COMPARATIVELY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for COMPARATIVELY?

Need another word that means the same as “comparatively”? Find 1 synonym and 30 related words for “comparatively” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Comparatively” are: relatively

Comparatively as an Adverb

Definitions of "Comparatively" as an adverb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “comparatively” as an adverb can have the following definitions:

  • In a relative manner; by comparison to something else.
  • To a moderate degree as compared to something else; relatively.

Synonyms of "Comparatively" as an adverb (1 Word)

relativelyIn a relative manner; by comparison to something else.
The site was cheap and relatively clean.

Usage Examples of "Comparatively" as an adverb

  • Inflation was comparatively low.

Associations of "Comparatively" (30 Words)

ammeterA meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes.
calibrateMake fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring.
The depth gauge is calibrated in centimetres.
calorimeterA measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat.
cohereForm a unified whole.
This view does not cohere with their other beliefs.
compareConsider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous.
The survey compares prices in different countries.
comparisonThe act of examining resemblances.
When it comes to achievements this season there s no comparison between Linfield and Bangor.
contrastinglyIn a contrasting manner.
differentlyIn another and different manner.
I think you will feel differently after you ve met her.
fairlyWith justice.
They played fairly.
gaugeMeasure the dimensions of an object with a gauge.
A fine 0 018 inch gauge wire.
humbleCause to feel shame; hurt the pride of.
Essentially humble and self effacing he achieved the highest formal honors and distinctions.
insteadIn place of, or as an alternative to.
Felix became a herpetologist instead.
magnitudeA number assigned to the ratio of two quantities two quantities are of the same order of magnitude if one is less than 10 times as large as the other the number of magnitudes that the quantities differ is specified to within a power o.
They tried to predict the magnitude of the explosion.
measureExpress as a number or measure or quantity.
The Senate passed the measure by a 48 30 vote.
metricRelating to or using the metric system.
The metric system.
micrometerA gauge that measures small distances or thicknesses between its two faces, one of which can be moved away from or towards the other by turning a screw with a fine thread.
moderatelyTo a moderately sufficient extent or degree.
The event was moderately successful.
omnipresent(of God) present everywhere at the same time.
The omnipresent threat of natural disasters.
plumbConforming to the direction of a plumb line.
The tower of Pisa is far out of plumb.
prettyMake pretty or attractive.
A pretty mess.
quantifiableAble to be expressed or measured as a quantity.
The benefits are not easily quantifiable.
quantifyExpress or measure the quantity of.
It is impossible to quantify the extent of the black economy.
relativeA relative pronoun determiner or adverb.
She went down the steps into the relative darkness of the dining room.
relativelyIn a relative manner; by comparison to something else.
They were very poor but relatively speaking they had been lucky.
touchstoneA standard or criterion by which something is judged or recognized.
They tend to regard grammar as the touchstone of all language performance.
twofoldBy a factor of two.
A twofold increase in the risk.
unimpressiveNot capable of impressing.
He was a man of unimpressive appearance.
voltmeterMeter that measures the potential difference between two points.
weathercockA weathervane in the form of a cockerel.
He sometimes has a problem with the boat weathercocking before she can gather way on a new tack.
yardstickA measuring rod a yard long, typically divided into inches.
On what kind of yardstick is he basing his judgment.

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