GATE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for GATE?

Need another word that means the same as “gate”? Find 13 synonyms and 30 related words for “gate” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Gate” are: logic gate, barrier, wicket, wicket gate, lychgate, five-barred gate, turnstile, gateway, doorway, entrance, exit, egress, opening

Gate as a Noun

Definitions of "Gate" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “gate” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • An arrangement of slots into which the gear lever of a motor vehicle moves to engage each gear.
  • A computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs.
  • An electric circuit with an output which depends on the combination of several inputs.
  • The money taken for admission to a sports ground for an event.
  • A hinged barrier used to close an opening in a wall, fence, or hedge.
  • The part of a field-effect transistor to which a signal is applied to control the resistance of the conductive channel of the device.
  • A hinged or sliding barrier for controlling the flow of water.
  • A movable barrier in a fence or wall.
  • A gateway.
  • A device resembling a gate in structure or function.
  • The number of people who pay to enter a sports ground for an event.
  • A device for holding each frame of a film in position behind the lens of a camera or projector.
  • Total admission receipts at a sports event.
  • An exit from an airport building to an aircraft.
  • Passageway (as in an air terminal) where passengers can embark or disembark.
  • A mountain pass or other natural passage.
Definitions of "Gate" as a noun

Synonyms of "Gate" as a noun (13 Words)

barrierA circumstance or obstacle that keeps people or things apart or prevents communication or progress.
A language barrier.
doorwayThe entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close.
Beth stood there in the doorway.
egressThe reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse.
Direct means of access and egress for passengers.
entranceThe act of entering.
The entrance to a tunnel.
exitThe act of going out.
The brief soliloquy following Clarence s exit.
five-barred gateA movable barrier in a fence or wall.
gatewayA frame or arch built around or over a gate.
We turned into a gateway leading to a cottage.
logic gateA system of reasoning.
lychgateA roofed gateway to a churchyard, formerly used at burials for sheltering a coffin until the clergyman’s arrival.
openingThe act of opening something.
I covered the opening of a new computerized diagnosis unit.
turnstileA mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through.
wicketCricket equipment consisting of a set of three stumps topped by crosspieces; used in playing cricket.
When they inspected the wicket they found it being rolled by some prisoners.
wicket gateA computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs.
Synonyms of "Gate" as a noun (13 Words)

Usage Examples of "Gate" as a noun

  • A departure gate.
  • She closed the front gate.
  • They were opening the gates of their country wide to the enemy.
  • A sluice gate.
  • The Golden Gate.
  • She went out through the gate.
  • A logic gate.
  • An average home gate of more than 12,000.
Usage Examples of "Gate" as a noun

Associations of "Gate" (30 Words)

admittanceThe process or fact of entering or being allowed to enter a place or institution.
People were unable to gain admittance to the hall.
bangLeap jerk bang.
He banged home four penalties in the opening twenty minutes.
closedWith shutters closed.
A closed shop.
compressedReduced in volume by pressure.
With lips compressed.
damBuild a dam across a river or lake.
The closed lock gates dammed up the canal.
doorThe entrance the space in a wall through which you enter or leave a room or building the space that a door can close.
They live two doors up the street from us.
doorwayThe entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close.
He stuck his head in the doorway.
embankmentA bank of earth or stone built to carry a road or railway over an area of low ground.
A railway embankment.
entranceThe right, means, or opportunity to enter somewhere or be a member of an institution, society, or other body.
She made a grand entrance.
fascinateAttract the strong attention and interest of (someone.
The serpent fascinates its prey.
floodgateA gate that can be opened or closed to admit or exclude water, especially the lower gate of a lock.
His lawsuit could open the floodgates for thousands of similar claims.
gatewayA place regarded as giving access to another place.
We turned into a gateway leading to a cottage.
invitingAttractive and tempting.
The sea down there looks so inviting.
jambA side post or surface of a doorway, window, or fireplace.
He leaned against the door jamb.
lintelHorizontal beam used as a finishing piece over a door or window.
lockFasten with a lock.
He is treated like an unpaid servant and locked in his room.
mesmerizeHypnotize (someone.
He was mesmerized when at the point of death.
penstockA sluice for controlling or directing the flow of water.
porchA covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a building.
Daniel and Lydia sat out on the porch for many hours.
portalA grand and imposing entrance (often extended metaphorically.
Many healthcare providers already utilize portals through which a patient can access test results.
shutMove so that an opening or passage is obstructed make shut.
They ought to shut the path up to that terrible cliff.
shutdownA turning off of a computer or computer system.
The build up was pushing the reactor towards shutdown.
shutterClose the shutters of a window or building.
The city was gripped by economic forces that were squeezing its tax base and shuttering its factories.
sillA shelf or slab of stone, wood, or metal at the foot of a window opening or doorway.
slamDance the slam dance.
Charlie slammed down the phone.
sluiceConduit that carries a rapid flow of water controlled by a sluicegate.
Sluice the earth.
spellbindTo render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe.
The singer held the audience spellbound.
thresholdThe sill of a door; a horizontal piece of wood or stone that forms the bottom of a doorway and offers support when passing through a doorway.
Their water would meet the safety threshold of 50 milligrams of nitrates per litre.
tollCharge a toll for the use of a bridge or road.
A toll bridge.
windowAn opening that resembles a window in appearance or function.
The expanded window will give us time to catch the thieves.
Associations of "Gate" (30 Words)

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