DIAGRAM: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DIAGRAM?

Need another word that means the same as “diagram”? Find 6 synonyms and 30 related words for “diagram” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Diagram” are: drawing, line drawing, illustration, picture, artist's impression, plot

Diagram as a Noun

Definitions of "Diagram" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “diagram” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts.
  • A figure composed of lines that is used to illustrate a definition or statement or to aid in the proof of a proposition.
  • A graphical schedule for operating railway locomotives and rolling stock in order to provide a desired service.
  • A simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something; a schematic representation.

Synonyms of "Diagram" as a noun (5 Words)

artist's impressionAll the copies of a work printed at one time.
drawingThe art or activity of making drawings.
It is shown by the drawing in Fig 7.
illustrationAn illustrative example.
By way of illustration I refer to the following case.
line drawingSpace for one line of print (one column wide and 1/14 inch deep) used to measure advertising.
pictureA situation treated as an observable object.
Poor picture quality.

Usage Examples of "Diagram" as a noun

  • A diagram of the living room.

Diagram as a Verb

Definitions of "Diagram" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “diagram” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Represent (something) in graphic form.
  • Make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed.
  • Schedule the operations of (a locomotive or train) according to a diagram.

Synonyms of "Diagram" as a verb (1 Word)

plotMark out or allocate (points) on a graph.
They plotted the overthrow of the government.

Usage Examples of "Diagram" as a verb

  • The experiment is diagrammed on page fourteen.

Associations of "Diagram" (30 Words)

architectA person who is responsible for inventing or realizing a particular idea or project.
We are seeking an experienced software architect to join our scientific computing team.
artworkPhotographs or other visual representations in a printed publication.
A collection of artwork from tribal cultures.
blueprintMake a blueprint of.
The scheme was a blueprint for future development programmes.
cartographyThe science or practice of drawing maps.
chartOf a record sell enough copies to enter the music charts at a particular position.
She topped the charts for eight weeks.
chiaroscuroA monochrome picture made by using several different shades of the same color.
The chiaroscuro of cobbled streets.
denouementThe final part of a play, film, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved.
I waited by the eighteenth green to see the denouement.
draftSelect a player for a sports team through the draft.
The White Sox chose him in the 13th round of the 1990 draft.
draftsmanshipThe creation of artistic pictures or diagrams.
drawingThe act of moving a load by drawing or pulling.
The drawing of water from the well.
exploded(of a diagram) showing the components of a mechanism in the normal relative positions but slightly separated from each other.
Teams are analysing fragments from the two exploded bombs.
flowchartA diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system.
formulaicProduced in accordance with a mechanically followed rule or style.
Formulaic expressions such as Once upon a time.
graphRepresent by means of a graph.
graphicA graphical item displayed on a screen or stored as data.
A graphic account of the riots.
intrigueForm intrigues for in an underhand manner.
Within the region s borders is a wealth of interest and intrigue.
machinationA plot or scheme.
maneuverA plan for attaining a particular goal.
He made a great maneuver.
mapRepresent an area on a map make a map of.
You ought to know my map by now.
mapping(genetics) the process of locating genes on a chromosome.
planA drawing or diagram made by projection on a horizontal plane especially one showing the layout of a building or one floor of a building.
Plan an attack.
platMake a plat of.
He bought back the site platted it and named it after his realtor.
plotSecretly make plans to carry out (an illegal or harmful action.
The characters were well drawn but the plot was banal.
precisMake a precis of a text or speech.
projectProject on a screen.
A project to build a new power station.
representationA factual statement made by one party in order to induce another party to enter into a contract.
The Law Society will make representations to the Lord Chancellor.
schematicIn technical contexts a schematic diagram in particular of an electric or electronic circuit.
Freeman constructs a highly schematic reading of the play.
strategicallyWith regard to strategy.
Strategically important ports.
summaryBriefly giving the gist of something.
A summary formulation of a wide ranging subject.
synopsisA brief summary or general survey of something.
A synopsis of the insurance cover provided is set out below.

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