MELODY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for MELODY?

Need another word that means the same as “melody”? Find 21 synonyms and 30 related words for “melody” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Melody” are: air, line, melodic line, melodic phrase, strain, tune, music, theme, subject, part, song, refrain, jingle, piece, musicality, musicalness, melodiousness, tunefulness, lyricism, sweetness, euphony

Melody as a Noun

Definitions of "Melody" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “melody” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The principal part in harmonized music.
  • The aspect of musical composition concerned with the arrangement of single notes to form a satisfying sequence.
  • A sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying; a tune.
  • The perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes.
  • A succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence.
  • Sweet music; tunefulness.
Definitions of "Melody" as a noun

Synonyms of "Melody" as a noun (21 Words)

airReferring to the use of aircraft.
He began to put on airs and think he could boss us around.
euphonyThe tendency to make phonetic change for ease of pronunciation.
The poet put euphony before mere factuality.
jingleA metallic sound.
The jingle of a bridle.
lineA line marking the starting or finishing point in a race.
A freephone advice line.
lyricismAn artist’s expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way; the quality of being lyrical.
His lyricism is never at the expense of verbal clarity.
melodic lineA course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or falsehood; the methodical process of logical reasoning.
melodic phraseAn expression consisting of one or more words forming a grammatical constituent of a sentence.
melodiousnessThe property of having a melody.
musicThe art or science of composing or performing music.
The background music of softly lapping water.
musicalityThe property of sounding like music.
The natural musicality of the language.
musicalnessThe property of sounding like music.
partThe appropriate or expected behaviour in a particular role or situation one s duty.
He tried to sing the tenor part.
pieceA share of something.
Each employee owns a piece of the company.
refrainThe part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers.
songA musical composition suggestive of a song.
The song of bullets was in the air.
strainA force tending to pull or stretch something to an extreme or damaging degree.
The accusations put a strain on relations between the two countries.
subjectA person who is subjected to experimental or other observational procedures someone who is an object of investigation.
He had been thinking about the subject for several years.
sweetnessThe quality of being sweet.
I ve just got to go sweetness.
themeA setting given to a restaurant, pub, or leisure venue, intended to evoke a particular country, historical period, culture, etc.
An Irish theme pub.
tuneA succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence.
The clarinet was out of tune.
tunefulnessThe property of having a melody.
Synonyms of "Melody" as a noun (21 Words)

Usage Examples of "Melody" as a noun

  • Her great gift was for melody.
  • He picked out an intricate melody on his guitar.
  • We have the melody and bass of a song composed by Strozzi.
Usage Examples of "Melody" as a noun

Associations of "Melody" (30 Words)

acousticOf or relating to the science of acoustics.
Acoustic properties of a hall.
arpeggioA chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously.
balladA poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas Traditional ballads are typically of unknown authorship having been passed on orally from one generation to the next.
chordPlay sing or arrange notes in chords.
The triumphal opening chords.
clarionProclaim on or as if on a clarion.
A clarion call.
ensembleThe coordination between performers executing an ensemble passage.
The buildings in the square present a charming provincial ensemble.
fluteForm flutes in.
A flute of champagne.
guitarA stringed musical instrument, with a fretted fingerboard, typically incurved sides, and six or twelve strings, played by plucking or strumming with the fingers or a plectrum.
harmonizeBring into consonance or accord.
The colors don t harmonize.
harpPlay the harp.
You need to stop harping on her age.
harpsichordA keyboard instrument with horizontal strings which run perpendicular to the keyboard in a long tapering case, and are plucked by points of quill, leather, or plastic operated by depressing the keys. It is used chiefly in European classical music of the 16th to 18th centuries.
instrumentWrite an instrumental score for.
Execution involves signature and unconditional delivery of the instrument.
musicMusical activity singing or whistling etc.
You have to face the music.
octaveThe interval between the two notes at the extremes of an octave.
orchestrateArrange or score (music) for orchestral performance.
The situation has been orchestrated by a tiny minority.
orchestrationThe act of arranging a piece of music for an orchestra and assigning parts to the different musical instruments.
He described the setting of tax policy as a delicate orchestration of factors.
piano(music) low loudness.
The piano passages in the composition.
piccoloA small flute; pitched an octave above the standard flute.
pizzicatoA note or passage that is played pizzicato.
An inspired pizzicato movement by the Philharmonic strings.
playingThe act of playing a musical instrument.
rehearsalA practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert.
I ve had a fortnight in rehearsal.
rhythmThe basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music.
The rhythm of Frost s poetry.
singingThe act of singing vocal music.
My mother had a beautiful singing voice.
staccatoA piece or passage marked to be performed staccato.
I find arpeggio playing is easily done staccato.
symphonyA long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra.
Autumn is a symphony of texture and pattern.
tremoloA mechanism in an organ producing a tremolo effect.
tuneTell (something) to (someone.
The suspension was tuned for a softer ride.
violAny of a family of bowed stringed instruments that preceded the violin family.
violaLarge genus of flowering herbs of temperate regions.
violinBowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow.
Associations of "Melody" (30 Words)

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