DISJOINTED: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DISJOINTED?

Need another word that means the same as “disjointed”? Find 25 synonyms and 30 related words for “disjointed” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Disjointed” are: confused, disconnected, disordered, garbled, illogical, scattered, unconnected, dislocated, separated, disunited, discontinuous, fragmented, fragmentary, disorganized, muddled, mixed up, jumbled, incoherent, fitful, erratic, spasmodic, patchy, scrappy, bitty, piecemeal

Disjointed as an Adjective

Definitions of "Disjointed" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “disjointed” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Separated at the joint.
  • Lacking a coherent sequence or connection.
  • Lacking orderly continuity.
  • Taken apart at the joints.

Synonyms of "Disjointed" as an adjective (25 Words)

The text is rather bitty.
confusedHaving lost your bearings confused as to time or place or personal identity.
A confused expression crossed her face.
disconnectedMusic marked by or composed of disconnected parts or sounds cut short crisply.
Disconnected fragments of a story.
discontinuousHaving intervals or gaps.
The landscape was a discontinuous mosaic of fields and forest areas.
dislocatedSeparated at the joint.
A dislocated knee.
disorderedNot arranged in order.
She went to comb her disordered hair.
disorganizedUnable to plan one’s activities efficiently.
She s very muddled and disorganized.
disunitedHaving been divided; having the unity destroyed-Samuel Lubell- E.B.White.
A league of disunited nations.
erraticLikely to perform unpredictably- Osbert Lancaster.
Her breathing was erratic.
fitfulActive or occurring spasmodically or intermittently; not regular or steady.
Fitful bursts of energy.
fragmentaryConsisting of small disconnected parts.
Excavations have revealed fragmentary remains of masonry.
fragmentedHaving been divided; having the unity destroyed.
A fragmented coalition.
garbledLacking orderly continuity.
I got a garbled set of directions.
illogicalLacking orderly continuity.
An illogical fear of the supernatural.
incoherentOf waves having no stable definite or stable phase relation.
He was incoherent with sentiment.
jumbledIn utter disorder.
mixed upInvolving or composed of different races.
muddledNot clear or coherent; confused.
Such a view reflects muddled thinking.
patchyExisting or happening in small, isolated areas.
A patchy essay.
piecemealCharacterized by unsystematic partial measures taken over a period of time.
The village is slowly being killed off by piecemeal development.
scatteredOccurring or found at intervals or various locations rather than all together.
Scattered villages.
scrappyFull of fighting spirit.
Scrappy lecture notes piled up unread.
separatedSeparated at the joint.
A separated shoulder.
spasmodicOccurring or done in brief, irregular bursts.
Spasmodic fighting continued.
unconnectedNot joined or linked together.
Two unconnected events.

Usage Examples of "Disjointed" as an adjective

  • A disjointed fowl.
  • Piecing together disjointed fragments of information.

Associations of "Disjointed" (30 Words)

amorphousLacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies.
An amorphous and leaderless legislature.
apartUsed after a noun to indicate that someone or something has qualities which mark them out from other people or things.
Alaska apart much of America s energy business concentrates on producing gas.
avulsionA forcible tearing or surgical separation of one body part from another.
babblingThe continuous murmuring sound of flowing water.
The constant babbling of the kids.
detachedShowing lack of emotional involvement- J.S.Perelman.
The detached shutter fell on him.
dichotomousDivided or dividing into two sharply distinguished parts or classifications.
A dichotomous view of the world.
disorderedThrown into a state of disarray or confusion.
The small disordered room.
disorganizedUnable to plan one’s activities efficiently.
A thousand pages of muddy and disorganized prose.
dispersionA mixture of one substance dispersed in another medium.
The virus is transmitted in the dispersion of droplets which results from sneezing or coughing.
distributedSpread out or scattered about or divided up.
The distributed supplies are meticulously monitored to make sure everyone gets their share.
garbled(of a message, sound, or transmission) confused and distorted; unclear.
I got a garbled set of directions.
gibberSpeak rapidly and unintelligibly, typically through fear or shock.
They shrieked and gibbered as flames surrounded them.
illogicalLacking in correct logical relation.
An illogical fear of the supernatural.
incoherentNot logical or internally consistent.
He screamed some incoherent threat.
intersperseScatter among or between other things; place here and there.
The debate was interspersed with angry exchanges.
irrationalAn irrational number or quantity a surd.
Irrational animals.
jumbleBe all mixed up or jumbled together.
The books were in a chaotic jumble.
muddleBring into a disordered or confusing state.
She was able to cut through confusion and muddle.
oasisA type of rigid foam into which the stems of flowers can be secured in flower arranging.
The park is an oasis of calm in the centre of the city.
opaqueA substance for producing opaque areas on negatives.
Opaque to X rays.
partitionDivide a room into smaller rooms or areas by erecting partitions.
Partition chromatography.
scatteredLacking orderly continuity.
Scattered showers.
separateA garment that can be purchased separately and worn in combinations with other garments.
He separated the fighting children.
separatedSeparated at the joint.
His parents are separated.
spreadingThe opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate.
throughoutUsed to refer to cited works.
The house is in good order throughout.
unintelligibleHard or impossible to understand.
Unintelligible speech.
unlikeNot equal in amount.
They distributed unlike or unequal sums to the various charities.
unreasonableBeyond normal limits.
An unreasonable request.
widespreadWidely circulated or diffused.
Widespread fear of nuclear war.

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