DISAVOW: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DISAVOW?

Need another word that means the same as “disavow”? Find 4 synonyms and 30 related words for “disavow” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Disavow” are: deny, disclaim, disown, wash one's hands of

Disavow as a Verb

Definitions of "Disavow" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “disavow” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Refuse to acknowledge; disclaim knowledge of; responsibility for, or association with.
  • Deny any responsibility or support for.

Synonyms of "Disavow" as a verb (4 Words)

denyDeny formally an allegation of fact by the opposing party in a legal suit.
The servants are ordered to deny him.
disclaimMake a disclaimer about.
He disclaimed any responsibility.
disownRefuse to acknowledge or maintain any connection with.
Lovell s rich family had disowned him because of his marriage.
wash one's hands ofBe capable of being washed.

Usage Examples of "Disavow" as a verb

  • Her husband disavowed her after 30 years of marriage and six children.
  • The union leaders resisted pressure to disavow picket-line violence.

Associations of "Disavow" (30 Words)

abjureFormally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure.
MPs were urged to abjure their Jacobite allegiance.
People are capable of abnegation and unselfishness.
belieBe in contradiction with.
His lively alert manner belied his years.
contradictBe in contradiction with.
He did not contradict what he said last week.
controvertProve to be false or incorrect.
The views in the article have been controverted.
denyDeny formally an allegation of fact by the opposing party in a legal suit.
Both firms deny any responsibility for the tragedy.
disavowalDenial of any connection with or knowledge of.
They know this despite their disavowals.
disclaimMake a disclaimer about.
The school disclaimed any responsibility for his death.
disinheritPrevent deliberately (as by making a will) from inheriting.
The Duke is seeking to disinherit his eldest son.
disownPrevent deliberately (as by making a will) from inheriting.
Lovell s rich family had disowned him because of his marriage.
forswearAgree to give up or do without.
I swore that I would lead us safely home and I do not mean to be forsworn.
heresyA belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion.
Huss was burned for heresy.
modestlyTo a relatively moderate or small degree.
He modestly shrugged off the tributes from his manager.
negateBe in contradiction with.
Alcohol negates the effects of the drug.
neutralizeMake chemically neutral.
The treaty neutralized the small republic.
noNot in any degree or manner not at all.
They were no more able to perform the task than I was.
nullifyMake of no use or value; cancel out.
Judges were unwilling to nullify government decisions.
objectionThe act of expressing earnest opposition or protest.
His view is open to objection.
rebuttal(law) a pleading by the defendant in reply to a plaintiff’s surrejoinder.
recantSay that one no longer holds an opinion or belief, especially one considered heretical.
Heretics were burned if they would not recant.
refusalA message refusing to accept something that is offered.
An appeal against the refusal of a licence.
refuteProve that (someone) is wrong.
The speaker refuted his opponent s arguments.
rejectReject with contempt.
An application to hold a pop concert at the club was rejected.
rejectionThe act of rejecting something.
The Union decided last night to recommend rejection of the offer.
renounceFormally declare one’s abandonment of (a claim, right, or possession.
They renounced the armed struggle.
repudiateRefuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid.
Philip was excommunicated in 1095 because he had repudiated his wife.
repudiationRejecting or disowning or disclaiming as invalid.
The repudiation of the debt by the city.
rescindRevoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement.
The government eventually rescinded the directive.
retractDraw back.
She retracted her hand as if she d been burnt.
vetoExercise a veto against a decision or proposal.
Neither state was given a veto over amendments to the Act.

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