PAIR: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for PAIR?

Need another word that means the same as “pair”? Find 35 synonyms and 30 related words for “pair” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Pair” are: brace, couple, couplet, distich, duad, duet, duo, dyad, span, twain, twosome, yoke, set of two, set, matched set, two of a kind, two, duology, man and wife, husband and wife, partners, lovers, two horses, team, geminate, pair off, partner off, copulate, mate, match, twin, put together, partner, marry up

Pair as a Noun

Definitions of "Pair" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “pair” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • Either or both of two members of a legislative assembly on opposite sides who absent themselves from voting by mutual arrangement, leaving the relative position of the parties unaffected.
  • Two people considered as a unit.
  • A mated couple of animals.
  • Two items of the same kind.
  • Two playing cards of the same denomination.
  • A set of two things used together or regarded as a unit.
  • An article consisting of two joined or corresponding parts not used separately.
  • The second member of a pair in relation to the first.
  • Two people related in some way or considered together.
  • A set of two similar things considered as a unit.
  • Two horses harnessed side by side.
  • A poker hand with 2 cards of the same value.

Synonyms of "Pair" as a noun (24 Words)

braceA set of two similar things considered as a unit.
Thirty brace of grouse.
coupleA small indefinite number.
Clean the stains with a couple squirts dishwashing liquid.
coupletA pair of successive lines of verse, typically rhyming and of the same length.
distichA pair of verse lines; a couplet.
duadTwo items of the same kind.
duetA dance for two people (usually a ballerina and a danseur noble.
Performing duets with famous foreign artists.
duoA duet.
The comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.
duologyA pair of related novels, plays, or films.
dyadAn operator which is a combination of two vectors.
The mother child dyad.
husband and wifeA married man; a woman’s partner in marriage.
loversAn ardent follower and admirer.
man and wifeA male subordinate.
matched setA person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect.
partnersA person who is a member of a partnership.
setThe act of putting something in position.
The early sets ran on storage batteries.
set of twoA relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way.
spanThe wingspan of an aircraft or a bird.
A short concentration span.
teamTwo or more animals, especially horses, in harness together to pull a vehicle.
Are you team Mac or team PC.
twainTwo items of the same kind.
twoOne of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots.
two horsesA framework for holding wood that is being sawed.
two of a kindA category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality.
twosomeTwo items of the same kind.
An inseparable twosome.
yokeIn ancient Rome an arch of three spears representing a yoke under which a defeated army was made to march.
Under the yoke of a tyrant.

Usage Examples of "Pair" as a noun

  • Jacobs had two pairs.
  • She enjoys driving her pair.
  • A company run by a pair of brothers.
  • Three pairs of shoes.
  • Each course member tries to persuade his pair of the merits of his model.
  • Get out, the pair of you.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A pair of gloves.
  • Students work alone or in pairs.
  • 76 pairs of red kites.
  • The pair are said to dislike each other intensely.
  • One minister was flatly refused a pair by his Tory opposite number.
  • A pair of jeans.

Pair as a Verb

Definitions of "Pair" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “pair” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Put together or join to form a pair.
  • (of animals) form a pair for breeding purposes.
  • Arrange in pairs.
  • Occur in pairs.
  • Engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Form a pair or pairs.
  • Bring two objects, ideas, or people together.
  • Give (a member of a legislative assembly) another member as a pair, to allow both to absent themselves from a vote without affecting the result.
  • Wirelessly connect (an electronic device) to another via Bluetooth.

Synonyms of "Pair" as a verb (11 Words)

copulateEngage in sexual intercourse.
After about twenty minutes they copulate again.
coupleLink together.
The beetles may couple up to form a pair.
geminateArrange or combine in pairs.
A medial liquid is geminated over two syllables.
marry upPerform a marriage ceremony.
matchMake equal uniform corresponding or matching.
The company matched the discount policy of its competitors.
mate(of animals or birds) come together for breeding; copulate.
Successful males may mate with many females.
pair offBring two objects, ideas, or people together.
partnerProvide with a partner.
We ve partnered with several venues and organizations to bring fun science events to the city.
partner offProvide with a partner.
put togetherCause (someone) to undergo something.
twinGrow as twins.
The company twinned its core business of brewing with that of distilling.

Usage Examples of "Pair" as a verb

  • Killer whales pair for life.
  • The student was paired with a partner for collaboration on the project.
  • Arrangements are usually made between the party whips for an absent member on one side to be paired with an absentee on the other.
  • You'll now be able to pair your watch directly with a set of Bluetooth headphones.
  • The two old friends paired off.
  • She wore a cardigan paired with a matching skirt.

Associations of "Pair" (30 Words)

acquaintanceAcquaintances considered collectively.
A wide circle of friends and acquaintances.
affinityA close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character.
An affinity for politics.
buddyBecome friendly and spend time with someone.
I decided to buddy up to them.
coordinatedBeing dexterous in the use of more than one set of muscle movements.
A coordinated program.
coupleTwo people or things of the same sort considered together.
The engaged couple.
coupletTwo items of the same kind.
cousinA title formerly used by a sovereign in addressing another sovereign or a noble of their own country.
She s a distant cousin.
cronyA close friend or companion.
He went gambling with his cronies.
doggerelVerse or words that are badly written or expressed.
He had heard some silly doggerel that kept running through his mind.
duetPerform a duet.
He duetted with Johnny on a ballad.
duoA pair who associate with one another.
Two duos for violin and viola.
equalBe equal to in quality or ability.
One dollar equals 1 000 rubles these days.
husbandA married man; a woman’s partner in marriage.
She husbanded their financial resources through difficult times.
lovableHaving characteristics that attract love or affection.
A mischievous but lovable child.
lovinglyWith love or great care.
They smile lovingly at each other.
matchMake equal uniform corresponding or matching.
When the software finds a match it writes the correct character.
matchingBeing two identical.
A blue jacket and matching skirt.
mateSouth American tea like drink made from leaves of a South American holly called mate.
My best mate Steve.
neighbourA person who lives (or is located) near another.
Matching our investment levels with those of our European neighbours.
newlywedSomeone recently married.
palBecome friends; act friendly towards.
We got acquainted but we never really palled around.
partnerProvide with a partner.
A partner in a prosperous legal practice.
peerA nobleman duke or marquis or earl or viscount or baron who is a member of the British peerage.
We peered into the back of the shop to see whether a salesman was around.
pitchHit the ball on to the green with a pitch shot.
They pitched the story to various magazines and newspapers.
prenuptialExisting or occurring before mating.
Prenuptial pregnancy.
setPut or set seeds seedlings or plants into the ground.
A huge square cut emerald set in platinum.
similitudeA comparison between two things.
There is a striking similitude between the brother and sister.
togetherInto companionship or close association.
She sits for hours together in the lotus position.
twinA twinned crystal.
The hotel has 54 rooms of which 4 are twins.
yokeA pair of draft animals joined by a yoke.
Yoke the oxen together.

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