EXPRESSIVE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for EXPRESSIVE?

Need another word that means the same as “expressive”? Find 18 synonyms and 30 related words for “expressive” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Expressive” are: eloquent, meaningful, telling, revealing, demonstrative, suggestive, emotional, full of emotion, full of feeling, passionate, intense, poignant, moving, stirring, striking, evocative, artistic, indicative

Expressive as an Adjective

Definitions of "Expressive" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “expressive” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Conveying (a specified quality or idea.
  • Effectively conveying thought or feeling.
  • Characterized by expression.

Synonyms of "Expressive" as an adjective (18 Words)

artisticRelating to or characteristic of art or artists.
Computer programs which produce artistic designs.
demonstrativeServing to demonstrate.
We were a very physically demonstrative family.
eloquentClearly expressing or indicating something.
An eloquent speech.
emotionalExcessively affected by emotion.
Gaining emotional support from relatives.
evocativeBringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind.
The building s cramped interiors are highly evocative of past centuries.
full of emotionHaving ample fabric.
full of feelingConstituting the full quantity or extent; complete.
indicativeRelating to the mood of verbs that is used simple in declarative statements.
Having recurrent dreams is not necessarily indicative of any psychological problem.
intenseExtremely sharp or intense.
A burning and intense look.
meaningfulCommunicating something that is not directly expressed.
A meaningful pause.
movingUsed of a series of photographs presented so as to create the illusion of motion.
She laid her case of destitution before him in a very moving letter.
passionateHaving, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs.
He s passionate about football.
poignantKeenly distressing to the mind or feelings.
The poignant scent of her powder.
revealingMaking interesting or significant information known, especially of a personal nature.
A revealing glance.
stirringCausing excitement or strong emotion; rousing.
A stirring and thriving politician.
strikingHaving a quality that thrusts itself into attention.
It is striking that no research into the problem is being carried out.
suggestivePointing out or revealing clearly.
Artifacts suggestive of an ancient society.
tellingProducing a strong effect.
A telling argument against this theory.

Usage Examples of "Expressive" as an adjective

  • A very expressive face.
  • The spires are expressive of religious aspiration.
  • She has big expressive eyes.

Associations of "Expressive" (30 Words)

activityA thermodynamic quantity representing the effective concentration of a particular component in a solution or other system equal to its concentration multiplied by an activity coefficient.
The room was a hive of activity.
amusingProviding enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining.
Such a likeable amusing man.
anecdotal(of a painting) depicting small narrative incidents.
While there was much anecdotal evidence there was little hard fact.
blazonDecorate with heraldic arms.
Accounts of their ordeal were blazoned to the entire nation.
brushworkThe way in which a painter uses their brush, as evident in their paintings.
Canvases characterized by lively flowing brushwork.
communicativeOf or relating to communication.
Was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew.
corporealConsisting of material objects.
He was frank about his corporeal appetites.
drawn(of a person) looking strained from illness, exhaustion, anxiety, or pain.
Her face was drawn and haggard from sleeplessness.
drollCurious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.
His unique brand of droll self mockery.
entertainingProviding amusement or enjoyment.
Films should be entertaining.
exhilarationThe feeling of lively and cheerful joy.
They felt the exhilaration of victory.
expansive(of a person or their manner) relaxed and genially frank and communicative.
Expansive domestic economic policies.
faceTurn so as to expose the face.
An enormous dilemma faces us.
funA source of fun.
They are just funning you.
funnyArousing or provoking laughter.
Suddenly my stomach felt funny.
heraldicRelating to heraldry.
Heraldic devices.
hilariousMarked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter.
Hilarious broad comedy.
humorousHaving or showing a sense of humour.
In a humorous vein.
hyperactivityA condition characterized by excessive restlessness and movement.
Hyperactivity of the thyroid gland.
irresistiblyIn a way that is too powerful or convincing to be resisted.
Their eyes were drawn irresistibly back to the house.
jocoseCharacterized by jokes and good humor.
A jocose allusion.
kickingA rhythmic thrusting movement of the legs as in swimming or calisthenics.
They gave him a good kicking.
laughProduce laughter.
She decided to play along with him for a laugh.
laughingShowing or feeling mirth or pleasure or happiness.
Laughing children.
ludicrousIncongruous;inviting ridicule.
It s ludicrous that I have been fined.
narrativeThe practice or art of telling stories.
Narrative technique.
reparteeAdroitness and cleverness in reply.
Quick fire repartee.
verbalA verbal noun.
It is the responsibility of the directors to do better with the verbals.
voluble(of speech) characterized by fluency and readiness of utterance.
An excited and voluble discussion.
witticismA witty remark.
Maurice roared with laughter at his own witticisms.

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