250+ Adjectives That Start with V: a List of Words with Meaning and Examples

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Adjectives That Start with VA (61 Words)

vacantWithout an occupant or incumbent Love comes back to his vacant dwelling.
vacillantUncertain in purpose or action
vacillatingUncertain in purpose or action At the end however, emir habibullah went back to his vacillating inactivity.
vacuolateFormed into or containing one or more vacuoles or small membrane-bound cavities within a cell
vacuolatedFormed into or containing one or more vacuoles or small membrane-bound cavities within a cell There is scanty, variable basophilic cytoplasm which may be vacuolated.
vacuousDevoid of matter He is vacuous and stupid.
vagabondContinually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another By the 19th century the vagabond was associated more closely with bohemianism.
vagalOf or relating to the vagus nerve A decrease in vagal tone and increase in sympathetic tone is the cause.
vagileHaving freedom to move about
vaginalOf or relating to the vagina The vaginal opening, to be precise.
vagrantContinually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another Should he be added to the list of vagrant bishops
vagueNot clearly understood or expressed-anatole broyard- p.a.so The title of the article is too vague.
vaguestNot precisely limited, determined, or distinguished I know the law is purposefully vague.
vainCharacteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance He always ends in vain to make all the plans.
vaingloriousFeeling self-importance I think he left the project in a vainglorious huff.
valedictoryOf or relating to an occasion or expression of farewell At lawndale high’s graduation, jodie gives the valedictory address.
valentHaving valence; usually used in combination Additionally, low valent metal alkoxides are susceptible to oxidation by air.
valetudinarianOf or relating to or characteristic of a person who is a valetudinarian
valetudinaryOf or relating to or characteristic of a person who is a valetudinarian
valiantHaving or showing valor The hero is known to be valiant.
validWell grounded in logic or truth or having legal force The content is valid and suitably referenced.
validatoryServing to support or corroborate
valorousHaving or showing valor Rajendra ii was as valorous as his brave father and was a born leader of men.
valuableHaving worth or merit or value The region has valuable mollusk fisheries.
valuedHaving value of a specified kind She was both valued and valueless.
valuelessOf no value It is as valueless to him as is disease.
valvedHaving valves Aptichus were found in place are double valved.
valvularRelating to or operating by means of valves His research has involved coronary, valvular and myocardial disease.
vanedEquipped with feathers Some darts have a round cross section, others are bladed or vaned.
vanillaPlain and without any extras or adornments It is a representation of the average color of vanilla.
vanquishableSusceptible to being defeated
vapidLacking taste or flavor or tang Honestly, the patriotically vapid people exhaust me.
vaporificCapable of being volatilized
vaporizableCapable of being volatilized C. and vaporizable at a temperature above about 60.degree.
vaporousFilled with vapor The total carryover is a sum of the mechanical and vaporous carryover.
vapourificCapable of being volatilized
vapourisableCapable of being volatilized
vapourisedConverted into a gas or vapor Basically, it models how well water is available to be vapourised.
vapourishResembling or characteristic of vapor
vapourousFilled with vapor
variableMarked by diversity or difference The aggression of the knit balls is variable.
variantExhibiting variation and change Note the variant spellings of the river.
varicelliformResembling the rash of chickenpox It is also known as kaposi varicelliform eruption.
varicoloredHaving a variety of colors Its varicolored roots have grown in for all to see and for all to reckon with.
varicolouredHaving a variety of colors
varicoseAbnormally swollen or knotty Ambulatory phlebectomy is a treatment for superficial varicose veins.
variedWidely different The quality of the games varied.
variegatedHaving a variety of colors Originally from the sanksrit chitra, means variegated or speckled.
variformVarying in form or shape The variform fruit usually has firm flesh and straw colored seeds.
variolarRelating to small pox
variolicRelating to small pox
variolousRelating to small pox
variousOf many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity It is composed of various minerals.
varyingMarked by diversity or difference Varying the style may avoid monotony.
vascularOf or relating to or having vessels that conduct and circulate fluids The combination of vascular tumor and consumptive thrombocytopenia defines kms.
vasiformConstituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids) The roof line is crowned with a vasiform balustrade.
vasomotorRelating to the nerves and muscles that cause the blood vessels to constrict or dilate Lange specifically stated that vasomotor changes are emotions.
vastUnusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope However, the vast majority are peaceful and inoffensive.
vaticResembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy
vaticalResembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy
vaultedHaving a hemispherical vault or dome It was originally vaulted at the second floor and the roof.

Adjectives That Start with VE (76 Words)

vedicOf or relating to the vedas or to the ancient sanskrit in which they were written There was nothing vedic or anti vedic about it.
vegetalCharacterized by asexual processes The vaults are painted with spiraling vegetal motifs.
vegetativeCharacterized by asexual processes The cornices has vegetative decoration.
vegetiveOf or relating to an activity that is passive and monotonous
vehementCharacterized by great force or energy Criticism of journalism is varied and sometimes vehement.
vehicularOf or relating to or intended for (motor) vehicles The crossing is only for vehicular traffic.
veiledHaving or as if having a veil or concealing cover There was no attempt to be veiled.
veinalRelating to the veins of plants
veinedHaving or showing markings that resemble veins The wares have a distinctive veined or appearance.
veinlikeHaving or showing markings that resemble veins
velarProduced with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate (as `k’ in `cat’ and `g’ in `gun’ and `ng’ in `sing’) Ejective velar lateral affricate.
velvetSmooth and soft to sight or hearing or touch or taste Seats are covered with plush red velvet.
velvetyResembling velvet in having a smooth soft surface The surface of the fruit feels fuzzy and velvety.
venalCapable of being corrupted Great tactics though do not disguise venal conduct and blatant abuse of power.
vendibleFit to be offered for sale Mercenary, corrupt. vendible adj.
venerableImpressive by reason of age He was a member of the venerable family of the annii regilli.
venerealOf or relating to the external sex organs He is remembered for coining the term venereal disease.
venetianOf or relating to or characteristic of venice or its people It had a bold venetian exterior.
venezuelanOf or relating to or characteristic of venezuela or its people Mandoca is the equivalent to a venezuelan pretzel.
vengefulDisposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge- shakespeare- m.r.cohen As an aberdonian, just be thankful a vengeful sheep didn’t gambol past.
venialEasily excused or forgiven Both mortal and venial sins have a dual nature of punishment.
venomedFull of malice or hate
venomousMarked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful It’s nothing but venomous mean spirited swill.
venoseHaving or showing markings that resemble veins
venousOf or contained in or performing the function of the veins The venous blood picks up oxygen for distribution throughout the body.
ventralToward or on or near the belly (front of a primate or lower surface of a lower animal) A fecal groove extends the length of the ventral midline of the abdomen.
ventricoseHaving a swelling on one side The inner surface of the pitcher is glandular in the ventricose part.
ventricousHaving a swelling on one side
ventricularOf or relating to a ventricle (of the heart or brain) The overt form is characterized by ventricular tachyarrhythmias and syncope.
venturesomeDisposed to venture or take risks The most venturesome explorers intruded into the mountain.
venturousDisposed to venture or take risks He likes to take risks because he is venturous bikers.
veraciousPrecisely accurate Conversely this girl looks terrifying and will be the root of my most veracious nightmares for the next while.
verbalCommunicated in the form of words It caused sieloff to renege on his verbal commitment to play.
verbalisedCommunicated in words The verbalised questions reflect the request to the mental lexicon and the mental map the subject has got of this area.
verbatimIn precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker Here is a verbatim quote ‘nicci had no compunction about what she was doing.
verboseUsing or containing too many words At the moment the policy is unnecessarily verbose.
verbotenExcluded from use or mention Usernames similar to known vandals are verboten.
verdantCharacterized by abundance of verdure Like the rest of galicia, it is rainy and beautifully verdant.
veridicalCoinciding with reality- f.a.olafson A definitional experience should be related to veridical facts.
verifiableCapable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation Let’s stick to the verifiable and the factual.
verifiedProved to be true Lucid dreaming is verified by volitional communication during rem sleep.
verisimilarAppearing to be true or real
veritableNot counterfeit or copied A veritable triumph of the stupid
vermicularDecorated with wormlike tracery or markings A sample of nodular or vermicular cast iron has magnesium and/or cerium atoms therein neutralized by the addition of selenium or sulphur in the presence of tellurium.
vermiculateDecorated with wormlike tracery or markings The skin atrophy was referred to as vermiculate atrophoderma.
vermiculatedDecorated with wormlike tracery or markings Underparts are buff and also vermiculated.
vermiformResembling a worm; long and thin and cylindrical Our article on vermiform appendix doesn’t mention that.
vermilionOf a vivid red to reddish-orange color The vermilion snapper is often sold as red snapper.
vermillionOf a vivid red to reddish-orange color Both the median and paired fins are a bright vermillion .
verminousOf the nature of vermin; very offensive or repulsive Grau was also a strong influence on orlok’s verminous and emaciated look.
vernacularBeing or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language Most were performed in the vernacular of the country in question.
vernalSuggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh Its year zero begins near the vernal equinox of the year 78.
verrucoseCovered with warts or projections that resemble warts
versatileAble to move freely in all directions He is a versatile player who can change the course of the game.
versedThoroughly acquainted through study or experience-w.h.hudson- herbert read He was versed to some degree in the writings of arab aristotelians.
vertebralOf or relating to or constituting vertebrae There is a continuous light vertebral stripe.
vertebrateHaving a backbone or spinal column In the vertebrate, the worms enter the plerocercoid stage.
verticalAt right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line The entrance to the cavern is essentially vertical.
verticillateForming one or more whorls (especially a whorl of leaves around a stem) The leaves are simple and verticillate.
verticillatedForming one or more whorls (especially a whorl of leaves around a stem)
vertiginousHaving or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling You can dance the night away above a vertiginous drop to the crashing sea.
veryPrecisely as stated In any case, thanks very much for the copy edit and sorry for babbling so much.
vesicalOf or relating to a bladder (especially the urinary bladder) It communicates with the pudendal and vesical plexuses.
vesicantCausing blisters Dmad is a lachrymator and a vesicant.
vesicatoryCausing blisters
vesicularOf or relating to or involving vesicles Vesicular monoamine transporter.
vestalOf or relating to vesta The vestal virgins are considered one example of such.
vestedFixed and absolute and without contingency The property of the school was vested in the crown by gazette notification.
vestiaryRelating to clothing (especially vestments)
vestibularRelating to the sense of equilibrium They project to the vestibular nuclei.
vestigialNot fully developed in mature animals The article says that there are vestigial limbs.
vestmentedDressed in ceremonial garments especially clerical vestment
veteranRendered competent through trial and experience He is a veteran of the korean war.
veterinaryOf or relating to veterinarians or veterinary medicine The veterinary concern is the same as the medical.
vexatiousCausing irritation or annoyance It was a vexatious and frivolous recall.
vexingCausing irritation or annoyance The problem is puzzling and vexing.

Adjectives That Start with VI (70 Words)

viDenoting a quantity consisting of six items or units He accepted the election and took the pontifical name of paul vi.
viableCapable of life or normal growth and development In the past, the system worked to produce a viable democracy.
viaticalPertaining to the purchase of insurance policies from terminally ill policy holders
vibrantOf colors that are bright and striking Many of the homes in the area are painted in vibrant colors.
vibratoryMoving very rapidly to and fro or up and down I’m working on the controlling of a simple vibratory system …
vibrionicCaused by bacteria of the genus vibrio
vicarialOf or relating to or characteristic of a vicar
vicariousSuffered or done by one person as a substitute for another You might say, i was there in a vicarious sort of way.
vicenaryOf or relating to or based on 20
vicennialOccurring once every 20 years
viceregalOf or relating to a viceroy Post viceregal career and death.
vicinalBelonging to or limited to a vicinity Carbons containing vicinal functional groups are marked in red.
viciousAble or disposed to inflict pain or suffering A vicious struggle over the inheritance developed in the family.
victimisedOf persons; taken advantage of I feel victimised and this is totally unfair.
victorianTypical of the moral standards or conduct of the age of queen victoria Southern cemetery is a huge victorian graveyard, spanning 40 hectares.
victoriousExperiencing triumph It is, however, a euphoric and victorious battle cry.
vienneseOf or relating to or characteristic of vienna or its inhabitants The transcription of viennese has not been standardized.
vietnameseOf or relating to or characteristic of vietnam or its people or its language vietnamese boat people It examines the plight of the vietnamese after the vietnam war.
viewableCapable of being viewed Leave viewable on that article and outercourse.
viewlessNot having or expressing opinions or views
vigesimalRelating to or based on the number twenty The system is a strictly vigesimal count of tuns.
vigilantCarefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger It is important to be wakeful and vigilant.
vigorousStrong and active physically or mentally- w.h.hudson As a man he was upright, vigorous and energetic.
vileMorally reprehensible On the other hand, let see the translation of the word vile in dictionary.
villainousExtremely wicked But the villainous elements lal, vincent asokan, kill the sister and mother.
vinaceousOf the color of wine At the base the reticulation is absent, and the stem turns dark vinaceous.
vincibleSusceptible to being defeated A picture having a background or that is shaded off gradually. vincible adj.
vindicatoryOf or relating to or having the nature of retribution The man received the vindicatory action.
vindictiveDisposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge- shakespeare- m.r.cohen Here starts the vindictive evening.
vinegarishHaving a sour disposition; ill-tempered
vinegaryHaving a sour disposition; ill-tempered It will smell a touch vinegary with a ‘nuance’ of sulphur.
vinousOf or relating to wine Its behaviour is described as similar to that of vinous throated.
violableCapable of being violated They surely deserve to be informed if their computer is violable or not.
violentCharacterized by violence or bloodshed- andrea parke- thomas gray- hudson strode The story is too raunchy and violent.
violetOf a color intermediate between red and blue Other common names are the blue stingray and the violet stingray.
viralRelating to or caused by a virus The viral dna is found in the nucleus soon after infection of the cell.
virginBeing used or worked for the first time She is unmarried and is a virgin.
virginalUntouched or undefiled- l.p.smith The virginal yin to pete’s lecherous yang.
viricidalTending to destroy viruses Since both silver and especially copper has marked viricidal action.
virileCharacterized by energy and vigor He is a virile, strong and a brave man.
virologicalOf or relating to the science of virology Sorry for my being such a virological pedant.
virtualExisting in essence or effect though not in actual fact They are the members of the virtual group.
virtuosoHaving or revealing supreme mastery or skill He became one of the best known virtuoso cellists of his time.
virtuousMorally excellent There are virtuous circle and vicious circle.
virucidalTending to destroy viruses This was confirmed by the results of assays for virucidal activity.
virulentExtremely poisonous or injurious; producing venom I was hasty because of the virulent nature of the editors.
visagedHaving a face or visage as specified Visaged by the resource creators.
visceralObtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation The effect was visceral and totally immersive.
viscidHaving the sticky properties of an adhesive It is viscid when moist from a separable gelatinous pellicle.
viscoelasticHaving viscous as well as elastic properties Effect of temperature on viscoelastic behavior.
viscometricOf or relating to the measurement of viscosity
viscosimetricOf or relating to the measurement of viscosity
viscousHaving a relatively high resistance to flow It is defined as the ratio of the viscous to elastic forces.
viselikeClamped as in a vise His present viselike grip on much of the navy was doing it much harm.
visibleCapable of being seen; or open to easy view The comma is clearly visible on the poster.
visionaryNot practical or realizable; speculative He is the main visionary of the game.
visoredHaving or provided with a visor or a visor of a particular kind The latest, most recent issue uses visored and that’s all that matters.
visualRelating to or using sight The visual acuity is measured with an eye chart.
visualisedSeen in the mind as a mental image Posets are often best visualised graphically.
vitalManifesting or characteristic of life The folder contained vital information and data from the original file.
vitalizingGiving or having the power to give life and spirit- louis bromfield Instead of being vitalizing and inspiring it becomes deadly and paralysing.
vitiliginousOf or relating to or having vitiligo
vitreousHaving the surface made shiny and nonporous by fusing a vitreous solution to it It dehydrates the vitreous humor and thus lower the intraocular pressure.
vitriolicOf a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action The conflict between the two turned vitriolic.
vituperativeMarked by harshly abusive criticism I’m quite amazed at the vituperative responses given by the anon.
vivaceVery fast and lively Vivace means lively and lento means broad.
vivaciousVigorous and animated An aspiring actress, she is vivacious and worldly.
vividHaving striking color The medicines also touched off vivid, frightening hallucinations.
viviparousProducing living young (not eggs) They are viviparous they have live young.
vixenishShrewish and malicious

Adjectives That Start with VO (37 Words)

vocalFull of the sound of voices Messchaert was a singer and vocal pedagogue.
vocalicRelating to or associated with or containing a vowel 1993 ‘vocalic ablaut and aspect marking in the verb in agaw’.
vocationalOf or relating to a vocation or occupation; especially providing or undergoing training in special skills She took the vocational programs in her town.
vocativeRelating to a case used in some languages In gaelic, the vocative case causes lenition of the initial letter of names.
vociferousConspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry They are vociferous in the breeding season.
voicelessProduced without vibration of the vocal cords Voiceless labiodental affricate.
voidLacking any legal or binding force He’s pretty good at rescuing articles from consignment to the void.
voidableCapable of being rescinded or voided A nullity order is one which annuls a void or voidable civil partnership.
volantWith wings extended in a flying position She believes that her dog is volant and steady.
volarRelating to the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot The test was performed at the volar aspect of the forearm.
volatileLiable to lead to sudden change or violence Is the distillate purified fish oil or is it volatile impurities
volatilisableCapable of being volatilized
volatilisedConverted into a gas or vapor
volatilizableCapable of being volatilized
volatilizedConverted into a gas or vapor The volatilized contaminants are then either collected or thermally destroyed.
volcanicExplosively unstable The channel is the result of volcanic activity.
volitionalWith deliberate intention The cerebrum directs the conscious or volitional motor functions of the body.
voltaicPertaining to or producing electric current by chemical action A battery also needs a voltaic cell.
voltareanIn the manner of voltaire
voltarianIn the manner of voltaire The raknoir secret weapon of choice when the voltarian war is upon them.
volubleMarked by a ready flow of speech He is an open, admitted, and voluble global warming denialist.
volumedConsisting of or having a given number or kind of volumes
volumetricOf or relating to measurement by volume The volumetric tariff for each tariff block remained unchanged.
volumetricalOf or relating to measurement by volume
voluminousLarge in number or quantity (especially of discourse) He is the writer of voluminous essays.
voluntaryOf your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled Blinking is the voluntary rapid closing and opening of the eyelid.
volunteerWithout payment Any peon volunteer could clean up that confusing slop in about 14 minutes.
voluptuaryDisplaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses; He denies himself as being a voluptuary.
voluptuousDisplaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses; The lyrics express the narrator’s preference for voluptuous women.
voluteIn the shape of a coil It is the first known volute krater made of clay.
volutedIn the shape of a coil
voraciousDevouring or craving food in great quantities He became a voracious reader and took charge of the orphanage library.
votelessDeprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote
votiveDedicated in fulfillment of a vow One form of votive offering is the token offering of a coin.
vowellikeHaving characteristics of a vowel sound
voyeuristicOf or relating to voyeurs or voyeurism The story expresses a voyeuristic adoration.
voyeuristicalOf or relating to voyeurs or voyeurism

Adjectives That Start with VU (10 Words)

vulcanisedTreated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity) Unica is a vulcanised lump paper material.
vulcanizedTreated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity) The two types of rubber are vulcanized together.
vulgarBeing or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language Is there anything more redolent of vulgar erotic possibilities
vulnerableCapable of being wounded or hurt These porpoises are especially vulnerable to the surveys
vulpecularResembling or characteristic of a fox
vulpineResembling or characteristic of a fox A fast auburn vulpine hops over an idle canine.
vulturineLiving by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey
vulturousLiving by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey
vulvalOf or relating to the vulva Females have the vulva located two thirds body length and have a vulval flap.
vulvarOf or relating to the vulva About 5% of vulvar malignancy is caused by melanoma of the vulva.

Adjectives that start with the letter V is another valuable source of inspiration for those who want to make their speech and writing Vibrant and Vivid. Use them and enjoy!

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