SISTER: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for SISTER?

Need another word that means the same as “sister”? Find 13 synonyms and 30 related words for “sister” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Sister” are: sis, female sibling, comrade, friend, partner, associate, colleague, nun, novice, abbess, prioress, mother superior, reverend mother

Sister as a Noun

Definitions of "Sister" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “sister” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A female person who has the same parents as another person.
  • Denoting an organization or place that bears a relationship to another of common origin or allegiance or mutual association.
  • A woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents.
  • Sometimes used as a term of address for attractive young women.
  • A black woman (chiefly used as a term of address by other black people.
  • A member of a religious order of women.
  • A female person who is a fellow member of a sorority or labor union or other group.
  • A title given to a nun (and used as a form of address.
  • A female friend or associate, especially a female fellow member of a trade union or other organization.
  • A senior female nurse, typically in charge of a ward.
  • (Roman Catholic Church) a title given to a nun (and used as a form of address.
  • A fellow woman seen in relation to feminist issues.

Synonyms of "Sister" as a noun (13 Words)

abbessThe superior of a group of nuns.
associateAny event that usually accompanies or is closely connected with another.
The patient was asked to commit to memory a list of five paired associates.
colleagueAn associate that one works with.
The surgeon consulted his colleagues.
comrade(among men) a colleague or a fellow member of an organization.
An old college comrade.
female siblingAn animal that produces gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes (spermatozoa.
friend(used as a polite form of address or in ironic reference) an acquaintance or a stranger one comes across.
All of a sudden you ve got 50 friends online who need to stay connected.
mother superiorA term of address for a mother superior.
noviceA person new to and inexperienced in a job or situation.
The novice hurdles.
nunAny of a number of birds whose plumage resembles a nun s habit especially an Asian mannikin.
partnerA person who is a member of a partnership.
Sexual partners.
prioressA woman who is head of a house of certain orders of nuns.
reverend motherA member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church.
sisA person s sister often used as a form of address.
My sister married a musician.

Usage Examples of "Sister" as a noun

  • Sister nodded, glancing at the reports.
  • ‘Come on, sister, why not come clean and tell us.
  • The sisters announced that there would be a special rosary every morning.
  • Securicor and its sister company Securicor Services.
  • None of her sisters would betray her.
  • A sister ship.
  • Textile unions are showing solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the developing world.
  • Uncloseted lesbian sisters.
  • My sister married a musician.
  • The ward sister needs to be consulted.
  • I had nine brothers and sisters.
  • Sister Elizabeth, the headmistress of the Convent High School.

Associations of "Sister" (30 Words)

auntThe sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle.
She was brought up by her aunt and uncle.
brotherUsed as a term of address for those male persons engaged in the same movement.
My brother still lives with our parents.
buddyA close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities.
I m working on it buddy.
caregiverA person who is responsible for attending to the needs of a child or dependent adult.
comradeA fellow member of the Communist Party.
You re right comrade.
cousinA person in one’s wider extended family, to whom one is not closely related.
She s a distant cousin.
cronyA close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities.
He went gambling with his cronies.
daddyThe oldest, best, or biggest example of something.
It s you who s calling the shots now you re the daddy.
daughterA thing personified as a daughter in relation to its origin or source.
Her daughter cared for her in her old age.
elderA person who is older than you are.
Schoolchildren were no less fascinated than their elders.
familyA local organizational unit of the Mafia or other large criminal group.
The family refused to accept his will.
fatherTreat with the protective care associated with a father.
A singular letter from a lady requesting I would father a novel of hers.
folksYour parents.
He wrote to his folks every day.
grampsThe father of your father or mother.
grandchildA child of one’s son or daughter.
grandfatherThe father of one’s father or mother.
Freud is often called the grandfather of psychoanalysis.
grandmaOne’s grandmother.
Grandma didn't stop talking.
grandmotherThe mother of your father or mother.
My grandmother is ill.
grandpaOne’s grandfather.
grandparentA parent of one’s father or mother; a grandmother or grandfather.
It must be a great blessing to have Chloe s grandparents living nearby.
kinsfolkPeople descended from a common ancestor.
mommyOne’s mother (chiefly as a child’s term).
motherA woman who has given birth to a child also used as a term of address to your mother.
The initiatives were based on the experience of the mother company.
nunneryA building or group of buildings in which nuns live as a religious community; a convent.
parentBe or act as a parent to a child.
His adoptive parents.
parentalRelating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent.
Parental responsibility.
paternalBelonging to or inherited from one’s father.
My elders in the newsroom kept a paternal eye on me.
siblingA person’s brother or sister.
sisterhoodA religious society of women who live together as sisters (especially an order of nuns.
Much of sisterhood is about sharing lipsticks.
uncleThe brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt.
He visited his uncle.

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