CONCEPTUAL: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for CONCEPTUAL?

Need another word that means the same as “conceptual”? Find 9 synonyms and 30 related words for “conceptual” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Conceptual” are: theoretical, notional, philosophical, unpragmatic, hypothetical, speculative, conjectural, suppositional, putative

Conceptual as an Adjective

Definitions of "Conceptual" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “conceptual” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Relating to or based on mental concepts.
  • Being or characterized by concepts or their formation.

Synonyms of "Conceptual" as an adjective (9 Words)

conjecturalBased on or involving conjecture.
Theories about the extinction of dinosaurs are still highly conjectural.
hypotheticalBased on or serving as a hypothesis.
Hypothetical situation.
notionalBeing of the nature of a notion or concept.
To create a notional world for oneself.
philosophicalOf or relating to philosophy or philosophers.
Philosophical resignation.
putativeGenerally considered or reputed to be.
The foundling s putative father.
speculative(of a business venture) undertaken on the chance of success, without a pre-existing contract.
Raised a speculative eyebrow.
suppositionalBased primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence.
theoreticalConcerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations.
The training is practical rather than theoretical.
unpragmaticNot sensible or realistic.
The current policy is unsustainable and unpragmatic.

Usage Examples of "Conceptual" as an adjective

  • Conceptual discussions.
  • The schizophrenic loses ability to abstract or do conceptual thinking.
  • Philosophy deals with conceptual difficulties.

Associations of "Conceptual" (30 Words)

abstractionAn abstract painting.
Topics will vary in degrees of abstraction.
allusionThe practice of making allusions.
The use of allusion.
analogyThe religious belief that between creature and creator no similarity can be found so great but that the dissimilarity is always greater any analogy between God and humans will always be inadequate.
An analogy between the workings of nature and those of human societies.
basisThe underlying support or foundation for an idea, argument, or process.
He worked on an interim basis.
cognitionA perception sensation idea or intuition resulting from the process of cognition.
compareTo form the comparative or superlative form on an adjective or adverb.
Salaries compare favourably with those of other professions.
conceptAn idea or mental image which corresponds to some distinct entity or class of entities, or to its essential features, or determines the application of a term (especially a predicate), and thus plays a part in the use of reason or language.
Structuralism is a difficult concept.
conceptionAn abstract idea; a concept.
Reconstructing Bach s original conceptions.
creationAn artifact that has been brought into existence by someone.
Edward s generosity extended beyond the creation of earls.
creativeA person whose job involves creative work.
A creative team of designers.
eideticOf visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy.
An eidetic memory.
embodiedPossessing or existing in bodily form.
formAssume a form or shape.
The team was off form last night.
frameThe framework for a pair of eyeglasses.
The wooden frame of the huge bed.
frameworkA basic structure underlying a system, concept, or text.
A conservatory in a delicate framework of iron.
hyperboleExtravagant exaggeration.
You can t accuse us of hyperbole.
ideaYour intention; what you intend to do.
He has an idea that we don t like him.
imageryVisually descriptive or figurative language, especially in a literary work.
The impact of computer generated imagery on contemporary art.
likenConsider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous.
Racism is likened to a contagious disease.
metaphorA thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else.
Her poetry depends on suggestion and metaphor.
metonymyThe substitution of the name of an attribute or adjunct for that of the thing meant, for example suit for business executive, or the turf for horse racing.
multiformOccurring in or having many forms or shapes or appearances- John Dewey.
A very complex multiform illness like cancer.
polymorphousRelating to the crystallization of a compound in two or more different forms.
She is polymorphous in thought and flexible in action.
shapeShape or influence give direction to.
Geometry is the mathematical science of shape.
simileThe use of similes as a method of comparison.
His audacious deployment of simile and metaphor.
skeletonA sport in which a competitor races down a frozen track on a skeleton sled.
There must be a skeleton somewhere in that family s closet.
symbolismAn artistic movement in the late 19th century that tried to express abstract or mystical ideas through the symbolic use of images.
The old fashioned symbolism of flowers.
tropeA significant or recurrent theme; a motif.
She uses the Eucharist as a pictorial trope.
typeIdentify as belonging to a certain type.
Bold type.
visualizationA chart or other image that is created as a visual representation of an object, situation, or set of information.
Video systems allow visualization of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

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