such but not necessarily so The image in the esterhazy article does bother me, seeming out of place.
seemlyAccording with custom or propriety Poring over ip addresses just isn’t seemly.
segmentalHaving the body divided into successive metameres or segments, as in earthworms or lobsters Segmental nature of the choroidal vasculature.
seismalSubject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration
seismicSubject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration These are the spatiotemporal patterns of seismic and volcanic activity.
seismologicOf or concerned with seismology
seismologicalOf or concerned with seismology Articles covering geographic areas of seismological interest.
selectOf superior grade Select the files you want to add.
selectedChosen in preference to another The conditions in the scenario is selected carefully.
selectiveCharacterized by very careful or fastidious selection Admittance to the university of maryland has become highly selective.
selfRelating to–of or by or to or from or for–the self I detest pomposity and self interest.
self-absorbedAbsorbed in your own interests or thoughts etc He returned home on the croft, but he became mute, sullen and self absorbed.
self-appointedDesignated or chosen by yourself We believe in self control, self discipline, humbleness and loyalty.
self-assuredShowing poise and confidence in your own worth He assured me that he can handle this problem well.
self-confessedOwned up to At this moment, alex walked in and regretfully confessed the truth.
self-confidentShowing poise and confidence in your own worth She always appears confident, and very lissom.
self-consciousAware of yourself as an individual or of your own being and actions and thoughts- d.m.potter Only conscious entities can delve into the realms of the conscious.
self-containedIn full control of your faculties The article contained the statement.
self-deprecatingConscious of your own shortcomings What prompted the self immolation
self-destructiveDangerous to yourself or your interests The second hurricane was the most destructive.
self-employedWorking for yourself We believe in self control, self discipline, humbleness and loyalty.
self-governingNot controlled by outside forces The convention is the ultimate governing body of the union.
self-imposedVoluntarily assumed or endured Why should spoliation sanctions be imposed
self-indulgentIndulgent of your own appetites and desires- havelock ellis Nathan took an indulgent attitude toward the young kid.
self-proclaimedProclaimed to be or described as such by oneself, without endorsement by others The emperor proclaimed that i enrich the state.
self-reliantFree from external control and constraint in e.g. action and judgment The third sentence is reliant of the first two sentences.
self-respectingHaving or showing self-esteem The current self posits ideas for a future construction of the self.
self-righteousExcessively or hypocritically pious This article reeks of self righteous pale academic conformism.
self-servingInterested only in yourself I had hated him, everything about his conniving, self serving, obsequious ways.
self-styledAs claimed by and for yourself often without justification The current self posits ideas for a future construction of the self.
self-sufficientAble to provide for your own needs without help from others The amount of accountability is sufficient.
self-supportingFinancially independent Is the programmer supporting the standard or the language
selfishConcerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others- maria weston chapman His selfish vacuity is, of course, the point.
selflessShowing unselfish concern for the welfare of others Selfless love seeks the good of others.
selfsameBeing the exact same one; not any other: I was thinking the selfsame thing.
seljukOf or relating to the seljuks This period was ended by the seljuk invasion.
sellableFit to be offered for sale The caterpillars burrow into the fruit, rendering it un sellable.
semanticOf or relating to meaning or the study of meaning The locus of the semantic congruity effect in comparitive judgments.
semestralOccurring every six months or during every period of six months Students pay a semestral fee to avail of this service.
semestrialOccurring every six months or during every period of six months
semiabstractCharacterized by stylized but recognizable subject matter
semiannualOccurring or payable twice each year Shurtleff was a speaker at b’nai shalom’s semiannual conference in april 2010.
semiaquaticHaving an aquatic early or larval form and a terrestrial adult form A flooded parcel of land 2. used for growing rice and other semiaquatic crops.
semiaridSomewhat arid The mountainous areas that are semiarid, but well vegetated.
semiautobiographicalOf or relating to a work that combines autobiography and fiction The novel is a semiautobiographical refraction of capote’s alabama childhood.
semiautomaticPartially automatic So it’s semiautomatic or manual.
semicentenaryOf or relating to or marking the 50th anniversary
semicentennialOf or relating to or marking the 50th anniversary
semicomatoseIn a state of partial coma
semiconductingHaving characteristics of a semiconductor; that is having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors Chemical separation of metallic and semiconducting s nts.
semiconductiveHaving characteristics of a semiconductor; that is having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors The semiconductive medium is generally of the liquid, gas or gel form.
semiconsciousPartially conscious; not completely aware of sensations The victim is semiconscious.
semidarkPartially devoid of light or brightness
semidetachedAttached on one side only
semiempiricalRelying to some extent on observation or experiment Ampac is a general purpose semiempirical quantum chemistry program.
semiformalModerately formal; requiring a dinner jacket Each club also has semiformal events and formal dinners and dances.
semihardSomewhat hard
semiliquidSomewhat liquid A dispenser for semiliquid materials.
semiliterateAble to read but not to write Semiliterate is a term used to describe people, not text.
semilunarResembling the new moon in shape Blood is then pumped through the semilunar valve and into the pulmonary artery.
semimonthlyOccurring twice a month It is published semimonthly and has a circulation of approximately 50,000.
seminalPertaining to or containing or consisting of semen Both were seminal in the study of the composer and his music.
seminiferousBearing or producing seed or semen Seminoma originates in the germinal epithelium of the seminiferous tubules.
seminudePartially clothed Lastly, scherzinger has a seminude appearance in the video.
semiofficialHaving some official authority or sanction Most have at least three official or semiofficial functions.
semiopaquePartially opaque
semioticOf or relating to semiotics I’m not saying that there are no historical or semiotic differences.
semioticalOf or relating to semiotics
semiparasiticOf or relating to plants that are semiparasites
semipermanentRelating to or extending over a relatively long time This may be one of the few pages that needs semipermanent protection.
semipermeableSelectively permeable The system comprises a semipermeable wall surrounding a compartment.
semipoliticalPolitical in some (but not all) aspects
semipreciousUsed of gemstones having less commercial value than precious stones There are lots of precious and semiprecious stones i prefer to them.
semiprivateConfined to a small number of hospital patients
semipublicHaving some of the features of public institution The residents near the area complained for being a semipublic.
semirigidHaving a form maintained by a rigid internal structure as well as by internal gas pressure An elevator cab is constructed of a thin, somewhat semirigid skeleton.
semiskilledPossessing or requiring limited skills There is an abundance of low cost, semiskilled labour.
semisoftSomewhat soft
semisolidPartly solid; having a rigidity and viscosity intermediate between a solid and a liquid Axial analyzers are used for solid or semisolid materials.
semisweetHaving a taste that is a mixture of bitterness and sweetness It has less sugar and more liquor than semisweet chocolate.
semisyntheticNot of natural origin; prepared or made artificially New semisynthetic cephalosporins having antibacterial activity are described.
semiteOf or relating to or characteristic of semites He is an anti semite and a cult leader.
semiterrestrialChiefly but not exclusively terrestrial
semiticOf or relating to or characteristic of semites A fact is neither anti semitic or pro semitic.
semitransparentAllowing light to pass through diffusely The slickribbon is a purple, semitransparent wormlike creature up to in length.
semitropicOf or relating to or characteristic of conditions in the subtropics The name honored the semitropic fruit company.
semitropicalOf or relating to or characteristic of conditions in the subtropics The area has a semitropical, semiarid climate.
semiweeklyOccurring twice a week During this period the program was broadcast semiweekly.
sempiternalHaving no known beginning and presumably no end
senecanOf or relating to or like or in the manner of the roman seneca Cary’s drama belongs to the sub genre of the senecan revenge tragedy.
senegaleseOf or relating to or characteristic of senegal or its people They play in the top division in senegalese football.
senescentGrowing old I mean, everyone knows senescent people have wrinkles.
senileMentally or physically infirm with age I thought the pope was getting senile.
seniorOlder; higher in rank; longer in length of tenure or service The senior management of the school is concerned.
sensateHaving physical sensation Skins are known to be sensate pains.
sensationalRelating to or concerned in sensation The impact was sensational and immediate.
sensationalisticTypical of tabloids It’s sensationalistic journalism.
senselessServing no useful purpose; having no excuse for being He led the sgrm to end the senseless killing.
sensibleShowing reason or sound judgment Glad you married the sane, sensible member of the family.
sensitisedHaving an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor) The colour layers are sensitised to their corresponding colours.
sensitisingMaking susceptible or sensitive to either physical or emotional stimuli
sensitiveAble to feel or perceive The dog is sensitive to tinkle.
sensorialInvolving or derived from the senses I did an article about the different sensorial materials.
sensorimotorOf or relating to the sensory and motor coordination of an organism or to the controlling nerves Different components represent information from different sensorimotor channels.
sensorineuralOf or relating to the neural process of sensation The encoded protein may play a role in obesity and sensorineural degradation.
sensoryOf a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system The gustatory system is the sensory system for taste.
sensualMarked by the appetites and passions of the body The party turns into a wild, sensual debauch.
sensuousTaking delight in beauty Imagining is sensuous, and renews human sensation.
sententialOf or relating to a sentence Tile reduction decision is reached by examining the whole left context and k symbols to the right of a phrase in a sentential form.
sententiousAbounding in or given to pompous or aphoristic moralizing- kathleen barnes The answer might have been sententious.
sentientEndowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness- t.e.lawrence A shadow is an incorporeal creature of sentient darkness.
sentimentalEffusively or insincerely emotional It’s not maudlin or sentimental, but it is excitingly inspirational.
sepalineResembling or characteristic of a sepal
sepaloidResembling or characteristic of a sepal
separableCapable of being divided or dissociated; Why the income and wealth elasticities are separable
separateIndependent; not united or joint Adjournment and dissolution are separate things.
separatedSeparated at the joint The crystalline mass and the solution are separated.
separatistHaving separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude The war triggered the separatist movement in russia.
separativeIndicating that the word marked is separated to a greater or lesser degree rhythmically and grammatically from the word that follows it A wrong sense of race feeds the separative sense of them and us.
septalOf or relating to a septum Ventricular septal defect is usually symptomless at birth.
septateOf or relating to a septum Septate is a morphological term used in biology in two different instances.
septicContaining or resulting from disease-causing organisms Septic arthritis is due to a bacterial infection to the joint.
septicemicCharacteristic of septicemia Plague meningitis can occur in very rare cases of septicemic plague.
septrionalOf northern regions; from the seven stars (or seven plowing oxen) of ursa major
septupleHaving seven units or components
sepulchralGruesomely indicative of death or the dead Besides their sepulchral purpose, the tumuli also served for reconnaissance.
sequentIn regular succession without gaps It works with variants of the sequent calculus and natural deduction.
sequentialIn regular succession without gaps It keeps the sequential routes, but does the classification thing.
sequinedCovered with beads or jewels or sequins She is also seen in a floor length sequined black dress with her hair down.
seraphicHaving a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub Peter baptista and soon joined the seraphic order.
seraphicalOf or relating to an angel of the first order
serbianOf or relating to the people or language or culture of the region of serbia I think someone has gone in and inflated the serbian population in the west.
sereHaving lost all moisture There are different stages in this sere.
sereneCompletely clear and fine The morning after the stormy night was serene and sunny.
serflikeLike someone in servitude
serialIn regular succession without gaps The serial opened the tenth anniversary year of the series.
sericeousCovered with fine soft hairs or down It is sericeous silky throughout, giving the stem a silvery grey appearance.
sericulturalOf or relating to sericulture
seriocomicMixing the serious with the comic with comic predominating Lemon skillfully merges dozens of minute details to form a seriocomic mosaic.
seriocomicalMixing the serious with the comic with comic predominating
seriousCausing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm Caley was the first to make a serious effort to study the eucalyptus.
serologicOf or relating to serology Serologic tests for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus infection.
serologicalOf or relating to serology There is currently no serological test.
serousOf or producing or containing serum It contains a supply of serous fluid.
serpentineResembling a serpent in form It flows in a serpentine course to the delaware.
serrateNotched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex Each leaf consists of three obovate leaflets with serrate leaf margins.
serratedNotched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex Others sported a serrated saw edge on the back of the blade.
serriedPressed together
serrulateMinutely serrated Leaves finely serrulate, pubescent or silky when young.
serviceableReady for service or able to give long service He was quite serviceable in oakland but never lived up to the high expectations.
servileSubmissive or fawning in attitude or behavior He is good at flattering and being servile.
servoOf or involving servomechanisms The reduction of the vacuum in the clutch servo takes place in two stages.
servomechanicalOf or involving servomechanisms
sesquipedalianLong and ponderous; having many syllables He is a sesquipedalian, but has the intellectual depth of a chipmunk.
sessileAttached directly by the base; not having an intervening stalk The ovary is mostly sessile and has nectary glands.
setOn the point of or strongly disposed The box set also included a special lithograph image of the band.
setaceousHaving or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.
setoseHaving or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc. The subfamily chrysomyinae is characterized by a setose stem vein on the wings.
settledEstablished in a desired position or place; not moving about She settled the problem with her husband.
sevenBeing one more than six Only seven of the eight justices of the court heard the appeal.
seven-dayLasting through a week The remaining seven sisters decided against coeducation.
sevenfoldHaving seven units or components Somebody needs to change this picture of avenged sevenfold…
seventeenBeing one more than sixteen Camilla is the seventeen year old protagonist of the novel.
seventeenthComing next after the sixteenth in position In his seventeenth year, he married a woman and lived a blissful conjugal life.
seventhComing next after the sixth and just before the eighth in position The seventh contains the planet saturn.
seventiethThe ordinal number of seventy in counting order He was burned at florence the day after sentence, in his seventieth year.
seventyBeing ten more than sixty The grand auditorium was seventy feet from the parquet to its dome.
severableCapable of being divided or dissociated; Each has their own history and are entirely severable.
severalConsidered individually He was swindled several times.
severeUnsparing and uncompromising in discipline or judgment- h.g.wells He is extremely severe and captious commander.
severestUnsparing and uncompromising in discipline or judgment- h.g.wells It is considered more severe than dysphonia.
sexagenarianBeing from 60 to 69 years old Yet the sexagenarian statesman showed great energy.
sexagesimalOf or relating to or reckoning in sixtieths The sexagesimal second enters in reams of physical units in si.
sexistDiscriminatory on the basis of sex (usually said of men’s attitude toward women) The idea of skirts seems perverse and somewhat sexist.
sexlessHaving no sexual desire God has no physical form, and so is sexless.
sextupleHaving six units or components A band of six singers or players. sextuple adj.
sexualOf or relating to or characterized by sexuality Sexual assault and rape can happen at college.
sexyExciting sexual desire A current advertising campaign may claim that stinginess is sexy.
seychelloisOf the seychelles or their people People of seychellois nationality murdered in a place other than seychelles.

Adjectives That Start with SH (95 Words)

shabbyMean and unworthy and despicable The building is a bit old and shabby.
shadierOf questionable taste or morality The picnic tables are located in shady sections of the park.
shadowyLacking in substance- w.a.butler The outside was much more shadowy.
shadyFilled with shade The shady side is not always opposite the noon side.
shaggedHaving a very rough nap or covered with hanging shags This is why are you being shagged isn’t there.
shaggyUsed of hair; thick and poorly groomed The archetypical shaggy dog story.
shakableCapable of being weakened
shakeableCapable of being weakened
shakedownIntended to test a new system under operating conditions and to familiarize the operators with the system She spent the remainder of 1971 on shakedown.
shakespeareanOf or relating to william shakespeare or his works Creator added hoax pages chicane inveigle award and shakespearean math.
shakespearianOf or relating to william shakespeare or his works Shakespearian english does not necessarily mean more reverent.
shakyNot secure; beset with difficulties At the same time, the grammar is often very shaky.
shallowLacking physical depth; having little spatial extension downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or outward from a center The gulf is shallow and the water rich in fish and mollusks.
shamAdopted in order to deceive The real sham starts in the control room.
shamanistOf or relating to shamanism Turanism is shamanist and racist ideology.
shamanisticOf or relating to shamanism Both indicate an active shamanistic tradition.
shambolicDisorderly or chaotic Most of the article is in an absolutely shambolic state.
shamefacedExtremely modest or shy- h.o.taylor The press will have a field day and wikipedia will stand shamefaced.
shamefulGiving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation- thackeray All of the above are just shameful allegations.
shamelessFeeling no shame The article says, it is shameless and full of doom and gloom.
shapedShaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort) The cells are rod shaped and motile.
shapelessHaving no definite form or distinct shape Every other time, it’s a shapeless silver whisp.
shapelyHaving a well-proportioned and pleasing shape Only an obstinate tree seer would miss the shapely forest they define.
sharpHaving or emitting a high-pitched and sharp tone or tones The sharp rod is reentrant towards the box.
sharperHaving or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions The sharp teeth was rarefied with stone.
sharpestHaving or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions The sharp rod is reentrant towards the box.
shatteredRuined or disrupted The event was shattered to many people.
shatteringSeemingly loud enough to break something; violently rattling or clattering For some of them, it was very shattering and shocking.
shatterproofResistant to shattering or splintering The glazing should also be shatterproof and produce no spalls after each strike.
shavenHaving the beard or hair cut off close to the skin Shaven heads are also common in this style.
shavianOf or relating to george bernard shaw or his works I’m the creator of the shavian font mentioned above.
shedShed at an early stage of development The hybrid is deciduous, and the leaves are shed in autumn.
sheepishLike or suggestive of a sheep in docility or stupidity or meekness or timidity I have never been a sheepish type.
sheeplikeLike or suggestive of a sheep in docility or stupidity or meekness or timidity The more we neglect the schools the more sheeplike the populace.
sheerSo thin as to transmit light Firstly, the sheer diversity of the communities is exemplary.
sheetlikeResembling a sheet The level of the sewage pool on the first disposable sheetlike filter is sensed.
shelflikeResembling a shelf (or considered to resemble a shelf)
shelfyFull of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals
shellproofAble to resist the explosive force of bombs and shells
shelteredProtected from danger or bad weather Only those seating in the grandstand are sheltered from the elements of nature.
shelvyFull of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals
shiftingChanging position or direction But the balance of power in the country is shifting.
shiftlessLacking or characterized by lack of ambition or initiative; lazy A businessman asks him to keep an eye on his shiftless son.
shiftyChanging position or direction Deleting this kind of report just looks shifty.
shimmeryGlistening tremulously Fey and poehler are dressed in shimmery sparkly gold gowns.
shinglyAbounding in small stones Ardarroch lies on the lochside, next to small shingly beach.
shiningMarked by exceptional merit The shell is opaque and shining.
shintoRelating to or characteristic of shintoism Shinto as an exemplar of development.
shintoistRelating to or characteristic of shintoism Religious hindu, shintoist and buddhist people are offended.
shintoisticRelating to or characteristic of shintoism
shinyHaving a shiny surface or coating The stars are shiny and bright.
shipboardCasual or ephemeral as if taking place on board a ship Other shipboard combat systems include shields, and tractor and represser beams.
shipshapeOf places; characterized by order and neatness; free from disorder He is trying to be shipshape.
shirtyIll-tempered or annoyed Buffy you’re a dope, and a bonehead, and, and you’re shirty.
shiveringVibrating slightly and irregularly; as e.g. with fear or cold or like the leaves of an aspen in a breeze Every part of the world is shivering just because of terrorism.
shiveryProvoking fear terror Just plain shivery and i reported it.
shoalyFull of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals They are there to guide us through the shoaly waters of disagreement.
shockableCapable of being shocked The shockable rhythms are treated with cpr and defibrillation.
shockedStruck with fear, dread, or consternation The redundancy of the company shocked people.
shockingGiving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation- thackeray The record of deceit is truly shocking.
shodWearing footgear Lessons must be mastered and feet remain shod.
shoddenWearing footgear
shoddyOf inferior workmanship and materials The king wouldn’t execute a goldsmith on the basis of shoddy evidence.
shoedWearing footgear Indeed, for example when it was shoed on the bbc there were no ad breaks.
shoelessWithout shoes Shoeless joe has been depicted in a few films in the late 20th century.
shonaOf or relating to or characteristic of the culture of the shonas Andreas’ work owes much to the sculpture of the shona people.
shopsoiledWorn or faded from being on display in a store
shopwornWorn or faded from being on display in a store As screenwriter, his insights about reaching the middle of one’s life are shopworn.
shorewardComing from the sea toward the land The gatehouse, and the shoreward ditch are in fair repair.
shortDeficient in retentiveness or range Sylvain died in quicksand, a short distance from the shore.
short-livedLasting a very short time However their jubilation and merriment were to be short lived.
short-runRelating to or extending over a limited period He is short and robust.
short-staffedInadequate in number of workers or assistants etc. The girls are stout and short.
short-termRelating to or extending over a limited period No resolution was imaginable in the short term.
shorthandWritten in abbreviated or symbolic form Note the succinctness of the shorthand compared to the normal text.
shortishSomewhat short An excellent shortish article, a worthy addition to the football genre.
shortsightedNot given careful consideration Using it as a linguistic argument is foolish and shortsighted.
shotVarying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles He was shot in the arm during the conflagration.
showeryWet by periods of rain The weather in spring and autumn is usually showery and cool.
showySuperficially attractive and stylish; suggesting wealth or expense The courtship ritual, like the plumage, is rather showy.
shreddedPrepared by cutting The timber was shredded with a saw.
shrewdUsed of persons The women manage the hamlets and are shrewd and intelligent.
shrewderUsed of persons In commerce they were shrewd, yet still more assiduous and diligent.
shrewishContinually complaining or faultfinding From, the name of the shrewish wife of socrates.
shrillOf colors that are bright and gaudy He is not a parapsychologist and merely a shrill critic of the field.
shrimpyOf inferior size People would think that they will become small and shrimpy in the future.
shrinkableCapable of being shrunk The boiled rice may be frozen before wrapped in the heat shrinkable film.
shriveledLean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness-w.f.starkie It would be a shriveled mummy long before that.
shrubbyOf or relating to or resembling a shrub According to water availability it may become arboreus or shrubby.
shrunkenLean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness-w.f.starkie Earthworks suggest that it is a shrunken medieval village.
shudderyProvoking fear terror
shuhaOf or pertaining to any shinto sect other than kokka shinto
shutUsed especially of mouth or eyes Lily and richard shut and lock the rv door and huddle inside.
shutteredProvided with shutters or shutters as specified; often used in combination Related shuttered the property in 2005.
shyWary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things Scripps lived modestly, and was shy and unassuming.

Adjectives That Start with SI (97 Words)

siameseOf or relating to or characteristic of thailand or its people But the siamese staged an almost immediate recovery.
siberianOf speech sounds produced by forcing air through a constricted passage (as `f’, `s’, `z’, or `th’ in both `thin’ and `then’) The signal containing the sibilant frequencies is sent to a compressor.
sibilantOf speech sounds produced by forcing air through a constricted passage (as `f’, `s’, `z’, or `th’ in both `thin’ and `then’) So it is voiceless laminal sibilant retroflex fricative in standard russian.
sibyllicResembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy
sibyllineHaving a secret or hidden meaning- john gunther She likes to listen to sibylline stories.
sicilianOf or relating to or characteristic of sicily or the people of sicily The borough is twinned with the sicilian city of sutera.
sickAffected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function I am sick of the irruption.
sickeningCausing or able to cause nausea The degree of exploitation is sickening.
sickishFeeling nausea; feeling about to vomit
sicklySomewhat ill or prone to illness Macpherson’s wife is sickly and bedridden.
sideLocated on a side The theatre dominates the left hand side of the postcard.
sidearmMade with the arm moving parallel to the ground The sidearm of the flask is connected to a vacuum.
sidelongInclining or directed to one side – bram stoker Please, look at your position sidelong.
siderealDetermined by daily motion of the stars Thus the sidereal day is shorter than the stellar day by about.
sidesplittingVery funny
sidewaysAt an angle The canopy of the pilot’s cockpit opened sideways.
sightlessLacking sight The girl’s eyes are sightless and clouded, and he understands that she is blind.
sightlyVery pleasing to the eye I’ve expanded sightly upon the concept of a confessional church.
sigmoidOf or relating to the sigmoid flexure in the large intestine Volvulous of sigmoid colon in a child.
sigmoidalOf or relating to the sigmoid flexure in the large intestine Hence the curve has a sigmoidal or s shape.
signUsed of the language of the deaf The suggested text should transcribe the sign.
signalNotably out of the ordinary I received the signal from my friend.
signedUsed of the language of the deaf The suggested text should transcribe the sign.
significantFairly large The verse of purification is the most important and significant verse.
significativePointing out or revealing clearly Thus, it’s no significative the appereance of pi there.
sikhOf or relating to the sikhs or their religious beliefs and customs On the sikh side, there was temporary dismay and much recrimination.
silentUnable to speak because of hereditary deafness It was icily silent after the last change.
siliceousRelating to or containing or resembling silica The residue is mixed with siliceous and calcareous matereals and compacted.
siliciousRelating to or containing or resembling silica
silkenHaving a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light The larvae live in silken galleries among liverworts and soil detritus.
silklikeHaving a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light
silkyHaving a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light They lack the soft silky plumage of the waxwings or silky flycatchers.
sillyInspiring scornful pity- dashiell hammett Also, the sectioning of the campaigns is silly.
silvanRelating to or characteristic of wooded regions The subject of the origin of the silvan language seems to be a little confused.
silverOf lustrous grey; covered with or tinged with the color of silver Gold and silver were common themes throughout the palaces of incan emperors.
silver-hairedHaving hair the color of silver I like the little messy haired, sulky boy now.
silverishOf lustrous grey; covered with or tinged with the color of silver It has a light silverish golden body, darker on the back.
silvernHaving the white lustrous sheen of silver
silveryResembling or reminiscent of silver Juveniles are paler than the adults without the silvery cheeks.
simianRelating to or resembling an ape This table is based on the simian rotavirus strain sa11.
similarHaving the same or similar characteristics It is sweet and tastes like green apples, similar in taste to pucker.
similiarResembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination These are the bodies with similar names and the same referent.
simpleExhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity The photos are clear, simple, and not at all prurient.
simplerApart from anything else; without additions or modifications It was easy to blow and the fingering was simple.
simplestOf leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions Both main facades are of simple, clear design devoid of ostentation.
simplexHaving only one part or element Hence there is no boundary simplex.
simplisticCharacterized by extreme and often misleading simplicity The interiors of the trains are largely stark and simplistic.
simulatedNot genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article Effects simulated the hallucinatory world for the band members.
simultaneousOccurring or operating at the same time It’s nearly simultaneous with the ignition of the engines.
sincereCharacterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions The first two are long and sincere and lachrymose.
sinewyFull of sinews; especially impossible to chew Girls would love to meet sinewy guys.
sinfulFar more than usual or expected The fatwa also stated that to accuse a muslim as infidel was a sinful act.
singableSuitable for singing- winthrop sargeant This is rhythmically far too broken to be easily singable.
singaporeanOf or relating to the city of singapore Singaporean participation in international games.
singhaleseOf or relating to the sinhalese people Or the burning of singhalese people.
singingSmooth and flowing In vaudeville he began singing and playing the xylophone.
singleUsed of flowers having usually only one row or whorl of petals The single album was only physically released in the uk.
single-handedWithout help from others He handed over the money without relaxing his grimace.
single-mindedDetermined He was open minded, valorous and skilled in strategy.
singsongUttered in a monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting Do not say it in a singsong fashion or out of habit or as an imposition.
singularThe single one of its kind The former is plural and the latter singular.
sinhalaOf or relating to the sinhalese languages The majority of the population are sinhala buddhist.
sinhaleseOf or relating to the sinhalese people They are now sinhalese words that are understood by sinhalese speakers.
sinisterOn or starting from the wearer’s left As the evidence mounts the idyllic setting gradually takes on a sinister hue.
sinistralThreatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments His visage on the castles becomes more sinister.
sinistrorsalSpiraling upward from right to left
sinistrorseSpiraling upward from right to left
siniticOf or relating to the chinese people or their language or culture Any of the sinitic varieties of speech spoken by the chinese people. c.
sinkableCapable of being sunk
sinlessFree from sin Ethan domblue was a pastor obsessed with having a sinless congregation.
sinteredFormed into a mass by heat and pressure The porous body is preferably a sintered porous body.
sinuateCurved or curving in and out Surface ornamentation consists of weakly sinuate transverse lirae.
sinuousCurved or curving in and out The sections may also be curved to provide a sinuous track.
sinusoidalHaving a succession of waves or curves Average electrical power for sinusoidal voltages.
siouanOf or relating to the sioux people or their language and culture There were also siouan speaking tribes to the west and southwest.
sissifiedHaving unsuitable feminine qualities
sissyHaving unsuitable feminine qualities Yeah, a combination of girl and sissy.
sissyishHaving unsuitable feminine qualities
sisterlikeLike or characteristic of or befitting a sister
sisterlyLike or characteristic of or befitting a sister The most i see is sisterly affection.
sisypheanOf or relating to sisyphus It just seems rather sisyphean to keep pushing this issue.
sittingNot moving and therefore easy to attack What is the significance of the sitting
situatedSituated in a particular spot or position It is situated at the back of a farmstead.
sixDenoting a quantity consisting of six items or units The sport shot tournament features six games of qualifying with the top five advancing to a stepladder finals.
six-year-oldHaving lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age It’s just the artist in old age indulging in fun and games.
sixfoldHaving six units or components From 1610 to 1680 the population multiplied sixfold.
sixpennyOf trifling worth
sixteenBeing one more than fifteen The average workday is sixteen hours.
sixteenthComing next after the fifteenth in position He was followed by the sixteenth entrant the miz.
sixthComing next after the fifth and just before the seventh in position Sixth nerve palsy is the most common.
sixtiethThe ordinal number of sixty in counting order The sixtieth anniversary in 1997 was a memorable year.
sixtyBeing ten more than fifty It is made of ferroconcrete with eight sixty meter wide lanes.
sizableFairly large Both families owned sizable estates in the vicinity of the creek.
sizeSized The net effect is to reduce the size of the guildford seat.
sizeableLarge in amount or extent or degree Countries with sizeable numbers.
sizedHaving the surface treated or coated with sizing The american quarters are private, approximately person sized soundproof booths.
sizzlingCharacterized by intense emotion or interest or excitement I changed the ‘hot’ to sizzling.

Adjectives That Start with SK (19 Words)

skankyHighly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust I find it skanky for me to do it myself.
skeletalOf or relating to or forming or attached to a skeleton The facial and skeletal musculature are strongly affected by anger.
skepticalDenying or questioning the tenets of especially a religion What is the difference of spelling between sceptical and skeptical
sketchyGiving only major points; lacking completeness The source was sketchy and didn’t even substantiate the claim made.
skewHaving an oblique or slanting direction or position Instead you all attempt to skew the introduction of the subject.
skewedHaving an oblique or slanting direction or position The decision seems to skew the article.
skilfulHaving or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude She is skilful at playing the piano.
skilledHaving or showing or requiring special skill Accordingly, agoncillo was skilled in needlework.
skillfulHaving or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude He is skillful in the production of arms.
skimUsed of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed Do you often skim or read it thoroughly
skimmedUsed of milk and milk products from which the cream has been removed Do you often skim or read it thoroughly
skimpyContaining little excess Admittedly, the explanation on the page is skimpy.
skinlessHaving no skin Skinless chicken is available upon request.
skinnerianOf or relating to b. f. skinner or his behaviorist psychology That’s a valid standpoint, assuming you are a black box skinnerian.
skinnyGiving or spending with reluctance The skinny font is the standard one.
skintLacking funds The pair achieved some notoriety by being signed to skint records in 2002.
skintightSo tight as to cling to the skin Her jeans however, which started off skintight now have a bit of slack.
skittishUnpredictably excitable (especially of horses) Despite this, mihashi retains his skittish and shy personality.
skywardDirected toward heaven or the sky The enemy peppered the carrier with bombs and water shot skyward.

Adjectives That Start with SL (64 Words)

slackFlowing with little speed as e.g. at the turning of the tide Children are exhausted and slack.
slanderousHarmful and often untrue; tending to discredit or malign Maybe this will reduce the speculative and the potentialy slanderous entries.
slapdashMarked by great carelessness I suppose he omitted kent as too slapdash.
slaphappyCheerfully irresponsible
slapstickCharacterized by horseplay and physical action The show featured slapstick humor and pop culture references.
slateyOf the color of slate or granite They are mostly slatey shale and mudstone.
slatternlyCharacteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women
slatyOf the color of slate or granite It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the slaty brush finch.
slaughterousAccompanied by bloodshed
slavSpeaking a slavic language The term slav and slave are historically related.
slaveholdingAllowing slavery Fears of a slave revolt regularly swept major slaveholding communities.
slavelessWhere slavery was prohibited
slavelikeSuitable for a slave or servant
slavicOf or relating to slavic languages Slavic alternatives names are used to prove a slavic majority.
slavishBlindly imitative But james was not a slavish follower of swedenborg.
slavonicOf or relating to slavic languages There are a bunch of slavonic first names.
sleazyMorally degraded- seattle weekly- The sleazy tabloid is a disreputable source of information on any subject.
sleekWell-groomed and neatly tailored; especially too well-groomed The coat is dense, but should be firm and sleek.
sleepingLying with head on paws as if sleeping The baby is sleeping in the cradle.
sleeplessExperiencing or accompanied by sleeplessness- shakespeare Maybe the sleepless nights are taking their toll on my cognitive functions.
sleepyReady to fall asleep I feel slothful and sleepy.
sleepyheadedReady to fall asleep
sleevedMade with sleeves or sleeves especially as specified; often used in combination The long sleeved undershirts were red.
sleevelessUnproductive of success There are sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved leotards.
slenderVery narrow The tree was described as having slender pendulous branches.
slickMade slick by e.g. ice or grease His camerawork is slick, and the music is hypnotic.
slickedMade smooth by applying a sticky or glossy substance He fell off the rain slicked stage and dislocated his arm.
slidingBeing a smooth continuous motion His car was sliding on the road.
slightSmall in quantity or degree; not much or almost none or (with `a’) at least some The purchase caused slight discord amongst the community.
slightedLacking substance or significance They commiserate about marissa with some slight awkwardness.
slightestLacking substance or significance The effects of vertigo may be slight.
slightingLacking substance or significance The engines compensated for the slight change in pressures.
slimSmall in quantity Nixie are slim and comely and lightly scaled.
slimedCovered with or resembling slime Whenever the player hits the target the panelist gets slimed.
slimmerBeing of delicate or slender build- frank norris He is the father of the famous businessman carlos slim.
slimyCovered with or resembling slime A slimy carrion eater which lives in the vale of pnath.
slipperedShod with slippers
slipperyCausing or tending to cause things to slip or slide The stage floor was wet and slippery.
slippyCausing or tending to cause things to slip or slide Murray said that slippy did not become fleshed out to my liking.
slipshodMarked by great carelessness But that is no excuse for lazy, slipshod work
slitheryHaving a slippery surface or quality I can garauntee that this slithery, unpleasant character is indeed that.
sliveryResembling or consisting of or embedded with long slender fragments of (especially) wood having sharp points
sloppedVery drunk They were uneven and slopped at various angles in a number of places.
sloppyExcessively or abnormally emotional Another issue raised was the sloppy handling of evidence and the alleged weapon.
sloshedVery drunk Imagine, a sloshed individual falling down and busting a bottle very scary.
slothfulDisinclined to work or exertion Slodd was a slothful, off white parasite with large patagium beneath his arms.
slouchyLacking stiffness in form or posture
sloughySoft and watery
slovakianOf or relating to or characteristic of slovakia or its people or language The main setting is an old slovakian castle.
slovenianOf or relating to or characteristic of slovenia or its people or language Slovenian sportsman of the year.
slovenlyNegligent of neatness especially in dress and person; habitually dirty and unkempt The beggar is dirty and slovenly.
slowIndicating a time earlier than the correct time It’s normally mournful and slow.
slow-movingMoving slowly The robot was moving forward.
slowerIndicating a time earlier than the correct time The slow movement is a dramatic dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra.
slowestNot moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time He’s not a slow plodder.
slowgoingNot inclined to be enterprising
slubbedOf textiles; having a rough surface
sluggishNot active or brisk His scene where he cleans potatoes is sluggish and lethargic.
slumberousInclined to or marked by drowsiness But lo the fated hand and heart to rend the slumberous curse apart.
slumberyInclined to or marked by drowsiness
slumbrousInclined to or marked by drowsiness
slummyIndicative of poverty They land, finding shad to be very slummy.
slushyEffusively or insincerely emotional This salting is done mostly when the snow is wet and slushy.
slyMarked by skill in deception He voice acted the sly and traitorous, wolfgang in ‘shoebox zoo’.

Adjectives That Start with SM (31 Words)

smallYoung, immature In a small number of variants, the banker knows the locations of the prizes.
small-capOf stocks of companies with a market capitalization of less than one billion dollars A jaunty cap often accompanies the ensemble.
small-scaleLimited in size or scope I’ve been procrastinating the implementation of scale.
small-timeOf minor importance This time he tried to deter gulls by attracting terns small, aggressive seabirds.
smallerSlight or limited; especially in degree or intensity or scope Generalization cannot take place with such a small number of samples.
smaller-than-expectedConsidered likely or probable to happen or arrive Groundbreaking is expected in the spring of 2010.
smallestYoung, immature The number of stubs in the category on apocryphal subjects is relatively small.
smallishRather small The bushshrikes are smallish passerine bird species.
smarmyUnpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech; The staff was exceptionally smarmy.
smartImproperly forward or bold They are smart and intelligent.
smarterCharacterized by quickness and ease in learning Maia is the brave,smart and often impulsive heroine.
smartestShowing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness They are smart and intelligent.
smashingVery good The idea is smashing.
smellyOffensively malodorous They are also very bony and smelly.
smilingSmiling with happiness or optimism- lewis carroll I am smiling at him.
smittenMarked by foolish or unreasoning fondness Xander is smitten with her, and the two begin a relationship.
smoggyClouded with a mixture of smoke and fog I agree with orderinchaos that 1966 the most smoggy day should not be listed.
smoke-filledContaining smoke I filled out the questionnaire.
smokedDried and cured by hanging in wood smoke The smoked cheeses has a brownish border.
smokelessEmitting or containing little or no smoke It is a type of smokeless tobacco.
smokingEmitting smoke in great volume Police enforced new smoking ban.
smokyTasting of smoke The bacon used is streaky, smoky bacon.
smolderingShowing scarcely suppressed anger- james hensel The white house is in smoldering shambles
smoothSmooth and unconstrained in movement The texture is smooth and sticky.
smoothboreOf a firearm; not having rifling or internal spiral grooves inside the barrel The smoothbore arrangement is popular for racing applications.
smoothedMade smooth by ironing Can the graininess of the original photo be smoothed out more
smoothenedMade smooth by ironing As you can see some areas are deformed and smoothened.
smootherWithout breaks between notes; smooth and connected Its nature is mellifluous and smooth.
smudgySmeared with something that soils or stains; these words are often used in combination- henry roth Oh yeah black smudgy eyeliner buffy.
smugMarked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction His immediate superior was the smug and buck toothed.
smuttyCharacterized by obscenity A bit smutty and not really fit for an encyclopaedia.

Adjectives That Start with SN (28 Words)

snafuSnarled or stalled in complete confusion He was also a founder member of snafu.
snakelikeResembling a serpent in form She can transform from a beautiful woman into a snakelike creature.
snakyResembling a serpent in form I don’t mean to convince people to user perl over that snaky thing.
snappishApt to speak irritably Chihuahuas are snappish and temperamental.
snappyPleasantly cold and invigorating I was trying to be snappy and vibrant.
snarlyTangled in knots or snarls You’re too busy being snarly and bad tempered even to say good morning.
snazzyFlashily stylish But it will get more snazzy soon, i promise.
sneakMarked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed Mcclane continues to sneak through the building to detain the terrorists.
sneakingMarked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed Four mischievous girls sneak in to check out the ballroom.
sneakyMarked by deception The current guidelines reward the sneaky and punish the honest.
sneeringExpressive of contempt People have accused her of sneering.
sneezyInclined to sneeze Their names are sneezy, sleepy, grumpy, happy, bashful, doc,and dopey.
snideExpressive of contempt By the by, no more snide remarks in the edit summary, thank you.
snifflyLiable to sniffle That article about secretariat you linked to made me sniffly.
sniffyHaving or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy Sniffy eventually left the comic strip and little no no matured into norbert.
snobbishBefitting or characteristic of those who incline to social exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people considered inferior Arrogant and snobbish, cal is the heir to a steel fortune in pittsburgh.
snobbyBefitting or characteristic of those who incline to social exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people considered inferior She is described by heather as being snobby.
snoopyOffensively curious or inquisitive Lucy sometimes will hit the ball to snoopy.
snootyOverly conceited or arrogant-laurent le sage The snooty socialite became the loving wife.
snortyIll-tempered or annoyed
snottyOverly conceited or arrogant-laurent le sage If you’re snotty to me, i’m snotty back.
snowboundConfined or shut in by heavy snow Yosemite sam and his black haired twin are starving in a snowbound cabin.
snowyOf the white color of snow Snowy conditions were reported at the time of the incident.
snubUnusually short Government shutdown and the snub.
snuffSnuff colored; of a greyish to yellowish brown Symbolism in snuff bottle decoration.
snufflingLiable to sniffle A loud snuffling sound precedes paddy as he lopes down the corridor, greedily hoovering up every available scent.
snufflyLiable to sniffle
snugOffering safety; well protected or concealed The sofa is snug and comfortable.

Adjectives That Start with SO (126 Words)

so-calledDoubtful or suspect The enterprise crystallized in 1919, in the so called may fourth movement.
soakedVery drunk The rain soaked the paper.
soapyUnpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech; Soapy died on the spot with a bullet to the heart.
soaringAscending to a level markedly higher than the usual However at the wasserkuppe meets in the 1920s were soaring gliders.
soberNot affected by a chemical substance (especially alcohol) The building was dignified yet sober.
soberingLacking brightness or color; dull He is still sober after drinking a glass of beer.
sobersidedCompletely lacking in humor or lightness of touch
sociableInclined to or conducive to companionship with others Cook is charismatic and sociable, but boisterous and not afraid of authority.
socialTending to move or live together in groups or colonies of the same kind Social media both individuates and aggregates.
socialisedUnder group or government control He socialised with friends on the following saturday.
socialistAdvocating or following the socialist principles He is socialist in the storyline of the game.
socialisticAdvocating or following the socialist principles The system is thus of a very socialistic nature.
societalRelating to human society and its members Societal growth and urbanization.
sociobiologicOf or relating to sociobiology
sociobiologicalOf or relating to sociobiology These were incorporated into sociobiological theory by belsky et al in 1991.
socioculturalRelating to both social and cultural matters Bennion is an assistant professor of sociocultural anthropology at uvsc.
socioeconomicInvolving social as well as economic factors Something about socioeconomic impact.
sociolinguisticOf or relating to sociolinguistics Traditional sociolinguistic interview.
sociologicalOf or relating to or determined by sociology Is all crime sociological, being the product of an interdict
sociopathicOf or relating to a sociopathic personality disorder Dissociation is not sociopathic or compulsive.
socraticOf or relating to socrates or to his method of teaching Gorgias was a greek sophist, pre socratic philosopher and rhetorician.
soddenWet through and through; thoroughly wet That said, the production feels a little sodden, as if dampened by humidity.
soddingWithout qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers; I’ve washed my hands of the whole sodding mess.
softMild and pleasant Addax skin can be processed into a very luxuriant soft leather.
soft-spokenHaving a speaking manner that is not loud or harsh She’s funny, plain spoken and active.
softerUsing evidence not readily amenable to experimental verification or refutation The ventral surface of our head is the soft stuff under the chin.
softheadedFoolish; totally unsound
softheartedEasily moved to pity or sorrow
softishSomewhat soft These were, and are, played with sticks which have softish round heads.
soggyHaving the consistency of dough because of insufficient leavening or improper cooking Make sure vegetables is well cooked and not soggy.
soignePolished and well-groomed; showing sophisticated elegance Luxurious fabrics, including brocades and jersey, in soigne shapes.
soigneePolished and well-groomed; showing sophisticated elegance
solanaceousOf or relating to plants of the family solanaceae (the potato family)
solarRelating to or derived from the sun or utilizing the energies of the sun It is used in the manufacture of photoelectric cells and solar energy devices.
sold-outHaving taken a bribe or bribes The company was liquidated and sold.
soldierlikeBefitting a warrior
soldierlyBefitting a warrior Looting was so widespread as to be regarded as a soldierly sport.
soleNot divided or shared with others This is the sole shareholder of the fund.
soledHaving a sole or soles especially as specified; used in combination All that is required is a pair of flat soled shoes.
solelessHaving no sole
solemnDignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises There was a solemn mass and the recitation of the rosary.
solicitousFull of anxiety and concern The directory listed does and is open and free and non solicitous.
solidCharacterized by good substantial quality The desk should be built solid.
solitaryDevoid of creatures He found the conditions of solitary confinement inhumane.
soloComposed or performed by a single voice or instrument His five solo albums are remarkable for their unpretentious authenticity.
solomonicExhibiting or requiring the wisdom of solomon in making difficult decisions It is a sort of madcap solomonic approach.
solubleCapable of being dissolved in some solvent (usually water) Are the carcinogens in marijuana soluble in water
solvableCapable of being solved This is okay, the objections are solvable.
solventCapable of meeting financial obligations Turpentine was used as a solvent and illuminant.
somaliOf or relating to the african republic of somalia or its people or their language and culture They speak a dialect of the somali language referred to as ‘coastal somali’.
somalianOf or relating to the african republic of somalia or its people or their language and culture Anarchists arn’t opposed to capitalism, just ask a somalian.
somaticAffecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit The new genetic material had not only entered the somatic cells.
somatogeneticOf or arising from physiological causes rather than being psychogenic in origin
somatogenicOf or arising from physiological causes rather than being psychogenic in origin
somatosensoryOf or relating to the somatosenses Molecular and cellular limits to somatosensory specificity.
somberGrave or even gloomy in character The aria is introduced by a somber clarinet solo.
sombreLacking brightness or color; dull There are extremes of colour from bright to sombre.
someRelatively many but unspecified in number Rowdy and kc are some of the few left on the track.
sometimeBelonging to some prior time Drop me an email sometime and we’ll exchange pleasantries.
somniferousSleep inducing
somnificSleep inducing
somnolentInclined to or marked by drowsiness All of this happens while they are in a state retarded or somnolent depression.
sonantProduced with vibration of the vocal cords; From, sonant, from the root verb, to ring, to sound.
songfulRichly melodious
songlikeHaving a melody (as distinguished from recitative)
sonicRelating to audible sound Sonic booms startle area residents.
sonorousFull and loud and deep You made a beautiful, sonorous argument.
sonsieHaving a large bosom and pleasing curves
sonsyHaving a large bosom and pleasing curves
soothingAffording physical relief The color of tranquility, blue is cool, soothing and orderly.
sophisticOf or pertaining to sophists It’s sophistic to try to argue otherwise.
sophisticalPlausible but misleading It is clearly dubious and sophistical information.
sophisticatedIntellectually appealing Today the sociology and the psychology are more sophisticated.
sophomoreUsed of the second year in united states high school or college Tebow is the first sophomore in history to win the award.
soporiferousSleep inducing
soporificSleep inducing I hope this wasn’t soporific or vapid.
soppyWet through and through; thoroughly wet I have seen many an artist get married and ruin there sound with soppy lyrics.
sopraninoHigher in range than soprano Ochs studied trumpet briefly but concentrated on tenor and sopranino saxophones.
sopranoHaving or denoting a high range To me the three female solo voices are contralto, mezzo soprano, and soprano.
sorbedTaken into and retained in another substance A dentifrice in a liquid vehicle containing fumed silica with fluoride sorbed thereon giving free fluoride ions in the composition for the therapeutic treatment of teeth.
sorbefacientInducing or promoting absorption
sordidUnethical or dishonest Read that song’s article for the sordid details.
soreRoused to anger- mark twain He describes the effectiveness of the treatment for his sore muscles.
sororalLike or characteristic of or befitting a sister Languages with words for fraternal niece which are distinct from sororal niece.
sorrelOf a light brownish color Sorrel soup is a soup made from water, sorrel leaves, and salt.
sorrierFeeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone Sorry for the confusion and doubly sorry for the apparent ineptitude.
sorrowfulExperiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss- proverbs 14:13 The connubial couple did not seem sorrowful.
sorrowingSorrowful through loss or deprivation Satyaki cut the head of anuvinda with a razor arrow, sorrowing the kaikeyas.
sorryFeeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone I am sorry for the inconvenience.
soteriologicalOf or relating to soteriology They are a soteriological system describing the order of salvation.
sothoOf or relating to any of the group of sotho languages Boipatong means the place of hiding in the south sotho language.
sottishGiven to or marked by the consumption of alcohol
soughingCharacterized by soft sounds- r.p.warren
soulfulFull of or expressing deep emotion Then tolled the soulful steeple bell.
soullessLacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling Soulless was moved but not the dab page.
soundLogically valid The music and the sound effects stunned the audience.
soundableCapable of being sounded or measured for depth
soundingIn good condition; free from defect or damage or decay Conrad’s voice became the trademark sound.
soundlessMarked by absence of sound Eloquence flowed in soundless chant from heart of master to disciple.
soundproofImpervious to, or not penetrable by, sound Interrogation rooms should be windowless, soundproof, dark and without toilets.
soup-to-nutsInformal or slang terms for mentally irregular He’s prone to pouting, and it’s driving me nuts.
soupyHaving the consistency and appearance of soup It is served warm, and is usually of a soupy consistency.
sourShowing a brooding ill humor- bruce bli The grapes are sour.
souredShowing a brooding ill humor- bruce bli Scald milk and add sour cream.
sourishTasting sour like a lemon
sousedVery drunk Apparently not, since dutch new is raw and soused herring is not.
southSituated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the south Virus rates soar across south west.
south-centralBeing in or of a region of the united states including the states of the lower mississippi valley and east of the rio grande South swelters as north suffers.
southboundMoving toward the south The train is heading southbound.
southeastComing from the southeast Just to the southeast of lander is patsaev.
southeasterlyComing from the southeast It again takes a southeasterly drift.
southeasternOf a region of the united states generally including alabama; georgia; florida; tennessee; south carolina; north carolina Southeastern has an excellent situation.
southeastwardToward the southeast The easternmost extremity of the spur extends southeastward from mt.
southerlyFrom the south; used especially of wind Continue in a southerly direction.
southernSituated in or oriented toward the south Indiscriminate attacks and arbitrary arrests pervade southern kordofan.
southernmostSituated farthest south Antarctica is the southernmost continent and encompasses the south pole.
southmostSituated farthest south The hua county is located in the southmost part of anyang.
southwardMoving toward the south The people moved southward.
southwestComing from the southwest The camera is to the southwest of the cave.
southwesterlySituated in or oriented toward the southwest Summer is dominated by strong southwesterly monsoon winds.
southwesternSituated in or oriented toward the southwest The southwestern part of the country is rich in petroleum and natural gas.
southwestwardToward the southwest By this time, the storm had also begun a southwestward track.
sovereignGreatest in status or authority or power The power of the sovereign is absolute.
sovietOf or relating to or characteristic of the former soviet union or its people By the 1980s, the soviet economy was in shambles.
sownSprinkled with seed Diderot thought it was about ideas freshly sown.
sozzledVery drunk

Adjectives That Start with SP (129 Words)

spaceyStupefied by (or as if by) some narcotic drug Lemmon in particular would become a mentor to spacey.
spacialPertaining to or involving or having the nature of space The area of interest dictates the spatial scale of a survey.
spaciotemporalExisting in both space and time; having both spatial extension and temporal duration
spaciousHaving ample space The houses are spacious and luxurious.
spacyStupefied by (or as if by) some narcotic drug Zap spacy quickly sprung into action, with one of their aircraft attacking it.
spangledCovered with beads or jewels or sequins Additionally spangled perch are present.
spanglyCovered with beads or jewels or sequins Ian is also a very flashy dresser, wearing bright, spangly clothes and earrings.
spanishOf or relating to or characteristic of spain or the people of spain I am tryting to learn spanish.
spanish-speakingAble to communicate in spanish He speaks spanish and chinese.
spareThin and fit I have some spare tires.
sparingAvoiding waste Ardincaple had however been sparing of the entire truth.
sparklingUsed of wines and waters; charged naturally or artificially with carbon dioxide It is as it is, ever sparkling, ever steady, unmoving and unchanging.
sparklyMarked by high spirits or excitement New and sparkly things lead to more new and sparkly things.
sparseNot dense The article was sparse and overtly biased.
spartanPracticing great self-denial- william james The work was laborious and spartan.
spasmodicAffected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions; resembling a spasm Cruchet is remembered for his research of spasmodic torticollis.
spasticSuffering from spastic paralysis The most common form of the spastic forms.
spatialPertaining to or involving or having the nature of space Alternately, the spatial distribution of the sound can be examined.
spatiotemporalExisting in both space and time; having both spatial extension and temporal duration Geostatistics is a branch of statistics focusing on spatiotemporal datasets.
spatulateHaving a broad rounded apex and a narrow base Leaves may be spatulate, rounded, or obtuse at the apex.
spavinedAfflicted with a swelling of the hock-joint
spayedHaving the ovaries removed Spayed was originally formed by legendary songwriter and guitarist cecile.
speakableCapable of being uttered in words or sentences I have his speakable and unspeakable book here with me.
speakingCapable of or involving speech or speaking They are acting and speaking rashly.
specialFor a special service or occasion The chef has his own special recipe.
specialisedDeveloped or designed for a special activity or function He is specialized in statics.
specialisticOf or related to or characteristic of specialists And then seperate more specialistic articles about ayutthaya and so on.
specializedDeveloped or designed for a special activity or function She is specialized in pediatrics.
specifiableCapable of being specified A specifiable amount of game play time is originally accorded to a given player.
specificRelating to or distinguishing or constituting a taxonomic species The specific context is the economics.
speciousBased on pretense; deceptively pleasing Also, in what way is the argument in the fourth paragraph specious
speckedHaving a pattern of dots
specklessCompletely neat and clean
spectacledWearing, or having the face adorned with, eyeglasses or an eyeglass It is sometimes known by the less appropriately name spectacled redstart.
spectacularCharacteristic of spectacles or drama The most spectacular example of this is hard to find.
spectralOf or relating to a spectrum An illuminant is characterized by its relative spectral power distribution.
spectrographicRelating to or employing a spectrograph Pluto’s surface composition should be well known by spectrographic analysis.
spectrometricOf or relating to or involving spectrometry The determination is typically done by various mass spectrometric techniques.
specularCapable of reflecting light like a mirror So, specular gloss is proportional to the reflectance of the surface.
speculativeShowing curiosity He was also scornful of the speculative theory of phrenology.
speechlessTemporarily incapable of speaking At his mother’s funeral, nero was witless, speechless and rather scared.
speedierAccomplished rapidly and without delay Speedy machine could bridge classic and quantum computing.
speedyCharacterized by speed; moving with or capable of moving with high speed I mean to be inexorable, and thorough, not speedy.
spellbindingAttracting and holding interest as if by a spell Their pillow talk would have been spellbinding.
spellboundHaving your attention fixated as though by a spell The link to the spellbound program was removed.
spendableRemaining after taxes Both parties save on taxes and therefore increase their spendable income.
spendthriftRecklessly wasteful His spendthrift habits dissipated the family fortune.
spentDrained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired; completely exhausted The man spent his money lavishy.
spermaticConsisting of or resembling spermatozoa Many species have a distinctive odor, various described as musty or spermatic.
spermicidalDestructive to spermatozoa The saponin of the bark has spermicidal activity against human semen.
spermousConsisting of or resembling spermatozoa
sphericHaving the shape of a sphere or ball- zane grey The fruit is spheric shaped, dehiscent; containing a shiny blackish seed.
sphericalOf or relating to spheres or resembling a sphere The fruit is oblate rather than spherical.
sphingineResembling a sphinx
spicCompletely neat and clean I think it’s important to keep the image of the project spic and span.
spicateHaving or relating to spikes
spickCompletely neat and clean Some names are used such as sewer rat, spick, jap, and gook.
spicyHaving an agreeably pungent taste The paste has a savory and slightly spicy taste.
spiderlikeRelating to or resembling a member of the class arachnida There are also spoon shaped, quill shaped, threadlike or spiderlike florets.
spiderlyRelating to or resembling a member of the class arachnida
spideryRelating to or resembling a member of the class arachnida At full resolution it’s monochrome, spidery, aliased appearance is off putting.
spiffingExcellent or splendid Aswikipedia has an article on spiffing, this should be cross linked.
spiffyMarked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners Does it make him look strong, dapper, and spiffy
spikelikeResembling a spike The white flowers grow in spikelike clusters at the top of the plants.
spikyHaving or as if having especially high-pitched spots It has a long spiky erectile crest.
spinalOf or relating to the spine or spinal cord During spinal shock, the bladder is flaccid and unresponsive.
spindlyLong and lean The plant erects a spindly stem and bears sparse narrow leaves.
spinelessLacking spiny processes All fins are spineless and lightly pigmented in shades of brown.
spinnableCapable of being spun into fibres
spinnbarCapable of being spun into fibres
spinoseHaving spines The hind legs are covered in large, spinose scales and small, keeled scales.
spinousShaped like a spine or thorn The spinous dorsal fin is placed above the pelvics.
spinyHaving or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc. Echidna is the spiny anteater, an australian monotreme.
spiralIn the shape of a coil It’s found in the structure of crystals and the spiral of galaxies.
spiralingIn the shape of a coil The waves roll in spiraling currents.
spirantOf speech sounds produced by forcing air through a constricted passage (as `f’, `s’, `z’, or `th’ in both `thin’ and `then’) Now i see you have also moved anglo frisian nasal spirant law.
spiritedDisplaying animation, vigor, or liveliness It’s nothing but venomous mean spirited swill.
spiritlessLacking ardor or vigor or energy George ilson was a blonde, spiritless man, anaemic and faintly handsome.
spiritousContaining or of the nature of alcohol
spiritualResembling or characteristic of a phantom Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of the program.
spiritualistOf or relating to or connected with spiritualism The idea was to create a surreal spiritualist video.
spiritualisticOf or relating to or connected with spiritualism So it is a matter of fact that they believe in such spiritualistic phenomena.
spirituousContaining or of the nature of alcohol
splanchnicRelating to or affecting the viscera Splanchnic vasodilation is associated with all but ascites.
splashyCovered with patches of bright color Not a big, splashy glorified pr job just a mention.
splatteredCovered with bright patches (often used in combination) Characteristics are splattered all over the first two paragraphs.
splayTurned outward in an ungainly manner Then we splay the new node x to the top of the tree.
splayfootHaving feet that turn outward
splayfootedHaving feet that turn outward
splendidHaving great beauty and splendor He always showed a splendid spirit of courage, keenness and determination.
splendiferousHaving great beauty and splendor
spleneticVery irritable A front page nyt story profiles a particularly splenetic radio talk show host.
splenicOf or relating to the spleen Splenic irradiation has been used in the treatment.
splinterlessResistant to shattering or splintering
splinterproofResistant to shattering or splintering
splinteryResembling or consisting of or embedded with long slender fragments of (especially) wood having sharp points It has a mohs hardness of 3, exhibits no cleavage and has a splintery fracture.
splitCut or ripped longitudinally with the grain The expulsion split the college.
splittingResembling a sound of violent tearing as of something ripped apart or lightning splitting a tree Splitting the article should alleviate the length problem.
splotchedMarked with irregularly shaped spots or blots They are pale green splotched with brownish marks.
spoilableLiable to decay or spoil or become putrid However, i still do not see how any of the quotes are remotely spoilable.
spokenUttered through the medium of speech or characterized by speech; sometimes used in combination The emphatic consonants in aramaic as spoken by.
spondaicOf or consisting of spondees Tennyson often made use of spondaic and pyrrhic substitutions in his work.
spongelikeEasily squashed; resembling a sponge in having soft porous texture and compressibility Bodyboarder surfers who rides waves lying down on a spongelike board.
spongyLike a sponge in being able to absorb liquids and yield it back when compressed Spongy bone occurs in most bones.
spontaneousHappening or arising without apparent external cause History of spontaneous dissection of the cervical carotid artery.
spookyUnpredictably excitable (especially of horses) The original material is noted for spooky downcast melodies and arrangements.
sporadicRecurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances The defenders launched several sporadic attacks to obstruct the siege works.
sporogenousProducing spores or reproducing by means of spores
sportingRelating to or used in sports Judd trump was left sporting a hangdog look and complained.
sportiveRelating to or interested in sports Family lepilemuridae consists solely of the sportive lemurs.
sportsmanlikeExhibiting or calling for sportsmanship or fair play Nick has always been a very gracious and sportsmanlike fellow.
sportyAppropriate for sport or engagement in a sport In three words sporty, witty, and helpful.
spotlessCompletely neat and clean The spotless one fails at his analysis.
spottedHaving spots or patches (small areas of contrasting color or texture) Most importantly, the coat should not be broken, brindled, or spotted.
spottyHaving spots or patches (small areas of contrasting color or texture) However, during the rest of the season, his performance was spotty at best.
spousalRelating to a spouse Right now we’re resting and the spousal unit is snoring during a nap.
sprawlingSpreading out in different directions The book explores the underbelly of the sprawling city.
sprawlySpread out irregularly Shrubs tend to have rangy to sprawly growth habits and vicious thorns.
spreadPrepared or arranged for a meal; especially having food set out But the the strict sabbatarian doctrine spread.
spriggedDecorated with designs of sprigs
sprightlyFull of spirit and vitality He is wily, sprightly, and willing to have fun at the expense of others.
springlessLacking in elasticity or vitality Every bump in our springless train was extremely painful.
springlikeResembling a spring or the action of a spring He had springlike reflexes, precise passing and an inexhaustible pair of lungs.
springyElastic; rebounds readily The clamp member is fabricated of springy material.
spruceMarked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners More common species in the area are alder and spruce.
spryMoving quickly and lightly The baby is spry and adorable.
spumyEmitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation
spur-of-the-momentIn response to an unforeseen need He was brave and courageous but acted on the spur of the moment.
spuriousIntended to deceive Please don’t add this back in, it’s spurious and unsubstantial.

Adjectives That Start with SQ (23 Words)

squabShort and fat There is also repetition, for instance of the fact that squab meat is tender.
squabbyShort and fat
squalidMorally degraded- seattle weekly- Their room is squalid and dirty.
squallyCharacterized by brief periods of violent wind or rain The area experienced squally weather but was otherwise unaffected.
squamuloseCovered with tiny scales Crustose, leprose and squamulose varieties are more tolerant of poor air.
squareProviding abundant nourishment The seats may follow the same staggered square shape of the parapet wall.
squaredHaving four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle The hexagon is fitting inside the square.
squarishSomewhat square in appearance or form The bark also features raised squarish plates of bark.
squashySoft and watery I’ll see what i can do about the squashy ness.
squatHaving a low center of gravity; built low to the ground How does this particular scenario fit into the milieu of the squat toilet
squattyShort and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature I get the feeling teenagers developing on 2g earth would turn out very squatty.
squawkyLike the cackles or squawks a hen makes especially after laying an egg
squeakingHaving or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge Kayo wakes up hears digsours, squeaking outside the house.
squeakyHaving or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge Misinformation from squeaky serbian propaganda machine.
squeamishExcessively fastidious and easily disgusted It might perhaps be considered among the least squeamish of creatures.
squeezableCapable of being easily compressed The edges of the squeezable parts have blades that do the actual cutting.
squiffyVery drunk Should do more but my wording is often squiffy and wrong.
squigglyWavy and twisting Or sometimes a squiggly thunderbolt symbol, if you have one.
squinchedHaving eyes half closed in order to see better But it’s just a remarkable case of keeping the eyes squinched shut.
squintDirected to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy- elizabeth bowen When he’s trying to be sneaky, he’s got the sly squint of a thief on the prowl.
squintingDirected to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy- elizabeth bowen Thus, when the patient purses their lips, the ipsilateral eye will squint.
squintyCharacterized by squinting This has nothing to do with squinty stretchy eyes.
squishyEasily squashed; resembling a sponge in having soft porous texture and compressibility They’re so squishy, chewy, and delicious.

Adjectives That Start with ST (248 Words)

stabilisedMade stable or firm This stabilised the french left flank.
stabilisingCausing to become stable Stabilising with vacuum tubes difficult and even more inefficient.
stableResistant to change of position or condition With footsteps firm and stable, seek adroit movement.
staccatoMarked by or composed of disconnected parts or sounds; cut short crisply A more staccato sound can be produced by changing the velocity of the stroke.
stackedArranged in a stack The consonant above the stacked consonant is the final of the previous vowel.
stageyHaving characteristics of the stage especially an artificial and mannered quality The film comes off as amateurish and stagy.
stagflationaryCharacteristic of or promoting stagflation
staggeringSo surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm The amount of references is staggering.
stagnantNot growing or changing; without force or vitality We experienced a more peaceful but stagnant matriarchy.
stagyHaving characteristics of the stage especially an artificial and mannered quality Lincoln himself often feels too conservative, stagy and safe.
staidCharacterized by dignity and propriety Homunculus, i appreciate the staid assessment.
stainableCapable of being stained (especially of cells and cell parts) Karyotin is the reticular, usually stainable, material of the cell nucleus..
stainedMarked or dyed or discolored with foreign matter Fine stained glass windows accentuate the grace of the interior.
stainlessFree from blemishes Corrugated stainless steel tubing.
staleLacking freshness, palatability, or showing deterioration from age He found some stale corn flakes in the pantry.
stalematedAt a complete standstill because of opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions But he stalemated the other player.
stalinistOf or relating to joseph stalin or his times If you are not a stalinist, then what is a stalinist.
stalklessAttached directly by the base; not having an intervening stalk The leaves are long and stalkless.
stalwartDependable He is the son of political stalwart ganesh man singh.
staminateCapable of fertilizing female organs Flowers lacking a gynoecium are called staminate flowers.
stand-aloneCapable of operating independently He began to stand alone in a meadow and doze during the summer.
stand-byReady for emergency use They are training the body during standby in the gym.
stand-upRequiring a standing position He is noted for the circuitous and surreal nature of his stand up comedy.
standardConforming to or constituting a standard of measurement or value; or of the usual or regularized or accepted kind Especially polychromy and vegetal decor became standard.
standbyReady for emergency use The article says that the standby mode was never used.
standingExecuted in or initiated from a standing position She is standing on the raised floor.
standoffishLacking cordiality; unfriendly Carl lee is surprised and standoffish.
standpatOld-fashioned and out of date
stannicOf or relating to or containing tin
stannousOf or relating to or containing tin Stannous ethylhexanoate can be used here as the antioxidant organometallic.
staphylococcalOf or relating to the staphylococcus bacteria His stay at the hospital was prolonged due to a staphylococcal infection.
stapleNecessary or important, especially regarding food or commodities Millets, the staple food of the people, was the main agricultural produce.
starIndicating the most important performer or role Rams are the star sign of aries.
starboardLocated on the right side of a ship or aircraft By now the starboard engine was burning furiously.
starchlessLacking starch
starchlikeResembling starch This is a very nutritious sweet starchlike substance.
starchyRigidly formal Acrylamide also occurs in many cooked starchy foods.
staringWithout qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers; I love the mariner sitting on the edge staring passively at the smoke.
starkDevoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment The new domicile is stark and minimalist, and much more threatening.
starkersStark naked Starkers has two bars, two dance floors and a chill out area.
starlessNot starry; having no stars or starlike objects The night is starless, with a darkness so enveloping that it seems to possess palpability.
starlikeResembling a star In fact it arose as a starlike example of the more general regular polygon.
starlitLighted only by stars Because god made the starlit sky.
starredIndicating the most important performer or role Mizar is the second star in from the end of the handle of the big dipper.
starringIndicating the most important performer or role The asterisk represents the kleene star operation.
starryAbounding with or resembling stars He was not a starry eyed idealist.
starry-eyedUnrealistically or naively optimistic The ingenue stereotypically has the fawn eyed innocence of a child.
startingBulging or protruding as with fear The show was the starting point of satiric comedy in colombia.
startledExcited by sudden surprise or alarm and making a quick involuntary movement He was rather startled by the effect of his jocose insinuation.
startlingSo remarkably different or sudden as to cause momentary shock or alarm Then, with startling suddenness, the course of the war turned.
starvingSuffering from lack of food According to the television program both the oryx and kamuniak were starving.
statantStanding on four feet Stags ‘statant guardant’ are said to be ‘at gaze’.
state-controlledSubscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively The americans controlled the area during the conflict.
state-of-the-artThe highest level of development at a particular time (especially the present time) The art of the gupta is considered as the pinnacle of indian buddhist art.
state-supportedSupported and operated by the government of a state He supported the annexation of the philippines.
statedDeclared as fact; explicitly stated It is explicitly stated in the bible.
statelessWithout nationality or citizenship A communist society would be stateless.
statelyImpressive in appearance Christmas was a smidge busy here at stately unction manor.
statesmanlikeMarked by the qualities of or befitting a statesman-v.l.parrington Regardless, becoming dead was probably amin’s most statesmanlike act.
statesmanlyMarked by the qualities of or befitting a statesman-v.l.parrington
statewideOccurring or extending throughout a state The fire was covered by the press statewide.
staticConcerned with or producing or caused by static electricity Slowly the empire grows static and decadent.
stationaryNot capable of being moved Stationary means unmoving, stopped, without any movement whatsoever.
statisticalOf or relating to statistics He performed the most of the statistical analysis.
stativeAnd most participial adjectives) expressing existence or a state rather than an action This is the opposite of a stative verb.
statuaryOf or relating to or suitable for statues The statue was mounted in the capitol’s statuary hall.
statuesqueOf size and dignity suggestive of a statue He is a one eyed war veteran and she a statuesque chestnut haired supernal beauty.
statuteEnacted by a legislative body It was the first modification of the occupation statute.
statutoryRelating to or created by statutes It is beyond the ambit of statutory protection of title.
staunchFirm and dependable especially in loyalty Enlist the help of a staunch defender of the cruft.
staunchestFirm and dependable especially in loyalty Political power was held by the staunch puritanical fellow believers.
stay-at-homeRelating to or being where one lives or where one’s roots are Catcalls and stares follow her home to an empty house.
steadfastMarked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable He remains a steadfast member of the fantastic four.
steadiedNot subject to change or variation especially in behavior His props are steady and firm.
steadierSecurely in position; not shaky Bushmaster was grateful for the unity and the steady employment.
steadySecurely in position; not shaky His props are steady and firm.
steadyingSecurely in position; not shaky The lower part of his body was steady and agile.
stealthyMarked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed This is large, brown and stealthy.
steamedCooked in steam Then the dyed carpet is steamed to activate the reducing agent.
steamyFeeling great sexual desire The steamy waters are part of a lava formation.
stearicOf or relating to or composed of fat Dimer acid usually contains predominantly a dimer of stearic acid.
steelyResembling steel as in hardness One well connected insider described her as radiating a steely charisma.
steepGreatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation The steep terrain of the hill contributed to the odd design.
steeperOf a slope; set at a high angle The arch of the bridge is moderately steep.
steepestOf a slope; set at a high angle The other passageway leads back to the opening of the cave with in steep slope.
steepishSomewhat steep
steerableCapable of being steered or directed Nothing in here about steerable wheels.
stellarIndicating the most important performer or role The body was based on the hyundai stellar.
stellateArranged like rays or radii; radiating from a common center This indumentum is a mixture of simple and stellate hairs.
stemlessNot having a stem The plant is nearly stemless and measures two to four centimeters in diameter.
stemmaticOf or relating to a textual stemma
stenosedAbnormally constricted body canal or passage
stenoticAbnormally constricted body canal or passage Blue areas represent the diastolic pressure gradient due to the stenotic valve.
stentorianUsed of the voice
stepwiseOne thing at a time A stepwise model system for limb regeneration.
stereoDesignating sound transmission from two sources through two channels Not all microphone plugs that appear to be stereo are actually stereo.
stereophonicDesignating sound transmission from two sources through two channels In the 1960s the cinema was equipped with cinemascope and stereophonic sound.
stereoscopicOf or relating to stereoscopy Color and stereoscopic photography.
stereotypedLacking spontaneity or originality or individuality In her acting career, she was often stereotyped as the girl next door.
stereotypicLacking spontaneity or originality or individuality This book kills any remnants of stereotypic or ideologic views surrounding.
stereotypicalLacking spontaneity or originality or individuality She is the stereotypical competitive woman.
sterileIncapable of reproducing The sterile pollen is located in the anthers.
sterilisedMade infertile Yazoo is a ‘sterilised’ milk drink made with skimmed and whole milk.
sterlingHighest in quality The uk usese sterling, not dollars.
sternSevere and unremitting in making demands Her expression in the picture is stern.
sternalOf or relating to or near the sternum The sternal angle is a palpable clinical landmark.
sternutativeCausing sneezing
sternutatoryCausing sneezing
steroidalOf or relating to steroid hormones or their effects Alclofenac is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug.
stertorousOf breathing having a heavy snoring sound
stickierHaving the sticky properties of an adhesive In nigeria, the fufu is white and sticky.
stickyHard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment The texture is smooth, not sticky.
stiffPowerful Most of the plant is pubescent, the hairs appearing stiff.
stifferNot moving or operating freely The filly’s hair is very stiff.
stiffestNot moving or operating freely Most of the plant is pubescent, the hairs appearing stiff.
stiflingCharacterized by oppressive heat and humidity The lack of a sense of humor here is stifling my creativity.
stigmaticPertaining to or resembling or having stigmata The pollinia are attached to an adhesive glandular disc at the stigmatic angle.
stillNot in physical motion Female night elves are lithe and curvaceous, yet still muscular and strong.
stillbornFailing to accomplish an intended result His wife died in childbirth, the child stillborn.
stillyStill or calm I’m stilly very new to this stuff.
stiltedArtificially formal Yet isn’t that a little hidebound and stilted
stimulantThat stimulates In addition, the stimulant free version of the product was discontinued.
stimulatingMaking lively and cheerful Being stimulated by the stimulating rays, the phosphor emits detectable light.
stimulativeCapable of arousing or accelerating physiological or psychological activity or response by a chemical agent
stingierUnwilling to spend Administrators are a bit stingy with the protects, though.
stinglessWithout a sting Insects raised here include tiny, stingless parasitoid wasps and ladybugs.
stingyDeficient in amount or quality or extent Antonio is lavish and used to steal his stingy brother’s money.
stinkingOffensively malodorous This whole thing is stinking more all the time.
stinkyVery bad The article, however, is stinky, and needs to be fixed.
stintingAvoiding waste The purpose of stinting differs from people to people.
stipendiaryFor which money is paid The case was heard by a stipendiary magistrate.
stippledHaving a pattern of dots The infected erythrocyte becomes enlarged and stippled.
stipulatoryConstituted or contracted by stipulation or agreement
stirringCapable of arousing enthusiasm or excitement The flight is rapid and stirring.
stochasticBeing or having a random variable Stochastic dominance is a form of stochastic ordering.
stockRoutine According to you, i am a stock swindler.
stockedRegularly and widely used or sold In the case of stock certificates, face value is the par value of the stock.
stockingedWearing stockings
stockyHaving a short and solid form or stature A thickset, stocky, short legged horse.
stodgyHeavy and starchy and hard to digest I don’t like working it stodgy places, i like working in fun places.
stoicSeeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive In the next two books the stoic school is discussed.
stoicalSeeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive Henry suffers all this in stoical silence.
stoichiometricOf or relating to stoichiometry C. with a substantial stoichiometric excess of an aminoplast curative.
stolidHaving or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited- nordhoff & hall He is usually stolid about other people.
stoloniferousProducing stolons The stems are corm like or stoloniferous.
stomachalRelating to or involving the stomach
stomachicRelating to or involving the stomach Leaves well known as stomachic, emmenagogue, and resolvent.
stomatalRelating to or constituting plant stomata Inferring stomatal behavior from gas exchange.
stomatousRelating to or constituting plant stomata
stoneOf any of various dull tannish or grey colors The stone is marketable and valuable.
stonedOf any of various dull tannish or grey colors The preservation of the stone is remarkable.
stonelessHaving the stone removed In prerow you will find fine sandy, stoneless beaches and a beautiful landscape.
stonelikeResembling stone in hardness He was taken aback when his shovel struck a stonelike formation.
stonyAbounding in rocks or stones The road is stony and inconvenient.
stonyheartedDevoid of feeling for others
stoppableCapable of being stopped This issue doesn’t seem stoppable.
stopperedHaving a stopper in the opening Stand in well stoppered bottle eight days in dark, cool place.
storeyedHaving stories as indicated It is three storeyed with four storey towers.
storiedHaving an illustrious past A storied school is definitely notable.
stormboundDelayed or confined or cut off by a storm
stormproofProtected against or able to withstand storms
stormyCharacterized by violent emotions or behavior Stormy weather was the initial suggestion of the disaster main cause.
stoutHaving rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships The body is stout and the head is slightly distinct from the neck.
stoutheartedUsed especially of persons The heroes are stouthearted.
stovepipedOf or relating to data stored in separate databases
stragglingSpreading out in different directions Hence, there will be a small variation in the range, known as ‘straggling’.
stragglySpreading out in different directions Belle appeared dirty and straggly with rain rot patches on her back.
straightRigidly conventional or old-fashioned Get your facts straight, you tightwad.
straightarrowConventionally moral and upright
straightawayPerformed with little or no delay Amzed it was not put up there straightaway.
straighterCharacterized by honesty and fairness Propodeal declivity almost straight in profile.
straightforwardWithout evasion or compromise It doesn’t have a straightforward pithiness.
straightlacedExaggeratedly proper As a result, her friends often playfully tease her for being straightlaced.
strainedLacking spontaneity; not natural Relations between india and china stayed strained until the end of the decade.
straitNarrow Across the strait of malacca to the west lies the island of sumatra.
strait-lacedExaggeratedly proper The island of pantelleria lies in the middle of the strait.
straitlacedExaggeratedly proper The hubbards are very straitlaced, the buells off the wall and fun loving.
strangeRelating to or originating in or characteristic of another place or part of the world The matter is vexing and even strange.
straplessHaving no straps Stays could be strapless or use shoulder straps.
straplikeLong and narrow like a strap The splenius capitis a broad, straplike muscle in the back of the neck.
strategicRelating to or concerned with strategy At sapient, mok consults with strategic planning on a regular basis.
strategicalRelating to or concerned with strategy It is granted that strategical surprise will be impossible to attain.
stratifiedSocially hierarchical German colonialism did little to alter the existing stratified social system.
stravinskianOf or relating to or like or in the manner of stravinsky
stravinskyanOf or relating to or like or in the manner of stravinsky
strawOf a pale yellow color like straw; straw-colored The lower portion of the straw is horizontally disposed.
strayHaving no home or having wandered away from home Why did it stray from the original place
strayingNot close together in time Heber’s head had been slightly grazed by a stray pellet.
streakyMarked with or as if with stripes or linear discolorations Pretty, petite with streaky brownish blonde hair.
streamlinedDesigned or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow He streamlined the accounting procedures of the archdiocese.
streetwiseHaving the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment Their music was sharper and more streetwise.
strenuousCharacterized by or performed with much energy or force I doubt all the objections are of the strenuous variety.
strepOf or relating to or caused by streptococci And this is not strep directly attacking the heart valves.
streptococcalOf or relating to or caused by streptococci Rheumatic fever is one consequence of streptococcal pharyngitis.
streptococcicOf or relating to or caused by streptococci
stressedSuffering severe physical strain or distress He stressed the importance of reducing illiteracy.
stressfulExtremely irritating to the nerves Childbirth is stressful for the infant.
stretchHaving an elongated seating area I too feel the need for a stretch and yawn.
stretchableCapable of being easily stretched and resuming former size or shape Each rod has a lock washer attached to one end of a stretchable strap.
stretchedExtended or spread over a wide area or distance The boy stretched his arms.
stretchyCapable of being easily stretched and resuming former size or shape The explanation seems a little bit stretchy.
striateMarked with stria or striations Surface delicately striate spirally.
strictCharacterized by strictness, severity, or restraint But the strict sabbatarian doctrine spreads.
stricterStringently enforced However, the committee’s strict insistence on nonviolence is rare.
strictestCharacterized by strictness, severity, or restraint Strict liability offenses disregard the intent of the defendant.
stridentConspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry The noise is strident.
strikeboundClosed or immobilized by a strike
strikingHaving a quality that thrusts itself into attention The pertinence for the current swine flu outbreak is striking.
stringentDemanding strict attention to rules and procedures After recognition, the stringent rules of the fourth class year are relaxed.
stringyFull of sinews; especially impossible to chew The stringy backpacker will certainly scurry across it.
stripedMarked or decorated with stripes Is he the one with the striped t shirts
stripped-downHaving only essential or minimal features He stripped his clothes.
stripyMarked or decorated with stripes She wears a red skirt with straps and stripy top too.
strongHaving or wielding force or authority The circumstantial evidence is strong.
strong-armImpelled by physical force especially against resistance The rough wall abraded his arm.
strong-willedHaving a determined will The germicide is so strong.
strongerNot faint or feeble The strong desire for adminship and power is worrisome.
stronger-than-expectedConsidered likely or probable to happen or arrive Is he expected to manumit him
strongestHaving a strong physiological or chemical effect, The leaves have strong astringent properties.
stroppyObstreperous I sought permission from her some time ago and she was her usual stroppy self.
structuralConcerned with systematic structure in a particular field of study This is the interrelationship between structural and functional factors.
strugglingEngaged in a struggle to overcome especially poverty or obscurity At the start of the season mclaren were struggling for pace.
strungThat is on a string Crow climbed a rope strung to the battlements of the castle.
stubbledHaving a short growth of beard Early football games were played on a stubbled wheat field.
stubblyHaving a short growth of beard At the moment the article is stubbly.
stubbornTenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield She is headstrong and sometimes stubborn.
stubbyShort and blunt An area can simultaneously be not so stubby and totally stubby.
stuckBaffled Is the seller stuck with the repair
studdedDotted or adorned with or as with studs or nailheads; usually used in combination The upper leaves are often studded with knobby glands.
studiedProduced or marked by conscious design or premeditation- v.l.parrington He studied solfege and accordion.
studiousCharacterized by diligent study and fondness for reading He was quiet and studious, witty and humorous, sincere and kind.
stuffedFilled with something The specification of the patent describes a stuffed pad.
stuffyExcessively conventional and unimaginative and hence dull The room is stuffy and needs fresh air.
stumpyShort and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature Dog with stumpy tail used in australia for herding cattle.
stunningStrikingly beautiful or attractive The quality of this artwork is stunning.
stuntedInferior in size or quality Many trees are stunted because of the short growing season and severe climate.
stupendousSo great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe In the medieval church, paschal candles often reached a stupendous size.
stupidIn a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock He is gangly and always has something stupid to say.
stupidestLacking intelligence Stupid avoidance of caffeine has me sipping decaf tea.
stuporousStunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion) Men were becoming stuporous in the heat.
sturdyNot making concessions He is a man of principle, incorruptible and sturdy.
stygianHellish- milton I checked and saw that it is actually stygian.
stylelessLacking in style or elegance
stylisedUsing artistic forms and conventions to create effects; not natural or spontaneous On the left side, a stylised cross.
stylishHaving elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress Two stylish cars are in the garage.
stylisticOf or relating to style (especially in the use of language) Humor and irreverence are its stylistic trademarks.
stylizedUsing artistic forms and conventions to create effects; not natural or spontaneous The style of the robe seems to be more stylized and haphazard.
stypticTending to check bleeding by contracting the tissues or blood vessels Styptic is still a demo band, and can’t be on a list of notable nis rock acts.

Adjectives That Start with SU (229 Words)

suasibleBeing susceptible to persuasion
suaveHaving a sophisticated charm She enlists the help of gunn, someone suave enough for the job.
sub-saharanOf or relating to or situated in the region south of the sahara desert There are four sub sects of ramanandis, and all of the sub sects are celibate.
subacidSlightly sour to the taste Smooth and pleasant in manner. subacid adj.
subacuteLess than acute; relating to a disease present in a person with no symptoms of it Subacute combined degeneration of spinal cord.
subalpineGrowing at high altitudes Below the tree line are subalpine and montane grasslands and shrublands.
subalternInferior in rank or status Before the first world war, he spent many years in as a gunner subaltern.
subaquaticPartially aquatic; living or growing partly on land and partly in water It is a terrestrial or affixed subaquatic species.
subaqueousGrowing or remaining under water A bottom supported vessel from which subaqueous operations may be performed.
subarcticOf or relating to latitudes just south of the arctic circle To the far north are the subarctic woodland and northern boreal forest.
subartesianRising naturally in a well to a height appreciably above that of the surrounding water table but not flowing out of the well
subatomicOf or relating to constituents of the atom or forces within the atom Atoms are made of subatomic particles.
subclavianSituated beneath the clavicle On the right side, it crosses the first part of the subclavian artery.
subclinicalRelating to the stage in the development of a disease before the symptoms are observed This is also true of subclinical brucellosis.
subconsciousJust below the level of consciousness Hebbian engrams are not of the subconscious nature.
subcorticalOf or relating to or being or involving nerve centers below the cerebral cortex It consists in a huge neuronal telencephalic subcortical mass.
subcutaneousRelating to or located below the epidermis The lateral surface is convex and subcutaneous.
subduableSusceptible to being subjugated
subduedLacking in light; not bright or harsh The hijacker killed the pilot before he was subdued.
subduralBelow the dura mater but above the arachnoid membrane of the meninges There is slight risk of subdural puncture in pigs.
subfuscDevoid of brightness or appeal Persons in holy orders may wear clerical dress instead of ‘subfusc’.
subgrossToo small to be visible to the naked eye
subhumanLess than human or not worthy of a human being They are subhuman scum, just like you.
subjacentLying nearby but lower A plug valve for controlling discharge of a fluid tank has an upper surface continuously subjected to the weight and pressure of the tank’s contents. pressure applied to this upper surface is transmitted through the valve to assist sealing with a member subjacent to the valve’s plug.
subjectLikely to be affected by something The subject matter is practically the same.
subjectiveOf a mental act performed entirely within the mind The signs of misogyny are unfounded and subjective.
subjugableSusceptible to being subjugated
subjunctiveRelating to a mood of verbs These are the infinitive, the imperative and the subjunctive.
sublimateMade pure It consisted of gold and corrosive sublimate.
sublimatedMade pure It is about how to sublimate the psychic function.
sublimeInspiring awe- m.s.dworkin- hamilton basso The cases were sublime and incidental.
sublimedPassing or having passed from the solid to the gaseous state (or vice versa) without becoming liquid A gas generator producing usable power from a solid reactant which is sublimed as required to produce vapors and the vapors are chemically reacted to release stored energy and convert same to useful work.
subliminalBelow the threshold of conscious perception What happened to the subliminal messages controversy
sublingualBeneath the tongue Being beneath the threshold of consciousness. sublingual adj.
subliteraryNot written as or intended to be literature
sublittoralOf or relating to the region of the continental shelf (between the seashore and the edge of the continental shelf) or the marine organisms situated there It occur primarily in the sublittoral zone, where it forms extensive meadows.
sublunarSituated between the earth and the moon The deity has delegated to the stars the governance of the sublunar world.
sublunarySituated between the earth and the moon Physical explanations in the sublunary realm revolved around tendencies.
submarineBeneath the surface of the sea The submarine sank within seven minutes after the second salvo.
submergibleCapable of being immersed in water or functioning while submerged The structure of the dry dock allows it to be used also as a submergible barge.
submersedBeneath the surface of the water It lives in submersed in freshwater such as rivers and lakes.
submersibleCapable of being immersed in water or functioning while submerged The dazer laser is fully water proof and submersible up to 20 meters in depth.
submissiveInclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination He is the submissive and weak one of the two.
subnormalBelow normal or average Every quasinormal operator is a subnormal operator.
suboceanFormed or situated or occurring beneath the ocean or the ocean bed
suboceanicFormed or situated or occurring beneath the ocean or the ocean bed
subocularSituated on or below the floor of the eye socket The nasal scale has a postnarial groove; the subocular scale row is complete.
suborbitalSituated on or below the floor of the eye socket Suborbital bar absent or indistinct.
subordinateLower in rank or importance The knights were nominally subordinate to the pope and the emperor.
subordinatedLower in rank or importance Both the state and the church were subordinate to this autocracy.
subordinatingSubject or submissive to authority or the control of another It is subordinate to the federal ministry of the interior.
subordinativeServing to connect a subordinate clause to a main clause
subscriptWritten or printed below and to one side of another character The iota subscript was employed from the 13th century onwards.
subsequentFollowing in time or order The conical mouth facilitates subsequent insertion of the bolt.
subservientAbjectly submissive; characteristic of a slave or servant- s.h.adams In addition, the capitalist class were subservient to european capital.
subsidiaryFunctioning in a supporting capacity The fund is managed by the uk subsidiary of fidelity investments.
subsidisedHaving partial financial support from public funds Farming is heavily regulated and heavily subsidised.
subsonicLess than that of sound in a designated medium At subsonic speeds, the airflow constricts the exhaust to a convergent shape.
substandardFalling short of some prescribed norm The article is still substandard.
substantialHaving substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary- shakespeare The combustible gas contains a substantial proportion of methane.
substantiativeServing to support or corroborate This article does not offer any substantiative addition towikipedia.
substantivalHaving a firm basis in reality and being therefore important, meaningful, or considerable He ended the war with the substantive rank of captain.
substantiveDefining rights and duties as opposed to giving the rules by which rights and duties are established We instead need substantive coverage of the actual subject of the article.
substitutableInterchangeable in a given context without changing the import of the expression The verb substitutable ds’s choose one of possibly several word senses of the corresponding verb except when they are metaphoric.
substituteServing or used in place of another She is a substitute teacher.
subsurfaceBeneath the surface Biological activity in the deep subsurface and the origin of heavy oil.
subterminalNear but not precisely at an end Fore and hind wings with subterminal and terminal pale lines.
subterraneanLying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed (especially being kept in the background or deliberately concealed)- bertrand russell Ishar deela was the ruler of the subterranean world, deeli malkhi.
subterraneousBeing or operating under the surface of the earth Nymphs live subterraneous, feeding on roots.
subtleDifficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze Rather, he relied on unerring accuracy and subtle seam movement.
subtlerWorking or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way I think the subtle difference is in the function.
subtractiveConstituting or involving subtraction These are essential to ‘subtractive’ synthesis.
subtropicOf or relating to or characteristic of conditions in the subtropics
subtropicalOf or relating to or characteristic of conditions in the subtropics They are found predominantly in semiarid subtropical habitats.
suburbanRelating to or characteristic of or situated in suburbs The electorate covered a suburban part of the city of auckland.
suburbanisedSurrounded by many suburbs Being heavily farmed, the area did not become suburbanised until the late 1950s.
suburbanizedSurrounded by many suburbs The area is now being suburbanized with several new estates under construction.
subversiveIn opposition to a civil authority or government That indicates something subversive.
successfulHaving succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome All successful newspapers are ceaselessly bellicose.
successiveIn regular succession without gaps The successive sentence has the same reference.
succinctBriefly giving the gist of something The plot section should be terse, succinct, to the point.
succinicOf or relating to or obtained from amber Doxacurium is a symmetrical molecule because it is a diester of succinic acid.
succulentFull of juice The leaves are succulent and spoon shaped.
suchOf so extreme a degree or extent He is such a moron.
suchlikeOf the same kind I’m a bit busy with work and suchlike.
suctorialAdapted for sucking or clinging by suction Benthic marine enoplans are suctorial feeders and prey mainly on crustaceans.
sudaneseOf or relating to or characteristic of the african republic of the sudan or its people New sudanese terrorist alliance.
suddenHappening without warning or in a short space of time The demise of the line was sudden.
sudorificInducing perspiration It was used as a diuretic and sudorific.
sudsyResembling lather or covered with lather Sudsy sam always orders beer in a stein.
suetyLike or full of suet
sufferableCapable of being borne though unpleasant Also, some folks that call it the district are very sufferable.
sufferingTroubled by pain or loss They are suffering from severe pain.
sufficientOf a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant The evidence is sufficient enough for this to be confidently called a hoax.
suffocativeCausing difficulty in breathing especially through lack of fresh air and presence of heat
suffrutescentOf a plant; having a woody base that does not die down each year
suffusiveSpreading through
sufiOf or relating to the sufis or to sufism The description sufi is a level attained.
sugarlessNot containing sugar Most dentists recommend sugarless gum for people who chew gum.
sugaryContaining sugar Songs are catchy but lightweight, even sugary.
suggestibleSusceptible or responsive to suggestion The president is suggestible from politicians.
suggestivePointing out or revealing clearly His choice of secular texts tended towards the irreverent and suggestive.
suicidalDangerous to yourself or your interests For instance, suicidal or homicidal ideation.
suitableWorthy of being chosen especially as a spouse The analyst decides whether the patient is suitable for psychoanalysis.
sulcateHaving deep narrow furrows or grooves The peripery of the last whorl is sulcate and the base is smooth.
sulfurettedTreated or impregnated with sulfur
sulfuricOf or relating to or containing sulfur The sulfur dioxide is converted to sulfuric acid.
sulfurizedTreated or impregnated with sulfur A method of preparing the sulfurized fatty compounds is also disclosed.
sulfurousOf or related to or containing sulfur or derived from sulfur They have a strange chemically, sulfurous smell that is not appetizing.
sulkyDepressingly dark I like the little messy haired, sulky boy now.
sullenShowing a brooding ill humor- bruce bli Amy is elated, but bright is sullen and distant about the situation.
sulphurettedTreated or impregnated with sulfur
sulphuricOf or relating to or containing sulfur Bread baked in this manner has a slightly sulphuric taste.
sulphurousHarsh or corrosive in tone The crude oil given up by these wells was sulphurous and of low quality.
sultrySexually exciting or gratifying Josephine is a sultry character who is presented as a headstrong woman.
sumatranOf or relating to the island of sumatra or its inhabitants Bornean and sumatran clearly do breed with each other.
sumerianOf or relating to ancient sumer or its inhabitants She is the mightiest deity of the sumerian pantheon, surpassing an the sky god.
summaryBriefly giving the gist of something It is a brief summary of puerto rican military servitude in the united states military.
summationalOf or relating to a summation or produced by summation
summativeOf or relating to a summation or produced by summation They’re generally summative, not specific.
summeryBelonging to or characteristic of or occurring in summer That summery is the position the editor takes.
sumptuaryRegulating or controlling expenditure or personal behavior The new system is sumptuary unlike the previous one.
sumptuousRich and superior in quality His sumptuous mansion was plundered during the plague by thieves.
sun-drenchedCovered with sunlight It’s like the page is drenched in blood.
sunbakedBaked or hardened by exposure to sunlight; not burned
sunburnedSuffering from overexposure to direct sunlight An image of a sunburned tree trunk would be better.
sunburntSuffering from overexposure to direct sunlight I got sunburnt a few years ago too and my arms peeled like that.
sundriedDried naturally by the sun
sundryConsisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds The participants there participate for varying and sundry reasons.
sunkenHaving a sunken area A sunken bathtub is mounted in the housing and extends from the top thereof.
sunlessFilled or abounding with clouds Bronzers are a temporary sunless tanning or bronzing option.
sunnierBright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer Honshu has balmy, sunny autumns and springs.
sunnyBright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer The weather was sunny all day.
sunriseOf an industry or technology; new and developing The sunrise is the only indian project in the selection.
sunsetProviding for termination It has a tranquil setting to watch the sunset.
sunstruckLighted by sunlight- wallace stegner
suntannedHaving a tan color from exposure to the sun He is a suntanned man with a white moustache and shrewd smile.
superOf the highest quality Why do you think it is super good
superableCapable of being surmounted or excelled
superannuatedOld; no longer valid or fashionable Is he a superannuated footballer
superbOf surpassing excellence The improvements to the article are superb and professional.
superchargedFraught with great emotion The supercharged variant is known as the xkr.
superciliousHaving or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy But there is no need to be supercilious.
supercriticalAble to sustain a chain reaction in such a manner that the rate of reaction increases Supercritical fluid chromatography.
supererogatoryMore than is needed, desired, or required In other words these miracles are supererogatory acts.
superfattedContaining extra unsaponified fat The invention is particularly applicable to the production of superfatted bars.
superficialOf, affecting, or being on or near the surface He has disdained superficial or meretricious effects.
superfineOf extremely fine size or texture All walls were found to have beautiful plastering with superfine lime mortar.
superfluousServing no useful purpose; having no excuse for being Is the image genuinely superfluous to the article
superhumanAbove or beyond the human or demanding more than human power or endurance Gage reinhart has the superhuman power of flight.
superincumbentLying or resting on and exerting pressure on something else
superiorHaving an orbit farther from the sun than the earth’s orbit These are of an excellent workmanship superior to that of the frieze.
superjacentLying immediately above or on something else The store means has a corresponding set of superjacent discs.
superlativeHighest in quality The comparative and the superlative form are formed analytically.
superlunarSituated beyond the moon or its orbit around the earth
superlunarySituated beyond the moon or its orbit around the earth
supernalBeing or coming from on high He is a one eyed war veteran, she a statuesque chestnut haired supernal beauty.
supernatantOf a liquid; floating on the surface above a sediment or precipitate C. produces a precipitate and supernatant solution.
supernaturalNot existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material The sixth sense uses the supernatural for reassurance.
supernaturalistNot existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material As supernatural works, we see the malevolent dreams.
supernaturalisticOf or relating to supernaturalism It also provides for a supernaturalistic understanding of religion and theology.
supernormalBeyond the range of the normal or scientifically explainable Jane has supernormal recuperative powers.
supernumeraryMore than is needed, desired, or required He was appointed supernumerary in engineering.
superordinateOf higher rank or status or value They are the first of the superordinate issues, in fact.
superpatrioticFanatically patriotic
superposableCoinciding exactly when superimposed The mirror image of each enantiomer is superposable on the other enantiomer.
supersaturatedBeing more concentrated than normally possible and therefore not in equilibrium Carbonated water is a supersaturated solution of carbon dioxide gas in water.
superscriptWritten or printed above and to one side of another character A citation is not the little superscript hyperlink.
supersensitisedHaving an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)
supersensitiveHaving an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor) The highbrow is likely to be superficial, overtrained, supersensitive.
supersensitizedHaving an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)
supersonicHaving frequencies above those of audible sound This can lead to supersonic fracture.
superstitiousShowing ignorance of the laws of nature and faith in magic or chance We have retained the superstitious beliefs of our animistic ancestors.
supervisoryOf or limited to or involving supervision He shall exercise the supervisory authority of the state over the region.
supineLying face upward Street lugers ride stretchers in the supine position.
supperlessWithout supper
suppleMoving and bending with ease I did some copyediting and tried to make the prose more supple.
supplementalAdded to complete or make up a deficiency Tenet called the supplemental appropriation a lifesaver.
supplementaryAdded to complete or make up a deficiency It is donatus’s authorship of the supplementary material.
suppliantHumbly entreating But, goddess thou thy suppliant son attend.
supplicantHumbly entreating He presents himself as a polite supplicant, but he will not learn.
supplicatoryHumbly entreating
supportableCapable of being borne though unpleasant Only a dictionary definition was supportable.
supportingFurnishing support and encouragement None of the prerequisites include supporting abortion.
supportiveFurnishing support or assistance Most contenders for the nomination were supportive of the effort.
supposableCapable of being inferred on slight grounds But in my humble mind it is the more supposable information.
supposedRequired or under orders They were not supposed to disport.
suppositionalBased primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence Anyway, all this argument is purely suppositional.
suppositiousBased primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence
supposititiousBased primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence
suppurativeRelating to or characterized by suppuration The term suppurative arthritis is a near synonym for septic arthritis.
supranationalTranscending established national boundaries or spheres of interest There was no global or supranational media coverage.
supranormalBeyond the range of the normal or scientifically explainable
supraocularLocated or occurring above the eye socket Between the supraocular and internasal, only a single canthal scale is present.
supraorbitalLocated or occurring above the eye socket The roof of the braincase is marked by supraorbital shelves.
suprasegmentalPertaining to a feature of speech that extends over more than a single speech sound A better model of speech timing could provide evidence as to what is actually being perceived when the timing patterns of an utterance are parsed to provide the perceptual cues to segmental and suprasegmental structures.
supremeGreatest in status or authority or power The supreme commander refused to ratify the capitulation.
surdProduced without vibration of the vocal cords
sureCertain not to fail Make sure you finish the johnnycake.
sure-fireCertain to be successful Explosions precede fire.
surefootedNot liable to stumble or fall It is known to be very hardy, friendly, adaptable and surefooted pony.
surestHaving or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured She sure has lots of spunk.
surfaceOn the surface Phytoplankton rapidly use any nutrients in the surface water.
surficialPertaining to or occurring on or near the earth’s surface May portray bedrock or surficial units, or both.
surgicalPerformed with great precision The treatment is surgical decompression.
surlyInclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace A surly boy tells the detective that the detective is unskilled.
surmisableCapable of being inferred on slight grounds
surmountableCapable of being surmounted or overcome Disease is theoretically surmountable via technology.
surpassingExceeding or surpassing usual limits especially in excellence Her beauty is surpassing.
surplicedWearing a surplice He was the first to introduce a surpliced choir into a city church.
surplusMore than is needed, desired, or required Decoration is surplus to requirements by the very definition of the word.
surprisedTaken unawares or suddenly and feeling wonder or astonishment The people on the road were surprised.
surprisingCausing surprise or wonder or amazement The result of the voting was surprising.
surrealResembling a dream Furbybrain is a great fan of the surreal and the random.
surrealisticCharacterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions–j.c.powys His behaviour could also be surrealistic.
surreptitiousMarked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed The connotations of the words suggest something surreptitious and undercover.
surrogateProviding or receiving nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal ties Is the chambered pomegranate also a surrogate for the poppy’s narcotic capsule
surroundedConfined on all sides The rest of the area is surrounded by the argolic gulf.
surroundingClosely encircling Specifically the controversy surrounding the cancellation.
susceptibleYielding readily to or capable of He was susceptible to the supernatural.
suspectNot as expected I suspect the writer is a prankster.
suspectedNot as expected I suspect some record of company’s foolery here.
suspensiveUndecided or characterized by indecisiveness However, suspensive veto is not described in the article.
suspiciousNot as expected Nazi sympathizers and suspicious characters were treated gingerly.
sustainableCapable of being sustained In the concept of green museums, the word green means sustainable.
sustainedContinuous The fission reaction was sustained for hundreds of thousands of years.
sustentacularServing to sustain or support Another type of sustentacular cell is found in the olfactory epithelium.
susurrantMaking a low continuous indistinct sound
susurrousCharacterized by soft sounds- r.p.warren

Adjectives That Start with SV, SW (37 Words)

svelteShowing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience Jessica simpson unveils her svelte frame.
swaggerVery chic It came to epitomize the sound, the sexiness, and swagger of the band itself.
swaggeringVery chic There’s a danger and a swagger there.
swampySoft and watery The story is set primarily in the swampy southern town of wet moon.
swankImposingly fashionable and elegant Swank eventually signed onto the project as the lead.
swankyImposingly fashionable and elegant Once it had a swanky it company pic.
swartNaturally having skin of a dark color Also peter swart played in the one day match, but not the first class match.
swarthyNaturally having skin of a dark color Also as with arabs, jews also commonly are portrayed as swarthy and hirsute.
swashbucklingFlamboyantly adventurous Light or no armor, swashbuckling, and courtly intrigue are the rule of the day.
swaybackHaving abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses) She has terrible swayback, so it gets confusing.
swaybackedHaving abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses) Doozy of a swaybacked horse in a pasture i go by on my way to work.
swaziOf or relating to or characteristic of swaziland or its people or their language Every swazi may take part in the public parts of the incwala.
swedishOf or relating to or characteristic of sweden or its people or culture or language The primary instrument of swedish folk music is the fiddle.
sweepingTaking in or moving over (or as if over) a wide area; often used in combination Suddenly a police dragnet was sweeping the streets for suspicious characters.
sweetHaving a high residual sugar content The sweet sayings were cloying.
sweetestWith sweetening added The chips are crispy and have a sweet taste.
sweetheartPrivileged treatment of a favored person or corporation (sometimes unethically) He is a real sweetheart with very pitchy voice.
sweetishSomewhat sweet The waters taste distinctly sweetish.
swellVery good I’ve managed to swell the page to an ungodly size.
swelledVery good As peevish and anal retentive pedants go, though, i am pretty swell.
swelteringExcessively hot and humid or marked by sweating and faintness I need a pop because i am sweltering.
sweltryExcessively hot and humid or marked by sweating and faintness
sweptbackUsed of hair Fixed vertical fin in sweptback upper and lower sections.
sweptwingHaving sweptback wings
swiftMoving very fast The vandalism will be swift and merciless.
swiftestMoving very fast Thanks for the swift response to the comments.
swimmingApplied to a fish depicted horizontally The man raked the bottom of the swimming pool.
swingeingSevere; punishingly bad This is such a swingeing statement, it seems highly biased.
swingingCharacterized by a buoyant rhythm The last image of the film is the great bell, swinging silently.
swingyCharacterized by a buoyant rhythm Completely with you on the mood swingy low blood sugar thing.
swinishResembling swine; coarsely gluttonous or greedy Perhaps they might create an article about swinish aviation.
swishElegant and fashionable- julia child And on the swish i swing it back up.
swishyResembling a sustained `sh’ or soft whistle Open your eyes,mom,and look atyour own swishy son.
swissOf or relating to switzerland or its people or culture With zwingli he represented the swiss at the marburg colloquy.
swollenCharacteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance The liver is also usually friable and swollen.
swooningWeak and likely to lose consciousness But there was no swooning in that superheated room.
swordlikeShaped like a sword blade

Adjectives That Start with SY (54 Words)

sybariticDisplaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses; If you mean sybaritic, then yes, it is the correct page.
sycophanticAttempting to win favor from influential people by flattery This is a really sycophantic article.
syllabicOf or relating to syllables The script, however, is syllabic and not alphabetic.
syllabledPronounced in syllables Mixed seven and four syllabled lines.
syllogisticOf or relating to or consisting of syllogism For traditional syllogistic logic, see the list of topics in logic.
sylvanRelating to or characteristic of wooded regions Sylvan lake has no broadcast television stations in the vicinity of the town.
symbioticUsed of organisms (especially of different species) living together but not necessarily in a relation beneficial to each The relationship in that case is entirely parasitic, not symbiotic.
symbolicRelating to or using or proceeding by means of symbols The color scheme of the veil was symbolic.
symbolicalServing as a visible symbol for something abstract It basically states that in burton’s book the predictions were symbolical.
symmetricHaving similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts In any symmetric game there exists a symmetric equilibrium.
symmetricalHaving similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts It is considered a symmetrical and not isochronous gait.
sympatheticEvoking empathic or sympathetic feelings Fortunately, the public is sympathetic and forgives the girls.
sympathomimeticRelating to epinephrine (its release or action) Like other sympathomimetic amines, amphetamine can induce transient mydriasis.
sympatricOccurring in the same or overlapping geographical areas Sympatric speciation can make the same claim.
sympetalousHaving a corolla composed of partially or wholly fused petals forming a corolla shaped like a tube or funnel A new and distinct african violet plant characterized by its vigorous growth habit and profuse production of dark blue flowers of excellent substance and of single to semi double form. the flower corolla is rotate and sympetalous and the flower has an excellent keeping quality.
symphonicHarmonious in sound Maria breon is the vocalist of the symphonic power metal band holyhell.
symphoniousHarmonious in sound Characterized by a harmonious or agreeable mingling of sounds. symphonious adj.
symptomaticRelating to or according to or affecting a symptom or symptoms If the mother becomes symptomatic, it is usually in the third trimester.
symptomlessHaving no symptoms of illness or disease Ventricular septal defect is usually symptomless at birth.
synaestheticRelating to or experiencing synesthesia; involving more than one sense
synapticOf or involving synapses The contents then diffuse across the synapse to the post synaptic terminal.
syncarpousConsisting of united carpels The degree of connation fusion in a syncarpous gynoecium can vary.
syncategorematicOf a term that cannot stand as the subject or (especially) the predicate of a proposition but must be used in conjunction with other terms Under this definition it would be non syncategorematic or categorematic.
synchronalOccurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase- jour.a.m.a.
synchronicConcerned with phenomena (especially language) at a particular period without considering historical antecedents Synchronic linguistics no longer redirects here.
synchronousOccurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase- jour.a.m.a. In synchronous dram, the interval is specified in clock cycles.
synclinalSloping downward toward each other to create a trough The western half of the basin occupies a trough of synclinal structure.
syncopatedStressing a normally weak beat Sequential writing and syncopated rhythms are characteristic of his music.
syncreticOf or characterized by syncretism Matrixism is a syncretic or ecumenical religion.
syncreticalRelating to a historical tendency for a language to reduce its use of inflections
syncretisticOf or characterized by syncretism Others are more eclectic and syncretistic.
syncretisticalRelating to a historical tendency for a language to reduce its use of inflections
syndeticConnected by a conjunction
synecdochicUsing the name of a part for that of the whole or the whole for the part; or the special for the general or the general for the special; or the material for the thing made of it
synecdochicalUsing the name of a part for that of the whole or the whole for the part; or the special for the general or the general for the special; or the material for the thing made of it
synergeticWorking together; used especially of groups, as subsidiaries of a corporation, cooperating for an enhanced effect This synergetic formulation of chemicals is water based and non flammable.
synergisticOf or relating to the theological doctrine of synergism The coating and inhibitor produce a synergistic effect.
synestheticRelating to or experiencing synesthesia; involving more than one sense There also may be synesthetic experiences.
synoeciousHaving male and female reproductive organs mixed in the same gametoecium
synoicousHaving male and female reproductive organs mixed in the same gametoecium
synonymousMeaning the same or nearly the same The house became synonymous with political cronyism.
synopticPresenting or taking the same point of view; used especially with regard to the first three gospels of the new testament Helmut koester has done considerable work in the past on the synoptic problem.
synopticalPresenting or taking the same point of view; used especially with regard to the first three gospels of the new testament A synoptical study of the greenland flora.
synovialRelating to or secreting synovia It readily penetrates into the synovial fluid.
synsemanticOf a word or phrase meaningful only when it occurs in the company of other words
syntacticalOf or relating to or conforming to the rules of syntax Precis was an example of the application of syntactical devises in indexing.
syntagmaticRelated as members of a syntagma Adding a link to syntagmatic structure.
syntheticSystematic combining of root and modifying elements into single words Amylocaine was the first synthetic local anesthetic.
syntheticalInvolving or of the nature of synthesis (combining separate elements to form a coherent whole) as opposed to analysis- You guys are making a lot of synthetical crap as you go along the way.
syrianOf or relating to or characteristic of syria or its people or culture For the greeks, the donkey was associated with the syrian god of wine, dionysus.
syrupyHaving a relatively high resistance to flow Albanians enjoy very sweet and rich desserts made with nuts and syrupy sauces.
systematicCharacterized by order and planning Calvin was the first true systematic theologian of the reformation.
systemicAffecting an entire system Part of the problem is the systemic bias of the internet.
systolicOf or relating to a systole or happening during a systole An easily heard systolic, crescendo decrescendo i.e.

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