TRADE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for TRADE?

Need another word that means the same as “trade”? Find 48 synonyms and 30 related words for “trade” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Trade” are: barter, swap, swop, trade wind, craft, patronage, business deal, deal, commerce, buying and selling, dealing, traffic, trafficking, business, marketing, merchandising, bargaining, occupation, job, day job, career, profession, pursuit, living, livelihood, line, line of work, line of business, vocation, calling, walk of life, province, field, merchandise, trade in, switch, sell, do business, run, operate, exchange, substitute, replace

Trade as a Noun

Definitions of "Trade" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “trade” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • An equal exchange.
  • The action of buying and selling goods and services.
  • The business given to a commercial establishment by its customers.
  • A trade wind.
  • Steady winds blowing from east to west above and below the equator.
  • People licensed to sell alcoholic drink.
  • (in sport) a transfer.
  • A particular instance of buying or selling.
  • The practice of making one's living in business, as opposed to in a profession or from unearned income.
  • The people engaged in a particular area of business.
  • A job requiring manual skills and special training.
  • People who perform a particular kind of skilled work.
  • The skilled practice of a practical occupation.
  • The commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services.

Synonyms of "Trade" as a noun (33 Words)

bargainingThe negotiation of the terms of a transaction or agreement.
barterGoods or services used in bartering.
We had no money so we had to live by barter.
businessBusiness concerns collectively.
It s none of your business.
business dealAn immediate objective.
buying and sellingThe act of buying.
callingThe action or sound of calling.
Those who have a special calling to minister to others needs.
careerThe time spent by a person in a career.
The court has had a chequered career.
commerceTransactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services.
The changes in taxation are of benefit to commerce.
craftAn aircraft or spaceship.
Craft brewing.
day jobUnited States writer best known for his autobiographical works (1874-1935.
dealThe set of hands dealt to the players.
What s the deal with you and that guy.
dealingThe act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities.
Honest dealing.
fieldA fielder.
Many a bloody field was to be fought.
jobA workplace as in the expression on the job.
She wants to be left alone to get on with the job.
lineSpace for one line of print one column wide and 1 14 inch deep used to measure advertising.
A good position at the start line will put you in the front rank on the first leg.
line of businessA conceptual separation or distinction.
line of workThe road consisting of railroad track and roadbed.
livelihoodThe financial means whereby one lives.
People whose livelihoods depend on the rainforest.
livingPeople who are still living.
He was offered the living of St Katherine s.
marketingShopping at a market.
A marketing campaign.
merchandisingThe exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money.
Problems rooted in poor merchandising.
occupationA way of spending time.
People in professional occupations.
patronageThe rights and duties or position of a patron.
The direct train link was ending because of poor patronage.
professionA body of people engaged in a particular profession.
A profession of disagreement.
provinceAn area of special knowledge, interest, or responsibility.
It was his province to take care of himself.
pursuitThe act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture.
They criticized the boy for his limited pursuits.
swapA thing that has been or may be given in exchange for something else.
I ve got one already but I ll keep this as a swap.
swopAn equal exchange.
trade windThe business given to a commercial establishment by its customers.
trafficThe action of dealing or trading in something illegal.
The traffic in stolen cattle.
traffickingThe amount of activity over a communication system during a given period of time.
vocationA trade or profession.
Not all of us have a vocation to be nurses or doctors.
walk of lifeA slow gait of a horse in which two feet are always on the ground.

Usage Examples of "Trade" as a noun

  • Players can demand a trade after five years of service.
  • The aristocratic classes were contemptuous of those in trade.
  • He's a carpenter by trade.
  • They are accused of conspiring to constrain trade.
  • A move to ban all trade in ivory.
  • Venice was an important center of trade with the East.
  • They rode the trade winds going west.
  • He learned his trade as an apprentice.
  • The fundamentals of the construction trade.
  • As they say in the trade.
  • A significant increase in foreign trade.
  • The north-east trades.
  • I had no further trade with him.
  • In the trade this sort of computer is called ‘a client-based system.

Trade as a Verb

Definitions of "Trade" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “trade” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions.
  • (especially of shares or currency) be bought and sold at a specified price.
  • Transfer (a player) to another team.
  • Buy and sell goods and services.
  • Turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase.
  • Engage in the trade of.
  • Buy or sell (a particular item or product.
  • Give and receive (something, typically insults or blows.
  • Exchange or give (something) in exchange for.
  • Do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood.
  • Exchange (something) for something else, typically as a commercial transaction.

Synonyms of "Trade" as a verb (15 Words)

barterExchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.
He often bartered a meal for drawings.
dealDistribute cards to the players in a game.
Life had dealt very harshly with her.
do businessGive rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally.
exchangeExchange or replace with another usually of the same kind or category.
Exchange employees between branches of the company.
merchandiseEngage in the business of a merchant.
Anyone who is not of that Guild may not merchandise with them.
operate(of an armed force) conduct military activities in a specified area.
There is a powerful law which operates in politics.
replaceTake the place or move into the position of.
The con artist replaced the original with a fake Rembrandt.
runMove about freely and without restraint or act as if running around in an uncontrolled way.
These dresses run small.
sellSell all of one s property possessions or assets.
It was clear that the performances would not sell out.
substituteReplace a sports player with a substitute during a match.
Customs officers substituted the drugs with another substance.
swapGive (one thing) and receive something else in exchange.
I swapped my busy life in London for a peaceful village retreat.
switchBeat or flick with or as if with a switch.
After ten minutes listener and speaker switch roles.
swopExchange or give (something) in exchange for.
trade inEngage in the trade of.
trafficDeal illegally.
They trafficked with us for gold.

Usage Examples of "Trade" as a verb

  • The dollar was trading where it was in January.
  • The stock traded around $20 a share.
  • Trade in an old car for a new one.
  • She has traded millions of dollars' worth of metals.
  • They traded a few punches.
  • Middlemen trading in luxury goods.
  • They trade mud-shark livers for fish oil.
  • Would his behaviour cause them to trade him?

Associations of "Trade" (30 Words)

barterThe action or system of bartering.
We had no money so we had to live by barter.
budgetMake a budget.
A budget guitar.
businessBusiness concerns collectively.
Experts who typically conduct their business over the internet.
commerceSocial exchange, especially of opinions, attitudes, etc.
The noise and warmth of human commerce.
commercialConnected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises.
Their work is too commercial.
consigneeThe person to whom merchandise is delivered over.
consignmentThe action of consigning or delivering something.
A consignment of drugs.
consignorThe person who delivers over or commits merchandise.
courierSend goods or documents by courier.
Your order can be couriered to you in three days.
dealingThe activity of buying and selling a particular commodity.
Drug dealing.
deficitA deficiency or failure in neurological or mental functioning.
A 3 0 deficit.
deliveryThe act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter.
His reluctant delivery of bad news.
emporiumA centre of commerce; a market.
exportOf a high standard suitable for export.
Wool and mohair were the principal exports.
exporterA person or group spreading or introducing ideas and beliefs to another country.
Brazil is the world s largest producer and exporter of sugar.
freightA freight train.
The truck based system can outperform air freight at distances of up to seven hundred miles.
importerA person or organization that brings goods or services into a country from abroad for sale.
The EU is the largest importer of agricultural products from developing countries.
mercantileProfit oriented.
Preached a mercantile and militant patriotism.
mercantilismTransactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services.
merchandiseEngage in the business of a merchant.
It if be below great men to be kind of recompense and merchandise their Power.
negotiatorA person who conducts negotiations.
US trade negotiators.
protectionismThe theory or practice of shielding a country’s domestic industries from foreign competition by taxing imports.
salesclerkA salesperson in a store.
sellSell all of one s property possessions or assets.
The prime minister has come under fire for selling out to the United States.
shipmentGoods carried by a large vehicle.
Logs waiting for shipment.
shipperSomeone who ships goods.
swapGive (one thing) and receive something else in exchange.
I ve got one already but I ll keep this as a swap.
tariffFix the price of something according to a tariff.
The reduction of trade barriers and import tariffs.
transactConduct or carry out (business.
Transact with foreign governments.
transactionAn input message to a computer system dealt with as a single unit of work.
Intellectual transactions in the classroom.

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