CHANNEL: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for CHANNEL?

Need another word that means the same as “channel”? Find 59 synonyms and 30 related words for “channel” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Channel” are: television channel, tv channel, canal, duct, transmission channel, communication channel, line, distribution channel, groove, strait, straits, sound, neck, arm, narrows, passage, sea passage, stretch of water, waterway, gutter, furrow, rut, conduit, trough, trench, culvert, cut, sluice, spillway, race, ditch, drain, watercourse, broadcasting organization, means, medium, instrument, mechanism, agency, vehicle, route, avenue, course, method, mode, carry, conduct, convey, impart, transmit, channelise, channelize, transfer, transport, direct, guide, bear, relay, pass on

Channel as a Noun

Definitions of "Channel" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “channel” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas.
  • A service or station using a channel of frequencies.
  • A deep and relatively narrow body of water (as in a river or a harbor or a strait linking two larger bodies) that allows the best passage for vessels.
  • A band of frequencies used in radio and television transmission, especially as used by a particular station.
  • A navigable passage in a stretch of water otherwise unsafe for vessels.
  • (often plural) a means of communication or access.
  • A passage for water (or other fluids) to flow through.
  • An electric circuit which acts as a path for a signal.
  • A television station and its programs.
  • The English Channel.
  • The semiconductor region in a field-effect transistor that forms the main current path between the source and the drain.
  • A method or system for communication or distribution.
  • A long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e.g. a groove in a phonograph record.
  • A hollow bed for a natural or artificial waterway.
  • A bodily passage or tube lined with epithelial cells and conveying a secretion or other substance.
  • A path over which electrical signals can pass.
  • A means of communication or access.
  • A way of selling a company's product either directly or via distributors.
  • A groove or furrow.
  • A tubular passage or duct for liquid.
Definitions of "Channel" as a noun

Synonyms of "Channel" as a noun (45 Words)

agencyA business or organization that provides a particular service, especially the mediation of transactions between two parties.
An example is the best agency of instruction.
armAny projection that is thought to resemble a human arm.
As they walked he offered her his arm.
avenueA thoroughfare running at right angles to the streets in a city laid out on a grid pattern.
An avenue of limes.
broadcasting organizationA medium that disseminates via telecommunications.
canalAn artificial waterway constructed to allow the passage of boats or ships inland or to convey water for irrigation.
They travelled on by canal.
communication channelA connection allowing access between persons or places.
conduitA passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass.
As an actor you have to be a conduit for other people s words.
coursePart of a meal served at one time.
If you persist in that course you will surely fail.
culvertA tunnel carrying a stream or open drain under a road or railway.
cutA passage cut or dug out as a railway cutting or a new channel made for a river or other waterway.
Kellett was denied a century by edging a cut to wicketkeeper Burns.
distribution channelAn arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence.
ditchA long narrow excavation in the earth.
Their car went out of control and plunged into a ditch.
drainA pipe through which liquid is carried away.
A drain of young talent by emigration.
duct(in the body) a vessel for conveying lymph or glandular secretions such as tears or bile.
Ventilation ducts.
furrowA line or wrinkle on a person’s face.
There were deep furrows in his brow.
grooveA long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process such as erosion or by a tool as e g a groove in a phonograph record.
Her vocals drift delicately across a soaring soul groove.
gutterA channel on either side of a lane in a bowling alley.
Men who had fought their way out of the gutter.
instrumentAny of various devices or contrivances that can be used to produce musical tones or sounds.
The musicians started tuning their instruments.
lineA dose of a powdered narcotic drug especially cocaine laid out in a line ready to be taken.
The stresses unique to their line of work.
meansFinancial resources; income.
He is a man of means.
mechanismA natural or established process by which something takes place or is brought about.
The mechanism of the ear.
mediumTransmissions that are disseminated widely to the public.
Radio communication needs no physical medium between the two stations.
methodAn acting technique introduced by Stanislavsky in which the actor recalls emotions or reactions from his or her own life and uses them to identify with the character being portrayed.
Labour intensive production methods.
modeA way of operating or using a system.
His preferred mode of travel was a kayak.
narrowsA narrow strait connecting two bodies of water.
neckA cut of meat from the neck of an animal.
Dolpour won by a neck from Wood Dancer.
passageA narrow way allowing access between buildings or to different rooms within a building a passageway.
An allegory on the theme of the passage from ignorance to knowledge.
raceA series of races for horses or dogs held at a fixed time on a set course.
The industrious sun already half his race hath run.
routeA round travelled in delivering, selling, or collecting goods.
The many routes to a healthier diet will be described.
rutA settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape.
A stretch of road made impassable by ruts holes or waterlogging.
sea passageAnything apparently limitless in quantity or volume.
sluiceConduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate.
A sluice with cold water.
soundThe distinctive quality of the music of a particular composer or performer or of the sound produced by a particular instrument.
Light travels faster than sound.
spillwayA passage for surplus water from a dam.
straitA narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two other large areas of water.
Redundancy left him in severe financial straits.
straitsA narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water.
stretch of waterThe capacity for being stretched.
television channelAn electronic device that receives television signals and displays them on a screen.
transmission channelAn incident in which an infectious disease is transmitted.
trenchA trench coat.
Dig a trench around the perimeter of the fire.
troughA concave shape with an open top.
A water trough.
tv channelBroadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects – Ernie Kovacs.
vehicleA substance that facilitates the use of a drug, pigment, or other material mixed with it.
The play was just a vehicle to display her talents.
watercourseThe bed along which a watercourse flows.
A dry watercourse.
waterwayA channel at the outer edge of a deck of a boat that allows water to run off.
The canal was a very successful commercial waterway.
Synonyms of "Channel" as a noun (45 Words)

Usage Examples of "Channel" as a noun

  • They offer more than one hundred channels.
  • The movement has spread across the Channel.
  • Fish eggs have a small channel called the micropyle.
  • It must go through official channels.
  • A solid block of metal that is machined to create channels into which screw-in cartridge valves can be installed.
  • The river is confined in a narrow channel.
  • Gutters carried off the rainwater into a series of channels under the street.
  • The fields were crossed with irrigation channels.
  • A new television channel.
  • A channel is typically what you rent from a telephone company.
  • Surfing through the channels.
  • An audio channel.
  • The ship went aground in the channel.
  • Buoys marked the safe limits of the channel.
  • They didn't apply through the proper channels.
  • Poison is released through a channel in the snake's fangs.
  • Some companies have a variety of sales channels.
  • A satellite TV channel.
  • Possible distribution channels are wholesalers or small retailers or retail chains or direct mailers or your own stores.
Usage Examples of "Channel" as a noun

Channel as a Verb

Definitions of "Channel" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “channel” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Emulate or seem to be inspired by.
  • Transmit or serve as the medium for transmission.
  • Send from one person or place to another.
  • (of a person) serve as a medium for (a spirit.
  • Direct the flow of.
  • Cause to pass along or through a specified route or medium.
  • Direct towards a particular end or object.
Definitions of "Channel" as a verb

Synonyms of "Channel" as a verb (14 Words)

bearCarry the weight of; support.
Bear a signature.
carryAssume or accept (responsibility or blame.
These pipes carry waste water into the river.
channeliseDirect the course; determine the direction of travelling.
channelizeCause to form a channel.
Channelize the country for better transportation.
conductTransmit a form of energy such as heat or electricity by conduction.
In the second trial he conducted his own defence.
conveyTransmit a title or property.
It s impossible to convey how lost I felt.
directAim something in a particular direction or at a particular person.
Heating ducts to direct warm air to rear seat passengers.
guideUse as a guide.
The groove in the needle guides the thread.
impartTransmit or serve as the medium for transmission.
Shiitake mushrooms impart a wonderfully woody flavour to the salad.
pass onThrow (a ball) to another player.
relayControl or operate by relay.
The speech was relayed live from the palace.
transferTransfer somebody to a different position or location of work.
I transferred my stock holdings to my children.
transmitTransmit or serve as the medium for transmission.
The theatrical gift of being able to transmit emotion.
transportTransport commercially.
He was convicted of theft and transported.
Synonyms of "Channel" as a verb (14 Words)

Usage Examples of "Channel" as a verb

  • Meg Ryan plays Avery as if she's channelling Nicole Kidman.
  • She was channelling the spirit of Billie Holiday.
  • Channel information towards a broad audience.
  • Many countries channel their aid through charities.
  • The council is to channel public funds into training schemes.
Usage Examples of "Channel" as a verb

Associations of "Channel" (30 Words)

basinThe quantity that a basin will hold.
The loch is cupped in a shallow basin among low hills.
baySmall Mediterranean evergreen tree with small blackish berries and glossy aromatic leaves used for flavoring in cooking; also used by ancient Greeks to crown victors.
They put him in the sick bay.
broadcastingThe transmission of programmes or information by radio or television.
The state monopoly on broadcasting.
canalProvide a city with a canal.
The alimentary canal.
canalizeDirect the flow of.
A narrow strait can so canalize the tide that a powerful current is developed.
coastSail along the coast especially in order to carry cargo.
They sailed further up the coast.
ditchMake or repair ditches.
Their car went out of control and plunged into a ditch.
drainEmpty of liquid drain the liquid from.
The exercise class drains me of energy.
drainageEmptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it.
They set about renewing and repairing drainage and water supplies.
furrowCut a furrow into a columns.
A look of concern furrowed his brow.
grooveA long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process such as erosion or by a tool as e g a groove in a phonograph record.
Groove a vinyl record.
gulfThe Persian Gulf.
He felt a gulf between himself and his former friends.
incisedCut into with a sharp instrument.
An incised design.
infotainmentA film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event.
internetA global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.
An internet connection.
irrigateWash out (an organ or wound) with a continuous flow of water or medication.
Irrigate the wound.
irrigation(medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution.
The river supplies water for irrigation of agricultural crops.
isthmusA cord-like tissue connecting two larger parts of an anatomical structure.
narrowDenoting a vowel pronounced with the root of the tongue drawn back so as to narrow the pharynx.
The home team just hung on for a narrow victory.
navigable(of a waterway or sea) able to be sailed on by ships or boats.
The use of white space can help make your mobile optimized site clearer and more navigable.
passageSubject a strain of microorganisms or cells to a passage.
The species occurs regularly on passage.
peninsulaA piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water.
radioCommunicate with a person or place by radio.
A radio station.
shaftEquip with a shaft.
A shaft of sunlight.
strait(of a place) of limited spatial capacity; narrow or cramped.
Redundancy left him in severe financial straits.
surfingThe sport of riding a surfboard toward the shore on the crest of a wave.
Why share your internet connection with people surfing and chatting.
televisionAn electronic device that receives television signals and displays them on a screen.
Dan was sitting on the settee watching television.
tidalRelating to or affected by tides.
Strong tidal currents.
trenchDig a trench or trenches in the ground.
She trenched the terrace to a depth of 6 feet.
waterwayA navigable body of water.
The canal was a very successful commercial waterway.
Associations of "Channel" (30 Words)

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