REVOLVE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for REVOLVE?

Need another word that means the same as “revolve”? Find 55 synonyms and 30 related words for “revolve” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Revolve” are: roll, go around, rotate, orb, orbit, go round, turn round, spin, whirl, pirouette, wheel, circle, go, travel, gyrate, circulate, loop, be concerned with, be preoccupied with, be absorbed in, focus on, concentrate on, hang on, rely on, rest on, pivot on, think about, give thought to, consider, reflect on, mull over, contemplate, study, meditate on, muse on, think over, think on, deliberate about, deliberate on, cogitate about, cogitate on, dwell on, brood on, brood over, agonize over, worry about, ruminate about, ruminate on, ruminate over, chew over, puzzle over, speculate about, weigh up, review, turn over

Revolve as a Verb

Definitions of "Revolve" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “revolve” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Move in a circular orbit around.
  • Treat as the most important element.
  • Cause to move by turning over or in a circular manner of as if on an axis.
  • Consider (something) repeatedly and from different angles.
  • Turn on or around an axis or a center.
  • Move in an orbit.
  • Move in a circle on a central axis.

Synonyms of "Revolve" as a verb (55 Words)

agonize overSuffer agony or anguish.
be absorbed inHave life, be alive.
be concerned withBe identical to; be someone or something.
be preoccupied withBe identical or equivalent to.
brood onThink moodily or anxiously about something.
brood overSit on (eggs.
chew overChew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth.
circleForm or draw a circle around.
Encircle the errors.
circulateCause to move around.
This letter is being circulated among the faculty.
cogitate aboutConsider carefully and deeply; reflect upon; turn over in one’s mind.
cogitate onConsider carefully and deeply; reflect upon; turn over in one’s mind.
concentrate onMake central.
considerGive careful consideration to.
I consider him irresponsible.
contemplateReflect deeply on a subject.
I contemplated leaving school and taking a full time job.
deliberate aboutThink about carefully; weigh.
deliberate onThink about carefully; weigh.
dwell onExist or be situated within.
focus onPut (an image) into focus.
give thought toGive as a present; make a gift of.
goGo through in search of something search through someone s belongings in an unauthorized way.
Where do these books go.
go aroundPass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life.
go roundHave a turn; make one’s move in a game.
gyrateMove or cause to move rapidly in a circle or spiral.
Strippers gyrated to rock music on a low stage.
hang onDecorate or furnish with something suspended.
loopMake a loop in.
She looped her arms around his neck.
meditate onThink intently and at length, as for spiritual purposes.
mull overHeat with sugar and spices to make a hot drink.
muse onReflect deeply on a subject.
orbMove in an orbit.
The moon orbits around the Earth.
orbitMove in an orbit.
The moon orbits around the Earth.
pirouettePerform a pirouette.
She pirouetted and made a bow.
pivot onTurn on a pivot.
puzzle overBe uncertain about; think about without fully understanding or being able to decide.
reflect onGive evidence of a certain behavior.
rely onHave confidence or faith in.
rest onRest on or as if on a pillow.
reviewHold a review of troops.
The Attorney General asked the court to review the sentence.
rollTake the shape of a roll or cylinder.
He rolled the word round his mouth.
rotateGrow (different crops) in succession on a particular piece of land to avoid exhausting the soil.
We rotate the lead soprano every night.
ruminate aboutChew the cuds.
ruminate onChew the cuds.
ruminate overChew the cuds.
speculate aboutReflect deeply on a subject.
spinSpin dry clothes.
They had to spin the ball wide.
studyApply oneself to study.
He spent his time listening to the radio rather than studying.
think aboutHave or formulate in the mind.
think onFocus one’s attention on a certain state.
think overJudge or regard; look upon; judge.
travelChange location move travel or proceed also metaphorically.
We travelled North on Rte 508.
turn overTo break and turn over earth especially with a plow.
turn roundUndergo a transformation or a change of position or action.
weigh upHave a certain weight.
wheelWheel somebody or something.
The stars wheeled through the sky.
whirlCause to spin.
Sybil stood waving as they whirled past.
worry aboutLacerate by biting.

Usage Examples of "Revolve" as a verb

  • The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  • Overhead, the fan revolved slowly.
  • Her mind revolved the possibilities.
  • Their whole lives revolved around the company.
  • The earth revolves around the sun.

Associations of "Revolve" (30 Words)

anticlockwiseIn the opposite direction to the way in which the hands of a clock move round.
Stopcocks are opened by turning them anticlockwise.
circleForm a circle around.
She sat in the front row of the circle.
circularHaving a circular shape.
I received a circular from a building society.
circulateMove around freely from person to person or from place to place.
Rumours of his arrest circulated.
convoluteCurl, wind, or twist together.
A convolute petal.
convolveRoll or coil together; entwine.
curveExtend in curves and turns.
Starting with arms outstretched curve the body sideways.
flipGlib or flippant.
She flipped off her dark glasses.
gyroscopeA device consisting of a wheel or disc mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis which is itself free to alter in direction The orientation of the axis is not affected by tilting of the mounting so gyroscopes can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction in navigation systems automatic pilots and stabilizers.
helicalIn the shape of a coil.
Helical molecules.
kinkForm a curl curve or kink.
The river kinks violently in a right angle.
orbitThe state of moving in an orbit.
Mercury orbits the Sun.
pinwheelPerennial subshrub of Tenerife having leaves in rosettes resembling pinwheels.
His car pinwheeled into a barrier.
pivotProvide a mechanism with a pivot fix a mechanism on a pivot.
The government s reaction pivoted on the response of the Prime Minister.
precessionThe slow movement of the axis of a spinning body around another axis due to a torque (such as gravitational influence) acting to change the direction of the first axis. It is seen in the circle slowly traced out by the pole of a spinning gyroscope.
propellerA mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water.
rotaryA rotary machine engine or device.
The accident blocked all traffic at the rotary.
rotateTurn outward.
The wheel continued to rotate.
rotationA single complete turn (axial or orbital.
The manager had only four starting pitchers in his rotation.
roundExpress as a round number.
They enjoyed singing rounds.
slewOf an electronic device undergo slewing.
He slewed the aircraft round before it settled on the runway.
somersaultPerform a somersault or make a similar movement accidentally.
His car somersaulted into a ditch.
spheroidA solid generated by a half revolution of an ellipse about its major axis prolate spheroid or minor axis oblate spheroid.
It looked like a sphere but on closer examination I saw it was really a spheroid.
spinSpin dry clothes.
He gave the crank a spin.
spindleA Eurasian shrub or small tree with slender toothed leaves and pink capsules containing bright orange seeds Its hard timber was formerly used for making spindles.
Chromosomes are distributed by spindles in mitosis and meiosis.
swerveAn abrupt change of direction.
A lorry swerved across her path.
swivelTurn around a point or axis or on a swivel.
He swivelled in the chair.
turnA place where a road meets or branches off another a turning.
The turning of the wind.
whirl(of the head, mind, or senses) seem to spin round.
I whirled her round the dance hall.
windThe act of winding or twisting.
Wind your watch.

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