SHOOT: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SHOOT?

Need another word that means the same as “shoot”? Find 108 synonyms and 30 related words for “shoot” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Shoot” are: film, take, inject, buck, charge, shoot down, tear, hit, pip, dissipate, fool, fool away, fritter, fritter away, blast, photograph, snap, dart, dash, flash, scoot, scud, bourgeon, burgeon forth, germinate, pullulate, sprout, spud, gun down, mow down, wound, injure, cut down, bring down, fire, fire at, fire on, open fire, open fire at, open fire on, aim at, let fly, let fly at, blaze away, discharge, launch, let off, loose off, send forth, emit, race, hurry, hasten, rush, speed, hurtle, streak, spank along, whirl, whizz, go like lightning, go hell for leather, whoosh, buzz, zoom, swoop, direct, turn, throw, send, bestow, give, get a photo of, get a photograph of, take a photo of, take a photograph of, get photographs of, take photographs of, get a picture of, take a picture of, get pictures of, take pictures of, take someone's photo, take someone's picture, get a snap of, get a snapshot of, take a snap of, take a snapshot of, capture on celluloid, capture on film, record on celluloid, record on film, put forth shoots, put forth buds, bud, burgeon, administer, introduce, offshoot, scion, sucker, spear, runner, tendril, sprig, cutting

Shoot as a Noun

Definitions of "Shoot" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “shoot” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A rapid in a stream.
  • A shooting match.
  • The act of shooting at targets.
  • A young branch or sucker springing from the main stock of a tree or other plant.
  • An area of land used for shooting game.
  • A new branch.
  • An occasion when a group of people hunt and shoot game for sport.
  • An occasion when a professional photographer takes photographs or when a film or video is being made.

Synonyms of "Shoot" as a noun (10 Words)

budAn outgrowth from an organism, e.g. a yeast cell, that separates to form a new individual without sexual reproduction taking place.
In certain limbless lizards and snakes a limb bud develops.
cuttingThe action of cutting something.
Grass cuttings.
offshootA natural consequence of development.
Commercial offshoots of universities.
runnerA plant that spreads by means of runners.
Runners who spend their time looking for good buys.
scionA descendent or heir.
A scion of royal stock.
spearA spearman.
Smoked salmon wrapped around asparagus spears.
sprigA small stem bearing leaves or flowers, taken from a plant.
A sprig of the French nobility.
sproutYoung shoots, especially of alfalfa, mung beans, or soybeans, eaten as a vegetable.
The flower pots are full of green sprouts.
suckerA shoot springing from the base of a tree or other plant, especially one arising from the root below ground level at some distance from the main stem or trunk.
I always was a sucker for a good fairy tale.
tendrilSomething resembling a plant tendril especially a slender curl or ringlet of hair.
The wind fitfully moved the dark tendrils around her forehead.

Usage Examples of "Shoot" as a noun

  • We rented a rough shoot of about a thousand acres.
  • A photo shoot.
  • They hold a shoot every weekend during the summer.
  • A fashion shoot.
  • Follow the portages that skirt all nine shoots of whitewater.
  • A grouse shoot.
  • Activities include a weekly rifle shoot.
  • He nipped off the new shoots that grew where the leaves joined the stems.

Shoot as a Verb

Definitions of "Shoot" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “shoot” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Hit with a missile from a weapon.
  • Spend frivolously and unwisely.
  • Shoot game over (an estate or other area of countryside.
  • (of a pain) move with a sharp stabbing sensation.
  • Move suddenly and rapidly in a particular direction.
  • Play a game of (pool or dice.
  • Score.
  • Produce buds, branches, or germinate.
  • Direct (a glance, question, or remark) at someone.
  • Throw or propel in a specific direction or towards a specific objective.
  • Send forth suddenly, intensely, swiftly.
  • Kill or wound (a person or animal) with a bullet or arrow.
  • Film or photograph (a scene, film, etc.
  • (of a bud or shoot) appear; sprout.
  • Shoot game in or on (an estate, cover, etc.
  • Give an injection to.
  • Run or move very quickly or hastily.
  • Emit (as light, flame, or fumes) suddenly and forcefully.
  • (of a motor vehicle) pass (a traffic light at red.
  • Move (a bolt) to fasten or unfasten a door.
  • Fire a shot.
  • Use a firearm with a specified degree of skill.
  • (of a plant or seed) send out buds or shoots; germinate.
  • Move quickly and violently.
  • Measure the altitude of by using a sextant.
  • Cause (a gun) to fire.
  • (of a boat) sweep swiftly down or under (rapids, a waterfall, or a bridge.
  • Inject oneself or another person with (a narcotic drug.
  • Force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing.
  • Fire a bullet from a gun or discharge an arrow from a bow.
  • Plane (the edge of a board) accurately.
  • Make a film or photograph of something.
  • Extend sharply in a particular direction.
  • Variegate by interweaving weft threads of different colors.
  • Make (a specified score) for a round of golf.
  • Record on photographic film.
  • Cause a sharp and sudden pain in.
  • Kill by firing a missile.
  • Used to invite a comment or question.
  • (of a ball) dart along the ground after pitching.
  • Damage or remove (something) with a bullet or missile.
  • Utter fast and forcefully.
  • Cause to move suddenly and rapidly in a particular direction.
  • (in soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.) kick, hit, or throw the ball or puck in an attempt to score a goal.
  • Throw dice, as in a crap game.
  • Hunt game with a gun.

Synonyms of "Shoot" as a verb (98 Words)

administerAdminister or bestow as in small portions.
We must selflessly administer to his needs.
aim atHave an ambitious plan or a lofty goal.
bestowBestow a quality on.
Bestow an honor on someone.
blastCriticize harshly or violently.
A tunnel had to be blasted through the mountainside.
blaze awayShine brightly and intensively.
bourgeonProduce buds, branches, or germinate.
bring downAttract the attention of.
buckOf a horse to perform a buck.
Buck the trend.
budDevelop buds.
A budding friendship.
burgeonBegin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.
The city s suburbs have burgeoned sprawling out from the centre.
burgeon forthGrow and flourish.
buzzSignal to someone with a buzzer.
Helicopter gunships were sent to buzz the villages.
capture on celluloidSucceed in representing or expressing something intangible.
capture on filmBring about the capture of an elementary particle or celestial body and causing it enter a new orbit.
chargeEnter a certain amount as a charge.
Charge all weapons shields and banners.
cut downCut down on make a reduction in.
dartMove along rapidly and lightly skim or dart.
She darted a glance across the table.
dashHurl or thrust violently.
Blue paint dashed with white.
directDirect the course determine the direction of travelling.
Direct your anger towards others not towards yourself.
dischargeGo off or discharge.
Batteries have a tendency to discharge slowly.
dissipateMove away from each other.
The concern she d felt for him had wholly dissipated.
emitExpel (gases or odors.
The ozone layer blocks some harmful rays which the sun emits.
filmBe well or badly suited to portrayal in a film.
An adventure story which would film well.
fireSet fire to.
Liquefied petroleum gas can fire room heaters.
fire atGo off or discharge.
fire onDrive out or away by or as if by fire.
flashSend (news or information) swiftly by means of telegraphy or telecommunications.
He flashed a 100 bill.
foolMake a fool or dupe of.
She had been fooling herself in thinking she could remain indifferent.
fool awayIndulge in horseplay.
fritterWaste time, money, or energy on trifling matters.
They become frittered into minute tatters.
fritter awaySpend frivolously and unwisely.
germinateProduce buds branches or germinate.
The plentiful rain germinated my plants.
get a photo ofAchieve a point or goal.
get a photograph ofMake children.
get a picture ofGrasp with the mind or develop an understanding of.
get a snap ofCommunicate with a place or person; establish communication with, as if by telephone.
get a snapshot ofMove into a desired direction of discourse.
get photographs ofOvercome or destroy.
get pictures ofReceive a specified treatment (abstract.
giveLeave with give temporarily.
Give one s opinion.
go hell for leatherBe ranked or compare.
go like lightningLead, extend, or afford access.
gun downShoot with a gun.
hastenCause (something, especially something undesirable) to happen sooner than it otherwise would.
He hastened to refute the assertion.
hitHit the intended target or goal.
It hit her that I wanted to settle down here.
hurryCause to move with haste.
We d better hurry.
hurtleMove with or as if with a rushing sound.
The cars hurtled by.
injectInject oneself with a narcotic drug especially habitually.
He was forcibly injected with a sedative.
injureDo injustice or wrong to (someone).
The explosion injured several people.
introducePut or introduce into something.
A new word processor was introduced.
launchLaunch for the first time launch on a maiden voyage.
Launch a career.
let flyGrant use or occupation of under a term of contract.
let fly atMake it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen.
let offConsent to, give permission.
loose offGrant freedom to; free from confinement.
mow downMake a sad face and thrust out one’s lower lip.
open fireSpread out or open from a closed or folded state.
open fire atCause to open or to become open.
open fire onMake available.
photographUndergo being photographed in a certain way.
He was commissioned to photograph in the Crimea during the war.
pipHit with a missile from a weapon.
pullulateBe full of or teeming with.
Her mind pullulated with worries.
put forth budsAttribute or give.
put forth shootsMake an investment.
raceCause to move fast or to rush or race.
Two drivers raced each other through a housing estate.
record on celluloidBe aware of.
record on filmIndicate a certain reading; of gauges and instruments.
rushCause to move fast or to rush or race.
We have to rush.
scootRide a scooter.
Many children who scoot to school wear helmets.
scudSlap, beat, or spank.
Three small ships were scudding before a brisk breeze.
sendSend a message or letter.
Send your document as a PDF attachment.
send forthAssign to a station.
shoot downMove quickly and violently.
snapMove with a snapping sound.
Photographers were snapping away at her.
spank alongGive a spanking to; subject to a spanking.
speedOf a motorist travel at a speed that is greater than the legal limit.
I got a ticket for speeding.
sproutPut forth and grow sprouts or shoots.
The weeds begin to sprout.
spudDig up or cut (plants, especially weeds) with a small spade.
The well was spudded in April.
streakCover a surface with streaks.
The cat streaked across the street.
swoopSeize or catch with a swooping motion.
The teacher swooped down upon the new students.
takeGet into one s hands take physically.
Take a risk.
take a photo ofTravel or go by means of a certain kind of transportation, or a certain route.
take a photograph ofBe a student of a certain subject.
take a picture ofPick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives.
take a snap ofTake into consideration for exemplifying purposes.
take a snapshot ofInterpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression.
take photographs ofAscertain or determine by measuring, computing or take a reading from a dial.
take pictures ofRequire as useful, just, or proper.
take someone's photoOccupy or take on.
take someone's pictureTake something or somebody with oneself somewhere.
tearFill with tears or shed tears.
The material wouldn t tear.
throwThrow a die out onto a flat surface.
I can throw my voice I could make a fortune as a medium.
turnCause to change or turn into something different assume new characteristics.
The wheels are turning.
whirlMove or cause to move rapidly.
Leaves whirled in eddies of wind.
whizzMove along very quickly.
The missiles whizzed past.
whooshMove with a whooshing sound.
A train whooshed by.
woundInflict a wound on.
The sergeant was seriously wounded.
zoomCause a lens or camera to zoom in or out.
TV ratings will zoom.

Usage Examples of "Shoot" as a verb

  • ‘May I just ask you one more question?’ ‘Shoot.
  • They shot a volley of arrows into the village.
  • Drivers could lose their licences for shooting too many red lights.
  • Troops shot dead 29 people.
  • Guy, shoot their hats off.
  • Shoot a glance.
  • Shoot a movie.
  • Some years one or other plant fails to shoot.
  • We go to Scotland to shoot every autumn.
  • The troops were ordered to shoot to kill.
  • Shoot a golf ball.
  • She shot the bolt on the bathroom door.
  • I learned to shoot a 9 mm pistol.
  • ‘I can't believe what I'm hearing,’ she shot back.
  • Ward's hand shot out, grabbing his arm.
  • Although we never shot dice, my friends and I played every variation of poker.
  • Those of you looking for adventure can shoot the rapids.
  • A pang of regret shot through her.
  • He was shot in the leg during an armed robbery.
  • Shoot craps.
  • Shoot a goal.
  • She has just been commissioned to shoot a video.
  • Shoot a star.
  • He shot the ball straight at the goalkeeper.
  • They move up into the stem where they induce buds to shoot.
  • The car shot forward.
  • He shot at me twice.
  • A road that seemed to just shoot upwards at a terrifying angle.
  • Luke shot her a quick glance.
  • I shot the longer edge down on the planer.
  • Claudia felt a pain shoot through her chest.
  • At least 90 per cent of our hunting country is shot over.
  • Shoot a basket.
  • We shot well against Spain.
  • In the second round he shot a 65.
  • Shoot cloth.
  • They just missed my radiator and shot away my controls.
  • Williams twice shot wide.
  • He shot dope into his arm.
  • Tom and her brothers were out shooting Ardfeochan.
  • A ball pitching on that spot would sometimes shoot.
  • He would have fallen if Marc hadn't shot out a hand to stop him.

Associations of "Shoot" (30 Words)

ammunitionA supply or quantity of bullets and shells.
These figures provide ammunition to the argument for more resources.
ballisticRelating to or characteristic of the motion of objects moving under their own momentum and the force of gravity.
breechDress a boy in breeches after he had been in petticoats since birth.
My second son was breech and my doctor recommended a planned C section.
bulletDismissal from employment.
All afternoon he threw bullets at the other team s batters.
caliberDiameter of a tube or gun barrel.
An executive of low caliber.
cannonMake a cannon.
His shot cannoned off the crossbar.
cartridgeAn electro-acoustic transducer that is the part of the arm of a record player that holds the needle and that is removable.
He loaded a cartridge of fresh tape into the tape deck.
catapultHurl or launch something with or as if with a catapult.
Their music catapulted them to the top of the charts.
dartA small pointed missile with a feather or plastic flight used in the game of darts.
His forefinger darted in all directions as he spoke.
firearmA rifle, pistol, or other portable gun.
He wore his firearm in a shoulder holster.
firingThe act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy.
The deliberate firing of 600 oil wells.
foamA lightweight form of rubber or plastic made by solidifying liquid foam.
Venus rising from the foam.
fusilladeFire a fusillade at a place or person.
The Mahdi s adherents fusilladed his palace at Khartoum.
grenadeA small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile.
gunUsed as a nickname for a ship s gunnery officer.
A twenty gun salute.
gunshotThe range of a gun.
We bore down and came nearly within gunshot.
hammockA hanging bed of canvas or rope netting (usually suspended between two trees); swings easily.
misfire(of a gun or missile) fail to discharge or fire properly.
The guns misfired.
musketAn infantryman’s light gun with a long barrel, typically smooth-bored and fired from the shoulder.
A volley of musket fire.
muzzlePut a muzzle on an animal.
Muzzle the dog to prevent it from biting strangers.
pistolShoot someone with a pistol.
When we first met he was a pistol full of ideals and a natural leader.
poacherA cooking vessel designed to poach food (such as fish or eggs.
An egg poacher.
revolverAn agreement to provide revolving credit.
rifleA shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore.
Ferguson rifled home his fourth goal of the season.
salvoA sudden outburst of cheers.
Another salvo crashed nearer to the German positions.
shootingThe sport or pastime of shooting with a gun.
The shooting of a music video.
shotTiny lead pellets used in quantity in a single charge or cartridge in a shotgun.
He wanted a shot at the champion.
shotgunShoot at or kill with a shotgun.
Many companies use the shotgun approach aiming advertising at the widest possible audience.
slingHold or carry in a sling.
The horse had to be supported by a sling fixed to the roof.
whizzBlend (ingredients) in a food processor or liquidizer.
Whizz the mixture to a smooth paste.

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