UNAWARE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for UNAWARE?

Need another word that means the same as “unaware”? Find 20 synonyms and 30 related words for “unaware” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Unaware” are: incognizant, ignorant, unknowing, unconscious, heedless, unmindful, oblivious, unsuspecting, uninformed, unenlightened, unwitting, innocent, inattentive, unobservant, unperceptive, unresponsive, blind, deaf, insensible, insensitive

Unaware as an Adjective

Definitions of "Unaware" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “unaware” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • (often followed by `of') not aware.
  • Having no knowledge of a situation or fact.
  • Not aware.

Synonyms of "Unaware" as an adjective (20 Words)

blindNot controlled by reason.
Fresco paintings on the blind windows.
deafUnwilling or refusing to pay heed.
Deaf children.
heedlessMarked by or paying little heed or attention–Franklin D. Roosevelt.
His heedless impetuosity.
ignorantDiscourteous or rude.
I was largely ignorant of the effects of radiotherapy.
inattentiveNot showing due care or attention.
Inattentive students.
incognizantLacking knowledge or awareness.
The government appears incognizant of the growing threat to our agricultural industry.
innocentWithout; lacking.
An innocent mistake.
insensible(of a person or bodily extremity) without feeling; numb.
Insensible to pain.
insensitiveShowing or feeling no concern for others’ feelings.
An insensitive remark.
obliviousLacking conscious awareness of.
She became absorbed oblivious to the passage of time.
unconsciousNot awake and aware of and responding to one’s environment.
What is it he said again unconscious of the repetition.
unenlightenedLacking information or instruction.
Unenlightened thinking.
uninformedNot having or showing awareness or understanding of the facts.
Uninformed criticism of conservation projects.
unknowingUnaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge.
The lions moved stealthily towards their unknowing victims.
unmindful(followed by `to’ or `of’) lacking conscious awareness of.
Not unmindful of the heavy responsibility.
unobservantNot consciously observing.
She can be pretty unobservant.
unperceptiveLacking sensitivity, taste, or judgment.
As unperceptive as a boulder.
unresponsiveAloof or indifferent.
Was unresponsive to her passionate advances.
unsuspecting(of a person or animal) not aware of the presence of danger; feeling no suspicion.
An unsuspecting victim.
unwittingNot aware or knowing.
We are anxious to rectify the unwitting mistakes made in the past.

Usage Examples of "Unaware" as an adjective

  • They were unaware of his absence.
  • Unaware of the danger they were in.
  • Seemed unaware of the scrutiny.
  • The most unaware person I've known.
  • Unaware of the newborn hope.

Associations of "Unaware" (30 Words)

absentmindedLost in thought; showing preoccupation.
An absentminded professor.
accidentallyWithout advance planning.
Accidentally knocked the vase over.
blindMake blind by putting the eyes out.
A blind man with a stick.
casuallyIn a relaxed and informal way.
She was just casually strolling through the mall.
cognizanceHaving knowledge of.
The Renaissance cognizance of Greece was limited.
distraitHaving the attention diverted especially because of anxiety.
He seemed oddly distrait.
forgetfulFailing to keep in mind.
I m a bit forgetful these days.
ignoramusAn ignorant person.
Assume that your examiner is an ignoramus and explain everything to him.
ignorantUnaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge.
He was completely ignorant of the circumstances.
illiterateUneducated in the fundamentals of a given art or branch of learning; lacking knowledge of a specific field.
His parents were illiterate.
insensible(of a person or bodily extremity) without feeling; numb.
Insensible to pain.
intentionallyDeliberately; on purpose.
I wasn t sure if it was intentionally funny or not.
obliviousNot aware of or concerned about what is happening around one.
She became absorbed oblivious to the passage of time.
shiftlessCharacterized by laziness, indolence, and a lack of ambition.
A shiftless lot of good for nothings.
simpletonA person lacking intelligence or common sense.
Stop grinning at me like a simpleton.
subconsciousThe subconscious part of the mind not in technical use in psychoanalysis where unconscious is preferred.
Uncertainties were lurking around the edge of her subconscious.
unconsciousNot knowing or perceiving- Charles Dickens.
The boy was beaten unconscious.
unconsciouslyWithout awareness.
Ben smiled unconsciously when he heard her voice.
uneducatedHaving or showing a poor level of education.
Women from uneducated backgrounds.
unexpectedNot expected or regarded as likely to happen.
He seemed to have a knack for saying the unexpected.
unintendedNot planned or meant.
The unintended consequences of people s actions.
unintentionalWithout deliberate intent- George Macdonald.
An unintentional pun.
unintentionallyNot on purpose.
I may have unintentionally misled some of you.
unknownAn unknown and unexplored region.
Things obscurely felt surged up from unknown depths.
unlettered(of a person) poorly educated or illiterate.
Exhibiting contempt for his unlettered companions.
unmindful(followed by `to’ or `of’) lacking conscious awareness of.
Not unmindful of the heavy responsibility.
untutoredNot formally taught or trained.
The species are all much the same to the untutored eye.
unwillinglyAgainst one’s wishes; reluctantly.
He unwillingly went back to the family business in the City.
unwitting(of a person) not aware of the full facts.
His rudeness was unwitting.

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