MASTERFUL: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for MASTERFUL?

Need another word that means the same as “masterful”? Find 26 synonyms and 30 related words for “masterful” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Masterful” are: consummate, masterly, virtuoso, commanding, powerful, controlling, imposing, magisterial, lordly, authoritative, dominating, domineering, overbearing, overweening, imperious, bossy, peremptory, high-handed, arrogant, autocratic, dictatorial, tyrannical, despotic, expert, adept, clever

Masterful as an Adjective

Definitions of "Masterful" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “masterful” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Powerful and able to control others.
  • Performed or performing very skilfully.
  • Having or revealing supreme mastery or skill.

Synonyms of "Masterful" as an adjective (26 Words)

adeptVery skilled or proficient at something.
She is adept at cutting through red tape.
arrogantHaving or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.
He s arrogant and opinionated.
authoritative(of a text) considered to be the best of its kind and unlikely to be improved upon.
This is likely to become the authoritative study of the subject.
autocraticRelating to a ruler who has absolute power.
A man with a reputation for an autocratic management style.
bossyFond of giving people orders; domineering.
Don t be so bossy.
cleverMentally quick and resourceful.
A simple but clever idea for helping people learn computing.
commandingUsed of a height or viewpoint.
A commanding 13 6 lead.
consummatePerfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities.
She dressed with consummate elegance.
controllingAble to control or determine policy.
A controlling interest in the firm.
despoticOf or typical of a despot; tyrannical.
Moved from a feudal to a despotic order.
dictatorialOf or typical of a ruler with total power.
His mother in law was somewhat dictatorial.
dominatingUsed of a height or viewpoint.
Looked up at the castle dominating the countryside.
domineeringTending to domineer.
How can I do my job with a domineering boss yelling in my ear.
expertOf or relating to or requiring special knowledge to be understood.
An expert job.
high-handedGiven to haughty disregard of others.
imperiousArrogant and domineering.
His imperious demands.
imposingImpressive in appearance.
An imposing residence.
lordlyOf or befitting a lord.
They were putting on lordly airs.
magisterialHaving or showing great authority.
She reigned in magisterial beauty.
masterlyHaving or revealing supreme mastery or skill.
His masterly account of rural France.
overbearingExpecting unquestioning obedience.
Insufferably overbearing behavior toward the waiter.
overweeningShowing excessive confidence or pride.
No idea how overweening he would be.
peremptoryPutting an end to all debate or action.
Just do it came the peremptory reply.
powerfulOf a person possessing physical strength and weight rugged and powerful.
His photomontages are powerful anti war images.
tyrannicalMarked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior.
A momentary quieting of her tyrannical appetite.
virtuosoHaving or revealing supreme mastery or skill.
A virtuoso performance.

Usage Examples of "Masterful" as an adjective

  • Masterful technique.
  • He looked masculine and masterful.
  • A masterful assessment of the difficulties.
  • A masterful speaker.

Associations of "Masterful" (30 Words)

adeptSomeone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.
Adept in handicrafts.
adroitClever or skilful.
His adroit replies to hecklers won him many followers.
artfullyIn a disingenuous manner.
Body scanners are turning up artfully concealed items.
artistryA superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation.
The artistry of the pianist.
astuteMarked by practical hardheaded intelligence.
An astute tenant always reads the small print in a lease.
cadenzaA brilliant solo passage occurring near the end of a piece of music.
championProtect or fight for as a champion.
He became the determined champion of a free press.
cleverMentally quick and resourceful.
Joe had a feeling it wasn t too clever leaving Dolly alone.
deftDemonstrating skill and cleverness.
The script was both deft and literate.
dexterousSkillful in physical movements; especially of the hands.
Dexterous of hand and inventive of mind.
dextrousSkillful in physical movements; especially of the hands.
expertOf or relating to or requiring special knowledge to be understood.
An expert job.
geniusExceptional creative ability.
That woman has a genius for organization.
ingeniousShowing inventiveness and skill.
Ingenious devices.
intelligent(of a device or building) able to vary its state or action in response to varying situations and past experience.
An intelligent question.
mavenSomeone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.
The maven of vintage furniture.
prodigyA sign of something about to happen.
Germany seemed a prodigy of industrial discipline.
resourcefulHaving inner resources; adroit or imaginative.
He maintained her reputation for being a resourceful problem solver.
shrewdActing with a specific goal.
He was too shrewd to go along with them on a road that could lead only to their overthrow.
skilledHaving or showing or requiring special skill.
Skilled legal advice.
skillfulHaving or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude.
A lesser known but no less skillful composer.
slylyIn an artful manner.
The president smiled slyly unable to mask a look of triumph.
smartIntelligence; acumen.
A smart restaurant.
specialtyA distinguishing trait.
superstarAn extremely famous and successful performer or sports player.
Despite their superstar status the band refuse to change their lifestyle.
veteranA person who has had long experience in a particular field.
A Vietnam veteran.
violinA stringed musical instrument of treble pitch played with a horsehair bow The classical European violin was developed in the 16th century It has four strings and a body of characteristic rounded shape narrowed at the middle and with two f shaped soundholes.
virtuosoA person with a special knowledge of or interest in works of art or curios.
A celebrated clarinet virtuoso.
wizardryVery impressive or ingenious technology or devices.
The car is full of hi tech wizardry.
workmanlikeShowing efficient competence but not inspiration.
The book is a workmanlike job with chronology and bibliography and index.

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