TERRIFYING: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for TERRIFYING?

Need another word that means the same as “terrifying”? Find 1 synonym and 30 related words for “terrifying” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Terrifying” are: terrific

Terrifying as an Adjective

Definitions of "Terrifying" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “terrifying” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Causing extreme fear.
  • Causing extreme terror.

Synonyms of "Terrifying" as an adjective (1 Word)

terrificCausing extreme terror.
There was a terrific bang.

Usage Examples of "Terrifying" as an adjective

  • A terrifying wail.
  • The terrifying events of the past few weeks.

Associations of "Terrifying" (30 Words)

afraidFeeling fear or anxiety; frightened.
I am afraid we have witnessed only the first phase of the conflict.
alarmingFrightening because of an awareness of danger.
Our countryside is disappearing at an alarming rate.
appallStrike with disgust or revulsion.
chillingProvoking fear terror.
A chilling account of the prisoners fate.
claustrophobiaExtreme or irrational fear of confined places.
The small stuffy room had begun to give him claustrophobia.
dreadCausing fear or dread or terror.
The band appeals to dreads and baldheads alike.
dreadfulExceptionally bad or displeasing.
There s been a dreadful accident.
fearBe sorry; used to introduce an unpleasant statement.
I fear she might get aggressive.
fearfulCausing or likely to cause people to be afraid; horrifying.
Fearful slum conditions.
fearfulnessThe trait of being afraid.
fearsomeCausing fear or dread or terror.
The cat mewed displaying a fearsome set of teeth.
formidableExtremely impressive in strength or excellence.
The formidable prospect of major surgery.
Ghosts could never affright her.
frightenDrive out by frightening.
At his age I guess he doesn t frighten any more.
frighteningThe act of inspiring with fear.
A frightening experience.
frightfulProvoking horror- Winston Churchill.
A frightful mistake.
hideousExtremely ugly.
The whole hideous story.
horrificCausing fear or dread or terror.
Horrific injuries.
horrorSomething that inspires horror something horrible.
Many have a horror of consulting a dictionary.
macabreShockingly repellent; inspiring horror.
A macabre series of murders.
panicCause sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic.
The crowd panicked and stampeded for the exit.
petrifyChange into stone.
Slogans petrify our thinking.
scareBecome scared.
Recent food scares have made the public rightly sensitive to new apparently untested technologies.
scaredFearful; frightened.
I was scared that people were going to take pictures of me.
scaryUncannily striking or surprising.
A scary movie.
spookySinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease.
Some horses are more spooky by nature than others.
terribleExtremely unpleasant or disagreeable.
The weather was terrible.
terrifyCause to feel extreme fear.
She was terrified he would drop her.
Weapons of terror.
worryBe concerned with.
I began to worry whether I had done the right thing.

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