EXPERIMENTAL: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for EXPERIMENTAL?

Need another word that means the same as “experimental”? Find 14 synonyms and 30 related words for “experimental” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Experimental” are: data-based, observational, exploratory, investigational, probing, fact-finding, innovative, new, original, inventive, radical, avant-garde, alternative, fringe

Experimental as an Adjective

Definitions of "Experimental" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “experimental” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Relating to or based on experiment.
  • Of the nature of or undergoing an experiment.
  • Based on experience as opposed to authority or conjecture.
  • (of a new invention or product) based on untested ideas or techniques and not yet established or finalized.
  • Relying on observation or experiment.
  • (of art or an artistic technique) involving a radically new and innovative style.
  • Relating to scientific experiments.

Synonyms of "Experimental" as an adjective (14 Words)

alternativeServing or used in place of another.
An alternative lifestyle.
avant-gardeRadically new or original.
data-basedRelying on observation or experiment.
exploratoryRelating to or involving exploration or investigation.
Surgeons performed an exploratory operation.
fact-findingDesigned to find information or ascertain facts.
fringeNot part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.
A fringe political party.
innovativeAhead of the times.
Stylistically innovative works.
inventiveHaving the ability to create or design new things or to think originally.
A courageous and inventive piece of film making.
investigationalDenoting or relating to a drug or medical procedure that is not approved for general use but is under investigation in clinical trials with respect to its safety and efficacy.
Students are encouraged to adopt an active investigational approach to their learning.
newGratuitously new.
Her new bike.
observationalDrawing on things that one has seen, heard, or noticed in everyday life.
A master of observational comedy.
original(of e.g. information) not secondhand or by way of something intermediary.
The plasterwork is probably original.
probingPhysically exploring or examining.
A probing inquiry.
radicalMarkedly new or introducing radical change.
The daring avant garde spirit of the music was too radical for the conservative audience.

Usage Examples of "Experimental" as an adjective

  • Experimental results.
  • Experimental music.
  • An experimental knowledge of God.
  • An experimental drug.
  • Experimental results that supported the hypothesis.

Associations of "Experimental" (30 Words)

analystA psychoanalyst.
analytic(of a language, e.g. Chinese and English) tending not to alter the form of its words but to use word order to express grammatical structure.
An analytic experiment.
analyticalOf a proposition that is necessarily true independent of fact or experience.
An analytical mind.
behaviorismAn approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior.
censorSubject to political religious or moral censorship.
The movie has been given an adults only rating by film censors.
clinicalRelating to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies.
Clinical depression.
empiricalBased on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic.
An empirical basis for an ethical theory.
empiricismMedical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings.
examinationThe action or process of conducting an examination.
A medical examination is conducted without delay.
examineQuestion or examine thoroughly and closely.
The customs agent examined the baggage.
inquiryA search for knowledge.
All lines of inquiry are open.
inspectionCareful examination or scrutiny.
We had to wait for the inspection before we could use the elevator.
labA laboratory.
A science lab.
laboratoryA region resembling a laboratory inasmuch as it offers opportunities for observation and practice and experimentation.
Pakistan is a laboratory for studying the use of American troops to combat terrorism.
materialismThe theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications.
They hated the sinful materialism of the wicked city.
microscopeAn optical instrument used for viewing very small objects, such as mineral samples or animal or plant cells, typically magnified several hundred times.
The invention of the microscope led to the discovery of the cell.
observationalRelying on observation or experiment.
Long term observational data suggested an improvement in survival.
positivismA humanistic religious system founded on positivism.
provenanceThe place of origin or earliest known history of something.
An orange rug of Iranian provenance.
reactantA substance that takes part in and undergoes change during a reaction.
researchEngaged in or intended for research.
It s a piece of work that s carefully researched strongly argued and beautifully written.
researcherA person who carries out academic or scientific research.
Radio and TV researchers.
scientificBased on or characterized by the methods and principles of science.
Scientific instruments.
scientistA person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.
A research scientist.
scrutinizeExamine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification.
Customers were warned to scrutinize the small print.
scrutinyThe act of examining something closely (as for mistakes.
Every aspect of local government was placed under scrutiny.
testTest or examine for the presence of disease or infection.
Both countries carried out nuclear tests in May.
testingRevealing a person’s capabilities by putting them under strain; challenging.
There are laboratories for commercial testing.
verifiableCapable of being verified.
An easily verifiable claim.
vivisectionRuthlessly sharp and detailed criticism or analysis.
The abolition of vivisection.

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