ATLAS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for ATLAS?

Need another word that means the same as “atlas”? Find 4 synonyms and 30 related words for “atlas” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Atlas” are: atlas vertebra, telamon, book of maps, map collection

Atlas as a Noun

Definitions of "Atlas" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “atlas” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A stone carving of a male figure, used as a column to support the entablature of a Greek or Greek-style building.
  • A collection of maps in book form.
  • A Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders.
  • A figure of a man used as a supporting column.
  • A book of maps or charts.
  • The topmost vertebra of the backbone, articulating with the occipital bone of the skull.
  • The 1st cervical vertebra.
  • (Greek mythology) a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders.

Synonyms of "Atlas" as a noun (4 Words)

atlas vertebraA collection of maps in book form.
book of mapsThe sacred writings of the Christian religions.
map collectionA mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function.
telamonA figure of a man used as a supporting column.

Usage Examples of "Atlas" as a noun

  • I looked in the atlas to see where Naples was.
  • A road atlas.

Associations of "Atlas" (30 Words)

antipodalRelating to or situated on the opposite side of the earth.
Antipodal points on a sphere.
astronomerA physicist who studies astronomy.
cartographerA person who makes maps.
A cartographer in the British army.
cartographyThe science or practice of drawing maps.
chinaHousehold tableware or other objects made from china or a similar material.
She had begun to remove the breakfast china.
conquistadorAn adventurer (especially one who led the Spanish conquest of Mexico and Peru in the 16th century.
explorationA careful systematic search.
Space exploration.
geographerAn expert in the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these.
geographicalBased on or derived from the physical features of an area.
The geographical distribution of plants.
globalizeDevelop or be developed so as to make international influence or operation possible.
Building facilities overseas is part of the strategy of every company that aims to globalize.
guidedDirected by remote control or by internal equipment.
A guided missile.
intercontinentalExtending or taking place between or among continents.
Intercontinental ballistic missiles.
internationalA player who has taken part in an international game or contest.
Large international hotels.
itineraryA guidebook for travelers.
We will send you an itinerary.
itinerate(especially of a Church minister or a magistrate) travel from place to place to perform one’s professional duty.
Regular use of itinerating magistrates was made.
mapRepresent an area on a map make a map of.
Sorrow was mapped on the mother s face.
migrationThe nonrandom movement of an atom or radical from one place to another within a molecule.
The extensive rural to urban migration has created a severe housing shortage.
pathA way or track laid down for walking or made by continual treading.
The path continues alongside the river for half a mile.
platMake a plat of.
They looked out over the plats of dark ground.
sightseeingThe activity of visiting places of interest in a particular location.
A sightseeing tour.
tourTake a performer production etc on tour.
This production will be toured to outlying villages.
tourismThe business of providing services to tourists.
A national fund for the promotion of tourism.
transnationalInvolving or operating in several nations or nationalities.
Transnational terrorist networks.
travelOf a device sufficiently compact for use while travelling.
News travelled fast.
traveledTraveled over or through sometimes used as a combining term.
Well traveled people.
travelerA person who changes location.
tripMake a trip for pleasure.
He arranged his robes to avoid a trip up later.
worldAll of the living human inhabitants of the earth.
They had been brought up to regard France as a world power.
worldwideOf worldwide scope or applicability Christopher Morley.
Worldwide sales of television rights.
zoning(especially in Nigeria) the practice of allocating nominations for certain political offices to candidates from particular regions as part of an unofficial power-sharing arrangement within a political party.
An experimental system of zoning.

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