EMPTY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for EMPTY?

Need another word that means the same as “empty”? Find 64 synonyms and 30 related words for “empty” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Empty” are: empty-bellied, hollow, vacuous, vacant, unoccupied, uninhabited, untenanted, clear, free, bare, desolate, deserted, abandoned, unfilled, not filled, void, emptied, meaningless, aimless, worthless, useless, idle, vain, insubstantial, ineffective, ineffectual, futile, pointless, purposeless, motiveless, valueless, of no value, of no use, senseless, barren, unsatisfactory, unimportant, insignificant, inconsequential, trivial, trifling, nugatory, abandon, vacate, evacuate, discharge, unload, unpack, unburden, disburden, make vacant, drain, draw off, extract, withdraw, remove, siphon off, pump out, pour out, tap, milk, bleed

Empty as a Verb

Definitions of "Empty" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “empty” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Become empty or void of its content.
  • Remove (the contents) from a container.
  • Leave behind empty; move out of.
  • Make void or empty of contents.
  • Remove all the contents of (a container.
  • Remove.
  • (of a river) flow into (the sea or a lake.
  • (of a place) be vacated by people in it.
  • Excrete or discharge from the body.

Synonyms of "Empty" as a verb (22 Words)

abandonGive up completely (a practice or a course of action.
He had clearly abandoned all pretence of trying to succeed.
bleedDraw blood.
The cut was bleeding steadily.
clearMake free from confusion or ambiguity make clear.
Karen cleared the dirty plates.
disburdenRelieve (someone or something) of a burden or responsibility.
I decided to disburden myself of the task.
dischargeGo off or discharge.
If the jury cannot agree it should be discharged.
drainEmpty of liquid drain the liquid from.
We drained the oil tank.
draw offGive a description of.
evacuateEmpty completely.
The last British troops evacuated the Canal Zone.
extractExtract by the process of distillation.
Early computers had an instruction to extract a square root.
make vacantReach a destination, either real or abstract.
milkDraw milk from a cow or other animal either by hand or mechanically.
Two hours later he was up again to milk the cows.
pour outPour out.
pump outDeliver forth.
removeRemove something concrete as by lifting pushing or taking off or remove something abstract.
It is an isolated place far removed from the London art world.
siphon offMove a liquid from one container into another by means of a siphon or a siphoning action.
tapFurnish with a tap or spout so as to be able to draw liquid from it.
He considered whom he could tap for information.
unburdenRelieve (someone) of a burden.
Unburden the donkey.
unloadLeave or unload.
Unload the cargo.
unpackAnalyse (something) into its component elements.
I haven t unpacked yet.
vacateLeave behind empty; move out of.
The Justices vacated a ruling by the federal appeals court.
voidDeclare that (something) is not valid or legally binding.
The concert hall was voided of the audience.
withdrawWithdraw from active participation.
For the cocaine user it is possible to withdraw without medication.

Usage Examples of "Empty" as a verb

  • We empty the till at closing time.
  • The river's southern stream emptied into the estuary.
  • Pockets were emptied of loose change.
  • The pub suddenly seemed to empty.
  • He emptied out the contents of his briefcase.

Empty as an Adjective

Definitions of "Empty" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “empty” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Containing nothing; not filled or occupied.
  • Needing nourishment.
  • Devoid of significance or point.
  • Devoid of significance or force.
  • Emptied of emotion.
  • (of words or a gesture) lacking meaning or sincerity.
  • Having no value or purpose.
  • (of a set) containing no members or elements.
  • Holding or containing nothing.

Synonyms of "Empty" as an adjective (42 Words)

abandonedUnrestrained and uninhibited.
Weed grown yard of an abandoned farmhouse.
aimlessAimlessly drifting.
An aimless existence.
bareJust barely adequate or within a lower limit.
A bare majority.
barren(of a place or building) bleak and lifeless.
The barren burnt up countryside.
clearClear of charges or deductions.
The letter brought back a clear image of his grandfather.
deserted(of a place) empty of people.
Deserted beaches of soft sand.
desolateProviding no shelter or sustenance.
Depressed and desolate of soul.
emptiedEmptied of emotion.
empty-belliedNeeding nourishment.
freeNot physically obstructed or fixed.
She was always free with her money.
futileProducing no result or effect.
A futile effort.
hollowAs if echoing in a hollow space.
The result was a hollow victory.
idle(especially of a threat or boast) without foundation.
Idle students.
inconsequentialLacking worth or importance.
His work seems trivial and inconsequential.
ineffectiveNot producing an intended effect.
An ineffective administration.
ineffectualNot producing any significant or desired effect.
An ineffectual ruler.
insignificantToo small or unimportant to be worth consideration.
She was so small and insignificant.
insubstantialLacking solidity or strength.
An insubstantial and unsatisfying meal.
meaninglessHaving no purpose or reason.
The paragraph was a jumble of meaningless words.
motivelessOccurring without motivation or provocation- F.D.Roosevelt.
Motiveless malignity.
not filledTaken up.
nugatoryOf no value or importance.
A nugatory law.
of no useQuantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns for indicating a complete or almost complete lack or zero quantity of.
of no valueQuantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns for indicating a complete or almost complete lack or zero quantity of.
pointlessHaving little or no sense, use, or purpose.
My pencils are all pointless.
purposelessServing no useful purpose; having no excuse for being.
Purposeless vandalism.
senselessNot marked by the use of reason.
The latch was too tight for his stiff and senseless fingers.
triflingUnimportant or trivial.
A trifling sum.
trivialConcerned with trivialities.
A trivial mind.
unfilledOf purchase orders that have not been filled.
There are a number of unfilled posts in this area of nursing.
unimportantLacking in importance or significance.
A relatively unimportant feature of the system.
uninhabitedNot having inhabitants; not lived in.
Gaping doors of uninhabited houses.
unoccupiedNot seized and controlled.
Unoccupied areas of France.
unsatisfactoryNot giving satisfaction.
Our discussion was very unsatisfactory.
untenantedNot leased to or occupied by a tenant.
Very little unclaimed and untenanted land.
uselessHaving no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully.
We tried to pacify him but it was useless.
vacant(of a place) not occupied; empty.
A vacant stare.
vacuousHaving or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless.
A vacuous smile.
vainProducing no result; useless.
A vain attempt.
valuelessHaving no value; worthless.
Cherished but valueless heirlooms.
voidContaining nothing.
All the stratagems you ve worked out are rendered void.
worthlessLacking in usefulness or value.
That promise is worthless.

Usage Examples of "Empty" as an adjective

  • An empty room.
  • Empty-bellied children.
  • Empty hours.
  • She put down her empty cup.
  • The room was empty of furniture.
  • Empty promises.
  • After skipped lunch the men were empty by suppertime.
  • Her life felt empty and meaningless.
  • Full of empty seats.
  • An empty glass.
  • Their promises were empty words.
  • After the violent argument he felt empty.

Associations of "Empty" (30 Words)

abandonedUnrestrained and uninhibited.
An abandoned sadness born of grief.
anarchistRelating to or supporting anarchism or anarchy.
An anarchist newspaper.
anarchyA state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.
He must ensure public order in a country threatened with anarchy.
blankA domino with one or both halves blank.
Fill in the blank spaces.
countermandRevoke or cancel an order issued by (another person.
I forthwith mounted and went off lest I should receive a countermand.
depleteUse up (resources or materials.
Mansfield started the game with a depleted side.
deserted(of a place) empty of people.
Deserted beaches of soft sand.
destituteCompletely wanting or lacking.
Young recruits destitute of experience.
devoidEntirely lacking or free from.
The sentence was devoid of meaning.
disrepairIn need of repairs.
The station gradually fell into disrepair.
evacuateRemove (someone) from a place of danger to a safer place.
Nearly five million had to evacuate because of air terror.
famishReduce (someone) to extreme hunger.
Many famished in the countryside during the drought.
hollowA depression hollowed out of solid matter.
The hollow sound of footsteps in the empty ballroom.
hungerFeel or suffer hunger.
They died from cold and hunger.
hungryExtremely desirous.
Hungry for recognition.
impassiveDeliberately impassive in manner.
Her impassive remoteness.
impoverishExhaust the strength or vitality of.
The wars had impoverished him.
nihilistA supporter of an extreme Russian revolutionary party c.1900 which found nothing to approve of in the established social order.
It is impossible to argue against a nihilist.
pennilessNot having enough money to pay for necessities.
A penniless young student.
ravenousExtremely hungry.
I d been out all day and was ravenous.
revokeOfficially cancel (a decree, decision, or promise.
The men appealed and the sentence was revoked.
starveDie of food deprivation.
The political prisoners starved to death.
starvingSuffering from lack of food.
The world s starving children.
thirstA strong desire for something.
They quenched their thirst with spring water.
vacancyAn empty area or space.
Vacancy vanity and inane deception.
vacant(of a place) not occupied; empty.
The throne is never vacant.
vacateLeave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily.
He vacated his office as Director.
vacuumClean with a vacuum cleaner.
The political vacuum left by the death of the Emperor.
vagrantRelating to or living the life of a vagrant.
Vagrant hippies of the sixties.
voidAn emptiness caused by the loss of something.
The gases are usually voided into the mechanism.

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