EVERY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for EVERY?

Need another word that means the same as “every”? Find 30 related words for “every” in this overview.

Associations of "Every" (30 Words)

allTo a complete degree or to the full or entire extent whole is often used informally for wholly.
A totally new situation.
almost(of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but.
The baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded.
alwaysWithout interruption.
The sun always rises in the east.
anyhowIn a careless or haphazard way.
I think they re asleep anyhow they re quiet.
constantlyContinuously over a period of time; always.
Constantly kind and gracious.
continuallyRepeated frequently in the same way; regularly.
I was continually moving around.
continuedWithout a break in continuity; ongoing.
The continued popularity of Westerns.
continuouslyWithout interruption or gaps.
These images loop continuously.
dailyOf or belonging to or occurring every day.
A daily paper.
endlessHaving no known beginning and presumably no end.
An endless conversation.
endlesslyWith unflagging resolve.
The original episodes were endlessly repeated.
entireConstituting the undiminished entirety lacking nothing essential especially not damaged Bacon.
Was able to keep the collection entire during his lifetime.
entiretyThe whole of something.
She would have to stay in her room for the entirety of the weekend.
everAt all times all the time and on every occasion.
Ever the man of action he was impatient with intellectuals.
foreverA very long time (used hyperbolically.
They are forever on the move.
frequentlyRegularly or habitually; often.
They go abroad frequently.
incessantUninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing.
Night and day we live with the incessant noise of the city.
incessantlyWithout interruption.
She talked about him incessantly.
infinitelyContinuing forever without end.
There are issues here that could be expanded infinitely.
invariablyIn every case or on every occasion; always.
Ranch meals are invariably big and hearty.
longOf elongated shape.
The Cambridge side played the ball long.
nearlySlightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but.
In the absence of anyone more nearly related I was designated next of kin.
occasionallyAt infrequent or irregular intervals; now and then.
Very occasionally the condition can result in death.
perpetualOccurring repeatedly; so frequent as to seem endless and uninterrupted.
Their perpetual money worries.
perpetuallyEverlastingly; for all time- Stuart Chase.
She seems perpetually to have a mournful look on her face.
Persistent reports of human rights abuses by the military.
steadilyAt a steady rate or pace.
The business has been growing steadily.
unceasinglyWith unflagging resolve.
unlimitedWithout reservation or exception.
Offshore reserves of gas and oil are not unlimited.
weeklyA periodical that is published every week (or 52 issues per year.
The difference in weekly income is 29 10.

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