GRIEVANCE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for GRIEVANCE?

Need another word that means the same as “grievance”? Find 24 synonyms and 30 related words for “grievance” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Grievance” are: grudge, score, injustice, wrong, injury, ill, offence, disservice, unfairness, evil, outrage, atrocity, damage, complaint, criticism, objection, protestation, charge, protest, grumble, moan, cavil, quibble, problem

Grievance as a Noun

Definitions of "Grievance" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “grievance” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • An official statement of a complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair.
  • An allegation that something imposes an illegal obligation or denies some legal right or causes injustice.
  • A real or imagined cause for complaint, especially unfair treatment.
  • A feeling of resentment over something believed to be wrong or unfair.
  • A resentment strong enough to justify retaliation.
  • A complaint about a (real or imaginary) wrong that causes resentment and is grounds for action.

Synonyms of "Grievance" as a noun (24 Words)

atrocityA highly unpleasant or distasteful object.
A textbook which detailed war atrocities.
cavilAn evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections.
chargeThe price charged for some article or service.
They submitted their charges at the end of each month.
complaintA loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow.
I intend to make an official complaint.
criticismThe expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes.
The senator received severe criticism from his opponent.
damageThe amount of money needed to purchase something.
Bombing caused extensive damage to the town.
disserviceAn act intended to help that turns out badly.
He did them a disservice.
evilA manifestation of profound immorality and wickedness, especially in people’s actions.
His struggle against the forces of evil.
grudgeA persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.
Miss Ironside seems to have had some grudge against her.
grumbleA loud low dull continuous noise.
The main grumble is that he spends too much time away.
illAn often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining.
A lengthy work on the ills of society.
injuryAn instance of being injured.
An ankle injury.
injusticeThe practice of being unjust or unfair.
She was taken aback by the injustice of Nora s remark.
moanA sound resembling a human moan.
She gave a low moan of despair.
objection(law) a procedure whereby a party to a suit says that a particular line of questioning or a particular witness or a piece of evidence or other matter is improper and should not be continued and asks the court to rule on its impropriety or illegality.
His view is open to objection.
offenceA breach of a law or rule; an illegal act.
He took offence at my question.
outrageAn action or event causing outrage.
The massacre was one of the worst outrages in the whole of our history.
problemDenoting or relating to people whose behaviour causes difficulties to themselves and others.
Our homework consisted of ten problems to solve.
protestThe act of protesting a public often organized manifestation of dissent.
The many protestations did not stay the execution.
protestationAn objection or protest.
The many protestations did not stay the execution.
quibbleA play on words; a pun.
The only quibble about this book is the price.
scoreAn amount due (as at a restaurant or bar.
Doyle s success brought imitators by the score.
unfairnessLack of equality or justice.
The multiple unfairnesses the elderly face.
wrongThat which is contrary to the principles of justice or law.
I was trying to teach my children right from wrong.

Usage Examples of "Grievance" as a noun

  • A website which enabled staff to air their grievances.
  • Three pilots have filed grievances against the company.
  • He was nursing a grievance.

Associations of "Grievance" (30 Words)

acrimonyA rough and bitter manner.
The AGM dissolved into acrimony.
animosityA feeling of ill will arousing active hostility.
He no longer felt any animosity towards her.
avengeInflict harm in return for (an injury or wrong done to oneself or another.
We must avenge our dead.
biasCause to be biased.
There was evidence of bias against foreign applicants.
biasedUnfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.
We will not tolerate this biased media coverage.
bigotA prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.
A racist bigot.
complainExpress complaints discontent displeasure or unhappiness.
We all complained bitterly about the food.
complaintA reason for dissatisfaction.
She is receiving treatment for her skin complaint.
disapprovingExpressing or manifesting disapproval.
He shot a disapproving glance at her.
discriminatoryCapable of making fine distinctions.
Discriminatory employment practices.
dislikeHave or feel a dislike or distaste for.
I really dislike this salesman.
dissatisfyFail to satisfy.
What is it about these words that dissatisfies you?
grudgeBear a grudge harbor ill feelings.
I ve never been one to hold a grudge.
harassmentAggressive pressure or intimidation.
They face daily harassment and assault on the streets.
hateHave a strong aversion to (something.
Two separate polls confirmed he is hated by the public.
iniquityMorally objectionable behavior.
A den of iniquity.
injusticeThe practice of being unjust or unfair.
Brooding over life s injustices.
intolerantUnwilling to tolerate difference of opinion.
He s recently been diagnosed as gluten intolerant.
jaundicedAffected by jaundice which causes yellowing of skin etc.
They looked on politicians with a jaundiced eye.
malevolenceWishing evil to others.
His eyes were glowing with malevolence.
maliceThe quality of threatening evil.
I bear no malice towards anybody.
prejudicedBeing biased or having a belief or attitude formed beforehand.
A prejudiced judge.
racismThe prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.
A programme to combat racism.
racistA person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.
Racist remarks.
rancourA feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.
He spoke without rancour.
revengeInflict revenge on behalf of someone else.
Zimbabwe snatched the game 18 16 but the Spanish had their revenge later.
spiteMalevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty.
He d think I was saying it out of spite.
unwillingIn spite of contrary volition.
He was unwilling to take on that responsibility.
vendettaA prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone.
He has accused the British media of pursuing a vendetta against him.
wickednessAbsence of moral or spiritual values.
The wickedness of the regime.

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