VALE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for VALE?

Need another word that means the same as “vale”? Find 1 synonym and 30 related words for “vale” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Vale” are: valley

Vale as a Noun

Definitions of "Vale" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “vale” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river.
  • A valley (used in place names or as a poetic term.

Synonyms of "Vale" as a noun (1 Word)

valleyAn internal angle formed by the intersecting planes of a roof, or by the slope of a roof and a wall.
The valley floor.

Usage Examples of "Vale" as a noun

  • The Vale of Glamorgan.

Associations of "Vale" (30 Words)

arroyoA steep-sided gully formed by the action of fast-flowing water in an arid or semi-arid region, found chiefly in the south-western US.
beckA beckoning gesture.
braeA slope or hillside.
A figure was spied struggling up the brae.
brookPut up with something or somebody unpleasant.
The Lake District boasts lovely lakes and babbling brooks.
canyonA ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall.
The Grand Canyon.
cascadeRush down in big quantities like a cascade.
A sudden cascade of sparks.
chasmA deep opening in the earth’s surface.
The chasm between rich and poor.
clayA hardened clay surface for a tennis court.
This lifeless clay.
cliffA steep high face of rock.
He stood on a high cliff overlooking the town.
creekA narrow, sheltered waterway, especially an inlet in a shoreline or channel in a marsh.
A sandy beach in a sheltered creek.
foothillA low hill at the base of a mountain or mountain range.
The camp lies in the foothills of the Andes.
fordA shallow area in a stream that can be forded.
glenA narrow valley, especially in Scotland or Ireland.
gorgeEat a large amount greedily; fill oneself with food.
They gorged themselves on Cornish cream teas.
gradientAn inclined part of a road or railway; a slope.
Fail safe brakes for use on steep gradients.
hillForm into a hill.
They were climbing a steep hill in low gear.
incisedCut into with a sharp instrument.
An incised design.
lampreyPrimitive eellike freshwater or anadromous cyclostome having round sucking mouth with a rasping tongue.
marshNew Zealand writer of detective stories (1899-1982.
Marsh plants.
moundA collection of objects laid on top of each other.
A mound of dirty crockery.
precipiceA very steep cliff.
We swerved toward the edge of the precipice.
ravineA deep narrow steep-sided valley (especially one formed by running water.
riftA major fault separating blocks of the earth s surface a rift valley.
The rift between the two branches of the legal profession.
riverUsed in names of animals and plants living in or associated with rivers e g river dolphin.
River pollution.
steepA steep mountain slope.
Steep the blossoms in oil.
streamSomething that resembles a flowing stream in moving continuously.
The raft floated downstream on the current.
thamesThe longest river in England; flows eastward through London to the North Sea.
valleyA low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it.
The valley floor.
waterfallRelating to or denoting a method of project management that is characterized by sequential stages and a fixed plan of work.
Each phase of a waterfall project must be complete prior to moving to the next phase.

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