TRIBULATIONS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for TRIBULATIONS?

Need another word that means the same as “tribulations”? Find 2 synonyms and 30 related words for “tribulations” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Tribulations” are: trial, visitation

Tribulations as a Noun

Definitions of "Tribulations" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “tribulations” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • An annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event.

Synonyms of "Tribulations" as a noun (2 Words)

trial(law) the determination of a person’s innocence or guilt by due process of law.
His mother in law s visits were a great trial for him.
visitationThe appearance of a divine or supernatural being.
Boring visitations took up most of the afternoon.

Usage Examples of "Tribulations" as a noun

  • Life is full of tribulations.

Associations of "Tribulations" (30 Words)

afflictionA cause of great suffering and distress.
A crippling affliction of the nervous system.
agonyExtreme physical or mental suffering.
He crashed to the ground in agony.
anguishCause emotional anguish or make miserable.
I spent the next two weeks anguishing about whether I d made the right decision.
bibliophileSomeone who loves (and usually collects) books.
condolenceAn expression of sympathy with another’s grief.
They sent their condolences.
despairLose or be without hope.
In the depths of despair.
desperatelyUsed to emphasize the extreme degree of something.
He looked around desperately.
despondencyFeeling downcast and disheartened and hopeless.
An air of despondency.
dirgeA song or piece of music that is considered too slow, miserable, or boring.
After his ten minute dirge the audience booed.
disappointFail to meet the hopes or expectations of.
The governing coalition had bitterly disappointed the hopes of its voters.
disappointmentA person or thing that causes disappointment.
To her disappointment there was no chance to talk privately with Luke.
distressBring into difficulties or distress especially financial hardship.
They said the baby was in distress.
distressedAfflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief.
I was distressed at the news of his death.
endurePersist for a specified period of time.
The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks.
gloomPartial or total darkness.
A black yew gloom d the stagnant air.
griefIntense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.
She was overcome with grief.
grieveFeel intense sorrow.
She grieved for her father.
heartacheEmotional anguish or grief, typically caused by the loss or absence of someone loved.
A good friend understands your heartaches as well as your joys.
heavinessA mentally oppressive feeling, especially of sadness or grief.
The heaviness of a hop aroma.
lamentableBad; unfortunate.
The industry is in a lamentable state.
lamentationThe passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief.
Scenes of lamentation.
melancholyA humor that was once believed to be secreted by the kidneys or spleen and to cause sadness and melancholy.
At the centre of his music lies a profound melancholy and nostalgia.
mournObserve the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one.
Isobel mourned her husband.
rueEuropean strong-scented perennial herb with grey-green bitter-tasting leaves; an irritant similar to poison ivy.
Ferguson will rue the day he turned down that offer.
sadnessThe state of being sad.
It is one of life s sadnesses.
sorrowAn event or circumstance that causes sorrow.
A bereaved person needs time to work through their sorrow.
sufferingPsychological suffering.
His disregard for the sufferings of his fellow countrymen.
tormentTorment emotionally or mentally.
The journey must have been a torment for them.
tragedyThe dramatic genre represented by tragedies.
A tragedy that killed 95 people.
woeGreat sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically.
To add to his woes customers have been spending less.

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