THEN: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for THEN?

Need another word that means the same as “then”? Find 19 synonyms and 30 related words for “then” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Then” are: and so, so, in those days, next, after that, afterwards, subsequently, later, in addition, also, besides, as well, additionally, over and above that, moreover, furthermore, what's more, in that case, under those circumstances

Then as an Adverb

Definitions of "Then" as an adverb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “then” as an adverb can have the following definitions:

  • Used at the end of a sentence to emphasize an inference being drawn.
  • At that time; at the time in question.
  • In that case or as a consequence.
  • Also; in addition.
  • In that case; therefore.
  • Used to finish off a conversation.
  • After that; next; afterwards.
  • Subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors.
  • At that time.

Synonyms of "Then" as an adverb (19 Words)

additionallyUsed to introduce a new fact or argument.
Additionally 50 hours of practical experience will be necessary.
after thatHappening at a time subsequent to a reference time.
afterwardsHappening at a time subsequent to a reference time.
The offender was arrested shortly afterwards.
alsoIn addition.
A brilliant linguist he was also interested in botany.
and soIn the way indicated; (`thusly’ is a nonstandard variant.
as wellTo the same degree (often followed by `as.
besidesIn addition.
I don t want to go to a restaurant besides we can t afford it.
furthermoreIn addition.
Computer chess games are getting cheaper all the time furthermore their quality is improving.
in additionTo or toward the inside of.
in that caseTo or toward the inside of.
in those daysTo or toward the inside of.
laterAt a time in the near future; soon or afterwards.
I ll see you later.
moreoverAs a further matter; besides.
Moreover statistics show that competition for places is growing.
nextAt the time or occasion immediately following.
Jo was the next oldest after Martin.
over and above thatThroughout a period of time.
soSubsequently or soon afterward often used as sentence connectors.
And so home and to bed.
subsequentlyAfter a particular thing has happened; afterwards.
The officer decided to stop and subsequently made an arrest.
under those circumstancesIn or into a state of subordination or subjugation.
what's moreComparative of much; to a greater degree or extent.

Usage Examples of "Then" as an adverb

  • I was living in Cairo then.
  • So you're still here then.
  • See you in an hour then.
  • Phoebe by then was exhausted.
  • I'm paid a generous salary, and then there's the money I've made at the races.
  • Well, that's okay then.
  • Then he left.
  • Go left first, then right.
  • We watched the late movie and then went to bed.
  • He accepted a peerage from the then Prime Minister, Edward Heath.
  • If you do what I tell you, then there's nothing to worry about.
  • First came lightning, then thunder.
  • She won the first and then the second game.

Associations of "Then" (30 Words)

afterAt a later or future time afterwards.
Two hours after that.
afterwardHappening at a time subsequent to a reference time.
It didn t happen until afterward.
backwardsIn a manner or order or direction the reverse of normal.
A step backwards for the economy.
behindA kick that sends the ball over a behind line or a touch that sends it between the inner posts scoring one point.
She slid inelegantly down a few steps on her behind.
belatedAfter the expected or usual time; delayed.
A belated birthday card.
bySo as to pass a given point.
A car flashed by on the other side of the road.
consequentlyAs a consequence.
Flexible workers find themselves in great demand and consequently gain high salaries.
ensuingOccurring afterwards or as a result.
Ensuing events confirmed the prediction.
fartherTo or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage further is used more often than farther in this abstract sense.
The application of the law was extended farther.
followingImmediately following in time or order.
The following day.
futureBulk commodities bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date.
Future auxiliary.
henceFrom that fact or reason or as a result used to introduce a logical conclusion hence adv from this place.
Hence be gone.
herebyBy means of this.
All such warranties are hereby excluded.
hithertoUntil now or until the point in time under discussion.
Hitherto part of French West Africa Benin achieved independence in 1960.
lateOf a later stage in the development of a language or literature used especially of dead languages.
Their late quarrel.
laterAt some eventual time in the future.
Later on it will be easier.
nextThe next person or thing.
The woman in the next room.
pastA verb tense that expresses actions or states in the past.
Reporters dug into the candidate s past.
pluperfectThe pluperfect tense.
He spoke with pluperfect precision.
posthumous(of a child) born after the death of its father.
He was awarded a posthumous Military Cross.
retrospectiveAn exhibition or compilation showing the development of an artist’s work over a period of time.
Our survey was retrospective.
shortlyAt a short distance.
The book will appear shortly.
soSubsequently or soon afterward often used as sentence connectors.
The bird was about so long.
sometimeAt some unspecified or unknown time.
The Emperor Constantine used this speech sometime unto his bishops.
subsequentlyHappening at a time subsequent to a reference time.
The work was accepted for inclusion in the Paris Salon of 1880 and was subsequently sold to an important collector.
thereIn that matter.
There s a restaurant round the corner.
therebyBy that means or because of that.
Students perform in hospitals thereby gaining a deeper awareness of the therapeutic power of music.
thereforeFrom that fact or reason or as a result used to introduce a logical conclusion therefore adv as a consequence.
He was injured and therefore unable to play.
thusFrom that fact or reason or as a result used to introduce a logical conclusion thus adv in the way indicated thusly is a nonstandard variant.
The Ryder Cup is the highlight of Torrance s career thus far.
timingThe choice, judgement, or control of when something should be done.
One of the secrets of cricket is good timing.

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