1670+ Adjectives That Start with U: Many Words with Definitions and Examples

In English, there are plenty of adjectives that start with the letter U. Uber, Uplifting, Unique, Unerring, Ultimate… Do you know these words? Click here to learn the meaning of these and many other words with definitions and examples.

You’ll see that many of them begin with ‘un-‘ which means ‘not’ (this prefix adds negative meaning to words). Here is a huge list of descriptive words and we hope you find them Useful.

Adjectives That Start with UB, UG, UK, UL (21 Words)

ubiquitousBeing present everywhere at once It really is the ubiquitous regional food in the area.
ugandanOf or relating to or characteristic of uganda or its people Ugandan speakers will alter foreign words to make them sound more euphonic.
uglyDispleasing to the senses She is frightened by the ugly building.
ukrainianOf or relating to or characteristic of ukraine or its people or culture He was especially disapproving of ukrainian settlement.
ulceratedHaving an ulcer or canker They may be hairless, ulcerated, or itchy.
ulcerativeOf or relating to or characterized by ulceration Clinial presentation of ulcerative colitis.
ulcerousHaving an ulcer or canker Too bad henry died of that ulcerous leg.
ulnarRelating to or near the ulna Radial abduction/ulnar adduction.
ultIn or of the month preceding the present one Anyway, i’m wondering if any of you guys know who this ult.
ulteriorComing at a subsequent time or stage They all have an ulterior motive in looking for the stolen loot.
ultimateFurthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme The community is surely the ultimate arbiter.
ultimoIn or of the month preceding the present one At the ‘ultimo’ the last trick has to be taken with the ‘small man’.
ultraFar beyond the norm It communicates by squeaking or with ultra sound.
ultraconservativeExtremely conservative A politically ultraconservative or reactionary person.
ultramarineOf a brilliant pure blue to purplish blue color Their armor is painted ultramarine blue.
ultramicroscopicToo small to be seen without an ultramicroscope An investigation on the nature of ultramicroscopic viruses.
ultramodernExtremely modern In contrast, one ultramodern status symbol was the movado museum watch.
ultramontaneOn or relating to or characteristic of the region or peoples beyond the alps from italy (or north of the alps) Ultramontane has done some work on the hank williams jr. entry.
ultranationalisticFanatically patriotic This is clear case of trolling and ultranationalistic behaviors.
ultrasonicHaving frequencies above those of audible sound The carrier is useful in ultrasonic testing of furnace tubes.
ultravioletHaving or employing wavelengths shorter than light but longer than x-rays; lying outside the visible spectrum at its violet end Sunburn is a condition of the skin after overexposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Adjectives That Start with UM (15 Words)

umbellarBearing or consisting of or resembling umbels
umbellateBearing or consisting of or resembling umbels Scapes are umbellate and dark coloured.
umbelliferousRelating to or belonging to plants of the family umbelliferae For example, hover fly adults can be attracted to umbelliferous plants in bloom.
umbelliformResembling or in the form of an umbel A compressed cyme is called umbelliform if it resembles an umbel.
umberOf the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments Burnt umber is both a pigment and a colour.
umbilicalRelating to or resembling the umbilicus Etymology. of percutaneous umbilical blood sampling.
umbilicateDepressed like a navel The shell is umbilicate and planorboid in shape.
umbrageousFilled with shade
umbrellaCovering or applying simultaneously to a number of similar items or elements or groups Bring your umbrella because it will rain today.
umbrellalikeResembling an umbrella
umpteenInnumerable but many I have clarified this point for you umpteen times.
umpteenthLast in an indefinitely numerous series That makes the umpteenth vote of approval.
umptiethLast in an indefinitely numerous series Being umptieth in the line for the throne is not, not, not, notable.
umteenInnumerable but many
umteenthLast in an indefinitely numerous series It is always to condemn homophobia to the umteenth degree.

Adjectives That Start with UN (1556 Words)

unabashedNot embarrassed- jerome stone But for now we have this reality, unabashed.
unabatedContinuing at full strength or intensity The carnage went on unabated through the month of august.
unableLacking necessary physical or mental ability The cavalry was unable to capture the church.
unabridgedNot shortened I was providing the unabridged definition here.
unabusedNot physically abused; treated properly
unaccentedPronounced with little or no stress I redirected from the unaccented page to the accented one.
unacceptableNot adequate to give satisfaction Unethical treatment of the deceased is unacceptable.
unacceptedNot conforming to standard usage If it is an unaccepted synonym, it’s a redirect.
unaccessibleCapable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all This thick, ancient forest and swamp reserve is unaccessible to public.
unaccommodatingNot accommodating It’s unaccommodating and unsightly.
unaccompaniedTaking place without something specified occurring at the same time Prior to that the congregants sang unaccompanied.
unaccountableNot to be accounted for or explained Are you to be considered unaccountable
unaccreditedLacking official approval His teaching position is at an unaccredited theological seminary.
unaccustomedNot habituated to; unfamiliar with He is timid and narcissistic, as well as unaccustomed to failure.
unachievableImpossible to achieve An exact time bracketing has been unachievable at present.
unacknowledgedNot openly acknowledged Some of it is unacknowledged or steadfastly denied.
unacquaintedHaving little or no knowledge of Brave men, you are not unacquainted with battle.
unacquisitiveNot acquisitive; not interested in acquiring or owning anything
unactableNot actable
unadaptableNot adaptable
unadaptedNot changed in form or character for a purpose Unadapted right branching nonterminals.
unaddictedNot addicted
unaddressedNot addressed The notability question remains unaddressed.
unadjustableNot adjustable He has to be unswerving, uncompromising, and unadjustable.
unadjustedNot altered to fit certain requirements; Biggest opening weekend gross of all time, unadjusted for inflation.
unadoptableDifficult to place in an adoptive home It also operates a sanctuary for dogs that are unadoptable.
unadornedNot decorated with something to increase its beauty or distinction It is a relatively unadorned and nasal style.
unadulteratedNot mixed with impurities It was and continues to be pure, unadulterated character assassination.
unadventurousLacking in boldness The repertoire may be unadventurous, but the playing is top class.
unadvisableNot prudent or wise; not recommended To me, the alternative to coming here is unadvisable, at best.
unadvisedHaving received no information The contributor of the text was not identified and so remained unadvised.
unaeratedNot supplied with oxygen The solution is usually gently aerated but may be unaerated.
unaestheticViolating aesthetic canons or requirements; deficient in tastefulness or beauty The search bar is essentially redundant and unaesthetic.
unaffectedEmotionally unmoved It is not a decease because the head is unaffected.
unaffectingNot arousing affect
unaffectionateLacking affection or warm feeling Similarly, unaffectionate socialisation causes a tough minded attitude.
unaffiliatedNot affiliated They are entirely unaffiliated with us.
unaffixedNot affixed
unafraidOblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them He was highly experienced and unafraid.
unagedNot subjected to an aging process The new make spirit , or unaged whisky, is then placed in oak casks to mature.
unaggressiveNot aggressive; not given to fighting or assertiveness His experience and combativeness helped the small and unaggressive flyers team.
unagitatedNot physically disturbed or set in motion The third pond is unagitated and is quiet.
unaidedCarried out without aid or assistance In some cases, the architect can already assemble the end system unaided.
unairedLacking fresh air Musso was the unaired pilot only.
unairworthyNot fit to fly If it were, it would be unairworthy.
unalarmingNot alarming; assuaging alarm
unalertNot alert to what is potentially dangerous
unalienableIncapable of being repudiated or transferred to another The simple, unalienable stance that i have is this.
unalikeNot alike or similar They turn out to be, in maya angelou’s famous phrase, more alike than unalike.
unalloyedFree from admixture Major assertions in the article are unalloyed by any verification whatsoever.
unalterableRemaining the same for indefinitely long times The unalterable position seems to be your position.
unalteredRemaining in an original state In fact, the size of the fleet remained unaltered until the mid 1990s.
unambiguousHaving or exhibiting a single clearly defined meaning- mario vargas llosa The message from the representative of the wt society is clear and unambiguous.
unambitiousHaving little desire for success or achievement The original plan was quite unambitious.
unamendedNot amended This page seems to have been quite badly vandalised, and then left unamended.
unanalyzableRepresenting the furthest possible extent of analysis or division into parts- g.s.brett-m.r.cohen In epistemology, he suggests that the concept of knowledge is unanalyzable.
unanalyzedNot analyzed or broken down for detailed examination The crucial features that define force are left unanalyzed.
unangryNot angry
unanimatedNot animated or enlivened; dull However, they unilaterally remain muted and unanimated in regard to palestinians.
unanimousActing together as a single undiversified whole The final vote was unanimous in favor of the recommendation.
unannealedNot annealed and consequently easily cracked or fractured
unannouncedWithout warning or announcement- m.a.d.howe At that point, it’s an unannounced match, not rumor.
unanswerableImpossible to answer This is quite simply an unanswerable question.
unansweredNot returned in kind But spain gamely bounced back into the game with 2 unanswered goals.
unanticipatedNot anticipated- h.w.glidden Fourth, there is the problem of unanticipated results.
unapologeticUnwilling to make or express an apology They described it as unapologetic in its simplicity.
unappareledHaving removed clothing
unapparentNot readily apparent The structure of the eyes are unapparent.
unappealableNot subject to appeal The council’s decisions are final and unappealable.
unappealingTending to evoke antipathetic feelings That said the display issue is unappealing.
unappeasableNot to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty In him the universal plaint is most settled, unappeasable, and serious.
unappendagedNot having an appendage
unappetisingNot appetizing in appearance, aroma, or taste The crust is a dull unappetising grey.
unappetizingNot appetizing in appearance, aroma, or taste It’s a good photo of an unappetizing tomato.
unappreciatedHaving value that is not acknowledged Your overt hostility is unwarranted and unappreciated.
unappreciativeNot likely to be rewarded Both are unappreciated and result in pissing matches that are distasteful.
unapprehensiveNot recognizing or slow to recognize danger
unapproachableDiscouraging intimacies; reserved It’s very unapproachable to the common man.
unarbitraryNot subject to individual determination
unarguableAgainst which no argument can be made Ds was a natural, unarguable law of pure science and mathematics.
unargumentativeNot given to or characterized by argument
unarmedLacking barbs or stings or thorns Carter kills the commandant in unarmed combat and frees the scientists.
unarmoredUsed of animals; without protective covering They were unarmored and only lightly armed.
unarmouredUsed of animals; without protective covering On the roman side, jut the dalmatae and the mounted archers were unarmoured.
unarticulateWithout or deprived of the use of speech or words
unarticulatedUttered without the use of normal words or syllables Assumptions are the often unarticulated beliefs that pervade and underpin social systems.
unartisticLacking aesthetic sensibility; But we talk on and on over unartistic details.
unaryConsisting of or involving a single element or component The advantage of unary templates is obvious.
unascertainableNot able to be ascertained; resisting discovery I have removed that section because it is nothing but unascertainable innuendo.
unascribableNot attributable
unashamedUsed of persons or their behavior; feeling no shame He’s also an unashamed monarchist.
unaskedNot asked for Anyway, that’s my unasked for input.
unassailableImmune to attack; incapable of being tampered with I had the intimate gut feeling the theory was unassailable.
unassertiveInclined to timidity or lack of self-confidence Slocum was known as an unassertive, exceedingly careful, by the book officer.
unassignableIncapable of being transferred This also implies the existence of many unassignable errors.
unassignedNot assigned I never really got the point of the incoming unassigned cases in the template.
unassistedUnsupported by other people All were able to leave the aircraft unassisted.
unassumingNot arrogant or presuming He is utterly modest and unassuming.
unassuredLacking boldness or confidence
unasteriskedNot marked with an asterisk
unattachedNot fastened together He was unattached to the society.
unattackableImmune to attack; incapable of being tampered with
unattainableImpossible to achieve That doesn’t seem to be an unattainable goal.
unattendedLacking accompaniment or a guard or escort The airport is unattended and is privately owned.
unattiredHaving removed clothing
unattractiveNot appealing to the senses But by 1912, heavy traffic around the site made the houses unattractive.
unattributableNot attributable Both gilligan and atts spoke to kelly on an unattributable basis.
unauthenticIntended to deceive This has recently been shown to be unauthentic.
unauthorisedNot endowed with authority Does it hold the record for containing the most unauthorized fbi wiretaps
unauthorizedNot endowed with authority So was the interpretation of a 1993 letter that the casino was unauthorized.
unavailableNot available or accessible or at hand In the meantime, why is the dhimmi article sporadically unavailable
unavailingProducing no result or effect His attempts to persuade her were unavailing.
unavengedFor which vengeance has not been taken This disaster remained unavenged for nearly seventeen years.
unavoidableImpossible to avoid or evade: Minimizing the moving mass also reduces the unavoidable wear on the records.
unavowedNot affirmed or mentioned or declared
unawakenedStill asleep The buddha’s skandhas are said to be incomprehensible to unawakened vision.
unawareNot aware I was unaware of the injunction.
unawedNot awed
unbackedUnsupported by other people Sorry about the unbacked up edit.
unbaffledNot perplexed by conflicting situations or statements
unbalancedAffected with madness or insanity The second half of the article is still very unbalanced.
unbalconiedNot having balconies
unbandedNot identified with a band A heading mechanism is provided to square an unbanded bale push into the press.
unbaptisedNot having undergone the christian ritual of baptism For unbaptised sikhs it certainly isn’t compulsory.
unbaptizedNot having undergone the christian ritual of baptism To say that the church believes the unbaptized will go to hell is misleading.
unbarredNot firmly fastened or secured I’m thinking just one, unbarred spiral.
unbarreledNot in a barrel
unbarrelledNot in a barrel
unbearableIncapable of being put up with This is the unbearable lightness of being postmodern.
unbeatableHard to defeat However, that was already the reign of the unbeatable italian blue team.
unbeatenNot conquered In 2008 they went unbeaten and are so far unbeaten in the 2009 season.
unbecomingNot in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society It is unbecoming to attack an editor and not the edits.
unbefittingNot befitting There is surely something wrong and unbefitting in that type of conduct.
unbeholdenFree of moral obligation Sometimes, we need a body of government unbeholden to public opinion.
unbeknownOccurring or existing without the knowledge of It is unbeknown to me why i must beguile such force.
unbeknownstOccurring or existing without the knowledge of Unbeknownst to them, it’s all a trap.
unbelievableBeyond belief or understanding He illumined the world with his unbelievable inventions.
unbelievingHolding that only material phenomena can be known and knowledge of spiritual matters or ultimate causes is impossible Israel is a temporary unbelieving picture of the people of god.
unbelovedUnhappy in love; suffering from unrequited love
unbeltedLacking a belt Such occupants are frequently ejected or found unbelted inside the car.
unbendableMarked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable As it says often on the site, the rules are not unbendable.
unbendingIncapable of adapting or changing to meet circumstances Despite his unbending resistance, his state fell to an innings defeat.
unbeneficedNot having a benefice
unbentErect in posture That was from an earlier discussion, and sts has unbent somewhat.
unbiasedWithout bias Disabuse yourself of the notion that you have an unbiased reading.
unbiassedWithout bias I question the allegedly unbiased opinions in the article.
unbigotedNot opinionated
unbitterHaving or showing no resentment or desire for revenge
unbleachedNot artificially colored or bleached Environmentally friendly toilet paper may also be unbleached.
unblemishedFree from physical or moral spots or stains Not a self purported honourable endeavour to keep wiki unblemished.
unblendedNot blended or mixed together It can also appear unblended, in which case it may be labeled blanc de noirs.
unblessedNot provided with something desirable The result will be unblessed chaos.
unblinkingNot shrinking from danger Across from it, hugh the hand and the dog watch her with unblinking eyes.
unbloodyAchieved without bloodshed
unblushingFeeling no shame
unbodiedHaving no body
unboltedNot firmly fastened or secured The tail can be unbolted and let down, then have a barrel rolled on.
unbookedNot reserved in advance
unborderedHaving no border The images are unbordered right now and should stay that way.
unbornNot yet brought into existence Appropriately, the cover of the album depicts a sketch of an unborn baby.
unboundNot restrained or tied down by bonds Compound of unbound with suffix i.
unboundedSeemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent A month later, it was judged to be finite but unbounded.
unbowedErect in posture Selvin and the unconditional solution stand unbowed.
unbracedWithout braces or props
unbrainwashedNot successfully subjected to brainwashing
unbranchedWithout branches It is typically self supporting and unbranched.
unbranchingWithout branches A related unbranching architecture is a ring polymer.
unbrandedNot marked with a brand Supermarkets and bargain stores in europe sell unbranded tennis balls.
unbreakableImpossible to break especially under ordinary usage Yet she’s tied to him for life, both of them caught in an unbreakable mate bond.
unbridgeableNot bridgeable The article talks about irreconcilable differences and an unbridgeable schism.
unbridledNot restrained or controlled Caliban planted their roots in the scene with unbridled metalcore.
unbrokenNot broken; whole and intact; in one piece The costa is unbroken and the sub costa is apparent on the insect.
unbrushedNot brushed
unburdenedNot encumbered with a physical burden or load There is more of a focus on feeling, and automatism is unburdened with meaning.
unburiedNot buried They disposed of their shares of the unburied treasure diversely.
unburnishedOf metals e.g.; not made shiny and smooth by friction
unbuttonedNot under constraint in action or expression- curtis bok Easiest choice is a casual shirt worn underneath but then unbuttoned.
uncamphoratedNot containing camphor
uncannySuggesting the operation of supernatural influences- john galsworthy In fact, the two share uncanny similarities.
uncappedUsed especially of front teeth All modes can be capped at 15bps or completely uncapped.
uncarbonatedNot having carbonation
uncaringLacking affection or warm feeling Eudoxia’s maker was very cold and uncaring.
uncarpetedNot carpeted
uncarvedNot carved In uncarved simplicity the people attain their true nature.
uncastratedNot castrated Bulls uncastrated males are also used in many parts of the world.
uncategorisedNot categorized or sorted Lots of these are now transferred but are uncategorised.
uncategorizedNot categorized or sorted And, yes, it may also be uncategorized.
uncaulkedNot caulked or sealed
uncausedHaving no cause or apparent cause There is still some aspect of the choice that is uncaused.
unceasingContinuing forever or indefinitely I appreciate your unceasing work very much.
uncensoredNot subject to censorship This is the true story of the student bar uncensored
unceremonialWithout ceremony or formality
unceremoniousWithout ceremony or formality So their destruction was necessarily unceremonious and brief.
uncertainNot consistent or dependable The authenticity of the sonata is uncertain.
uncertifiedLacking requisite official documentation or endorsement Until they are, she remains on the uncertified list.
unchainedNot bound by shackles and chains The recording was made for the soundtrack of the obscure prison film unchained.
unchallengeableGenerally agreed upon; not subject to dispute Again, angerer was unchallenged in the democratic primary.
unchallengedGenerally agreed upon; not subject to dispute The meteoric take over went almost unchallenged.
unchangeableNot changeable or subject to change-ashley montagu Logic is omnipresent, unchangeable, and objective.
unchangedRemaining in an original state The core of the band remains unchanged.
unchangingConforming to the same principles or course of action over time He is closely associated with solidity, unchanging forms, and the earth.
uncharacteristicDistinctive and not typical That would be most uncharacteristic of me.
unchargedOf a particle or body or system; having no charge Preferred uncharged complex forming substances are also new.
uncharitableLacking love and generosity- charles reade It is an uncharitable attack from dharmaburning.
unchartedNot yet surveyed or investigated Anaxandra, a girl, is living on an uncharted island.
uncharteredNot chartered All unchartered waters are the same.
unchasteNot chaste She also notes that no man has truly inspired her to be unchaste.
uncheckableIncapable of being checked or restrained The second source appears to be uncheckable on line.
uncheckedNot restrained or controlled As of november 2005, the extraction of gravel remains unchecked.
uncheerfulCausing sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy
unchewableFull of sinews; especially impossible to chew
unchivalrousOffensively discourteous That’s ridiculous, and unchivalrous.
unchristianNot of a christian faith Others view her in a more negative light, as unchristian and deceptive.
unchristianlyNot becoming to or like a christian
unchristlikeNot becoming to or like a christian
uncialRelating to or written in majuscule letters (which resemble modern capitals) The text was written on vellum in uncial letters.
uncivilLacking civility or good manners- willa cather It’s unhealthy and unwholesome, dare i be uncivil to say neurotic
uncivilisedWithout civilizing influences-margaret meade The popular view of celtic society is that it was primitive and uncivilized.
uncivilizedWithout civilizing influences-margaret meade For the most part, it viewed non chinese peoples as uncivilized barbarians.
uncladHaving removed clothing
unclaimedNot claimed or called for by an owner or assignee Unclaimed refunds were donated to the organizations.
unclassifiableNot possible to classify I removed this as a difficult and unclassifiable case.
unclassifiedNot subject to a security classification Often there was no unclassified evidence.
uncleanSoiled or likely to soil with dirt or grime It was also very unclean and it was longer than the page.
uncleanlyHabitually unclean
unclearNot easily deciphered The mechanism of this heterogeneity is unclear.
unclearedNot cleared; not rid of objects or obstructions The region to the northern end of the province is mountainous uncleared forest.
unclimbableIncapable of being surmounted or climbed
unclippedNot clipped The unclipped original may be either a simple or a composite.
uncloggedFreed of obstructions The band followed it with an acoustic live album unclogged in 1995.
unclothedNot wearing clothing The massage subject may be fully or partly unclothed.
uncloudedNot mentally disordered His mind, however, had remained unclouded until a second and fatal attack…
unclutteredHaving nothing extraneous The table is functional and uncluttered.
uncoatedNot having a coating This paper quality can be both coated and uncoated.
uncoiledNo longer coiled Subsequently, the coil is uncoiled and led out to the finishing mill.
uncollectedNot brought together in one place The judgment remains uncollected.
uncollectibleNot capable of being collected Many of these loans proved to be either uncollectible or under secured.
uncoloredNot artificially colored or bleached The solutions are separated by a sheet of uncolored glass.
uncolouredWithout color Constables’ plates are larger and of uncoloured white metal.
uncolumnedNot having columns
uncombableNot capable of being combed
uncombedNot combed The monster’s main trait, however, is bright uncombed red hair.
uncombinedNot joined or united into one Gold is found almost exclusively in the uncombined form.
uncomelyNot in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society
uncomfortableProviding or experiencing physical discomfort I am still uncomfortable with the inclusion of the emogame.
uncommercialNot conducive to commercial success- h.e.clurman The album is considered to be purposely difficult and uncommercial.
uncommercialisedNot having been commercialized It remains very uncommercialised and is a conservation zone.
uncommercializedNot having been commercialized
uncommittedNot busy; not otherwise committed Then they select delegates who are officially uncommitted.
uncommonNot common or ordinarily encountered; unusually great in amount or remarkable in character or kind He is said to have painted with uncommon celerity.
uncommunicativeNot inclined to talk or give information or express opinions Most are bedridden, tired, and uncommunicative even when awake.
uncomparableSuch that comparison is impossible; unsuitable for comparison or lacking features that can be compared These were fairly uncomparable in terms of vibe.
uncompartmentedNot compartmented; not divided into compartments or isolated units
uncompassionateLacking compassion or feeling for others- shakespeare In reality, he was pedantic, officious and uncompassionate.
uncompensatedNot paying a salary Please give me some space and be very courteous to my uncompensated efforts.
uncompetitiveNot inclined to compete This design was soon rejected as uncompetitive with western counterparts.
uncomplainingNot complaining O lan proves to be an excellent wife, hard working and uncomplaining.
uncompleteNot complete or total; not completed This are correct and verified facts, even if they are uncomplete.
uncompletedNot yet finished I see very uncompleted this article.
uncomplicatedEasy and not involved or complicated Pyrimethamine is used in the treatment of uncomplicated malaria.
uncomplimentaryTending to (or intended to) detract or disparage To my mind it is somewhat uncomplimentary, but not hugely so.
uncompoundedNot constituting a compound He is neither compounded nor uncompounded.
uncomprehendedNot fully understood
uncomprehendingLacking understanding Dixon walks to his own death almost uncomprehending.
uncomprehensibleDifficult to understand- a. einstein This edit rendered the beginning of the article totally uncomprehensible.
uncompromisingNot making concessions The pure entertainment is solid and uncompromising.
unconcealedNot concealed or hidden The spoiled ballots are counted in the open and unconcealed.
unconcernedEasy in mind; not worried His parents were surprisingly unconcerned about him.
unconditionalNot contingent; not determined or influenced by someone or something else In the unconditional problem, the constant will always switch.
unconditionedNot conditional In classical the unconditioned stimulus is out of the control of the animal.
unconfessedNot admitted Due to her dying unconfessed, cynthia was cursed to an eternity of damnation.
unconfinedNot confined The bar stock is unconfined except in the spaced apart fittings.
unconfirmedNot finally established or settled The attribution of these motets to adam is unconfirmed.
unconformableNot correspondent
unconformistNot conforming to some norm or socially approved pattern of behavior or thought
unconfusedNot perplexed by conflicting situations or statements There is absolutely no reason to not state it in clear and unconfused terms.
uncongenialUsed of plant stock or scions; incapable of being grafted Carter was undoubtedly an uncongenial companion.
unconnectedNot joined or linked together Or perhaps it was unconnected with music.
unconquerableNot capable of being conquered or vanquished or overcome- r.e.danielson Of eternal glory and splendour, thou art unborn and unconquerable.
unconqueredNot conquered She yearns for the days when the planet was still wild and unconquered.
unconscientiousNot conscientious;
unconscionableLacking a conscience But it is exploitation, and unconscionable in my opinion.
unconsciousWithout conscious volition An inebriated manohar finds the unconscious boy.
unconsecratedNot holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled The parsis called such an unconsecrated building either dar be mehr or agiary.
unconsideredWithout proper consideration or reflection Man in his natural unconsidered state is a contradictory reporter.
unconsolableSad beyond comforting; incapable of being consoled Sam’s death left jack unconsolable.
unconsolidatedLoose and unstratified It is unconsolidated and highly fossiliferous.
unconstipatedNot constipated
unconstitutionalNot consistent with or according to a constitution; contrary to the u.s. constitution Annas said the law was unconstitutional.
unconstrainedFree from constraint There are powerful advantages to such an unconstrained system.
unconstrictedNot constricted physically or by extension psychologically
unconstructiveNot constructive That was not an unconstructive edit.
unconsumedNot consumed He could also store unconsumed blood in a cooler.
unconsummatedNot consummated (especially of a marriage) The last details about viktor regard his unconsummated affair with marya.
uncontaminatedFree from admixture with noxious elements; clean You should drink water from uncontaminated sources.
uncontaminatingNot spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination
uncontestedNot disputed and not made the object of contention or competition Also, it is a relatively uncontested position.
uncontrivedNot by design or artifice; unforced and impromptu He wants his work to be spontaneous and uncontrived.
uncontrollableIncapable of being controlled or managed In the film, her character displayed an uncontrollable exhibitionist streak.
uncontrolledNot being under control; out of control The uncontrolled decompression blew one passenger out of the aircraft.
uncontroversialNot likely to arouse controversy This is likely to be uncontroversial.
unconventionalNot conforming to accepted rules or standards The story follows the life of unconventional hero.
unconvertedNot converted Instead, the signal was transmitted in an unconverted format.
unconvertibleUsed especially of currencies; incapable of being exchanged for or replaced by another currency of equal value
unconvincedLacking conviction I remain unconvinced that it is popular.
unconvincingHaving a probability too low to inspire belief I find the arguments for the homogeneity of the indian populace unconvincing.
uncookedNot cooked So why is the first picture an unknowable forum uncooked bacon.
uncoolUnfashionable and boring Dancing on people’s graves is highly uncool.
uncooperativeIntentionally unaccommodating This user appears to be completely uncooperative.
uncoordinatedLacking the skillful and effective interaction of muscle movements Such uncoordinated actions may cause the unjustified rise of protectionism.
uncordialLacking warmth or friendliness
uncorrectableIncapable of being controlled or managed Raid 0 does not implement error checking, so any error is uncorrectable.
uncorrectedNot subjected to correction or discipline That was july and to date it remains uncorrected.
uncorrelatedNot varying together However, not all uncorrelated variables are independent.
uncorroboratedUnsupported by other evidence This would just be one uncorroborated source.
uncorruptedNot debased Later, it was recovered uncorrupted by benedictines near the town of scalabris.
uncountedToo numerous to be counted The currently uncounted votes belong in abstain.
uncoupledHaving the coupling undone Trains are weighed, either coupled in motion or uncoupled in motion.
uncousinlyNot befitting a cousin
uncouthLacking refinement or cultivation or taste But now that i think of it, it was a bit uncouth.
uncranniedWithout chinks or crannies
uncreasedUsed especially of fabrics It looks neater, but probably never was as clean and uncreased as this.
uncreativeNot creative It would be uncreative peace a spiritual inanity.
uncriticalNot critical; not tending to find or call attention to errors It appears that the article is written by uncritical supporters of pawson.
uncroppedNot used for growing crops Permission for the uncropped version was not given to otrs.
uncrossedNot crossed Middle lesions affecting the uncrossed temporal fibers are rare.
uncrowdedHaving or allowing sufficient room Re the spartan uncrowded wording, i would ditch the spartan part.
uncrownedNot (especially not yet) provided with a crown Patil used to be called the uncrowned king of mumbai in his heyday.
uncrystallisedNot finally or definitely formed
uncrystallizedWithout real or apparent crystalline form It can be uncrystallized in an oven set at the lowest.
unctuousUnpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech; Click below for his unctuous commentary on this.
uncultivableNot suitable for cultivation or tilling- c.b.palmer Their lands have been inundated with sea water and are uncultivable.
uncultivatableNot suitable for cultivation or tilling- c.b.palmer
uncultivatedNot prepared for raising crops Fallow is the stage of crop rotation in which the land is left uncultivated.
unculturedLacking art or knowledge No need for such bad, uncultured way of talk.
uncurbedNot restrained or controlled
uncuredNot seasoned The uncured ceramic is then pre baked at about 350.degree.
uncurledNot having been curled
uncurtainedNot provided with curtains
uncurvedHaving no curves Generally cut with a 1 1 length to width ratio, with of course uncurved edges.
uncurvingHaving no curves
uncutNot cut- tobias smollett All shorts are presented uncensored and uncut.
undamagedNot harmed or spoiled; sound The church was undamaged by the great fire of london in 1666.
undatableNot capable of being given a date He is possibly the henry who went to iceland for two undatable years.
undatedNot bearing a date It is mentioned in an undated medieval document.
undauntedResolutely courageous Patch tries to hold off the trio as the others escape, but they are undaunted.
undeceivedFreed of a mistaken or misguided notion Some people should be undeceived of their deception.
undecidedCharacterized by indecision The relationship between the general and the special guidelines is undecided.
undecipherableNot easily deciphered All three scripts remain undecipherable today.
undecipheredNot deciphered These runes remain undeciphered until today.
undeclaredNot announced or openly acknowledged This country is in an undeclared and unexplained war in vietnam.
undecomposableRepresenting the furthest possible extent of analysis or division into parts- g.s.brett-m.r.cohen
undecomposedNot left to spoil
undecoratedNot decorated with something to increase its beauty or distinction The tomb is small and the main body is undecorated.
undedicatedNot dedicated I did not say he was undedicated, i just said that he should not be mean.
undefeatedVictorious Coker went into the game undefeated.
undefendableNot defended or capable of being defended Your item regarding words in a title is undefendable except as pov.
undefendedNot defended or capable of being defended That’s an awfully bald and undefended statement.
undeferentialNot showing courteous respect
undefiledFree from stain or blemish This is the morning of magic, and undefiled wisdom.
undefinableNot capable of being precisely or readily described; not easily put into words He called it an undefinable music beast .
undefinedNot precisely limited, determined, or distinguished Because of this, many of the terms are undefined.
undelineatedNot represented accurately or precisely
undemandingRequiring little if any patience or effort or skill An undemanding dog, it can adapt to most weather conditions.
undemocraticNot in agreement with or according to democratic doctrine or practice or ideals They are militaristic, undemocratic, and criminal.
undemonstrativeNot given to open expression of emotion Virgos are undemonstrative due to a coolness in their nature.
undeniableNot possible to deny The sources are adequate and the facts undeniable.
undenominationalNot bound or devoted to the promotion of a particular denomination A small amount are undenominational or members of another denomination.
undependableLiable to be erroneous or misleading I’m in prague struggling with an undependable but free ifi connection.
undepictedNot pictured
underLocated below or beneath something else The bottom blade of the scissor is longer and goes easily under the bandages.
underactiveAbnormally inactive If the water is too cool, the dried baker’s yeast will be underactive.
underageDependent by virtue of youth Voyeurweb’s internal rules forbid underage and/or underage appearing models.
underarmWith hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level He was a right handed batsman and a slow underarm bowler.
underbredOf inferior or mixed breed
underclassBelonging to the lowest and least privileged social stratum This is only nonsense suitable for the underclass of editors.
underclothedInadequately clothed Underfed and underclothed, pakhtoons led a miserable life.
undercoatedHaving a coating of tar or other rustproof material applied to the underside
undercoverConducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods He is one of the undercover bosses.
underdevelopedNot yet fully developed Most of the region was underdeveloped.
underdoneInsufficiently cooked The plot summary there is so underdone that this could easily go in.
underdressedInadequately or too informally clothed
undereducatedPoorly or insufficiently educated Using italics this way makes us look like a bunch of undereducated amateurs.
underemployedEmployed only part-time when one needs full-time employment or not making full use of your skills Being unemployed or underemployed is pretty stressful.
underfedNot getting adequate food Underfed wobbegongs can be recognized by visually atrophied dorsal musculature.
undergroundConducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods His storeroom is the secret entrance to the underground headquarters.
underhandMarked by deception A drop hit is an underhand hit by bouncing the ball first.
underhandedMarked by deception Louis’s response to the league was characteristic of his underhanded diplomacy.
underhungSupported from below especially resting on a track instead of suspended from above
underivativeNot derivative or imitative
underivedNot derived; primary or simple A similar argument holds for the derived and underived adjectives.
underlyingLocated beneath or below The underlying concept of the album is the moon.
undermannedInadequate in number of workers or assistants etc. The police are heavily undermanned for a long while.
undermentionedAbout to be mentioned or specified The queen has been graciously pleased to make the undermentioned award.
undernourishedNot getting adequate food Bt , the species section is still undernourished.
underpopulatedHaving a lower population density than normal or desirable You use the reason they are underpopulated as an excuse.
underprivilegedLacking the rights and advantages of other members of society Are cia spies underprivileged in the us
underseaBeneath the surface of the sea An undersea tunnel connects this island with the mainland.
undersealedHaving a coating of tar or other rustproof material applied to the underside The cars were not undersealed and were seam welded and fully race prepared.
undersexedHaving a subnormal degree of sexual desire
undershotHaving a lower part projecting beyond the upper An overshot or undershot bite is a disqualification in the us.
undersizeSmaller than normal for its kind By twisting the tool, dowels may be finished undersize as needs demand.
undersizedSmaller than normal for its kind Otherwise, the article seems ok, if slightly undersized.
underslungHaving a lower part projecting beyond the upper It had a spinner on the propeller and a retractable underslung radiator.
understaffedInadequate in number of workers or assistants etc. Our other work groups are already understaffed or inactive.
understandableCapable of being apprehended or understood The content of the article is coherent and understandable.
understandingCharacterized by understanding based on comprehension and discernment and empathy This is the essence of understanding the paradox.
underwaterBeneath the surface of the water The kayaker can exit the capsized kayak underwater.
underwayCurrently in progress The reconstruction of the gate is currently underway.
underweightBeing very thin The list is the underweight scale of the 1930’s.
undescendedRemaining in the abdomen instead of descending into the scrotum An undescended testicle will require surgery.
undescriptiveNot successful in describing The term is ultimately pov and utterly undescriptive in any scholarly context.
undeservedNot deserved or earned But the warnings were undeserved.
undeservingNot deserving Poorly written and undeserving of an article.
undesignedNot done or made or performed with purpose or intent Said of undesigned similarity of action.
undesirableNot worthy of being chosen (especially as a spouse) The fifth source is undesirable.
undesiredNot desired This may cause undesired operation.
undesiringHaving or feeling no desire
undesirousHaving or feeling no desire
undestroyableNot capable of being destroyed The name mangavilai means undestroyable fame.
undetectableNot easily seen Closed and camouflaged, it is almost undetectable.
undetectedNot perceived or discerned It also reduces the risks of errors or fraud occurring and going undetected.
undeterminableNot capable of being definitely decided or ascertained I consider it’s truth to be undeterminable.
undeterminedNot brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought Graduate studies are undetermined at the moment,
undeterredNot deterred- osbert sitwell Undeterred, baker reintroduced the amendment in september.
undevelopedNot developed At the same time much of the undeveloped land in the community was left to rot.
undeviatingGoing directly ahead from one point to another without veering or turning aside You were either a disciplined and undeviating marxist or no socialist at all.
undiagnosableNot possible to diagnose An ambiguous topic, an undiagnosable disease is not a disease.
undiagnosedEluding diagnosis Graham died in 1965 of an undiagnosed brain tumour, aged 52.
undifferentiatedNot differentiated It’s an improvement over the usual undifferentiated and unhelpful mess.
undigestedNot digested There are the many points of argument and fact that flit past undigested.
undignifiedLacking dignity It’s really condescending and undignified.
undilutedNot diluted If the insulation is grout use white vinegar undiluted.
undiminishedNot lessened or diminished His popularity continued undiminished until 1779.
undimmedNot made dim or less bright Condi’s enthusiasm for regime change is undimmed….
undiplomaticNot skilled in dealing with others Boy do i feel tempted to make an appropriate but undiplomatic comment.
undirectedAimlessly drifting I think the picutre showing the undirected graph is wrong.
undiscerningLacking discernment Too many undiscerning christians have been duped.
undischargedStill capable of exploding or being fired The company was in ilfred’s name as his father was an undischarged bankrupt.
undisciplinedLacking in discipline or control But he is not some undisciplined mouthy thug.
undisclosedNot made known Caruso paid an undisclosed sum in early 1995.
undiscouragedNot deterred- osbert sitwell Undiscouraged, she continued to play at small clubs in 1964 until 1966.
undiscoverableNot able to be ascertained; resisting discovery
undiscoveredNot yet discovered The forward bell remains undiscovered.
undiscriminatingNot discriminating It was no ‘undiscriminating dragnet’ that brought the five characters together.
undisguisedPlain to see The gang now threatened us verbally about undisguised physical intimidation and assault.
undismayedUnshaken in purpose No one is undismayed all over the world.
undisputableNot open to question; obviously true That is a solid and undisputable fact.
undisputedGenerally agreed upon; not subject to dispute Its importance in the controversy is undisputed and indisputable.
undissolvedRetaining a solid form The undissolved residue can be processed to recover the iron values.
undistinguishableNot capable of being distinguished or differentiated The seal is almost completely undistinguishable on this document.
undistinguishedNot worthy of notice He was academically undistinguished and somewhat reticent.
undistortedWithout alteration or misrepresentation The result is the original, undistorted image.
undistributedNot distributed among a variety of securities See fallacy of the undistributed middle.
undisturbedUntroubled by interference or disturbance But it will give the rest of a chance to write the article undisturbed.
undiversifiedNot diversified Amaranth had a concentrated, undiversified position in its natural gas strategy.
undividableCannot be divided without leaving a remainder It also say jerusalem be undividable.
undividedNot divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective Reality is an unmoving perfect sphere, unchanging, undivided.
undoableImpossible to achieve It’s readily undoable if there are major objections.
undocumentedLacking necessary documents (as for e.g. permission to live or work in a country) It is inconceivable a claim that the entry is undocumented has merit.
undogmaticUnwilling to accept authority or dogma (especially in religion) I read both, as a matter of undogmatic principle.
undogmaticalUnwilling to accept authority or dogma (especially in religion)
undomesticNot domestic or related to home
undomesticatedUnaccustomed to home life
undrainedNot drained Conceptually, there is no such thing as ‘the’ undrained strength of a soil.
undramaticLacking dramatic force and quality I appreciate the undramatic oppose.
undrapedLacking drapery or draperies His favorite subject is the female body, especially undraped.
undrawnNot represented in a drawing The filaments used are drawn, partially drawn or undrawn.
undreamedNot imagined even in a dream But politically it provided an opportunity undreamed of five years earlier.
undreamtNot imagined even in a dream Seems this song is full of undreamt paradoxes.
undriedStill wet or moist The pods may also be used in the green undried state to make tea.
undrinkableUnsuitable for drinking Nearby soda lake is an alkali lake and undrinkable.
undueNot yet payable Second, the undue weight is given to the battle of the bulge.
undulantResembling waves in form or outline or motion Undulant fever with spercial reference to the study of brucella in iowa.
undulateHaving a wavy margin and rippled surface The margin is curly edged or undulate.
undulatoryResembling waves in form or outline or motion Swimming and undulatory locomotion.
undutifulLacking due respect or dutifulness
undyedNot artificially colored or bleached Hair color was largely undyed with the exception of some punks of course.
undyingNever dying He wrote the script for the action thriller film undying.
undynamicCharacterized by an absence of force or forcefulness The background is not only undynamic it is unappealing.
uneagerLacking interest or spirit or animation He is uneager to train to be a sled dog.
unearnedNot gained by merit or labor or service Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive.
unearthlyConcerned with or affecting the spirit or soul Saito is assisted by generators, unearthly assassins posing as humans.
uneasyLacking or not affording physical or mental rest Politicians were uneasy when the meeting was prorogued.
uneatableNot suitable for food By this way you can only get an uneatable and stinking slush.
uneconomicWasteful of resources At cost, this may be extended to uneconomic deposits.
uneconomicalInefficient in use of time and effort and materials Both locomotives were written off as uneconomical to repair.
unedifyingNot edifying Appeal to technical help here has been unedifying.
uneditedNot changed by editing Please leave this space unedited.
uneducatedNot having a good education The others sound stupid and uneducated.
uneffectiveNot producing an intended effect Many medicines are found uneffective in the normal course of scientific study.
unelaborateNot elaborate; lacking rich or complex detail
unelaboratedGiving only major points; lacking completeness In its most cogent, unelaborated form, the fable is very short.
unembarrassedNot embarrassed- jerome stone Unembarrassed to hold goofy historical views.
unembellishedLacking embellishment or ornamentation Besides, a plot summary should be as clinical and unembellished as possible.
unembodiedNot having a material body
unemotionalUnsusceptible to or destitute of or showing no emotion Try to be unemotional and unbiased about this.
unemphaticNot emphasized
unemployableNot acceptable for employment as a worker Perhaps he has indeed become unemployable.
unemployedNot engaged in a gainful occupation He believed the christchurch city council was neglecting the unemployed.
unenclosedNot closed in our surrounded or included Another factor is the survival of large areas of unenclosed forest.
unencouragingNot encouraging Google results are unencouraging for notability.
unencumberedFree of encumbrance I have been happy to donate my contributions here freely and unencumbered.
unendedNot ended; lacking an end or conclusion
unendingContinuing forever or indefinitely The list of politicians will be unending.
unendowedNot equipped or provided- j.l.lowes She is unendowed but very smart and knowledgeable.
unendurableIncapable of being put up with That brings unendurable pleasure to people.
unenergeticNot inclined to be enterprising Harris was too nice, and weak, and frail, and unenergetic to be dumbledore.
unenforceableNot enforceable; not capable of being brought about by compulsion If it did, it would be absurd and unenforceable.
unenforcedNot enforced; not compelled especially by legal or police action It might be an unregistered or unenforced trademark.
unengagedNot busy or occupied; free Unengaged model in a unit that is assaulted move 15cm to engage the enemy.
unenlightenedLacking information or instruction Disallowing abortion is a hold over from that unenlightened era.
unenlighteningFailing to inform or clarify These are just as biased and unenlightening as ones calling him assyrian.
unenlivenedNot made lively or brightened
unenterprisingLacking in enterprise; not bold or venturesome Luckily the enemy were very unenterprising.
unenthusiasticNot enthusiastic; lacking excitement or ardor Most guidebooks keep the limerick section short and unenthusiastic.
unentitledHaving no right or entitlement
unenviableSo undesirable as to be incapable of arousing envy This leaves me with the unenviable task of somehow counting the votes.
unequalLacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task The strength between the two sides was unequal.
unequaledRadically distinctive and without equal Faith’s northward trek remains unequaled.
unequalisedNot caused to be equal
unequalizedNot caused to be equal
unequalledRadically distinctive and without equal It may safely be said that as a conversationalist he was unequalled.
unequippedWithout necessary physical or intellectual equipment I’d be bold, but here’s something i am unequipped to do.
unequivocalClearly defined or formulated- r.b.taney But martha danziger, the board manager, said the decision was unequivocal.
unerasableCannot be removed or erased
unerectNot upright in position or posture
unerringNot liable to error-g.g.coulton He exuded power yet had an unerring sensitivity to everyone in his vicinity.
unessentialNot basic or fundamental I like the second one with the picture, but that is likely unessential.
unestablishedNot established A pretender is not an impostor, but an unestablished claimant.
unethicalNot conforming to approved standards of social or professional behavior It is unethical to attempt to hide the fact.
unevenNot divisible by two It covers the uneven edge as flooring meets the baseboard.
uneventfulMarked by no noteworthy or significant events This was the second indenture ship to fiji and its journey was uneventful.
unexactingNot rigorous
unexampledHaving no previous example or precedent or parallel He also celebrated the ludi romani on a scale of unexampled magnificence.
unexceededNot capable of being improved on
unexcelledNot capable of being improved on The natural defenses of this place were unexcelled by any in korea.
unexceptionableCompletely acceptable; not open to exception or reproach All this seems rather unexceptionable to me, with some qualifications.
unexceptionalNot special in any way The man was unexceptional.
unexchangeableNot suitable to be exchanged Second, you declare the goods they are given as unexchangeable.
unexcitableNot easily excited They are easy going, laid back, nonchalant, unexcitable and relaxed.
unexcitedNot excited
unexcitingNot stimulating Smith regarded the novelisation as unexciting.
unexclusiveAccessible to all
unexcusedNot excused Is sent down from cambridge for unexcused absences.
unexhaustedNot used up completely
unexpansiveNot given to high spirits or effusiveness
unexpectedNot expected or anticipated The results of the election were somewhat unexpected.
unexpendableNot suitable to be expended There are a lot of unexpendable editors here.
unexpendedNot spent
unexpiredNot having come to an end or been terminated by passage of time There can be no question of any unexpired copyright.
unexplainableNot to be accounted for or explained Fashion is a wicked and unexplainable thing.
unexplainedHaving the reason or cause not made clear But an unexplained edit is just confusing.
unexplodedStill capable of exploding or being fired Examination of unexploded devices.
unexploitedUndeveloped or unused Deposits of coal have been discovered, but are yet unexploited.
unexplorativeNot exploratory
unexploratoryNot exploratory
unexploredNot yet discovered The headwaters are unexplored and unmapped.
unexportableNot suitable for export
unexpressedNot made explicit This would include unexpressed feelings.
unexpressibleDefying expression
unexpressiveDeliberately impassive in manner The crystals can have rounded off and unexpressive edges and can be elongated.
unexpurgatedNot having material deleted- havelock ellis Just because it’s a diary doesn’t mean it should be published unexpurgated.
unextendedNot extended or stretched out Over the years very few if any houses remain in their original unextended state.
unfacetedLacking facets It also has unfaceted eyes that are unpigmented.
unfadingOf an imaginary flower that never fades The unfading vasudeva is said to be the lord of righteousness.
unfailingNot liable to failure An unfailing pragmatist, he resists the influence of his friends.
unfairNot fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception It is unfair to let him countersign.
unfaithfulHaving the character of, or characteristic of, a traitor The unfaithful are just as gullible as the faithful.
unfalteringMarked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable
unfamiliarNot known or well known I am unfamiliar with the phonetic alphabetic spelling of the pronounciation.
unfashionableNot in accord with or not following current fashion It just had the misfortune to be unfashionable.
unfastidiousNot exacting in nutritional requirements
unfathomableResembling an abyss in depth; so deep as to be unmeasurable To opt out of this arrangement is just unfathomable.
unfathomedSituated at or extending to great depth; too deep to have been sounded or plumbed-thomas gray
unfattenedNot optimal for marketing
unfavorableNot encouraging or approving or pleasing, An unfavorable case is usually the beginning of the end.
unfavourableNot encouraging or approving or pleasing, Early reviews of the premiere in berlin were unfavorable.
unfearingInvulnerable to fear or intimidation The unfearing king dived into the sea to meet the lord.
unfeasibleNot capable of being carried out or put into practice But it seems it is unfeasible right now.
unfeatheredNot having feathers The last joint of the toes are unfeathered.
unfedNot fed As i have learned over the years, trolls are best left unfed.
unfeelingDevoid of feeling for others Her personality is also cold and unfeeling, like the peacemakers.
unfeignedNot pretended; sincerely felt or expressed
unfeminineNot suitable for a woman She’s too unfeminine and has too much balls.
unfencedNot enclosed by a fence The farms of communal lands are traditionally unfenced.
unfermentedNot soured or preserved Oenomel comes from unfermented grape juice and honey.
unfertileIncapable of reproducing The southern part of the province has relatively unfertile acidic soil.
unfertilisedNot having been fertilized Trophic eggs are usually unfertilised.
unfertilizedNot having been fertilized It’s a spermatoza or an unfertilized egg.
unfetteredNot bound by shackles and chains An unfettered power of choice must prevail.
unfilledOf purchase orders that have not been filled Pomeroy declined and the position was left unfilled.
unfilmedNot recorded on film or tape Just because a film site reviews an unfilmed script does not make it notable.
unfinishedNot brought to the desired final state The episode leaves the storyline unfinished.
unfirmUnstable I feel unfirm in my position, though.
unfitPhysically unsound or diseased In 1868, the structure was declared unfit for use.
unfittingNot in keeping with what is correct or proper I thought it would be unfitting to label him a wizard.
unfixedNot firmly placed or set or fastened Some of these problems remain unfixed after the first patch.
unflaggingUnceasing The perseverance and determination of the camboni sisters was unflagging.
unflappableNot easily perturbed or excited or upset; marked by extreme calm and composure I doubt that every morgan or morgan cross is as unflappable as my first horse.
unflatteringShowing or representing unfavorably That’s a pretty unflattering photo.
unflavoredWithout flavoring added Spermicides are unscented, clear, unflavored, non staining, and lubricative.
unflavouredWithout flavoring added In many of the varieties the yoghurt is plain and unflavoured.
unflawedWithout a flaw I think you’re in the minority defending the jama report as unflawed.
unfledgedNot yet having developed feathers This breed has light red unfledged legs of medium length.
unflinchingNot shrinking from danger He had displayed cool, unflinching courage in the face of overwhelming odds.
unfluctuatingNot liable to fluctuate or especially to fall
unflurriedFree from emotional agitation or nervous tension- anthony trollope
unflusteredFree from emotional agitation or nervous tension- anthony trollope
unfocusedNot being in or brought into focus It’s busy, unremarkable, and unfocused.
unfocussedNot concentrated at one point or upon one objective- owen wister Year articles are, i’m afraid, just too unfocussed for this purpose.
unforbearingUnwilling to endure
unforcedNot resulting from undue effort; not forced However, some unforced errors tarnished his season.
unforcefulLacking force; feeble
unforeseeableIncapable of being anticipated Each change can cause unforeseeable damage.
unforeseenNot anticipated- h.w.glidden Numerous unforeseen issues delayed the construction.
unforesightfulLacking foresight or scope
unforestedNot covered with forest
unforethoughtfulLacking forethought
unforfeitableNot subject to forfeiture
unforgettableImpossible to forget His scintillating performances were an unforgettable treat to the audience.
unforgivableNot excusable Hypocrisy, insincerity and deception are unforgivable.
unforgivingNot to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty He is tough, unforgiving and unyielding.
unformedNot formed or organized Let’s try to make an unformed decision based on reliable sources.
unfortunateNot favored by fortune; marked or accompanied by or resulting in ill fortune It may be an unfortunate portent of things to come.
unfoundedWithout a basis in reason or fact The charge of plagarism is unfounded.
unframedNot provided with a frame The edge of the film spanning the ends of the arms of the frame is unframed.
unfreeHeld in servitude Same as for ikisource and unfree text.
unfrequentedDevoid of creatures West of the summit runs the long and unfrequented valley of rydal beck.
unfrettedWithout frets
unfriendlyNot disposed to friendship or friendliness Along the way, the player meets new creatures, both friendly and unfriendly.
unfrightenedNot affected by fright
unfrostedLacking a frosted coating
unfrozenNot frozen Until we compromise, the page will not be unfrozen.
unfruitfulNot fruitful; not conducive to abundant production After a relatively unfruitful tour, sherman was fired in early 1985.
unfueledNot provided with fuel
unfulfilledOf persons; marked by failure to realize full potentialities Unfortunately the promise and belief remain unfulfilled.
unfunctionalNot related to or suitable for everyday needs or activities Cancer cells which are immortal invade the surrounding tissue, and make it unfunctional.
unfundedNot furnished with funds Fac is unfunded and has no paid staff or offices.
unfunnyNot funny; especially failing to achieve the intended humor The film is unfunny and offensive.
unfurnishedNot equipped with what is needed especially furniture It is therefore unfurnished and not lived in by an owner resident.
unfurrowedNot marked with shallow depressions or furrows
ungainlyDifficult to handle or manage especially because of shape Also, the multiple covers are ungainly.
ungallantOffensively discourteous You would not be so ungallant as to refuse our hospitality.
ungarbedHaving removed clothing
ungarmentedHaving removed clothing
ungatheredNot brought together in one place Spanish breeches are stiff and close fitting ungathered breeches.
ungearedHaving gears not engaged or disconnected The aircraft was initially fitted with an ungeared bristol cherub engine.
ungenerousUnwilling to spend Have struck the ungenerous aside.
ungentleNot of the nobility If all these numbers just show as figures, it reads to me a little ungentle.
ungentlemanlikeNot befitting a gentleman
ungentlemanlyNot befitting a gentleman This is very ungentlemanly of you.
ungetatableDifficult to reach or attain
unglamorousNot challenging; dull and lacking excitement Southwell has an unglamorous reputation amongst racing people.
unglamourousNot challenging; dull and lacking excitement This is going to be long, boring, and quite frankly unglamourous.
unglazedNot having a shiny coating It is also an unglazed burnished ware.
ungodlyCharacterized by iniquity; wicked because it is believed to be a sin I’ve managed to swell the page to an ungodly size.
ungovernableOf persons The dog was mad and thus ungovernable.
ungovernedNot restrained or controlled Finally, for la s there is an extra condition on m that it be ungoverned.
ungracefulLacking grace; clumsy- sir walter scott It’s rather ungraceful at the moment…
ungraciousLacking social graces A somewhat ungracious and not sufficiently sympathetic person.
ungradedNot arranged in order hierarchically In such cases, the grading fees are refunded and the book is returned ungraded.
ungrammaticalNot grammatical; not conforming to the rules of grammar or accepted usage The second sentence is ungrammatical and very unclear.
ungraspedNot fully apprehended- philip wheelwright The grips must be ungrasped and retaken as the leg is brought over.
ungratefulDisagreeable- abraham lincoln He thought the girl was basely ungrateful.
ungratifiedWorried and uneasy My guess is that they left him aroused but essentially ungratified.
ungratifyingNot likely to be rewarded
ungreasedNot lubricated Drop by teaspoon on to ungreased cookie sheet.
ungregariousGrowing together in groups that are not close together
ungroomedNot neat and smart in appearance
ungrudgingWithout envy or reluctance
ungualOf or relating to a nail or claw or hoof The pads are generally poorly developed, as are the ungual tufts.
unguaranteedWithout financial security
unguardedDisplaying or feeling no wariness Pioneer units transform unowned land or unguarded enemy land into owned land.
unguiculateHaving or resembling claws or nails
unguiculatedHaving or resembling claws or nails
unguidedNot subject to guidance or control after launching Among them were several guided and unguided systems.
ungulateHaving or resembling hoofs Does this mean every large odd toed ungulate mammal is a horse
ungulatedHaving or resembling hoofs
ungummedNot treated with adhesive gum A 3d value was also on thick wove paper but only ungummed.
ungussetedNot having gussets
unhallowedNot hallowed or consecrated I imagine that’s fairly easy after listening to unhallowed.
unhamperedNot slowed or blocked or interfered with The bribe was surrendered and the game continued unhampered.
unhappyExperiencing or marked by or causing sadness or sorrow or discontent At home, catherine is listless and unhappy.
unhardenedNot brought to a proper consistency or hardness Virtually all bodkins so far examined have turned out to be unhardened.
unharmedNot injured After the detonation, the four emerge unharmed.
unharmoniousNot in harmony They break it down into 3 unharmonious parts for charting and trading.
unhatchedNot yet emerged from an egg They may then begin eating unhatched eggs.
unhazardousThought to be devoid of risk
unheadedNot having a heading or caption Relative clauses are normally unheaded, expressed by simple juxtaposition.
unhealedNot healed The wounds have not only gone unhealed, but are now inflamed and gangrenous.
unhealthfulNot sanitary or healthful Or it would go after the big mac as an unhealthful fat delivery device.
unhealthyNot in or exhibiting good health in body or mind It’s unhealthy and unwholesome.
unhearableImpossible to hear; imperceptible by the ear
unheardNot necessarily inaudible but not heard Buddhist weddings are rare, but not unheard of.
unheard-ofPreviously unknown Each of these steps requires removal of some of the material of the slice.
unhearingTotally deaf; unable to hear anything
unheatedNot having been heated or warmed The unheated entrance was used as a cloak room.
unheededDisregarded Looks like the advice went unheeded.
unheedingMarked by or paying little heed or attention–franklin d. roosevelt Unheeding, the lean cat sets off for the palace.
unhelpfulProviding no assistance It’s an improvement over the usual undifferentiated and unhelpful mess.
unheraldedWithout warning or announcement- m.a.d.howe He was a largely unheralded baseball player.
unhesitatingCharacterized by quickness and firmness But i’m prepared to overlook that and give him my unhesitating support.
unhewnNot given a finished form by or as if by hewing An unhewn stone marks the place of taylor’s death at aldham common.
unhinderedNot slowed or blocked or interfered with The assassins got away unhindered in a car.
unhingedAffected with madness or insanity It’s you who are totally unhinged.
unholyNot hallowed or consecrated That’s a pretty unholy sound it is.
unhomogenisedNot having undergone homogenization
unhomogenizedNot having undergone homogenization Unhomogenized milk and cream contain butterfat in microscopic globules.
unhopedSo unexpected as to have not been imagined
unhopefulShowing utter resignation or hopelessness
unhumanDivested of human qualities or attributes It made her skinny real fast, but then she started to get unhuman cravings.
unhumorousLacking humor- truman capote
unhurriedRelaxed and leisurely; without hurry or haste Dr. fassig was a quiet, unassuming, unhurried scientist.
unhurtFree from danger or injury He escaped from the crash unhurt.
unhygienicUnclean and constituting a likely cause of disease The italian disease, pellagra, manifests the features one would expect from an improper food taken under unhygienic conditions.
uniateOf or relating to former eastern christian or orthodox churches that have been received under the jurisdiction of the church of rome but retain their own rituals and practices and canon law Although ruined, it was given to the uniate parish.
unicameralComposed of one legislative body Aargau has a unicameral legislature.
unicellularHaving or consisting of a single cell Spores are colorless and unicellular.
unicuspidHaving a single cusp or point A unicuspid is a tooth that has only one cusp.
unidentifiableBeing or having an unknown or unnamed source The unidentified killer begins to isolate and murder the counselors.
unidentifiedNot yet identified The man second from the left is unidentified.
unidimensionalRelating to a single dimension or aspect; having no depth or scope- mary sheehan If the concept was unidimensional, then one subset would do.
unidirectionalOperating or moving or allowing movement in one direction only First of all, the process is mostly unidirectional.
unifacialHaving but one principal or specialized surface The unifacial cambium produces cells to the interior of its cylinder.
unifiedFormed or united into a whole None of the enhancements were to the unified table.
unifilarHaving or using only one filament
unifoliateHaving a single leaf The leaves appear simple, but are actually compound and unifoliate.
uniformThe same throughout in structure or composition The soldier in the centre is wearing the uniform of an officer.
uniformedDressed in a uniform The rank is equivalent to a major in the other uniformed services.
unilateralInvolving only one part or side Annexation, by the definition is the unilateral move.
unilluminatedWithout illumination The paragraph was too germane to the controversy to let stand unilluminated.
unilluminatingFailing to inform or clarify The example is totally unilluminating to me.
unimaginableTotally unlikely Before the wwii, the yugoslav team was unimaginable without him in the squad.
unimaginativeDealing only with concrete facts That would be generic and unimaginative.
unimaginedNot imagined even in a dream And addictions heretofore unimagined by those who would eventually succumb…
unimodalHaving a single mode Unimodal probability distribution.
unimpairedNot damaged or diminished in any respect Hitler was an admirer of another, earlier, unimpaired egoism based philosophy.
unimpassionedFree from emotional appeal; marked by reasonableness
unimpeachableFree of guilt; not subject to blame His work is considered to be unimpeachable and unbiased.
unimpededNot slowed or prevented She continued to pursue acting, unimpeded by rejection.
unimportantNot important The compromise is utterly unimportant in the face of policy.
unimposingLacking in impressiveness I must say that the statue itself is rather unimposing.
unimpregnatedNot having been fertilized
unimpressedNot moved to serious regard The rest of the band was equally unimpressed.
unimpressionableNot sensitive or susceptible to impression
unimpressiveNot capable of impressing Current references in the article are mostly unimpressive.
unimprisonedFree from confinement or physical restraint
unimprovedNot cleared of trees and brush; in the wild or natural state The site comprises of unimproved grassland.
unincorporatedNot organized and maintained as a legal corporation Braggadocio is an unincorporated community in pemiscot county, missouri.
unindustrialisedNot converted to industrialism
unindustrializedNot converted to industrialism
uninebriatedNot inebriated
uninfectedFree from sepsis or infection They live separately from the uninfected population to prevent contagion.
uninflectedNot inflected An adverb is simply the uninflected form of the adjective or participle .
uninfluencedNot influenced or affected- v.l.parrington The actual size will need a discussion, uninfluenced by set povs.
uninfluentialNot influential Brahmans are few and uninfluential.
uninformativeLacking information But more to the point, the current wording is very uninformative.
uninformedNot informed; lacking in knowledge or information I didn’t slyly tell you are uninformed.
uninhabitableNot fit for habitation Another in 1997 left the house uninhabitable.
uninhabitedNot having inhabitants; not lived in To the south is the small uninhabited islet of namuka.
uninhibitedNot inhibited or restrained His creativity is uninhibited and his true talents are undeniable
uninitiateNot initiated; deficient in relevant experience
uninitiatedNot initiated; deficient in relevant experience The article calmly explains to the uninitiated what all the fuss is about.
uninjectableNot capable of being injected
uninjuredNot injured physically or mentally Lewis was uninjured in the attack.
uninominalBased on the system of having only one member from each district (as of a legislature) The last three of those were elected to uninominal seats.
uninquiringDeficient in curiosity
uninquisitiveNot inquiring
uninspiredHaving no intellectual or emotional or spiritual excitement He ultimately felt uninspired there.
uninspiringDepressing to the spirit Toto was tight, but boring and uninspiring.
uninstructedLacking information or instruction To lead uninstructed people to war is to throw them away.
uninstructiveFailing to instruct Category is uninstructive and tells the reader nothing.
uninsurableNot capable of being insured or not eligible to be insured It should be noted that crime is not uninsurable ‘per se’.
uninsuredNot covered by insurance Incidentally, the total number of uninsured citizens in the uk
unintegratedSeparated or isolated from others or a main group This is an unintegrated section stub.
unintelligentLacking intelligence Bulette are swift and bloodthirsty, but very unintelligent.
unintelligibleNot clearly understood or expressed There is no use of unintelligible argot, doublespeak, legalese, or jargon.
unintendedNot deliberate The unintended consequences caused problems.
unintentionalNot done with purpose or intent But if the overcharge was unintentional, that’s a mistake.
uninterestedNot having or showing interest However the young francesco was uninterested in politics.
uninterestingCharacteristic or suggestive of an institution especially in being uniform or dull or unimaginative It’s far too colloquial, hackneyed and uninteresting.
uninterruptedHaving undisturbed continuity The rivalry is the 10th longest uninterrupted series in the united states.
unintimidatedNot shrinking from danger
unintoxicatedNot inebriated
unintrusiveNot interfering or meddling Let’s work together to find an unintrusive way to mention this….
uninucleateHaving one nucleus Ascospores are hyaline to pale brown, spherical, uninucleate.
uninventiveDeficient in originality or creativity; lacking powers of invention The thematic ideas are profound, but the structure is lat and uninventive.
uninvitedUnwelcome and unwanted I don’t mean to butt in uninvited.
uninvitingNeither attractive nor tempting The fact that a few people find the book uninviting is their problem.
uninvolvedNot involved Another uninvolved opinion here.
unionBeing of or having to do with the northern united states and those loyal to the union during the american civil war A froward union blocks reform.
unionisedNot converted into ions One quarter of the country’s full time workers are unionised.
unionizedBeing a member of or formed into a labor union Some organizations are unionized, some are not.
uniovularHaving a single ovule
uniovulateHaving a single ovule
uniparousProducing only one offspring at a time
unipolarHaving a single pole The outer region is known as the unipolar region .
uniqueRadically distinctive and without equal The way she giggles, is unique.
unironedNot ironed
unisexNot distinguished on the basis of sex Athletic tights are already considered unisex.
unisexualRelating to only one sex or having only one type of sexual organ; not hermaphroditic The flowers are regular, bisexual or unisexual.
unitarianOf or relating to or characterizing unitarianism It is now used by the unitarian community.
unitaryCharacterized by or constituting a form of government in which power is held by one central authority However, god and his power are indivisible, unitary, and the same.
unitedOf or relating to two people who are married to each other Margaret and dr. mason stand united against one of the hospital’s priggish nuns.
univalentHaving a valence of 1
univalveUsed of mollusks, especially gastropods, as snails etc. Marked by a furrow, as the impressed spiral lines on some univalve shells.
universalOf worldwide scope or applicability- christopher morley The view of them as cowardly was generally universal.
universalistOf or relating to or tending toward universalism His father was a universalist pastor, journalist, and noted pamphleteer.
universalisticOf or relating to or tending toward universalism Some are secular and nationalistic, and some are religious and universalistic.
univocalAdmitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion The fact that i kill other civilian with a knife is not univocal.
unjointedWithout joints or jointed segments They are monomeric with four pairs of unjointed chelate legs.
unjustNot fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception For what if the cause of the war be unjust
unjustifiableIncapable of being justified or explained The deception is unjustifiable.
unjustifiedLacking justification or authorization The call for deletion is unjustified, especially for such an incipient article.
unkemptNot properly maintained or cared for After the war, the vignerons returned home to their unkempt vineyards.
unkeptHaving been violated or disregarded His final legacy will be that of a cheap tombstone in an unkept graveyard.
unkeyedCharacterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality
unkindDeficient in humane and kindly feelings The tone of my message to you was unkind.
unkindledNot set afire
unkindlyLacking kindness It seems personal to me, and unkind to say the least.
unknowableNot knowable It is unknowable if he intended this reference.
unknowingUnaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge It was unknowing and i am very sorry for that.
unknowledgeableUnaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge I didn’t attack you or assume you to be unknowledgeable.
unknownNot known to exist For reasons unknown, the betrothal was annulled.
unlabeledLacking a label or tag In this method, membrane labeled with pyrene combines with unlabeled membrane.
unlabelledLacking a label or tag Unlabelled names in their context surrounding.
unlacedNot under constraint in action or expression- curtis bok
unladylikeLacking the behavior or manner or style considered proper for a lady For winstead, used to projecting glamorous self assurance on red carpets and in photo shoots, fabricating something so indecorous and unladylike must have posed a challenge.
unlamentedNot grieved for; causing no mourning His departure from that organization was barely noted and entirely unlamented.
unlatchedNot firmly fastened or secured You unlatched this whole thing and swung it away to put paper in.
unlaureledNot crowned with laurel; having no acclaim or reward- francis parkman
unlaurelledNot crowned with laurel; having no acclaim or reward- francis parkman
unlawfulContrary to or prohibited by or defiant of law It was unlawful to disjoin from the unity group.
unleadedNot treated with lead Diesel and unleaded fuels are available at the bowser.
unlearnedNot established by conditioning or learning The fixed action patterns are unlearned and inherited.
unleavenedMade without leavening That is, offer the unleavened version also.
unletteredHaving little acquaintance with writing I’m afraid in the words of the scripts i am just an unlettered man.
unlicencedLacking official approval The current pic is effectively unlicenced.
unlicensedLacking official approval I think that this is part of the concern that the unlicensed naturopaths have.
unlifelikeWithout substance
unlightedWithout illumination An unlighted bomber was detected and then illuminated by the searchlight.
unlikableDifficult or impossible to like It had one of the most unlikable cast in any cartoon to date.
unlikeNot equal in amount It has no crest, unlike the common spoonbill.
unlikeableTending to evoke antipathetic feelings In western cultures, one of the most unlikeable personality traits is vanity.
unlikelyHas little chance of being the case or coming about The case of collective hallucination is unlikely.
unlimitedWithout reservation or exception His ardor for field sports was unlimited by age.
unlinedSmooth, especially of skin In the late 1950s, all over unlined black was applied.
unlippedWithout a lip or lips
unlistedNot having your name entered on a voting list A thing can’t be listed and unlisted.
unlitWithout illumination On the first pass, the model was unlit, masking the star field.
unliteraryMarked by lack of affectation or pedantry- w.d.howells Its entries are brief and unliterary, but broad in scope and generally accurate.
unlitteredHaving nothing extraneous
unlivableUnfit or unsuitable to live in or with Her idea is to make ruatha unlivable, so that fax will renounce it.
unliveableUnfit or unsuitable to live in or with She said it was unliveable, as it acted like a greenhouse.
unliveriedNot wearing livery
unlobedWithout lobes There are also smaller, unlobed leaves along the stem.
unlocatedLacking a particular location It remained unlocated for fifty years.
unlockedNot firmly fastened or secured He is unlocked after the protagonist defeats the ronin.
unlogicalLacking in correct logical relation I find it highly unlogical at the moment especially jacksonville.
unlovableIncapable of inspiring love or affection-joseph conrad Chronic feelings of being unlovable 5.
unlovedNot loved The article seemed a little unloved.
unlovelyWithout beauty or charm He never thought that his cat is unlovely.
unlovingNot giving or reciprocating affection Blond furred like his son, he is harsh, gruff and largely unloving.
unlubricatedNot lubricated
unluckyMarked by or promising bad fortune- w.h.prescott He was the unlucky chosen one.
unmadeNot having the sheets and blankets set in order The plots of the unmade serials also vary.
unmaliciousNot malicious or spiteful
unmalleableDifficult or impossible to shape or work
unmaltedOf grain that has not been converted into malt I’m pretty sure that stout is made using roasted ‘unmalted barley’.
unmanageableHard to control, Such a page would be unmanageable in practice.
unmanfulNot possessing qualities befitting a man
unmanlikeNot possessing qualities befitting a man
unmanlyNot possessing qualities befitting a man Uneasily dreams about ranma being unmanly and swings wildly with her sword.
unmannedLacking a crew Armored manned and unarmored unmanned.
unmanneredSocially incorrect in behavior He is often considered to be rude, unmannered, timid, lazy, and cowardly.
unmannerlySocially incorrect in behavior There is at this moment a debate which may become unmannerly.
unmappedNot yet surveyed or investigated The headwaters are unexplored and unmapped.
unmarkedNot taken into account Even the cemetery is unmarked now.
unmarketableNot fit for sale Sega was not impressed by the sequel, and believed it to be unmarketable.
unmarredFree from physical or moral spots or stains He has a truly hapsburg face, thankfully unmarred by the hapsburg lip.
unmarriedNot married or related to the unmarried state It is the most formal style of kimono worn by unmarried women in japan.
unmatchableEminent beyond or above comparison His work ethic and talent is unmatchable.
unmatchedOf the remaining member of a pair, of socks e.g. His speed is unmatched in the tribe.
unmatedOf the remaining member of a pair, of socks e.g. He was forced to choose one of two unmated females for his mate.
unmeasurableImpossible to measure The latency induced by this setup is unmeasurable.
unmeasuredNot composed of measured syllables; not metrical There may be an unmeasured variable that is actually driving the others.
unmechanicalLacking mechanical skills All in all it seems a very unmechanical setup.
unmechanisedNot mechanized- gordon russell Cocoa farms are generally small and unmechanised.
unmechanizedNot mechanized- gordon russell
unmediatedHaving no intervening persons, agents, conditions I hate to leave this dispute unmediated, but i have to.
unmedicalNot having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed They still grow unmedical pot up in the reaches of northern california .
unmedicativeNot having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed
unmedicinalNot having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed
unmelodicLacking melody
unmelodiousLacking melody
unmeltedNot melted Instead, they would quickly decelerate and then fall to earth unmelted.
unmemorableNot worth remembering Eddie money played an unmemorable set.
unmentionableUnsuitable or forbidden as a topic of conversation No one is trying to use the unmentionable site as a source for wikipedia.
unmercenaryNot mercenary; not influenced by financial gains
unmerchantableNot fit for sale
unmercifulHaving or showing no mercy They have a reputation for being unyielding and unmerciful.
unmeritedNot merited In that case, the warning is unmerited, so i am removing it.
unmeritoriousWithout merit Evening meditation destroys the unmeritorious actions of the night.
unmethodicalNot efficient or methodical
unmilitaryNot associated with soldiers or the military
unmindfulLacking conscious awareness of I am not unmindful of the truth.
unminedNot mined Total unmined resources are the combination of reserves plus inferred resources.
unmingledNot mixed with extraneous elements
unmistakableClearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment The pattern of abuse is unmistakable.
unmistakeableClearly evident to the mind The huge fracture on the forehead is unmistakable.
unmitigableIncapable of being mitigated
unmitigatedNot diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; sometimes used as an intensifier The next year was an unmitigated disaster.
unmixableIncapable of mixing
unmixedNot mixed with extraneous elements Only the first figure determines the conclusion by pure, unmixed reasoning.
unmoderatedNot made less extreme Maybe he’s moved on to more unmoderated stomping grounds.
unmodernisedNot brought up to date Some older, unmodernised trams retained this livery until the 1950s.
unmodernizedNot brought up to date Unmodernized ships began to leave active service in the late 1950s.
unmodifiableIncapable of being modified in form or character or strength (especially by making less extreme) Unique can not be graded but it isn’t unmodifiable.
unmodifiedNot changed in form or character It is unmodified by human activity.
unmodulatedCharacterized by lack of variation in pitch, tone, or volume It has been broadcasting an unmodulated carrier for several months.
unmolestedNot interfered with, disturbed, or harmed They got to sweep the rest of the harbor unmolested.
unmortgagedFree from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law
unmotivatedWithout motivation He appears listless and unmotivated in the monster court.
unmotorisedHaving no motor
unmotorizedHaving no motor Most of his unmotorized forces the bulk of the army were caught.
unmournedNot grieved for; causing no mourning Damaging crap should be destroyed without ceremony, unmourned.
unmovableNot able or intended to be moved Taking a firm, unmovable line is not going to help anybody.
unmovedEmotionally unmoved Many of the comments left me unmoved.
unmovingNot in motion In several biblical passages, the world is flat and unmoving.
unmownNot cut down with a hand implement or machine
unmusicalNot musical in nature Your brushing away sr as unmusical is laughable.
unmutilatedFree from physical or moral spots or stains
unmyelinatedNot myelinated C fibres are unmyelinated unlike most other fibers in the nervous system.
unnameableToo sacred to be uttered Tao is said to be unnameable and accomplishing great things through small means.
unnamedBeing or having an unknown or unnamed source The second unnamed parameter is the caption for the link.
unnaturalNot normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm Many believe the unnatural occurrences are the beginning of the apocalypse.
unnaturalisedNot having acquired citizenship
unnaturalizedNot having acquired citizenship Often italicized as an unnaturalized foreign phrase.
unnavigableIncapable of being navigated In times of flood it is unnavigable.
unnecessaryNot necessary People believe that him reprieving was unnecessary.
unneededNot necessary Basically an unneeded intersection category.
unneighborlyNot exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor
unneighbourlyNot exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor
unneuroticNot neurotic
unnotchedHaving no notches Caudal base band unnotched on at least one side.
unnotedNot taken into account But the death one year ago of marla ruzicka shouldn’t go unnoted.
unnoticeableNot obtrusive or undesirably noticeable But in alwaye, you might be left feeling distinctly unnoticeable.
unnoticedNot noticed You seemingly prefer the meaning of the previous sentence to go unnoticed.
unnourishedNot nourished
unnumberableToo numerous to be counted
unnumberedToo numerous to be counted They are general in nature and unnumbered.
unnumerableToo numerous to be counted There are not ‘unnumerable games’ etc. using this.
unobjectionableNot causing disapproval I respectfully disagree that the article is unobjectionable.
unobjectiveNot objective or easily verified This article is heavily biased and unobjective.
unobligatedNot obligated
unobligingNot accommodating
unobservableNot accessible to direct observation A hypothetical construct is always unobservable.
unobservantNot consciously observing The title character is a boy with unobservant, distant parents.
unobservedNot observed It’s entirely unobserved and unknown.
unobstructedFree from impediment or obstruction or hindrance The goal has a rear wall and a forwardly open and unobstructed mouth.
unobtainableNot capable of being obtained Expect parking to be practically unobtainable.
unobtrusiveNot obtrusive or undesirably noticeable The writing is small and unobtrusive.
unobviousNot immediately apparent- a.n.whitehead I agree that it is a bit unobvious, though.
unoccupiedNot seized and controlled Is it better to set the temperature low when the house is unoccupied
unoffendingNot offending I am grateful to gk1973 for once rather unoffending comment.
unofficialNot officially established Dan is the unofficial treasurer of the group.
unoiledIn need of oil treatment
unopenNot open No science is static and unopen to being questioned.
unopenedNot yet opened or unsealed The last unopened briefcase contained p10.
unopposableNot opposable
unopposedNot having opposition or an opponent My name is the one and only, masterful, and completely unopposed isaratd.
unorderedNot arranged in order Sometimes an unordered list is useful…
unorganisedNot affiliated in a trade union Alcan border is part of the unorganized borough.
unorganizedNot having or belonging to a structured whole By and large the factions are informal and unorganized.
unorientedNot having position or goal definitely set or ascertained In the process, edges may not be unoriented.
unoriginalNot original; not being or productive of something fresh and unusual- gwethalyn graham That is just as unoriginal as my replacement section.
unornamentedLacking embellishment or ornamentation Each block has three unornamented doorways with arched heads.
unorthodoxIndependent in behavior or thought Dunn successfully kicked the goal from the then unorthodox upright position.
unostentatiousNot ostentatious A most polished and unostentatious player.
unownedHaving no owner The most common unowned things are asteroids.
unoxygenatedNot supplied with oxygen
unpackagedNot packaged or put into packets
unpaidEngaged in as a pastime The fees are unpaid.
unpainfulNot accompanied by pain sensations
unpaintableNot paintable especially not suitable for artistic representation on canvas
unpaintedNot having a coat of paint or badly in need of a fresh coat Otherwise the church is unpainted from its interior.
unpairedOf the remaining member of a pair, of socks e.g. At the very least it could be pillaged for all its unpaired words.
unpalatableNot pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind It was unpalatable to platonic and aristotelian philosophers.
unparallelNot straight or parallel His role in cooperative movement in rajasthan was unparallel.
unparalleledRadically distinctive and without equal His dedication, devotion and obedience to the master were unparalleled.
unpardonableNot admitting of pardon The dismissal of de mafra’s account is simply unpardonable.
unparentedHaving no parent or parents or not cared for by parent surrogates I found the categories on the listing of unparented categories.
unparliamentarySo rude and abusive as to be unsuitable for parliament Even polite accusations of lying are unparliamentary.
unpartitionedNot divided by partitions The structure is an unpartitioned quarter sphere dome, in diameter and high.
unpassableIncapable of being passed I managed to escape to higher ground before the water became unpassable.
unpasteurisedNot having undergone pasteurization The very best halloumi is that made from unpasteurised sheep and goats milk.
unpasteurizedNot having undergone pasteurization Both are made from either pasteurized or unpasteurized milk.
unpatentedNot protected by patent The patented machine was a combination of unpatented parts.
unpatrioticShowing lack of love for your country They were often accused of being unpatriotic.
unpatronisedHaving little patronage or few clients
unpatronizedHaving little patronage or few clients
unpatternedLacking patterns especially in color The belly is an unpatterned whitish gray.
unpavedNot having a paved surface Currently unpaved, the road is muddy and impassable in the wet season.
unpeaceableNot disposed to peace I am seriously penitent about my unpeaceable outburst toward you.
unpeacefulNot peaceful It was always dark and unpeaceful with drastic conflict of different classes.
unpeopledWith no people living there The people on the sea venture are englishmen and the island is unpeopled.
unperceivableImpossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses
unperceivedNot perceived or commented on Money growth has to be unperceived to have real effects.
unperceivingLacking perception They cannot exist in an unperceiving, corporeal substance or matter.
unperceptiveLacking perception If it is not deliberate then it is remarkably unperceptive.
unperformedNot performed He wrote six operas, three of which remain unperformed and four unpublished.
unpermedNot having had a permanent wave
unpermissiveNot inclined to grant permission; severe in discipline
unperplexedExperiencing no difficulty or confusion or bewilderment
unpersuadableNot susceptible to persuasion It’s not u r so called neutral, u r unpersuadable.
unpersuadedNot converted I’m unpersuaded of the church’s existence.
unpersuasiveNot capable of persuading I find that extraordinarily unpersuasive.
unperturbedFree from emotional agitation or nervous tension- anthony trollope The dog seems fairly unperturbed.
unpicturedNot pictured
unpicturesqueWithout beauty or charm
unpiercedNot pierced Most people do, however, know what an unpierced penis looks like.
unpigmentedHaving no pigmentation An imaging system is disclosed wherein unpigmented transparent xerographic an imaging system is disclosed wherein unpigmented transparent xerographic toner images are used to make color and full color pictorial transparencies and selected hard copy according to specific toner tacking methods.
unpillaredLacking pillars
unpityingWithout mercy or pity
unplacedNot one of the first three in a race or competition She was unplaced at that pageant.
unplannedWithout apparent forethought or prompting or planning The city’s poorest neighbourhoods are completely unplanned.
unplantedNot planted Neither an unplanted yard or a lawn is not a gardern.
unplayableNot capable of or suitable for being played or played on The game shipped and it was unplayable out of the box.
unplayfulCompletely lacking in playfulness
unpleasantDisagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings The lamb was surprisingly clean tasting, with no unpleasant pungency.
unpleasingLacking graciousness But quiddity’s does no harm and is not aesthetically unpleasing.
unpledgedNot promised in marriage Unpledged party leaders and elected officials.
unploughedNot plowed Only the current fritillary field was left coincidentally unploughed.
unplowedNot plowed The rest of the road is unplowed in winter.
unplumbedSituated at or extending to great depth; too deep to have been sounded or plumbed-thomas gray
unpointedNot having a point especially a sharp point
unpolishedLacking social polish That’s why it’s extremely unpolished.
unpoliticalPolitically neutral In this time music by unpolitical bands sold better.
unpollutedFree from admixture with noxious elements; clean Tourists like swimming in clean and unpolluted rivers as well.
unpompousNot pompous
unpopularRegarded with disfavor or lacking general approval On the other hand, unpopular does not mean irremediable.
unpopulatedWith no people living there The island is unpopulated and wooded.
unportableNot portable; not easily moved or transported By being highly unportable, this was a very dangerous way of coding.
unposedNot arranged for pictorial purposes It’s fairly candid and apparently unposed.
unpottedNot planted in pots
unpoweredNot having or using power The kruiser can do an unpowered glide.
unpracticedNot having had extensive practice Most of them other than jonneth were too unpracticed to be of use.
unpractisedNot having had extensive practice
unprecedentedHaving no precedent; novel The events of the day were unprecedented.
unpredictableNot capable of being foretold In some cases, the meaning of the cislocative is unpredictable.
unpredictedWithout warning or announcement- m.a.d.howe You’re also right that internet people have unpredicted viewing time.
unpredictiveHaving no predictive value His post shadowing has already been debunked as unpredictive and of no value.
unprejudicedFree from undue bias or preconceived opinions I hope that you will be unprejudiced.
unpremeditatedNot prepared or planned in advance The heavy casualties may be evidence of an unpremeditated massacre.
unpreparedWithout preparation; not prepared for- r.e.danielson For the unprepared, life is not so.
unprepossessingCreating an unfavorable or neutral first impression Collectively, these geographically unprepossessing islands have become a new geopolitical fault line in asia.
unpresentableCreating an unfavorable or neutral first impression This is unpresentable as an introductory source.
unpresidentialNot presidential After four years, clinton has learned how to avoid looking unpresidential.
unpressedNot smoothed with heat It has a squat cylindrical shape, and has a smooth, unpressed texture.
unpretendingNot ostentatious In character he was amiable and unpretending.
unpretentiousLacking pretension or affectation Her style is unpretentious, austere, yet various.
unpreventableNot preventable Fire in chaparral is a natural, unpreventable event.
unpriestlyNot priestly; unbefitting a priest
unprincipledHaving little or no integrity I am an unprincipled lout, for the most part.
unprintableUnfit for print because morally or legally objectionable or offensive to good taste Your allegations are absurd, and my conjectures about you would be unprintable.
unproblematicEasy and not involved or complicated The current examples are clear and unproblematic.
unprocessedNot treated or prepared by a special process The template will be a simple set of slots for each event type and the fills will be unprocessed text extracted from the transcriptions.
unprocurableNot capable of being obtained These are now so rare as to be practically unprocurable.
unproductiveNot producing desired results All of the unproductive area is unproductive vegetation.
unprofessionalNot characteristic of or befitting a profession or one engaged in a profession For starters, the use of the ampersand is wholly unprofessional.
unprofitableProducing little or no profit or gain It was considered unprofitable and inferior.
unprogressiveOld-fashioned and out of date There can merely be change, purposeless and unprogressive.
unpromisedNot promised in marriage
unpromisingUnlikely to bring about favorable results or enjoyment As a place for a lovers’ tryst it seems unpromising.
unpromptedProceeding from natural feeling or impulse without external stimulus I appreciate your unprompted recognition of me as a ‘trusted user’.
unpronounceableVery difficult to pronounce correctly It’s silly to suggest the heart is unpronounceable.
unpropheticNot prophetic; not foreseeing correctly
unpropitiousNot propitious They could hope to find in the present unpropitious climate.
unprotectedLacking protection or defense Camembert unprotected this page, following my request on .
unprotectiveNot affording protection I request a short unprotective source from this page.
unprovableNot provable Both are beliefs in the unprovable.
unprovedNot proved There are unproved allegations of corruption against devananda.
unprovenNot proved Also a totally unproven argument.
unprovocativeNot provocative
unprovokedOccurring without motivation or provocation- f.d.roosevelt He responded in similar unprovoked hostility throughout the incident.
unprovokingNot provocative
unpublishableNot suitable for publication Because of his unpublishable mind,i want to contribute for him.
unpublishedNot published As yet unpublished research monograph.
unpunctualNot punctual; after the appointed time It makes me so cranky and unpunctual.
unpunishedNot punished He remains unpunished for this violation.
unpurifiedNot made pure I’m not sure that unpurified copper is used in manufacturing of alloys.
unqualifiedNot limited or restricted Frankly, i grow weary of the tyrrany of the unqualified opinion.
unquenchableImpossible to quench It is based on the weinstein’s extreme unquenchable money thirst.
unquestionableNot counterfeit or copied The authority of the karnavar in a family is unquestionable.
unquestionedGenerally agreed upon; not subject to dispute They are unquestioned at this time.
unquestioningBeing without doubt or reserve The first paragraph of the legacy section is a near unquestioning hagiography.
unquietCausing or fraught with or showing anxiety The unquiet earth is a novel written from the perspective of multiple narrators.
unquotableNot able or fit to be repeated or quoted
unraisedMade without leavening Steamed buns made with unraised flour are more commonly seen in the south.
unrankedNot arranged in order hierarchically Unranked spouses follow the rank of the ranked spouse.
unratableNot subject to locally assessed property taxes
unratifiedLacking legal authority This unratified agreement appears to be in effect.
unreachableInaccessibly located or situated The engine produced unreachable in second gear.
unreachedInaccessibly located or situated Matu people are evangelizing to unreached people among in the buddhist.
unreactiveNot reacting chemically Pupils become dilated and unreactive to light.
unreadNot informed through reading- v.l.parrington This mustn’t be it’ and leave the page unread.
unreadableNot easily deciphered As a result the article was almost unreadable.
unreadyNot prepared or in a state of readiness; slow to understand or respond It looks to me like it is in fact a penny of ethelred the unready.
unrealNot actually such; being or seeming fanciful or imaginary Such a notion is unreal and absurd.
unrealisedOf persons; marked by failure to realize full potentialities His intended restoration of the house went unrealised, however.
unrealisticNot realistic He thought the lyrics were unrealistic and complacent.
unrealizableImpossible to achieve As such it was unrealizable mainly due to rotational speed variation.
unrealizedOf persons; marked by failure to realize full potentialities His full potential remains unrealized.
unreasonableNot reasonable; not showing good judgment The argument is not unreasonable.
unreasoningNot based on reason or evidence God, i’d be an irrational unreasoning ignorant fool if i didn’t follow jesus.
unreassuringNot reassuring; tending to cause anxiety
unreceptiveNot receptive They look and behave like unreceptive females.
unreciprocatedNot returned in kind They are as of now largely unreciprocated.
unrecognisableDefying recognition as e.g. because of damage or alteration Sometimes the end point is unrecognisable from the start.
unrecognisedNot having a secure reputation These are typically unrecognised by anyone onwikipedia.
unrecognizableDefying recognition as e.g. because of damage or alteration Actually, some of the sounds are completely unrecognizable.
unrecognizedNot having a secure reputation Coats of arms of unrecognized states.
unreconcilableImpossible to reconcile
unreconciledNot made consistent or compatible If someone dies with unreconciled venial sins, he or she will endure purgatory.
unreconstructedAdhering to an attitude or position widely held to be outmoded Just a bit of unreconstructed native stupidity.
unrecordedActually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing She arrived in england on an unrecorded date.
unrecoverableIncapable of being recovered or regained Templates aren’t quite so unrecoverable.
unredeemableInsusceptible of reform This is so full of jargon as to be unredeemable.
unredeemedIn danger of the eternal punishment of hell The subtitle of the work was confessions of an unredeemed drug addict.
unreducedNot altered by reduction There is an unreduced and a reduced version.
unrefinedNot refined or processed One is unrefined and is in the form of hard blocks of dark brown sugar.
unreflectedNot turned back by physical reflection The article stated unreflected that the germans committed said massacre.
unreflectiveNot exhibiting or characterized by careful thought At bottom, one might see the purely unreflective lifestyle.
unreformableUnrepentant and incapable of being reformed The idea behind delete is that the rules are inherently unreformable.
unreformedUnaffected by the reformation The magnitude of the unreformed electorate is difficult to accurately determine.
unrefreshedNot rested or refreshed;
unregenerateNot reformed morally or spiritually To the monergist, faith does not proceed from our unregenerate human nature.
unregeneratedNot reformed morally or spiritually To some synergists, faith may arise from unregenerated human nature.
unregisteredNot furnished with official documents One unregistered and one registered.
unregretfulFeeling no regret
unregrettingFeeling no regret
unregulatedNot regulated; not subject to rule or discipline I recognize that the internet is an unregulated body of information.
unrehearsedWith little or no preparation or forethought My agent says the best part of me is that i have natural, unrehearsed talent.
unrelatedNot connected by kinship The overlap is coincidence and the usages are unrelated.
unrelaxedNor relaxed- u.b.phillips You seem to be a little bit unrelaxed.
unreleasedNot (or not yet) made available for distribution or publication An unreleased jingle base on this song exists.
unrelentingHarsh The crew becomes increasingly fatigued by the unrelenting pursuit.
unreliableNot worthy of reliance or trust It also includes a hefty dose of unreliable sources at the moment.
unrelievedNot lessened or diminished Arab refugees in neighboring states are left unrelieved.
unremarkableFound in the ordinary course of events- anita diamant Grinder is entirely unremarkable and even uninteresting as a epistemologist.
unremarkedNot perceived or commented on The error is quickly addressed, but does not go unremarked by the townspeople.
unremediedNot having been put right
unremittingUninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing This silent period was, however, one of unremitting production.
unremorsefulNot penitent or remorseful Interviewers described poplawski as unremorseful with a cold demeanor .
unremunerativeNot yielding profit or recompense The post was an unremunerative sinecure.
unrenewableThat can not be renewed More than technically that is not depletion and not unrenewable i believe.
unrenewedNot revived
unrentableNot able or fit to be rented
unrepairedUnserviceable because necessary repairs have not been made However, these roads frequently develop potholes that often remain unrepaired.
unrepeatableNot able or fit to be repeated or quoted A single, unrepeatable miracle does not really work that way.
unrepentantStubbornly persistent in wrongdoing Despite his renunciation of the material world, he’s an unrepentant sybarite.
unreplaceableImpossible to replace Clearly the picture is unique and unreplaceable.
unreportableNot reportable; not required by law to be reported
unreportedNot reported However, the errors went unrecognized and unreported for several years.
unrepresentativeNot exemplifying a class The current selection is poor and unrepresentative.
unrepressedNot repressed
unreproducibleImpossible to reproduce or duplicate The results of research papers can represent unreproducible results.
unrequestedNot requested Again, i apologize for an unrequested change.
unrequitedNot returned in kind This is the pain of unrequited love.
unresentfulNot resentful
unreservedNot cautious or reticent Most tram routes are on unreserved tracks and middle of the roads.
unresistantLikely to be affected with These rocks are relatively unresistant and the coast is eroding rapidly.
unresistingOffering no resistance- theodore roosevelt Her rescue operation was carried out at an unresisting civilian hospital.
unresolvableNot capable of being resolved This is probably an unresolvable issue.
unresolvedCharacterized by musical dissonance; harmonically unresolved In much of his work the mysteries of the past remain unresolved.
unrespectableUnworthy of respect There are people who find all those things to be unrespectable and even vile.
unresponsiveNot responding to some influence or stimulus A unilateral and unresponsive approach is not acceptable.
unrestedNot rested or refreshed;
unrestrainedMarked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion Weber openly declared to be against the unrestrained submarine war.
unrestrictedNot subject to or subjected to restriction The site is unrestricted and unmarked.
unrestrictiveNot tending to restrict Innovation and prosperity work best under an unrestrictive government situation.
unretentiveDeficient in retentiveness or range
unretrievableImpossible to recover or recoup or overcome
unrevealedNot made known Their exact origin is unknown or at least unrevealed.
unreverberantNot reverberant; lacking a tendency to reverberate
unrevisedNot improved or brought up to date The language of the unrevised report.
unrevivedNot revived
unrewardedHaving acquired or gained nothing Civic deeds do not go unrewarded.
unrewardingNot rewarding; not providing personal satisfaction I fear that you are going to have a long and unrewarding search.
unrhetoricalNot rhetorical This is a simple and unrhetorical answer to your question.
unrhymedNot having rhyme English language haiku is an example of an unrhymed tercet poem.
unrhythmicNot rhythmic; irregular in beat or accent
unrhythmicalNot rhythmic; irregular in beat or accent
unrifledOf a firearm; not having rifling or internal spiral grooves inside the barrel It was made from stamped steel with an unrifled barrel.
unriggedStripped of rigging The last lure can be rigged with a hook or unrigged.
unrighteousNot righteous This sanction of such a war was wholly unrighteous.
unrimedNot having rhyme
unripeNot fully developed or mature; not ripe The complaint here is disruptive and unripe.
unripenedNot fully developed or mature; not ripe Some unripened fruits have the taste of acerbity.
unrivaledEminent beyond or above comparison His sense of justice is unrivaled.
unrivalledEminent beyond or above comparison At point blank range the move is unrivaled and more importantly unparriable.
unromanticNeither expressive of nor exciting sexual love or romance Morgan finds her and again proposes marriage in a rather unromantic way.
unroofedHaving no roof Only 12 houses survived being unroofed or totally destroyed.
unrougedNot wearing rouge
unruffledFree from disturbance by heavy waves Happily he lay there, his disposition unruffled.
unrulyOf persons It’s rather unruly and the examples are a bit of a hodgepodge.
unsaddledWith no saddle He rode on an unsaddled camel accompanied by his only daughter.
unsafeLacking in security or safety Prisoners are malnourished and often kept in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.
unsaidNot made explicit It’s too true to be left unsaid.
unsalableImpossible to sell The feeding wound often spoils and renders the fruit unsalable.
unsalariedNot paying a salary They serve unsalaried by choice.
unsaleableImpossible to sell In 1841 a period of depression led to cattle becoming almost unsaleable.
unsaltedWithout salt or seasoning The admin who unsalted the namespace is sympathetic of the mj situation.
unsanctifiedNot holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled His third sin was that he used the unsanctified meat of his kill as food.
unsanctionedWithout explicit official permission If a copy is unsanctioned, it’s a copyright violation.
unsandedUsed of wood and furniture
unsanitaryNot sanitary or healthful Crowded, unsanitary, and busy, the institution appears terrible to petey.
unsaponifiedNot converted into soap There are typically also unsaponified wax esters present in isopropyl jojobate.
unsarcasticNot sarcastic Now, using this kind of speech structure is both sarcastic and unsarcastic.
unsatedNot having been satisfied
unsatiableImpossible to satisfy The two initially create an unsatiable sexual appetite for each other.
unsatiatedNot having been satisfied The prince of ales has had unsatiated curiosity about him, but in vain.
unsatisfactoryNot giving satisfaction The results were unsatisfactory.
unsatisfiableNot capable of being satisfied This can be analyzed to produce a smaller unsatisfiable core.
unsatisfiedWorried and uneasy He was, however, unsatisfied with the performance of the ship.
unsatisfyingNot up to expectations That’s a deeply unsatisfying thing.
unsaturatedNot chromatically pure; diluted Finally, only unsaturated chains are chosen.
unsavedIn danger of the eternal punishment of hell But the farm laborer became very scared and left the virgins unsaved.
unsavoryMorally offensive The message did have an aggressive and unsavory tone.
unsavouryNot pleasing in odor or taste It was a very unsavoury incident.
unscalableIncapable of being ascended This is an unenforceable and unscalable standard.
unscathedNot injured The fresco survived the war unscathed but it was destroyed in the 1950s.
unscheduledNot scheduled or not on a regular schedule This led to an immediate unscheduled raid on their cottage.
unscholarlyNot scholarly Stop inserting unscholarly and lachrymose bs.
unschooledLacking in schooling As i said, leaving it in can mislead the unschooled ones astray.
unscientificNot consistent with the methods or principles of science The biography section is especially adoring unscientific content.
unscriptedNot furnished with or using a script But harkin’s objection was neither unscripted nor purely semantic.
unscrupulousWithout scruples or principles Montagu was no less avaricious than unscrupulous.
unsealedNot closed or secured with or as if with a seal For this reason, the area’s roading is largely unsealed.
unseamanlikeNot seamanlike To over canvass a sailing boat is considered unseamanlike and imprudent.
unseamedHaving no seams Each segment is separately upholstered by an unseamed upholstery segment.
unseasonableNot in keeping with (and usually undesirable for) the season I exhort you, be ye not an unseasonable kindness to me.
unseasonedNot tried or tested by experience I am relatively unseasoned atwikipedia.
unseaworthyUnfit for a voyage The damage was so great that the ship remained unseaworthy for several years.
unsectarianNot restricted to one sect or school or party- bertrand russell
unsecuredWithout financial security Seems to be fine, but is unsecured.
unseductiveNot seductive
unseeableImpossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye If i go to india, the indians might make me unseeable just for being black.
unseededNot have a crop sown on it A first seed never has won here, a fun house for the unseeded.
unseeingLacking sight Skin ash grey, eyes open and unseeing.
unseemlyNot in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society It makes the table of contents look unseemly.
unseenNot observed The incident went unseen by the referee and his two linesmen.
unsegmentedHaving a body that is not divided into segments Trained with the unsegmented source language.
unsegregatedRid of segregation; having had segregation ended It’s much easier to deal with a single, unsegregated list.
unselectedNot selected He was projected to be selected in the seventh round or go unselected.
unselectiveNot selective or discriminating The bibliography section is getting too long and unselective.
unselfconsciousNot self-conscious You have to love the unselfconscious way the baughmans just do it .
unselfishNot greedy He is presented as a kind, unselfish and caring person.
unsensationalNot of such character as to arouse intense interest, curiosity, or emotional reaction
unsentNot dispatched or transmitted Fiends are the unsent who remain in spira.
unsentimentalFacing facts or difficulties realistically and with determination This is an unsentimental idea of the home.
unserviceableNot capable of being used So it could be possible and safe to operate with a unserviceable reverser.
unservileNot servile or submissive
unsettledNot yet settled The state was unsettled.
unsexedDeprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes A male unsexed fish’s average size is .
unsexyNot sexually aroused or arousing He’s like a little, unsexy, spike in training.
unshackledNot bound by shackles and chains Evil melts quickest in the face of a rapier wit and unshackled joy.
unshadedNot having shadow represented Georgia and azerbaijan are unshaded yet.
unshadowedNot darkened or obscured by shadow- vilhjalmur stefansson
unshakableWithout flaws or loopholes Our resolution in this matter is unshakable.
unshakenUnshaken in purpose It means unshaken belief and purity of thought.
unshapedIncompletely or imperfectly shaped The clothes were unshaped and the colors restrained.
unshapelyNot well-proportioned and pleasing in shape This boulder is rugged, unshapely, and most unusual in height.
unshapenIncompletely or imperfectly shaped
unsharedNot shared So your concerns seem to be unshared by the editors involved.
unsharpenedNot sharpened The chakmak is unsharpened and is used to burnish the blade.
unshavedNot shaved Unshaved genitalia would be more representative of what is normal.
unshavenNot shaved He always appears unkempt and unshaven.
unshearedNot sheared
unsheathedNot having a protective covering Link stepped forward and unsheathed his sword.
unshelledOf animals or fruits that have no shell This is particularly true of unshelled foods, such as thistle seed and suet.
unshieldedNot protected by a shield I would also like to do so with the unshielded twisted pair article.
unshockableIncapable of being shocked He is quiet if a tad sarcastic and almost unshockable.
unshodBarefoot or wearing only sandals He ran unshod across the yard and down the street.
unshoedNot shod
unshornNot sheared Generally left unshorn for the winter, the breed is very cold hardy.
unshrinkableIncapable of being shrunk or diminished or reduced
unshrinkingNot shrinking from danger
unshutteredNot provided with shutters or having the shuttered open
unsightedUnable to see–kenneth jernigan After that there will be two imcompatible unsighted versions.
unsightlyUnpleasant to look at The tags are unsightly and unhelpful.
unsignedLacking a signature The leaflet is unsigned, nor is the photo.
unsilencedNot silenced
unsinkableIncapable of being sunk Roo buys the unsinkable in a action without grandfathers permission.
unsizedNot having the surface treated or coated with sizing Neck ties are generally unsized, but may be available in a longer size.
unskilledNot doing a good job This is due to the use of unskilled manpower.
unskillfulPoorly done French drivers are adventurous and even aggressive, but not unskillful.
unsleepingFully awake
unslopedIn a vertical position; not sloping
unsmilingNot smiling The unsmiling faces of the people on the ship is also an observable fact.
unsmoothHaving or caused by an irregular surface
unsmoothedNot having been made smooth by having hands run over the surface Both the smoothed and unsmoothed plot are shown.
unsnarledStraightened out The cable often got snarled and had to be unsnarled by hand.
unsociableNot inclined to society or companionship But generally i’m a bit dour and unsociable.
unsocialNot seeking or given to association; being or living without companions It is true that japanese people do not waste time in unnecessary gossip, but they are not unsocial.
unsoiledWithout soil or spot or stain
unsoldNot disposed of by purchase There are still unsold copies remaining.
unsoldierlyNot conforming to military standards
unsolicitedNot asked for Completely unsolicited and inappropriate.
unsolubleNot easily solved- c.l.jones
unsolvableNot solved The crimes remain unsolved.
unsolvedNot solved The details of the murder case remain unsolved.
unsophisticatedNot wise in the ways of the world- kate o’brien Torture was rare and unsophisticated.
unsortedNot arranged according to size This is the unsorted list of countries by inflation rate.
unsoughtNot desired Honors must come to him unsought if they were to come at all.
unsoundPhysically unsound or diseased The article is fundamentally unsound and needs total deletion.
unsoundableToo deep to determine the depth of
unsoundedNot made to sound The unsounded notes were dampened by the fingers of the left hand.
unsouredNot having turned bad
unsownNot have a crop sown on it Reasons for him doing these things are unsown.
unspacedArranged without spaces between If they are supposed to be unspaced, the input should be unspaced, too.
unsparingVery generous This nuanced but unsparing book gives a bill of particulars.
unspeakableDefying expression or description His brother is in the mental hospital and is unspeakable and non movable.
unspecialisedNot specialized or modified for a particular purpose or function There are other words also like ‘ladder’ etc. unspecialised terms.
unspecializedNot specialized or modified for a particular purpose or function Among members of the iguanurinae it is described as relatively unspecialized.
unspecificNot detailed or specific Some of the writing is unspecific and unclear.
unspecifiedNot stated explicitly or in detail The date and method of redemption for the bonds was unspecified in the bill.
unspectacularNot spectacular Shuwa’s style was unspectacular but thoroughly professional.
unspentNot spent Some unspent action points will also be carried over to the next round.
unspoiledNot decayed or decomposed The scenery is exceptional, with a backdrop of unspoiled arctic nature.
unspoiltNot left to spoil Much of the county is scenic and unspoilt.
unspokenExpressed without speech- emily dickinson- thomas wolfe Secrets left unspoken, until now….
unsportingViolating accepted standards or rules This means it is unsporting to use a bot in this fashion.
unsportsmanlikeViolating accepted standards or rules Anything more unsportsmanlike it would be difficult to conceive.
unspottedWithout soil or spot or stain The well developed webbing of the toes is bright orange red and unspotted.
unstableAffording no ease or reassurance Both the sulfur and the oxygen are thermodynamically unstable.
unstagedNot performed on the stage There also arose a trend for unstaged opera.
unstainedNot having a coating of stain or varnish Leave no shirt unstained.
unstarredNot marked with an asterisk
unstatedNot made explicit The grounds for the rfc ‘as unstated’ are not.
unstatesmanlikeNot statesmanlike
unsteadyNot firmly or solidly positioned The offensive scheme was unsteady and unspectacular.
unsterilisedNot sterilized
unsterilizedNot sterilized Finally, it would be a hazard to prison personnel to use unsterilized equipment.
unstiltedFlowing naturally and continuously
unstimulatingNot stimulating I work in a tragically unstimulating office job, while i get a psychology bsc.
unstintedVery generous He dreamt big and worked with an unstinted focus to make his dreams come true.
unstintingVery generous Contemporaries of edwards have been unstinting in their praise of his abilities.
unstirredNot agitated by stirring Electrodes are static and sit in unstirred solutions during cyclic voltammetry.
unstoppableNot capable of being stopped At one point it looked unstoppable.
unstopperedHaving the stopper removed
unstrainedNot resulting from undue effort; not forced May be served strained or unstrained.
unstratifiedNot deposited in layers Unstratified seeds may take up to two years to germinate, if they do so at all.
unstressedNot bearing a stress or accent The fixation of the stress led to sound changes in unstressed syllables.
unstructuredLacking definite structure or organization A herd is by definition relatively unstructured.
unstrungEmotionally upset I mean, it’s no wonder she was so unstrung.
unstuckFree Hopefully we can get this unstuck, finally.
unstudiedNot by design or artifice; unforced and impromptu If the subject is unstudied, as you claim, the reader’s assumption is false.
unstudiousNot studious
unstylishNot in accord with or not following current fashion Clearly, the unstylish, klutzy bookworm has existed throughout history.
unsuasibleNot susceptible to persuasion
unsubdividedOf leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
unsubduableImpossible to subdue
unsubduedNot brought under control
unsubmissiveNot servile or submissive
unsubstantialLacking material form or substance; unreal Gerner can let appear clemens’ accusations as unsubstantial.
unsubstantiatedUnsupported by other evidence It has vituperative, unsubstantiated material about the nehru gandhi family.
unsubtleLacking subtlety; obvious The category system is too unsubtle for this sort of usage to be appropriate.
unsuccessfulFailing to accomplish an intended result His pistol misfired and the attempt was unsuccessful.
unsufferableUsed of persons or their behavior You people are the reason editingwikipedia is so unsufferable.
unsugaredWith no sugar added I’d like to be the flattened unsugared version of me.
unsuitableNot conducive to good moral development The number of members increased and the original house was now unsuitable.
unsuitedNot easy to combine harmoniously But the material selected is distinctly unsuited to her.
unsulliedFree from blemishes I am presenting a fresh, unsullied view.
unsungHaving value that is not acknowledged Maybe it’s one of the unsung proto punk albums of the 70s.
unsupervisedNot supervised or under constant observation Unsupervised manner like giza .
unsupportableNot able to be supported or defended Some parts of the luce detail are unsupportable though.
unsupportedNot held up or borne At the trial, the judge commented that the accusation was unsupported.
unsupportiveNot furnishing support or assistance Her mother is unsupportive and more interested in dating than her daughter.
unsuppressedGiven vent to This band must not be left unsuppressed.
unsureLacking self-confidence Everyone i knew who used the reverent word was almost as unsure and insecure.
unsurmountableIncapable of being surmounted or climbed There is an unsurmountable flaw in the entire proposal.
unsurpassableNot capable of being improved on He was unsurpassed at the time for type and production.
unsurpassedNot capable of being improved on He was unsurpassed at the time for type and production.
unsurprisedNot surprised or expressing surprise Frankly, i’d be unsurprised if you remember none of this ….
unsurprisingNot causing surprise In this context, it’s unsurprising there was an rfc.
unsusceptibleNot susceptible to
unsuspectedNot suspected or believed likely She later finds love with an unsuspected person.
unsuspectingNot knowing or expecting; not thinking likely They send an unthreatening email to an unsuspecting recipient.
unsuspiciousNot suspicious He is banned, not merely banned unless he’s making unsuspicious edits.
unswayedNot influenced or affected- v.l.parrington I am unswayed by the opposes, but rather remain confident in the above answers.
unsweetModerately dry Refilling a half full glass of sweet tea with unsweet tea ruins the mixture.
unsweetenedNot made sweet Related to unsweetened cranberry juice.
unsweptNot swept or having sweep It was a single bay biplane with unswept and unstaggered wings.
unswervingFirm and dependable especially in loyalty He has to be unswerving, uncompromising, and unadjustable.
unswornNot bound by or stated on oath Von einem closed his unsworn statement by again claiming his innocence.
unsyllabicNot forming a syllable or the nucleus of a syllable; consisting of a consonant sound accompanied in the same syllable by a vowel sound or consisting of a vowel sound dominated by other vowel sounds in a syllable (as the second vowel in
unsyllabledNot articulated in syllables
unsymbolicNot standing for something else
unsymmetricLacking symmetry That was sufficient roll authority to counteract the unsymmetric lift.
unsymmetricalLacking symmetry An unsymmetrical basket design is disclosed for an orbital clothes washer.
unsympatheticTending to evoke antipathetic feelings Perhaps to an unsympathetic rigidly doctrinaire pov.
unsympathisingNot showing or expressing sympathy
unsympathizingNot showing or expressing sympathy
unsynchronisedNot occurring together The gearbox originally had three gears, the first unsynchronised.
unsynchronizedNot occurring together Many areas that wish to share power have unsynchronized networks.
unsynchronousNot occurring together Don’t confuse unsynchronous with non synchronous.
unsystematicLacking systematic arrangement or method or organization This is sometimes referred to as unsystematic risk .
untactfulLacking or showing a lack of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others
untaggedLacking a label or tag The use of credit factors is a useful approach to estimating a reliable stochastic language model from untagged corpora which axe noisy by nature.
untaintedFree from blemishes Let the definition stand untainted.
untalentedDevoid of talent; not gifted Completely untalented in this art of political niceties.
untalkativeTemperamentally disinclined to talk He has been described as shy and untalkative with foreigners.
untamedIn a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated The five senses are untamed and roam uncontrollably.
untannedNot converted to leather by a tanning agent
untapedNot recorded on film or tape
untappedNot drawn upon or used- g.r.harrison There was no untapped reserve of occasional playgoers.
untarnishedFree from blemishes The untarnished elemental calcium cannot be told from any other silvery metal.
untastedStill full
untaughtLacking in schooling Landing on water isn’t exactly an untaught skill.
untaxedNot taxed The first two are untaxed, and are used for official expenditures.
untechnicalNot characteristic of or skilled in applied arts and sciences I agree though it seems a bit untechnical.
untellableDefying expression or description I have untellable fear of leg injury.
untemperedNot brought to a proper consistency or hardness A first blower supplies untempered makeup air.
untemptingNot appealing to the senses
untenableIncapable of being defended or justified However, the success was fleeting as the position proved untenable.
untenantedNot leased to or occupied by a tenant
untendedLacking care and attention Consequently many wounded were left untended in the open.
untestedNot yet proved or subjected to testing This hypothesis remains untested.
untetheredNot confined or restricted with a tether Mule pack strings enter the arena, and are unloaded and untethered.
unthankfulNot feeling or showing gratitude- shakespeare
unthawedStill frozen
untheatricalNot suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater
unthematicNot relating to a melodic subject
unthinkableIncapable of being conceived or considered It is not unthinkable to alter the structure of the article.
unthinkingNot exhibiting or characterized by careful thought The warrior must be strong, yet not unthinking and unfeeling.
unthoughtSo unexpected as to have not been imagined The requests on the article seem rather unthought through.
unthoughtfulNot exhibiting or characterized by careful thought Perhaps it was not you, as the vandalism was quite unthoughtful and immature.
unthreateningNot unfriendly or threatening She’s well groomed, well dressed, unthreatening.
untidyNot neat and tidy I think the caption floating above the infobox looks quite untidy.
untilledNot plowed or harrowed or hoed
untimberedLacking timbers
untimelyUncommonly early or before the expected time He continued to edit the magazine until his untimely death in 1985.
untippedNot provided with a special tip The picture is of an untipped cow, little more.
untiredWith unreduced energy
untiringCharacterized by hard work and perseverance For the untiring entrepreneur, this was a major sacrifice.
untitledNot of the nobility Album mentioned in the article is untitled and unreleased.
untoastedNot having been browned by exposure to heat I’m not that big on untoasted bread, unless it’s really good bread.
untoldOf an incalculable amount The man enslaved untold thousands of people
untoothedHaving no notches All of the leaves are untoothed.
untouchableImpossible to assail The council’s principles by now are untouchable.
untouchedNot influenced or affected- v.l.parrington The compound of the school is untouched with greenery.
untoughenedPhysically untoughened
untowardNot in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society I just looked at the article and didn’t see anything untoward there.
untraceableIncapable of being traced or tracked down It is completely untraceable, the back of the photo is blank.
untrackedLacking pathways The patriots meanwhile never got untracked en route to a 5 11 season.
untraditionalNot conforming to or in accord with tradition Also has an untraditional esp emblem on the headstock.
untrainedNot disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training A bored, untrained dachshund will become destructive.
untrammeledNot confined or limited- russell lord- farley mowat It is a state of permanent untrammeled bliss.
untrammelledNot confined or limited- russell lord- farley mowat We would preserve these interdependencies untrammelled and inviolate.
untransferableIncapable of being transferred
untranslatableNot capable of being put into another form or style or language It was the word i was interested in as an untranslatable.
untransmutableNot capable of being changed into something else
untraveledNot traveled over or through I don’t mind the place, i just see it different from untraveled folk.
untravelledNot traveled over or through
untraversableIncapable of being traversed
untraversedNot traveled over or through
untreatedNot treated with a reagent or dye If untreated, infection can be chronic.
untriedNot tried or tested by experience It is the great untried military operation.
untrimmedNot trimmed Pulps were printed on cheap paper with ragged, untrimmed edges.
untrodLacking pathways On untrod land, on unsail’d sea,
untroddenLacking pathways This was due the caravan taking an untrodden unknown route.
untroubledFree from turmoil or worries She remained untroubled.
untrueNot dependable in devotion or affection; unfaithful The origin of the story proved untrue.
untrustingOpenly distrustful and unwilling to confide The normally shy and untrusting grey jungle fowl can be spotted here.
untrustworthyNot worthy of trust or belief Are bureaucrats inherently untrustworthy and liable to harm the encyclopedia
untrustyNot worthy of trust or belief They are the servant class but untrusty and unworthy.
untruthfulNot expressing or given to expressing the truth The contents are salacious, malicious and untruthful.
untuckedLacking tucks or not being tucked Members of the untucked committee include students and a member of the faculty.
untuftedNot adorned with tufts
untunefulNot having a musical sound or pleasing tune
unturnedNot turned These are stones best left unturned.
untutoredLacking in schooling It lacks sufficient context for readers untutored in law and corporate theory.
untwistedNot twisted; formerly twisted but now straight Talk whole and untwisted truths please.
untypicalNot representative of a group, class, or type This may be a completely untypical example.
ununderstoodNot understood- psychiatry
unusableNot capable of being used Demilitarization makes the fissile material unusable in weapons.
unuseableNot capable of being used Amounts of unuseable solid material from juicing are enormous.
unusedNot yet used or soiled The easiest way to do that is to simply unplug the unused devices.
unusualNot commonly encountered An irruption is the unusual occurrence.
unutterableVery difficult to pronounce correctly What links the city and the frosty desert here is the unutterable itself.
unutteredNot made explicit
unvaccinatedNot vaccinated The discharge is highly contagious to other unvaccinated ferrets and canines.
unvaluedHaving value that is not acknowledged So please don’t make me feel that my opinion is unvalued.
unvanedNot equipped with feathers
unvanquishableIncapable of being overcome or subdued
unvanquishedNot conquered Thus, out of the depths rises unvanquished the essential idealism of renan.
unvariedLacking variety Aberrations remain unvaried even when focusing onto a nearby object.
unvarnishedFree from any effort to soften to disguise You get it in full, unvarnished form.
unvaryingAlways the same; showing a single form or character in all occurrences He had almost unvarying success through sixty years of fighting.
unvendibleNot fit for sale
unventedNot provided with vents It also covers safety requirements in respect of unvented hot water systems.
unventilatedNot ventilated Suppose i have a unventilated room in which i place a quantity of ice.
unverbalisedNot made explicit
unverbalizedNot made explicit
unverifiableNot objective or easily verified Unencyclopaedic and unverifiable.
unverifiedLacking proof or substantiation Until then, unverified is unverified and it deems inclusion.
unversedNot having had extensive practice The academy of plato had the motto, let none unversed in geometry enter here .
unvigilantNot alert to what is potentially dangerous
unvindictiveNot vindictive
unvitrifiedLacking a vitreous finish
unvoicedNot made explicit The unvoiced stops are typically aspirated.
unvoluntaryNot subject to the control of the will- john f.kennedy Mr muis did not go on sick leave, unvoluntary or otherwise.
unvulcanisedNot subjected to the process of vulcanization
unvulcanizedNot subjected to the process of vulcanization The method used in whole or in part, accelerated but unvulcanized rubber.
unwantedNot wanted; not needed But the monks come to the rescue of their unwanted guests.
unwarmedNot having been heated or warmed
unwarrantableIncapable of being justified or explained Upon his sensitive spirit this unwarrantable violence produced a violent effect.
unwarrantedWithout a basis in reason or fact I think the deletion of the page is unwarranted.
unwaryNot alert to danger or deception- o.j.campbell They are there to protect the unwary.
unwashedOf or associated with the great masses of people It is commonly presented in the unwashed or raw state.
unwatchfulNot alert to what is potentially dangerous They might be undetectable to the unwatchful eye, but they are there.
unwaveringMarked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable He was always a consistent and unwavering democrat.
unwaxedNot waxed Dental floss may be flavored or unflavored, and waxed or unwaxed.
unweanedNot weaned The title implies that tv watching is analogous with being unweaned.
unwearableNot suitable for wear or able to be worn
unweariedWith unreduced energy Carneades is described as a man of unwearied industry.
unwearyWith unreduced energy To go further is pride, and a trap set for the unweary.
unwearyingShowing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality
unweatheredNot worn by exposure to the weather Unweathered basalt is black or grey.
unwebbedNot webbed The rough frogs’ hands are unwebbed and the feet are webbed at the base.
unwedOf someone who has not been married He was the son of an unwed mother.
unweddedOf someone who has not been married
unwelcomeNot welcome Invasion implies an unwelcome encroachment for conquest.
unwellSomewhat ill or prone to illness All the artists attended the retreat apart from chris tomlin, who was unwell.
unwholesomeDetrimental to physical or moral well-being The roots of the unwholesome are greed, hate and delusion.
unwieldyLacking grace in movement or posture The list is getting way too unwieldy and large for the good of the article.
unwilledWithout deliberate volition
unwillingIn spite of contrary volition Rogge, unwilling to cause noncombatant casualties, declined to attack.
unwiseShowing or resulting from lack of judgment or wisdom The last comment posted is ridiculous unwise and sensless.
unwishedNot welcome Latest copyediting by anon ip added an unwished for wordiness to the article.
unwittingUnaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge The unwitting victim would then exit, unaware of the switch.
unwomanlyNot womanly Probably derived from, alluding to an unwomanly body shape.
unwontedOut of the ordinary Soon, however, the entire community was put to an unwonted test.
unwoodedNot wooded
unworkableNot capable of being carried out or put into practice A good theory, but unworkable in practice.
unworkmanlikeNot characteristic of or suitable for a good workman
unworldlyNot concerned with the temporal world or swayed by mundane considerations- sheldon cheney The unworldly sounds terrified the enemies and drove them away.
unworriedFree of trouble and worry and care By the way, i am unworried by balloonman’s oppose.
unworthyNot deserving His tactics are indeed abhorrent and disgraceful and unworthy of an admin.
unwoundedNot wounded About 1 in 2 men would return alive and unwounded from the trenches.
unwovenNot woven They have an unwoven fringe and a strip of red feathers.
unwrinkledNot wrinkled or creased Umeboshi are usually round, and vary from unwrinkled to very wrinkled.
unwrittenSaid or done without having been planned or written in advance However, that was stricly against the unwritten rules of the middle class.
unyieldingResistant to physical force or pressure I place my full and unyielding trust in his abilities.

Adjectives That Start with UP (38 Words)

upOpen I tried to google him, and the high school pops up incessantly.
up-and-comingOf the relatively near future Where is this raptor coming from
up-or-downFilled with melancholy and despondency These are solitary birds which tend to skulk low down or on the ground.
upbeatPleasantly (even unrealistically) optimistic The song is an upbeat house tune espousing the pleasures of dancing.
upboundHeading in any direction that is conventionally up
upcomingOf the relatively near future He created the storybook of the upcoming martyrs remake.
upcountryOf or coming from the middle of a region or country A regional office based in lahore caters for upcountry shipping requirements.
upcurvedCurving upward The trunk is vertical and branches horizontal to upcurved.
upendedTurned up on end The next morning, he finds an upended crab and he rights her.
upfieldAway from the defending teams’ end of the playing field The running back continues to move upfield as if he has the ball in his hands.
upfrontFrank and honest The major disadvantage is the upfront cost.
uphillSloping upward The lift slides them uphill on the surface.
uplandUsed of high or hilly country They breed in upland broadleaf woodland.
upmarketDesigned for consumers with high incomes- new yorker I see no reason why nokia upmarket subbrand vertu shouldn’t get one too.
upmostAt or nearest to the top This is a question of upmost importance regarding style.
upperThe topmost one of two The upper quartile value is the median of the upper half of the data.
upper-classOccupying the highest socioeconomic position in a society The acolyte class is the standard healing class in ragnarok online.
uppercaseRelating to capital letters which were kept in the top half of a compositor’s type case Our lapidary inscriptions are all in uppercase letters.
uppermostAt or nearest to the top The article to be loaded is placed on the pedestal in the uppermost position.
uppishOverly conceited or arrogant-laurent le sage
uppityPresumptuously arrogant- s.v.benet- ny times But it’s not something i’m going to get uppity about.
upraisedHeld up in the air Success in the radio listener, csb upraised to the cinema.
uprightIn a vertical position; not sloping The upright riding position is gentle on the wrists.
uproariousMarked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter I’d skipped that video but i agree now, quite uproarious.
upscaleAppropriate for people with good incomes The interior is very spacious and upscale.
upsetUsed of an unexpected defeat of a team favored to win Are players typically upset or anguished when they lose the game
upsettingCausing an emotional disturbance- herb caen It is upsetting to see the accusation.
upstageOf the back half of a stage The staffs were standing upstage.
upstairOn or of upper floors of a building But this pigeons are staying in sankarachary house upstair.
upstairsOn or of upper floors of a building The stairway rises from the hall to the upstairs bedrooms.
upstandingMeriting respect or esteem A fine, upstanding gentleman and an excellent captain.
upstartCharacteristic of someone who has risen economically or socially but lacks the social skills appropriate for this new position He is known as an upstart.
upstreamIn the direction against a stream’s current The ghaghara is the furthest upstream in the dolphin range.
uptightBeing in a tense state As was just said, the french are not as uptight.
uptownOf or located in the upper part of a town The uptown area is currently under development.
upturnedHaving been turned so that the bottom is no longer the bottom Etymology. and, the upturned fish seeming to stare skywards.
upwardExtending or moving toward a higher place She told her mother the numbness was spreading upward.
upwindTowards the side exposed to wind Tacking is essential when sailing upwind.

Adjectives That Start with UR (15 Words)

uraemicOf or involving excess nitrogenous waste products in the urine (usually due to kidney insufficiency) Atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome.
urbanRelating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area It serves kindergarten and elementary school in the urban part of the city.
urbaneShowing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience It’s literate and, if forceful, still urbane.
urbanisedMade urban in nature; taking on urban characteristics Despite this, it is not heavily urbanised.
urbanizedMade urban in nature; taking on urban characteristics La is an example of an urbanized area.
urceolateUrn-shaped; large below and contracted toward the mouth They are urceolate to ovate in shape.
uremicOf or involving excess nitrogenous waste products in the urine (usually due to kidney insufficiency) It can be used with uremic induced platelet dysfunction.
urethralOf or relating to the urethra One use is in diagnosis of urethral stricture.
urgentCompelling immediate action Given the urgent need for housing in the region, the town agreed.
uricIn or relating to or obtained from urine Inosine can be used to elevate uric acid levels.
uricosuricActing to increase the excretion of uric acid in the urine The uricosuric agent probenecid proved to be suitable.
urinaryOf or relating to the function or production or secretion of urine Bladder augmentation is a surgical alteration of the urinary bladder.
urogenitalOf or relating to the urinary and reproductive systems A urogenital neoplasm is a tumor of the urogenital system.
ursineOf or relating to or similar to bears At one point lupo had an ursine appearance, looking like a blue bear.
uruguayanOf or relating to or characteristic of uruguay or its people The ball was clearly in but denied by the uruguayan linesman.

Adjectives That Start with US (8 Words)

usableFit or ready for use or service The addition more than doubled the usable square footage of the building.
useableCapable of being put to use The usable portion of the tube is ninety feet deep.
usedOf persons; taken advantage of In general, if the object is definite, the accusative must be used.
usefulHaving a useful function This again would be a helpful and useful service provided by the salesperson.
uselessHaving no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully Without lubricity, it is useless.
usualOccurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure There was never the usual rapport.
usufructuaryOf or relating to the nature of a usufruct Use based rights are usufructuary, fully transferable to anyone.
usuriousGreatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation Such rates of interest are usurious.

Adjectives That Start with UT (12 Words)

uterineOf or involving the uterus Importantly, it contains the uterine artery and uterine vein.
utileBeing of use or service The aim is to write utile encyclopedia articles.
utilisedPut to use A useful and utilised frozen page perhaps.
utilitarianHaving utility often to the exclusion of values The effect is utilitarian and bland.
utilityCapable of substituting in any of several positions on a team The suspects impersonate utility or tree service workers.
utilizableCapable of being put to a profitable or practical use There is no even clearly formulated proof of something utilizable in adc.
utmostOf the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity This church views the shedding of human blood with the utmost abhorrence.
utopianCharacterized by or aspiring to impracticable perfection A utopian group who had to resettle.
utterComplete The utter uncanny diabolical schemes of that evil kabal.
utterableCapable of being uttered in words or sentences Some things just aren’t utterable in english.
utteredWithout qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers; The egregious thing to me is the utter lack of remorse.
uttermostMost remote in space or time or order The attack ist the uttermost sad fact and not doubted at all.

Adjectives That Start with UV, UX, UZ (6 Words)

uvealOf or relating to the uvea of the eye A study found no association between alcohol and uveal melanoma.
uveousOf or relating to the uvea of the eye
uvularOf or relating to or associated with the uvula The uvular trill or drop it altogether.
uxorialBefitting or characteristic of a wife
uxoriousFoolishly fond of or submissive to your wife
uzbekistaniOf or relating to or characteristic of uzbekistan or its people or culture They play in the top division in uzbekistani football.

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