VIBRATE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for VIBRATE?

Need another word that means the same as “vibrate”? Find 33 synonyms and 30 related words for “vibrate” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Vibrate” are: resonate, thrill, tickle, hover, oscillate, vacillate, quiver, shake, tremble, quaver, waver, shiver, shudder, judder, jiggle, wobble, throb, reverberate, pulsate, pulse, palpitate, resound, ring, echo, boom, thunder, thump, pound, beat, drum, thud, thrum, hammer

Vibrate as a Verb

Definitions of "Vibrate" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “vibrate” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • (of a pendulum) swing to and fro.
  • Move or swing from side to side regularly.
  • Quiver with (a quality or emotion.
  • Move continuously and rapidly to and fro.
  • (of a sound) resonate; continue to be heard.
  • Sound with resonance.
  • Shake, quiver, or throb; move back and forth rapidly, usually in an uncontrolled manner.
  • Feel sudden intense sensation or emotion.
  • Be undecided about something; waver between conflicting positions or courses of action.

Synonyms of "Vibrate" as a verb (33 Words)

beatBeat through cleverness and wit.
She beat him easily at chess.
boomSay in a loud, deep, resonant voice.
Stop right there boomed the Headmaster.
drumPlay on a drum or drums.
He channelled his energies into drumming with local groups.
echoRing or echo with sound.
The house echoed with shouts.
hammerStrike or knock at or on something violently with one s hand or with a hammer or other object.
Maclean was presented with a great chance but he hammered the ball over the bar from 10 yards.
hoverHang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing.
Army helicopters hovered overhead.
jiggleShake (something) lightly up and down or from side to side.
The car jiggled on its springs.
judder(especially of something mechanical) shake and vibrate rapidly and with force.
The steering wheel juddered in his hand.
oscillateVary in magnitude or position in a regular manner about a central point.
The grain pan near the front of the combine oscillates back and forth.
palpitateCause to throb or beat rapidly.
His heart palpitated.
poundPlace or shut up in a pound.
Pound the cows so they don t stray.
pulsateExpand and contract with strong regular movements.
Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city that pulsates with life.
pulseModulate a wave or beam so that it becomes a series of pulses.
A soft breeze pulsed the air.
quaverSing or play with trills, alternating with the half note above or below.
His voice quavered with rage.
quiverMove back and forth very rapidly.
The tree s branches stopped quivering.
resonateEvoke images, memories, and emotions.
The sound of the siren resonated across the harbour.
resound(of fame, an achievement, etc.) be much talked of.
The hall resounded with laughter.
reverberate(of a place) appear to vibrate because of a loud noise.
The waves reverberate as far away as the end of the building.
ringRing or echo with sound.
My uncle rings every Sunday at the local church.
shakeShake or vibrate rapidly and intensively.
I couldn t shake the car that was following me.
shiverShake, as from cold.
They shivered in the damp foggy cold.
shudder(especially of a vehicle, machine, or building) shake or vibrate violently.
I shuddered with horror.
thrillCause to be thrilled by some perceptual input.
He was thrilled by the speed and the roar of the engine.
throbPulsate or pound with abnormal force.
Her foot throbbed with pain.
thrumSound with a monotonous hum.
Blind men thrum and hum in the soft air.
thudMove, fall, or strike something with a dull, heavy sound.
Bullets were thudding against the wall.
thumpHit or strike heavily, especially with the fist or a blunt implement.
She thumped on the cottage door.
thunderBe the case that thunder is being heard.
Briggs thundered home a 30 yard free kick.
tickle(of a part of the body) have a sensation of mild irritation or discomfort.
The grass tickled her calves.
tremble(of a structure or area of land) shake or quiver slightly.
Her voice trembled as she described how much she missed him.
vacillateWaver between different opinions or actions; be indecisive.
I vacillated between teaching and journalism.
waverBe unsure or weak.
His love for her had never wavered.
wobbleWaver between different courses of action; vacillate.
They wobble around on their bikes.

Usage Examples of "Vibrate" as a verb

  • The bumblebee vibrated its wings for a few seconds.
  • The cabin started to vibrate.
  • His voice vibrated with terror.
  • A low rumbling sound that began to vibrate through the car.

Associations of "Vibrate" (30 Words)

aftershockA tremor (or one of a series of tremors) occurring after the main shock of an earthquake.
careen(of a ship) tilt; lean over.
A heavy flood tide caused my vessel to careen dizzily.
earthquakeA sudden violent shaking of the ground, typically causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth’s crust or volcanic action.
Selling the company caused an earthquake among the employees.
excitementSomething that arouses a feeling of excitement.
His face was flushed with excitement and his hands trembled.
flutterAn act of fluttering.
There was a flutter of wings at the window.
gyroscopeA device consisting of a wheel or disc mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis which is itself free to alter in direction The orientation of the axis is not affected by tilting of the mounting so gyroscopes can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction in navigation systems automatic pilots and stabilizers.
oscillationA regular periodic variation in value about a mean.
The oscillations of a pendulum.
palpitateShake; tremble.
His nostrils palpitated.
pulsateExpand and contract rhythmically; beat rhythmically.
The city pulsated with music and excitement.
quakeAn earthquake.
A big quake east of the Rocky Mountains.
quaverA note having the time value of an eighth of a semibreve or half a crotchet, represented by a large dot with a hooked stem.
It was impossible to hide the slight quaver in her voice.
quiverTremble or shake with a slight rapid motion.
She couldn t help the quiver in her voice.
resonant(of a room, musical instrument, or hollow body) tending to reinforce or prolong sounds, especially by synchronous vibration.
The sound of these instruments played in a resonant room is unforgettable.
seesawMove up and down as if on a seesaw.
shakeA milkshake.
I couldn t shake the feeling that everyone was laughing at me.
shakingA shaky motion.
The shaking of his fingers as he lit his pipe.
shiverA spell or an attack of trembling, typically as a result of fear or horror.
She gave a little shiver as the wind flicked at her bare arms.
shudderAn act of shuddering.
She still shuddered at the thought of him.
swayMove or walk in a swinging or swaying manner.
The easy sway of her hips.
teeterBe unable to decide between different courses; waver.
She teetered after him in her high heeled sandals.
thrillCause to be thrilled by some perceptual input.
The men were thrilled by a loud whistle blow.
trembleA reflex motion caused by cold or fear or excitement.
There was a slight tremble in his voice.
tremorUndergo a tremor or tremors.
A disorder that causes tremors and muscle rigidity.
tremulousQuivering as from weakness or fear.
He gave a tremulous smile.
vacillateBe undecided about something; waver between conflicting positions or courses of action.
The line on the monitor vacillated.
vibeGet on; have a good relationship.
It gave me a nostalgic vibe.
vibrationA distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively.
The big capacity engine generated less vibration.
wag(especially with reference to an animal’s tail) move or cause to move rapidly to and fro.
The dog went out wagging its tail.
waverThe act of moving back and forth.
She never wavered from her intention.
wobbleAn unsteady rocking motion.
His knees wobbled.

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