RESENTFUL: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for RESENTFUL?

Need another word that means the same as “resentful”? Find 17 synonyms and 30 related words for “resentful” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Resentful” are: aggrieved, indignant, irritated, exasperated, in high dudgeon, displeased, dissatisfied, disgruntled, discontented, malcontent, offended, bitter, hostile, acrimonious, rancorous, spiteful, jaundiced

Resentful as an Adjective

Definitions of "Resentful" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “resentful” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Feeling or expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly.
  • Full of or marked by resentment or indignant ill will.

Synonyms of "Resentful" as an adjective (17 Words)

acrimoniousMarked by strong resentment or cynicism.
An acrimonious dispute about wages.
aggrievedFeeling resentment at having been unfairly treated.
They were aggrieved at the outcome.
bitterMarked by strong resentment or cynicism.
She wept bitter tears of self reproach.
discontentedDissatisfied, especially with one’s circumstances.
The ranks of the discontented were swelled by returning soldiers.
disgruntledIn a state of sulky dissatisfaction.
Judges receive letters from disgruntled members of the public.
displeasedNot pleased; experiencing or manifesting displeasure.
He was displeased with your work.
dissatisfiedIn a state of sulky dissatisfaction.
Dissatisfied customers.
exasperatedIntensely irritated and frustrated.
Felt exasperated beyond endurance.
hostileShowing or feeling opposition or dislike; unfriendly.
The brewery fought off a hostile takeover bid last year.
in high dudgeonCurrently fashionable.
indignantFeeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment.
An indignant denial.
irritatedShowing or feeling slight anger; annoyed.
Made an irritated gesture.
jaundicedShowing or affected by prejudice or envy or distaste.
Takes a jaundiced view of societies and clubs.
malcontentDiscontented as toward authority.
The malcontent generals saw their role as leaders of this counter revolution.
offendedEmotionally hurt or upset or annoyed.
She looked offended.
rancorousCharacterized by bitterness or resentment.
Sixteen miserable months of rancorous disputes.
spitefulShowing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite.
The teachers made spiteful little jokes about me.

Usage Examples of "Resentful" as an adjective

  • A sullen resentful attitude.
  • Resentful at the way he was treated.
  • He was angry and resentful of their intrusion.

Associations of "Resentful" (30 Words)

acrimoniousMarked by strong resentment or cynicism.
An acrimonious dispute.
angry(of the elements) as if showing violent anger.
Angry customers.
bitterMake bitter.
Today s decision has come as a bitter blow.
cholericEasily moved to anger.
A choleric outburst.
enragedVery angry; furious.
The enraged bull attached.
exasperatedIntensely irritated and frustrated.
As the students exit an exasperated teacher tries in vain to get their attention.
fumeTreat with fumes expose to fumes especially with the aim of disinfecting or eradicating pests.
The minister reportedly fumed at officials of the department.
furiousMarked by extreme anger.
Furious winds.
furiouslyIn an extremely angry manner.
I was furiously opposed to the cuts.
furyWild or violent anger.
The fury of a gathering storm.
huff(in draughts) remove (an opponent’s piece that could have made a capture) from the board as a forfeit.
I was huffing and puffing to keep up with him.
indignantAngered at something unjust or wrong.
An indignant denial.
inflammableA substance which is easily set on fire.
Inflammable materials.
inflammatoryRelating to or causing inflammation of a part of the body.
Inflammatory cells.
infuriatedMarked by extreme anger.
Infuriated onlookers charged the police who were beating the boy.
irascibleHaving or showing a tendency to be easily angered.
An irascible and difficult man.
irateFeeling or showing extreme anger.
Irate protesters.
maliciousHaving the nature of or resulting from malice.
He was found guilty of malicious damage.
miffA state of irritation or annoyance.
I ll confess it miffed me slightly at the time.
nauseateUpset and make nauseated.
They were nauseated by the jingoism.
outragedAngered at something unjust or wrong.
A look of outraged disbelief.
rageThe violent action of a natural agency.
We re gonna rage through the weekend.
rancorA feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.
rancorousCharacterized by bitterness or resentment.
A rancorous debate.
resentmentA feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.
His resentment at being demoted.
revengefulDisposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge.
The average Briton is not naturally vindictive and revengeful.
scowlAn angry or bad-tempered expression.
She scowled at him defiantly.
sighOf the wind or something through which the wind blows make a sound resembling a sigh.
She sighed sadly.
snarlAn act or sound of snarling.
Bullets snarled past us.
sulkA period of sulking.
He was sulking over the break up of his band.

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