690+ Adjectives Beginning with T: Words with Definitions and Examples

There are hundreds of adjectives that start with ‘T’ in English. Here you can find a list of helpful words. Trust us, you are in right place!

Adjectives That Start with TA (91 Words)

tabbyHaving a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring; used especially of the patterned fur of cats Francine’s yellowish orange tabby.
tabooExcluded from use or mention Any controverse opinion becomes taboo to the establishment of the status quo.
tabuForbidden to profane use especially in south pacific islands Tabu search excludes solutions in the tabu list from .
tabularOf or pertaining to or arranged in table form May also be tabular or rhombohedral.
tacitImplied by or inferred from actions or statements Another example of tacit knowledge is the ability to ride a bicycle.
taciturnHabitually reserved and uncommunicative Drinking bouts were long, taciturn, and ended in somnolence.
tackyTastelessly showy The language is always the same tacky advert garbage.
tactfulShowing skill and sensitivity in dealing with people He is tactful and skilled.
tacticalOf or pertaining to tactic or tactics My diferences with the candidate are tactical rather than principled.
tactileOf or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch The measure of the degree of tactile sensitivity is called aesthesiometry.
tactlessRevealing lack of perceptiveness or judgment or finesse It is also tactless to dismiss the usage.
tahitianOf or relating to or characteristic of the island of tahiti or its residents or their language and culture Tahitian tree snail survived recent mass extirpation.
taiOf or relating to thailand Gavallan is an aspirant to the office of tai pan.
taillessNot having a tail This is a cat born entirely tailless.
taillikeResembling a tail Each leaf is a taillike strip of overlapping lobed leaflets.
tailor-madeCustom-made The tailor cut the cloth in two.
tailoredSeverely simple in line or design He had several suits tailored.
taintedTouched by rot or decay However the party was tainted with associations with the official ira.
taiwaneseOf or relating to or characteristic of the island republic on taiwan or its residents or their language They are not ethnic taiwanese or taiwanese american for that matter.
tajikistaniOf or relating to or characteristic of tajikistan or it people or culture A tajikistani captive was transferred at the same time.
take-homeRemaining after all deductions including taxes He returned to home unscathed.
takeoutOf or involving food to be taken and eaten off the premises So sorry it has to be in a takeout cup.
takingVery attractive; capturing interest For one thing, it requires taking the cover glass off the chronometer.
talebearingProne to communicate confidential information
talentedEndowed with talent or talents He is the most trustworthy and talented.
talentlessDevoid of talent; not gifted He’s more like talentless commercial bubblegum pop.
talipedHaving a deformed foot
talismanicPossessing or believed to possess magic power especially protective power His talismanic ability in the fa cup rarely transferred to regular league form.
talkativeUnwisely talking too much The secret of the southwest solved by talkative tree rings.
talkyFull of trivial conversation Rework talky and awkward first few sentences.
tallToo improbable to admit of belief The tall trees precipitate the fog.
tallerLofty in style The tumbler was originally tall and cylindrical.
tallestToo improbable to admit of belief This tall yazagaku student is the epitome of high class and femininity.
tallishSomewhat tall But you can’t help that she is skinny, tallish and wears glasses. 38.
talonedArmed with claws or talons Usually, all four legs of a gryphon end in taloned feet of great strength.
tamableCapable of being tamed That goes to show that feral cats are tamable.
tameVery docile- langston hughes Tufted coquettes are tame and approachable.
tameableCapable of being tamed
tamedBrought from wildness into a domesticated state I thought my response was plainspoken, but tame.
tamerFlat and uninspiring The battens will tame the luffing sails.
tamilOf or relating to a speaker of the tamil language or the language itself Burgher children learn tamil at the same time that they learn the creole.
tanOf a light yellowish-brown color The fish is tan colored with seven indistinct bars on the body.
tangentialOf superficial relevance if any It is very tangential to the subject of the article.
tangerineOf a strong reddish orange color I like an orange more than a tangerine.
tangibleHaving physical substance and intrinsic monetary value Larceny applies only to the stealing of tangible personal property.
tangledIn a confused mass It’s in the tangled mess behing the computer.
tangyTasting sour like a lemon The tangy citrus flavor is mostly composed of grapefruit.
tannedOf a light yellowish-brown color The color of the bark is tan and brown.
tannicDerived from tannin Tannate is the salt or ester of tannic acid.
tannishOf a color resembling tan Penuche often has a tannish color to it and is lighter than regular fudge.
tantalisingArousing desire or expectation for something unattainable or mockingly out of reach The lure of classical philosophy is tantalising.
tantamountBeing essentially equal to something Deliberately falsifying the content of the article is tantamount to vandalism.
tantricOf or relating to tantrism At the top of the stairs stands a huge dorje, the tantric thunderbolt symbol.
tantrikOf or relating to tantrism A ‘tantrik’ is a practitioner of the tantra systems of beliefs.
tanzanianOf or relating to the republic of tanzania or its people The tanzanian government is all for the project.
taoistOf or relating to the popular chinese religious system based on the teachings of lao-tzu but including a pantheon of gods along with divination and magic This is a subject that numerous taoist teach about.
tape-recordedRecorded on tape The hum is recorded as unchanging.
taperedBecoming gradually narrower A tapered sleeve is latchably secured to the teeth captivating the sheath.
tapestriedHung or decorated with tapestry The tapestried chimney is one of few remaining in south carolina.
tardiveLate-occurring (especially with reference to symptoms of a disease) Vendange tardive is also an official wine designation in luxembourg.
tardyAfter the expected or usual time; delayed A tardy maria bernaldez enters the agency and janice fires her on the spot.
tarryHaving the characteristics of pitch or tar I no longer require recourse to tarry with an outer guru.
tarsalOf or relating to or near the tarsus of the foot It runs with the lateral tarsal artery.
tartHarsh The berry has a somewhat tart flavor, fairly earthy with traces of sweetness.
tartareanOf or relating to or characteristic of hades or tartarus
tartaricRelating to or derived from or resembling tartar Tartaric acid is an ingredient of jam.
tasmanianOf or relating to tasmania Adults of the tasmanian subspecies average around.
tasseledFringed or adorned with tassels A buggy whip had a small, usually tasseled tip called a snapper.
tasselledFringed or adorned with tassels Some authors claim that her tasselled aegis may be the remnants of wings.
tastefulHaving or showing or conforming to good taste At least the background colour is reasonably tasteful.
tastelessLacking flavor It was an off the cuff, tasteless joke.
tastierPleasing to the sense of taste In the area very tasty honey is produced in small quantities.
tastyPleasing to the sense of taste I munched the cookie and it was tasty.
tatterdemalionIn deplorable condition Tatterdemalion appears with the night shift, as part of the hood’s gang.
tatteredWorn to shreds; or wearing torn or ragged clothing Real notes are generally crumpled or tattered in some way.
tattlingProne to communicate confidential information Further, i simply don’t believe in running and tattling on folks.
tattyShowing signs of wear and tear My daddy blanket’s cheap and tatty.
taupeOf something having a dusky brownish grey color At right is displayed the color mauve taupe.
taurineOf or relating to or resembling a bull Many therapeutic applications of taurine have been investigated.
tautSubjected to great tension; stretched tight It’s the force which pulls the string taut.
tautologicRepetition of same sense in different words It’s a bit tautologic, that’s all.
tautologicalRepetition of same sense in different words The heading ‘political and human geography’ is tautological.
tawdryTastelessly showy They start a tawdry affair and fall in love.
tawnyOf a light brown to brownish orange color; the color of tanned leather Two cars, mottled with rust and spattered with mud, sat in front of the flat, tawny house.
tax-exemptNot taxed All four of the largest neighborhoods are exempt from the moratorium.
tax-freeNot taxed Acceptance of sumptuary taxes may be greater than income tax or sales tax.
taxableSubject to taxation One common objective is deferral of the recognition of taxable gains.
taxingNot easily borne; wearing What do you think is the most taxing job
taxonomicOf or relating to taxonomy Bentham’s taxonomic arrangement of dryandra.
taxonomicalOf or relating to taxonomy We then verified the usefulness of word sets with non taxonomical relation that seems to be a thematic relation for information retrieval.
taxpayingNot exempt from paying taxes The taxpaying public have a right to know who they helping.

Adjectives That Start with TE (107 Words)

teachableReady and willing to be taught I want a readable, teachable article.
tealOf a bluish shade of green The school colors are purple and teal.
tearawayCharacterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation; (`brainish’ is archaic) Some tearaway pants are reversible.
tearfulShowing sorrow The rainbow, like a tearful greeting of goodbye,
tearlessFree from tears
tearyWith eyes full of tears A chipoo’s eyes are teary, just like a toy poodle’s.
teasingCausing irritation or annoyance She enjoys teasing her younger brother.
technicalOf or relating to or requiring special knowledge to be understood Is diminution too technical word here
technologicalOf or relating to a practical subject that is organized according to scientific principles The new priority is the creation of technological infrastructure.
technophilicOf or relating to or showing technophilia
technophobicOf or relating to or showing technophobia I’m an old fogey who is somewhat technophobic.
techyEasily irritated or annoyed Answers in non techy speak please.
tectonicPertaining to the structure or movement of the earth’s crust The tectonic uplift of the massif occurred 6 million years ago.
tediousSo lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness Entering the coordinate data is the most tedious.
teemingAbundantly filled with especially living things I took a picture of waterfall teeming.
teenBeing of the age 13 through 19 It’s the diary of a gawky teen.
teenageBeing of the age 13 through 19 The finding on teenage boys’ condom use heartened proponents of sex education.
teenagedBeing of the age 13 through 19 It all happened by surprise for the teenaged lois.
teensyVery small It’s a teensy weensy bit pov as well.
teentsyVery small
teenyVery small A teeny tiny fraction of scientists.
teetotalPracticing complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages List of well known people who are now teetotal or were during their lifetime.
tegularOf or relating to or resembling a series of tiles
telegnosticObtaining knowledge of distant events allegedly without use of normal sensory mechanisms
telegraphicHaving the style of a telegram with many short words left out By the same year, the telegraphic service was inaugurated.
telemeteredOf or pertaining to telemetry Data could be telemetered in 10 energy channels.
telephonicOf or relating to telephony Powerful winds cut telephonic and telegraphic communications for several days.
telescopedShortened by or as if by means of parts that slide one within another or are crushed one into another On the casing is a bell having a tubular extension telescoped on the casing.
telescopicVisible only with a telescope The image forming rays continue towards the low powered telescopic eyepiece.
tellingProducing a strong effect He did not want to hear the deprecatory story telling.
telltaleDisclosing unintentionally It carries all the telltale signs of self promotion.
tellurianOf or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air
telluricOf or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air Earth batteries tap electric currents in the earth called telluric current.
telocentricHaving the form of a straight rod because the centromere is in a terminal position For example, all mouse chromosomes are telocentric.
temperamentalRelating to or caused by temperament He is mercurial and temperamental.
temperateNot extreme in behavior He had the reputation of a chaste and temperate man.
tempestuousCharacterized by violent emotions or behavior A euroclydon is a tempestuous northeast wind that blows in the mediterranean.
temporalOf this earth or world It is the temporal equivalent of the spatial concept of universality.
temporaryNot permanent; not lasting- james thurber These rehabilitative activities were both temporary and permanent.
temptableSusceptible to temptation
temptingVery pleasantly inviting But the eggs thing was too tempting to resist.
tenBeing one more than nine She is one of the two female terrors, and the slyest of the ten.
tenableBased on sound reasoning or evidence I’m not sure if the simple division of four groups is still tenable.
tenaciousGood at remembering The odor is very rich, complex and tenacious.
tenantedResided in; having tenants He tenanted in a house owned by joseph illiamson.
tendenciousHaving or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one A statement can be true, yet irrelevant, unapropriate, or tendencious.
tendentiousHaving or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one Also, some of the language is tendentious, and the historicity debatable.
tenderNot hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition The beer tender has the ability to refrigerate this beer.
tenderheartedEasily moved by another’s distress- w.m.thackeray Young minded person, tenderhearted with romantic characteristic.
tenderisedMade tender as by marinating or pounding
tenderizedMade tender as by marinating or pounding Tripas de leche are typically tenderized by marinating, then grilled.
tendinousConsisting of tendons or resembling a tendon His favourite is tendinous section of the beef.
tenebrificDark and gloomy
tenebriousDark and gloomy
tenebrousDark and gloomy His personality is dark and tenebrous.
tenfoldContaining ten or ten parts In the 20th century the aboriginal population of canada increased tenfold.
tenorOf or close in range to the highest natural adult male voice The hymn in the tenor is highlighted.
tensePronounced with relatively tense tongue muscles (e.g., the vowel sound in `beat’) The buildup to the premiere was tense.
tensedIn or of a state of physical or nervous tension South korea stages drill on tense sea border.
tensileOf or relating to tension Many people underestimate the tensile strength of hair.
tensionalOf or relating to or produced by tension Nflt is not ex tensional in this sense.
tensionlessFree from tension
tentacledHaving tentacles In his true form, nebulon appeared as a long gigantic six tentacled cephalopod.
tentacularOf or relating to or resembling tentacles Arms have two series of suckers, whereas the tentacular clubs have four.
tentativeUnsettled in mind or opinion That released date at the top of the page should be considered tentative.
tenthComing next after the ninth and just before the eleventh in position The stairway terminates at the tenth floor.
tenuousVery thin in gauge or diameter However many of the other inclusions seem tenuous to say the least.
tenuredAppointed for life and not subject to dismissal except for a grave crime Is the longest tenured viking and the most worthless player on the team.
tepidModerately warm In general, it is tepid and rainy in winter, hot in summer.
teratogenicOf or relating to substances or agents that can interfere with normal embryonic development No teratogenic effects have been detected.
terefahNot conforming to dietary laws
tereteEspecially of plant parts; cylindrical and tapering These are crowded together on the branchlets and are linear, subulate or terete.
terminableCapable of being terminated after a designated time Analysis terminable and interminable.
terminalBeing or situated at an end All of the express routes connect to the finch bus terminal.
terminologicalOf or concerning terminology The available terminological corpora.
ternaryHaving three units or components or elements It inherits the from ternary tree and the heap.
ternateConsisting of three leaflets or sections On 22 june the king of ternate signed a favourable agreement with him.
terpsichoreanOf or relating to dancing
terreneBelonging to this earth or world; not ideal or heavenly Terrene is currently a solo project for dylan.
terrestrialOf this earth Most monkeys are both arboreal and terrestrial quadrupeds and climbers.
terribleExceptionally bad or displeasing The combo of the two is pretty terrible.
terrificExtraordinarily good or great ; used especially as intensifiers In the good section, jeff tells us the graphics are terrific.
terrifiedThrown into a state of intense fear or desperation His capture and torture terrified isabel.
terrifyingCausing extreme terror Behind the sex, the drama, and the beautiful people lies a terrifying secret.
territorialOf or relating to a territory After the war, the regiment reconstituted in the territorial army.
terseBrief and to the point; effectively cut short If i came off as standoffish or terse, i apologize.
tertianRelating to symptoms (especially malarial fever) that appear every other day Soon anjou fell seriously ill with tertian ague , or malaria.
tertiaryComing next after the second and just before the fourth in position The massive was formed during the tertiary.
tessellatedHaving a checkered or mottled appearance Bark is yellowish fawn, flaky, rough and somewhat tessellated.
testaceousRelating to or possessing a testa or hard shell Legs reddish, with brown and testaceous rings.
testamentaryOf or relating to a will or testament or bequeathed by a will or testament An insane delusion is distinct from testamentary capacity.
testateHaving made a legally valid will before death Fossils of testate amoebae date back to the cryogenian period.
testedTested and proved useful or correct The wolf was killed and tested negative for rabies.
testicularOf or involving the testes A testicular mass can often be palpated.
testimonialOf or relating to or constituting testimony He was awarded a testimonial in the summer of 2003.
testyEasily irritated or annoyed I got a little testy on the new imperialism page as well.
tetanicOf or relating to or causing tetany Black squares indicate the measurements taken before tetanic stimulation.
tetchyEasily irritated or annoyed People are so tetchy round here.
tetragonalOf or relating to or shaped like a quadrilateral Who taught you about the tetragonal system
tetramerousHaving or consisting of four similar parts; tetramerous flowers Many jellyfish have four canals and thus exhibit tetramerous radial symmetry.
tetrametricOf or relating to verse lines written in tetrameter
tetravalentHaveing a valence of four Voso4 is a tetravalent vanadium compound.
teutonicOf or pertaining to the ancient teutons or their languages This led to the teutonic takeover of danzig.
texanOf or relating to or characteristic of texas or its residents Bush, being a texan, is the butt of the joke of a texan spoof.
textbookAccording to or characteristic of a casebook or textbook; typical I don’t requite a topic such as the one in the textbook.
textileOf or relating to fabrics or fabric making The hole formed by the loop is used to sew the button to the fabric or textile.
textualOf or relating to or based on a text Reasonably dignified textual descriptions of the site contents.

Adjectives That Start with TH (112 Words)

thaiOf or relating to the languages of the thai people Dear readers, both thai and not thai,
thalamocorticalRelating to or connecting the cortex and thalamus Other theories of consciousness place more stress on the thalamocortical system.
thalassicRelating to the seas, especially smaller or inland seas- scientific american
thalloidOf or relating to or resembling or consisting of a thallus One simple thalloid liverwort is not photosynthetic.
thallophyticPertaining to or characteristic of thallophytes
thankfulFeeling or showing gratitude They were thankful for the bountifulness of the harvest.
thanklessNot feeling or showing gratitude- shakespeare Disambiguating is often a thankless job.
theatricalOf or relating to the theater I am a theatrical electrician and the work really just isn’t the same.
theatricallyOf or relating to the theater In the theatrical version of the film, the alien comes from a dog.
thebanOf or relating to the egyptian city of thebes or its people or culture The theban war of the seven ensues.
theistOf or relating to theism However, non theist is defined as someone who is not a theist.
theisticOf or relating to theism Raelism is a non theistic religion.
theisticalOf or relating to theism
thematicRelating to or constituting a topic of discourse There is a thematic guide at the end of the work.
thenAt a specific prior time There is the bellamy family, and then the family downstairs.
thenalOf or relating to the palm of the hand or to the area at the base of the thumb
thenarOf or relating to the palm of the hand or to the area at the base of the thumb The thumb has one long flexor and a short flexor in the thenar muscle group.
theocraticOf or relating to or being a theocracy The consitution party seems to be thought of more as theocratic than paleo.
theologicalOf or relating to or concerning theology It explains the interest in the theological knowledge.
theoreticConcerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations Complement is a set theoretic operation.
theoreticalConcerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations I have learned a lot of theoretical principles.
therapeuticTending to cure or restore to health Placing your head in sand is quite a therapeutic remedy.
therapeuticalRelating to or involved in therapy Gene silencing may also have therapeutical applications.
thermalCaused by or designed to retain heat It improves the thermal stability and the viscosity of the adhesive.
thermicRelating to or associated with heat This is not the function of a thermic syphon.
thermionicOf or relating to or characteristic of thermions Almost all tubes depend on the thermionic emission of electrons.
thermodynamicOf or concerned with thermodynamics Consider an isolated thermodynamic system.
thermodynamicalOf or concerned with thermodynamics Phys. of particles relation between dynamical and thermodynamical stability.
thermoelectricInvolving or resulting from thermoelectricity Thermoelectric module is the newest technology in energy recovery.
thermoelectricalInvolving or resulting from thermoelectricity
thermogravimetricOf or relating to thermal hydrometry
thermohydrometricOf or relating to thermal hydrometry
thermolabileReadily changed or destroyed by heat This gene encodes a phenol sulfotransferase with thermolabile enzyme activity.
thermometricOf or relating to thermometry Thermometric and magnetic based biosensors are rare.
thermonuclearUsing nuclear weapons based on fusion as distinguished from fission Insiders favored the terms nuclear and thermonuclear, respectively.
thermoplasticHaving the property of softening or fusing when heated and of hardening and becoming rigid again when cooled Peba is a high performance thermoplastic elastomer.
thermosetHaving the property of becoming permanently hard and rigid when heated or cured Thermoset resinous coatings are particularly useful.
thermosettingHaving the property of becoming permanently hard and rigid when heated or cured A cured thermosetting polymer is called a thermoset.
thermostaticOf or relating to a thermostat There should be a heat lamp operated by thermostatic control indoors.
thespianOf or relating to drama Faisal qureshi is an actor cast in the mould of a true thespian.
thickHaving a short and solid form or stature The fruit is a succulent berry with a thick rind, the size of a small lime.
thickenedMade or having become thick Antennae thickened and flattened.
thickeningBecoming more intricate or complex It is thickened with a thickening flour.
thickerAbounding; having a lot of The adipose fin is large and thick.
thickheadedStupid First off, sorry about being so thickheaded in my previous edits here.
thicksetPlanted or growing close together A thickset, stocky, short legged horse.
thickspreadCovered thickly
thievingGiven to thievery He is highly skilled in the art of thieving.
thievishGiven to thievery Prokofiev described this cancan like material as thievish.
thinVery narrow A dolphin is streamlined and thin.
thinkableCapable of being conceived or imagined or considered Other ways had also been thinkable.
thinkingEndowed with the capacity to reason Try thinking of it less abstractly.
thinnedLacking substance or significance The grips are thin, slightly decreasing the width of the pistol.
thinnestLacking spirit or sincere effort He’s thin and looks rather malnourished.
thirdComing next after the second and just before the fourth in position The third day is the last day on the ranch.
third-rateOf lesser quality than second-rate Does the blue map show the homicide rate or the murder rate
third-yearUsed of the third or next to final year in united states high school or college The third stage is putrefaction.
thirdhandDerived from what is primary or original by two intermediate steps The section on thirdhand smoke is relevant and is not inflated.
thirstyNeeding moisture It is just what the thirsty body needs to restore the lost fluid.
thirteenBeing one more than twelve Does anyone know offhand the total area of the original thirteen colonies
thirteenthComing next after the twelfth in position In the domestic competition concluded in the thirteenth place.
thirtiethComing next after the twenty-ninth in position He was an unsuccessful candidate for election to the thirtieth congress in 1848.
thirtyBeing ten more than twenty He was tonsured a monk at the age of thirty four.
thistlelikeResembling a thistle
thoracicOf or relating to the chest or thorax On the trunk of the body, the chest is referred to as the thoracic area.
thoreauvianRelating to or like or in the manner of henry david thoreau
thoriatedBeing or sounding of nervous or suppressed laughter Thoriated electrodes are suitable for use in dcen welding of aluminum.
thornlessLacking thorns In my experience, about 1 out of 20 wild specimens are thornless or nearly so.
thornyBristling with perplexities It was a thorny dilemma.
thoroughPerformed comprehensively and completely Skin is suitably decontaminated by thorough washing with soap and water.
thoroughbredHaving a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal Her dog is a thoroughbred unlike other mixed dogs.
thoroughgoingWithout qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers; Maria is a thoroughgoing fraud, and i do not believe a word she wrote.
thoughtfulHaving intellectual depth He is portly, good humored, and thoughtful.
thoughtlessShowing lack of careful thought It isn’t thoughtless, but it is a little robotic.
thousandDenoting a quantity consisting of 1,000 items or units This cafe consumed about seventy thousand hogsheads of sugar a month.
thousandthThe ordinal number of one thousand in counting order A mil is equal to one thousandth of an inch.
thracianOf or relating to thrace or its people or culture Digeri is the name of a thracian tribe.
threadbareRepeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse His life may be threadbare, but his imagination remains fertile.
threadlikeThin in diameter; resembling a thread There are also spoon shaped, quill shaped, threadlike or spiderlike florets.
threadyThin in diameter; resembling a thread In the mouth of the flower are five stamens and a few thready pistils.
threatenedLikely in the near future to become endangered The situation threatened to engulf the entire country.
threateningThreatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments The erosion of the dhansiri river is also threatening its existence.
threeBeing one more than two Three of the four entries are dismissive of the controversy.
three-dimensionalHaving three dimensions The graphite takes on the shape of a three dimensional flake.
three-month-oldHaving lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age I must be getting harebrained in my old age.
three-pieceMade in or consisting of three parts or pieces They destroyed the building piece by piece.
three-wayInvolving three parties or elements That way, we can all pigeonhole things the same way.
three-week-oldBelonging to some prior time Lucky debonair died of old age in 1987 at age twenty five.
three-year-oldJust preceding something else in time or order The age of the father was the age of the old covenant.
threefoldThree times as great or many The reason lied in the threefold strategy.
threepennyUsed of nail size; 1 1/8 in long In 1851 he designed the threepenny beaver, the first canadian postage stamp.
threescoreBeing ten more than fifty The two weeks threescore and 7 weeks are just a fancy way of saying 69 weeks.
thriftlessCareless of the future
thriftyMindful of the future in spending money His father was diligent and thrifty in managing the household.
thrilledFeeling intense pleasurable excitement Released lebanese pilgrim says thrilled to be home.
thrillfulFull of excitement; thrilled
thrillingCausing quivering or shivering as by cold or fear or electric shock Is the story that cavalla appears in thrilling and chilling
thrivingVery lively and profitable At the turn of the century, it was a thriving small community.
throatedHaving a throat as specified The second are single throated worm gears,in which the worm wheel is throated.
throatySounding as if pronounced low in the throat She is distinguished by her rich, throaty voice on stage.
thrombosedAffected with or obstructed by a clot of coagulated blood The thrombosed part was excised and the patient recovered without sequelae.
throughHaving finished or arrived at completion The filling is done through the bottom.
throwawayIntended to be thrown away after use The previous lead was a throwaway.
throwbackCharacteristic of an atavist Also, the pants striping on the throwback is much thicker.
thunderingExtraordinarily big or impressive Did you notice the thundering silence form our sanctimonious friends
thunderousExtremely ominous A thunderous voice echoes around the hall.
thunderstruckAs if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise He is thunderstruck by such a creation.
thunderyAccompanied with thunder Although thundery was the theme of the holiday with quite a few of them.
thwartwiseExtending or lying across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis
thyroidSuggestive of a thyroid disorder It is primarily found on the surface of the thyroid epithelial cells.
thyroidalOf or relating to the thyroid gland
thyrotoxicOf or relating to or affected by hyperthyroidism

Adjectives That Start with TI (47 Words)

tibetanOf or relating to or characteristic of tibet or its people or their language The dharmacakra is one of the eight auspicious symbols of tibetan buddhism.
tibialRelating to or located near a tibia It can be fractured along with the tibial tuberosity.
ticklishDifficult to handle; requiring great tact However, he has been shown to be quite ticklish.
tidalOf or relating to or caused by tides Tidal amplitude in the upper reaches of the slough is diminished.
tiddlySlightly intoxicated Seems that tiddly iki partly implements this idea.
tidyLarge in amount or extent or degree Almost 400 tenants have been handed 100 by city council chiefs after they made sure their council homes were clean and tidy.
tiedFastened with strings or cords The knot was tied to the accompaniment.
tigerishResembling a tiger in fierceness and lack of mercy
tightSecurely or solidly fixed in place; rigid The skull is well ossified, with tight sutures between bones.
tighterClosely constrained or constricted or constricting I tried to wear a tight bodice dress.
tightfistedUnwilling to part with money He remains, however, just as tightfisted with money as he has always been.
tightfittingFitting snugly
tightlippedInclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information Convents in such matters are extremely tightlipped and secretive.
tillableCapable of being farmed productively Tillable land continued to be leased.
tilledTurned or stirred by plowing or harrowing or hoeing The soil is tilled to soften the ground.
timberedCovered with growing timber The land was originally heavily timbered.
time-consumingOf a task that takes time and patience We all procrastinate from time to time.
time-honoredAcceptable for a long time I am honored to have your fiat.
time-testedTested and proved to be reliable The reliability of the sources can be tested.
timelessUnaffected by time The concept of findability is universal and timeless.
timelyBefore a time limit expires I appreciate the timely intervention.
timeservingTaking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit But most of those timeserving worms reckon they are working for london anyway.
timewornRepeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse He is traveled with timeworn shoes and an international vision.
timidLacking self-confidence Bold is obviously going to be the more timid of the two.
timoreseOf or relating to or characteristic of timor or its inhabitants It reads as though an east timorese activist has written it.
timorousTimid by nature or revealing timidity The boys robin and pecksy are adventurous, while dicksy and sister flapsy are more timorous.
tinedHaving prongs or tines; usually used in combination The piercing unit includes a tined wheel overlying a conveyor belt.
tinglingExciting by touching lightly so as to cause laughter or twitching movements Sometimes symptoms include tingling and numbness.
tiniestVery small The ends of them seem to have little tiny protuberances as well.
tinklyLike the short high ringing sound of a small bell Except that he doesn’t sound heroic; he sounds tinkly.
tinnedSealed in a can or jar It is also now available ready made, tinned.
tinnyThin and metallic in sound; lacking resonance Keg beer does indeed taste tinny.
tinpotInferior (especially of a country’s leadership)
tinseledGlittering with gold or silver
tinsellyGlittering with gold or silver
tinyVery small Tiny crabs scurry around on the floor.
tippyInclined to heel over easily under sail Also i dislike getting beat up, and am tippy.
tipsySlightly intoxicated The two monks quickly become tipsy, and soon begin to doze.
tiptoeWalking on the tips of ones’s toes so as to make no noise Seven men attempted to escape from tiptoe at a depth of.
tiptopOf the highest quality It won’t take very long to get the nainital article into tiptop shape.
tiredRepeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse People are sick and tired of the king tyrannizes them.
tirelessCharacterized by hard work and perseverance Makuhita has a spirit that is tireless, gutsy, and tenacious.
tiresomeSo lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness I am tired of such boorish tiresome editing.
tiringProducing exhaustion The work is taxing and tiring.
titanicOf great force or power The disaster is not without allusion to the titanic.
titularOf or relating to a legal title to something My focus is the removal of the titular prefixes.
titularyOf or bearing a title signifying status or function She is the titular character of the lufia series.

Adjectives That Start with TO (81 Words)

toadyishAttempting to win favor by flattery
tobagonianOf or relating to tobago or its people
todAlone and on your own The user tod help me at the earlier revision.
toelessLacking a toe or toes Tolkien described the troll’s foot as flat and toeless.
togetherMentally and emotionally stable The men went hiking together.
toggedDressed especially in smart clothes
togoleseOf or relating to the african country of togo or its people The togolese police were responsible for the killing.
toilsomeCharacterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort He could begin the toilsome task anew.
tokenInsignificantly small; a matter of form only (`tokenish’ is informal) The parser then advances to the next token.
tokenishInsignificantly small; a matter of form only (`tokenish’ is informal)
tolerableCapable of being borne or endured In other words, pilfering can be reciprocal and, thus, tolerable.
tolerantTolerant and forgiving under provocation He was not tolerant of the free press.
toll-freeHaving no toll levied for its use As of 2010, years of ocean submersion have taken their toll.
tomboyishUsed of girls; wild and boisterous She tends to be sometimes tomboyish, aggressive and negative.
tomentoseDensely covered with short matted woolly hairs Their underside is tomentose covered with hair .
tomentousDensely covered with short matted woolly hairs
tonalHaving tonality; i.e. tones and chords organized in relation to one tone such as a keynote or tonic My music fits the tonal personality of the player.
tonelessLacking in tone or expression Suffixes in this instance are toneless.
tonganOf or relating to the island monarchy of tonga or its people He has difficulty with the tongan language.
tonguelessExpressed without speech- emily dickinson- thomas wolfe The table is provided with a safety belt with a tongueless friction buckle.
tonguelikeResembling a tongue in form or function
tonicRelating to or being the keynote of a major or minor scale It is a tonic for the cloying coverage of the event itself.
tonsorialOf or relating to barbers and barbering Allen pinkard spread himself as a tonsorial artist.
toothedHaving an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed The edges are irregularly toothed.
toothlessLacking necessary force for effectiveness It is shown as a toothless old man.
toothlikeResembling a tooth The stamens are fused into a single unit tipped with tiny toothlike anthers.
toothsomeAcceptable to the taste or mind It provides safe passage for the blood heading from the plume to the toothsome.
toothyHaving or showing prominent teeth He was the toothy moron; she, the unbearable crooner.
topSituated at the top or highest position The tower is high to the top of the cap.
top-flightExcellent; best possible If your flight is canceled, most airlines are waiving the fee to reschedule a flight.
top-heavyUnstable by being overloaded at the top They were overburdened with heavy tax.
top-qualitySurpassing in quality Near the top of the formation is a thick layer of gypsum of very high quality.
top-secretThe highest official level of classification of documents Let me tell you my secret.
topicalOf or relating to or arranged by topics Most of the tags in the topical sections are gone now.
topknottedHaving a usually ornamental tuft or process on the head; often used in combination
toplessHaving the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity Susan atkins as a topless dancer.
topmostAt or nearest to the top But refers to the cylindrical topmost part.
topnotchOf the highest quality I already know your website will be topnotch without even seeing it yet.
topographicConcerned with topography The topographic map shows the mountainous terrain of the area.
topographicalConcerned with topography In 1895, the topographical surveys for the ‘siegfried map’ are finished.
topologicOf or relating to topology My guess is a topologic displacement.
topologicalOf or relating to topology Ordered topological spaces and the representation of distributive lattices.
toppedSituated at the top or highest position The star at the top marks the record high apogee reached by gemini 11.
toppingExcellent; best possible The crumble is baked in an oven until the topping is crisp.
topsSituated at the top or highest position The boss is the head of the family and the top decision maker.
topsy-turvyIn utter disorder What kind of topsy turvy thinking is that
tormentedTormented or harassed by nightmares or unreasonable fears- c.s.lewis He also played the tormented soul, harry, in ‘the family reunion’.
toroidalOf or relating to or shaped like a toroid; doughnut shaped Horizontal cylinder chess and toroidal chess.
torpidIn a condition of biological rest or suspended animation He had several torpid days of inactivity follow, to the despair of dave.
torrentialPouring in abundance In july 2007 the town was flooded by torrential rain.
torridEmotionally charged and vigorously energetic After a torrid affair, the younger man dies.
tortiousOf or pertaining to the nature of a tort Such conduct is termed tortious inducement of breach of contract.
tortuousHighly complex or intricate and occasionally devious At this point, the history of the black canary becomes particularly tortuous.
torturesomeExtremely painful
torturousExtremely painful Early han punishments of torturous mutilation were borrowed from qin law.
toruloseOf a cylindrical or ellipsoid body; swollen and constricted at intervals
totalComplete in extent or degree and in every particular There are in total 124 names praising the sun in the whole procedure.
totaledUsed of automobiles; completely demolished In 2001 waterborne commerce in the harbor totaled.
totalisticOf or relating to the principles of totalitarianism according to which the state regulates every realm of life A special class of cas are totalistic cas.
totalitarianOf or relating to the principles of totalitarianism according to which the state regulates every realm of life The consept of totalitarian is an anachronism to the early 20th century.
totemicRelating to totemism Prehistoric stone carvings show the continuity of totemic styles.
totipotentHaving the ability to give rise to unlike cells Embryonic stem cells are not totipotent.
totteryUnsteady in gait as from infirmity or old age
touchablePerceptible by the senses especially the sense of touch Jung bahadur rana converted meche, an untouchable caste into a touchable one.
touchedBeing excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion She touched it constantly with her hind foot.
touchingArousing affect The text is straightforward and the dialogue remarkably touching.
touchyQuick to take offense The attitude of the holocaust deniers is a bit of a touchy comparison.
toughUnfortunate or hard to bear It was the tough sectional final losses.
tough-mindedFacing facts or difficulties realistically and with determination It was the tough sectional final losses.
tougherViolent and lawless It is a tough job to canalize.
toughestUnfortunate or hard to bear His dialogue has a tough, lilting poetry to it.
toupeedWearing a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness
touristedVisited by throngs of tourists Not yet heavily touristed, the island’s main industry is fishing.
touristyVisited by throngs of tourists Anchor wings cost more, are crappier, and the place is touristy.
tousledIn disarray; extremely disorderly- al spiers Depicted as a sixteen year old peasant boy with tousled black hair.
toweringOf imposing height; especially standing out above others In the center is a towering 20 foot high statue of the god himself.
towheadedOf hair color; whitish
toxicOf or relating to or caused by a toxin or poison The planet also spews toxic gasses from the ground.
toxicantHaving the qualities or effects of a poison Uranium is also a reproductive toxicant.
toxicologicOf or relating to toxicology A toxicologic tragedy mirrored in american popular music’.
toxicologicalOf or relating to toxicology Biochemical and toxicological tests are certainly not precluded.

Adjectives That Start with TR (182 Words)

trabeateNot arcuate; having straight horizontal beams or lintels (rather than arches)
trabeatedNot arcuate; having straight horizontal beams or lintels (rather than arches) In the center apex are two smaller trabeated windows.
trabecularOf or relating to trabeculae In people with narrow angles, this can uncover the trabecular meshwork.
trabeculateOf or relating to trabeculae
traceableAble to be traced to They had no clearly traceable descendants.
trachealRelating to or resembling or functioning like a trachea Tracheal branches of inferior thyroid artery.
trackableCapable of being traced or tracked Lord knows how many edits he has already made, without being trackable.
tracklessLacking pathways And time and the water flow trackless to extinction into my own consciousness.
tractableReadily reacting to suggestions and influences Money, however, is a less tractable problem and just as deadly.
tractileCapable of being shaped or bent or drawn out
tractiveExerting traction and serving to pull Tractive effort was a maximum of .
traditionalConsisting of or derived from tradition Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for february.
traditionalistStubbornly conservative and narrow-minded His design is in the traditionalist style.
traditionalisticAdhering to tradition especially in cultural or religious practices
tragicOf or relating to or characteristic of tragedy The consequences of the rupture were tragic.
tragicalVery sad; especially involving grief or death or destruction He specialized mostly in tragical roles.
tragicomicOf or relating to or characteristic of tragicomedy In 1918, as a prisoner of war, there he was again, the tragicomic scribbler.
tragicomicalHaving pathetic as well as ludicrous characteristics–joseph conrad Human deficiencies are described in a tragicomical way.
trainedShaped or conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form They were trained to become conformists.
traitorousHaving the character of, or characteristic of, a traitor Concerned that ranma will get killed by the traitorous taro.
tralatitiousHaving been passed along from generation to generation
tramontaneBeing or coming from another country He has so a pseudonym as michel tramontane.
trancelikeAs if in a trance But it retains its trancelike power to this day.
tranquilFree from disturbance by heavy waves I can hear the deep bell calling in the tranquil sabbath.
tranquilisingTending to soothe or tranquilize Personally i think ik needs tranquilising, and ticking off, but not banning.
tranquilizingTending to soothe or tranquilize Antimanic agents can also be considered tranquilizing agents.
tranquillisingTending to soothe or tranquilize
tranquillizingTending to soothe or tranquilize Mild tranquillizing and sedative effects have been reported.
transactinideOf or belonging to the elements with atomic numbers greater than 103 But this could become 12 colors if we add a transactinide element series.
transalpineOn or relating to or characteristic of the region or peoples beyond the alps from italy (or north of the alps) France and italy sign transalpine tunnel train deal.
transatlanticCrossing the atlantic ocean This was done to avoid the risks of transatlantic shipping.
transcendentExceeding or surpassing usual limits especially in excellence Brahman is the transcendent and immanent ultimate reality of hinduism.
transcendentalOf or characteristic of a system of philosophy emphasizing the intuitive and spiritual above the empirical and material The latter had been the transcendental god of jean calvin.
transcontinentalSpanning or crossing or on the farther side of a continent Many of the immigrants worked as laborers on the transcontinental railroad.
transculturalExtending through all human cultures The transcultural and transnational poetics of ameen rihani and paul smail.
transcutaneousThrough the unbroken skin; refers to medications applied directly to the skin (creams or ointments) or in time-release forms (skin patches) No transcutaneous leads or refueling stoma or tubes are employed.
transdermalThrough the unbroken skin; refers to medications applied directly to the skin (creams or ointments) or in time-release forms (skin patches) It is usually used for transdermal administration of e.g.
transdermicThrough the unbroken skin; refers to medications applied directly to the skin (creams or ointments) or in time-release forms (skin patches)
transeuntOf a mental act; causing effects outside the mind
transferableLegally transferable to the ownership of another However, the account follows the person, it is not transferable.
transferrableCapable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another Inheritance tax allowances became transferrable in october 2007.
transformableCapable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy The psyco gundam’s transformable nature addresses this to an extent.
transformedGiven a completely different form or appearance The disaster transformed the city.
transgenderInvolving a partial or full reversal of gender She is not gay or transgender either.
transgenderedInvolving a partial or full reversal of gender None of the characters in the movie are transgendered.
transientOf a mental act; causing effects outside the mind However, the effects of the venom include only transient pain and mild swelling.
transistorisedEquipped with transistors The first fully transistorised computer.
transistorizedEquipped with transistors The telstars used transistorized electronics on board.
transitionalOf or relating to or characterized by transition The eocene provides the transitional forms.
transitiveDesignating a verb that requires a direct object to complete the meaning The agner graph is a vertex transitive graph but is not edge transitive.
transitoryLasting a very short time New standard is proposed, and present is the transitory period.
translatableCapable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy This means that our work on medical wordnet will ultimately be translatable into dozens of languages with very little additional effort.
translationalOf or relating to uniform movement without rotation See also translational symmetry.
translucentAllowing light to pass through diffusely Ghosts in the novels appear silvery and translucent.
translunarUnworldly or ethereal The mission was also the first to execute a translunar injection.
translunarySituated beyond the moon or its orbit around the earth
transmissibleOccurring among members of a family usually by heredity Feral populations can also pass on transmissible infections to domestic herds.
transmittableCapable of being transmitted by infection A few sheep conditions are transmittable to humans.
transmontaneOn or coming from the other side of the mountains (from the speaker)
transmundaneExisting or extending beyond the physical world- william james
transmutableCapable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy
transnationalInvolving or operating in several nations or nationalities Ethnography is used in the transnational ballet world.
transoceanicOn or from the other side of an ocean He had been employed primarily as a barber aboard transoceanic ships.
transonicHaving or caused by speed approximately equal to that of sound in air at sea level Subsonic and transonic wind tunnel.
transparentFree of deceit It is transparent and has an earthy luster.
transpiringThat is passing through That’s what appears to be transpiring, anyway.
transplacentalOccurring through or by way of the placenta Des is the only transplacental carcinogen known in humans.
transplantableCapable of being transplanted Uygun’s technique developed functional, transplantable rat liver grafts.
transpolarExtending across or crossing either pole
transportableCapable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another The rifle is highly transportable, ergonomic and lightweight.
transposableCapable of changing sequence Retroviruses as transposable elements.
transsexualOverwhelmingly desirous of being, or completely identifying with, the opposite sex And it isn’t transsexual either.
transuranicHaving an atomic number greater than 92 It was the sixth transuranic element to be synthesized.
transversalExtending or lying across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis A tapped delay line transversal filter utilizing both surface acoustic wave and charge coupled device technologies, the surface acoustic wave tapped delay line portion providing a coarse selection and the charge coupled device tapped delay line portion providing vernier weighting.
transverseExtending or lying across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis The deck is also preloaded in the transverse direction.
transvesticReceiving sexual gratification from wearing clothing of the opposite sex The dsm also has a diagnosis of transvestic fetishism.
transvestiteReceiving sexual gratification from wearing clothing of the opposite sex This song is about a transvestite.
trapezoidalResembling a trapezoid In second order form, it is the trapezoidal rule.
trappedForced to turn and face attackers The bear had been recently trapped and sedated.
trashyCheap and inferior; of no value Carnivals have rides and trashy music.
traumaticOf or relating to a physical injury or wound to the body The embrace was brief and traumatic.
travelableCapable of being traversed
traveledTraveled over or through; sometimes used as a combining term The man and the lion traveled together.
traversableCapable of being traversed Buckner’s cave is easily traversable without rope or special equipment.
treacherousTending to betray; especially having a treacherous character as attributed to the carthaginians by the romans The boulevard is winding and treacherous in some areas.
treasonableHaving the character of, or characteristic of, a traitor Nevertheless, no one reported their treasonable activities to nazi regime.
trebleHaving more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities- r.w.emerson Notes written in the treble clef are played with the hands.
treedForced to turn and face attackers It’s a nice treed walk up to the tree line.
treelessNot wooded Clark county is not generally flat and treeless.
treelikeResembling a tree in form and branching structure They have leaves up to long, and some species have arborescent treelike stems.
trefNot conforming to dietary laws His court would have been situated in a special tref, referred to as a maerdref.
tremendousExtraordinarily good or great ; used especially as intensifiers All of the valorous awards have tremendous significance.
tremulousQuivering as from weakness or fear There were the times as a tremulous teenager.
trenchantHaving keenness and forcefulness and penetration in thought, expression, or intellect He has become well known as a trenchant critic of the u.s. media.
trend-settingInitiating or popularizing a trend Coworking sites proliferate and the trend continues.
trendsettingInitiating or popularizing a trend This work was trendsetting in kannada both in trems of subject and the form.
trendyIn accord with the latest fad Fob would be a modern, trendy asian.
trepidTimid by nature or revealing timidity
triangularHaving three sides The inner edges of the triangular projections are slanted outwardly.
triangulateComposed of or marked with triangles These are data points that i used to triangulate the suspect’s location.
triassicOf or relating to or denoting the first period of the mesozoic era A saurischian dinosaur from the triassic of brasil.
tribadisticOf female homosexual behavior that attempts to simulate heterosexual behavior
tribalRelating to or characteristic of a tribe Egbesu is the tribal god of the kolokuma.
tributaryFlowing into a larger stream The river poulter is a tributary river of the river idle in nottinghamshire.
tricentenaryOf or relating to or completing a period of 300 years
tricentennialOf or relating to or completing a period of 300 years Published on the occasion of the tricentennial of the peasant war.
trichromaticHaving or involving three colors Quite combinable in trichromatic shades.
trichromeHaving or involving three colors Normally colorless, they are stained purplish red by trichrome.
trickierHaving concealed difficulty The beginning date of the hungarian korona is tricky.
trickiestNot to be trusted- james agee So the question of what belongs in the overview is really tricky.
tricksyMarked by skill in deception For instance, he would say tricksy in lieu of tricky.
trickyNot to be trusted- james agee The beginning date of the hungarian korona is tricky.
triclinicHaving three unequal crystal axes intersecting at oblique angles It crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system.
tricolorHaving or involving three colors He changed the flag of siam from the elephant banner to a tricolor one.
tricuspidHaving three cusps or points (especially a molar tooth) The mouth is superior, highly protractile, armed with tricuspid teeth.
tricuspidateHaving three cusps or points (especially a molar tooth)
triennialOccurring every third year or lasting 3 years One noteworthy event is the triennial art expo held in the area.
trifidDivided into three lobes The stigmas are short and trifid.
triflingNot worth considering I’m weary of trifling with your contrived and self contradictory arguments.
trifoliateHaving three leaflets Species which are known to be trifoliate are listed here.
trifoliatedHaving three leaflets
trifoliolateHaving three leaflets
trigNeat and smart in appearance There is a trig point at the summit.
trigonalHaving threefold symmetry Trigonal planar molecular geometry.
trigonometricOf or relating to or according to the principles of trigonometry It is the closure of the trigonometric polynomials under the norm.
trihydroxyContaining three hydroxyl groups
trilateralHaving three sides Or the trilateral commission and the wikipedia cabal
trilingualUsing or knowing three languages A trilingual scenario has been proposed for the land of israel.
trilledUttered with a trill Otherwise one will probably think all final r’s are trilled in spanish.
trillionOne quintillion in great britain The population of the town is 1 trillion.
trillionthThe ordinal number of one trillion in counting order The picowatt is equal to one trillionth of a watt.
trilobateDivided into three lobes The lip is trilobate, with the lateral lobes larger than the median lobe.
trilobatedDivided into three lobes
trilobedDivided into three lobes He also differentiated it from ‘brassavola’ by the pollinia and trilobed lip.
trimNeat and smart in appearance Then we can trim out the faddish garbage.
trimmedThin and fit Note the elevated trim vane at the front of the vehicle.
trimmerSeverely simple in line or design The cause of the mishap was an improper stabilizer trim setting.
trimotoredHaving three motors
trinidadianOf or relating to the island of trinidad In this case trinidadian creole english is the valid article on the topic.
trinuclearHaving three nuclei Ni acac 2 has a trinuclear structure that contains two nickel nickel bonds.
trinucleateHaving three nuclei
trinucleatedHaving three nuclei
tripartiteInvolving three parties or elements The tripartite concept is reflected in the arrangement of the plates.
tripinnateThrice pinnate The leaves are bipinnate or tripinnate.
tripinnatedThrice pinnate
tripinnatifidBipinnatifid with segments pinnatifid
tripleHaving three units or components or elements A triple bridle made of kevlar connects the parachute to the backshell.
triplexHaving three units or components or elements There is also one triplex in the neighbourhood.
triploidOf a cell or organism having three complete sets of chromosomes The result of digyny is a triploid zygote.
trippingMoving easily and quickly; nimble The double motion technique halves the tripping speed of the moving part.
triskaidekaphobicSuffering from triskaidekaphobia (abnormal fear of the number 13)
tritanopicInability to see the color blue or to distinguish the colors blue and yellow
triteRepeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse At the risk of sounding trite, redirects really are that cheap.
triumphalJoyful and proud especially because of triumph or success His homeward journey was a triumphal march.
triumphantJoyful and proud especially because of triumph or success The crowd cheers for the triumphant prince.
triuneBeing three in one; used especially of the christian trinity But each one of them is a triune being by himself.
trivalentHaving a valence of three Bismuth forms trivalent and pentavalent compounds.
trivialConcerned with trivialities The consequent evolution of the two stubs is trivial.
trochaicOf or consisting of trochees I would call this a trochaic tetrameter catalectic.
trojanOf or relating to the ancient city of troy or its inhabitants This is the technique of the trojan horse or trojan.
trophicOf or relating to nutrition Tropic and trophic are the same thing.
trophoblasticOf or relating to the trophoblast Gestational trophoblastic disease represents a form of proliferation.
trophotropicOf or relating to trophotropism
tropicRelating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics (the region on either side of the equator) Latitudes south of the tropic of capricorn are in the southern temperate zone.
tropicalOf or relating to the tropics, or either tropic The flora of the region is predominantly tropical.
trouble-freeWithout problems or difficulties Mountaineer is in trouble for living.
troubledCharacterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination He lived during the troubled times of the mongol invasions.
troublesomeDifficult to deal with Robbie is the youngest of the three and can be troublesome.
troublousFull of trouble
trouseredDressed in trousers Lineup change details….dickie and andy have trousered off to form bifter.
truantAbsent without permission In jail, he meets lucigniolo, another truant thief.
truculentDefiantly aggressive They can be so truculent.
trueheartedUnwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause- campaign song for william henry harrison Expecting truehearted and responsible gentleman.
truncateTerminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or point cut off Could you take up that challenge to truncate that section in the sandbox first
truncatedTerminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or point cut off Could you take up that challenge to truncate that section in the sandbox first
trustedWorthy of trust or confidence As a result, they are the most trusted confidant of the want.
trustfulInclined to believe or confide readily; full of trust- nordhoff & hall I have the knowledge of a trustful person.
trustingInclined to believe or confide readily; full of trust- nordhoff & hall The trusting woman believes her and returns to canada.
trustworthyWorthy of trust or belief They seem trustworthy and receptive to the idea of adminship.
trustyWorthy of trust or belief An example would be our trusty friend poison ivy.
truthfulExpressing or given to expressing the truth The monument is quite detailed and truthful.
tryingHard to endure He is trying to maintain sobriety.

Adjectives That Start with TS, TU (36 Words)

tsaristOf or relating to or characteristic of a czar The tsarist army suffered defeat after defeat.
tsaristicOf or relating to or characteristic of a czar
tubalOf or relating to occurring in a tube such as e.g. the fallopian tube or eustachian tube Shortly after, she underwent a tubal ligation.
tubbyShort and plump Some people like to be tubby.
tubedOf a tire; having an inner tube They haven’t been tubed but they have become a focus of pollution.
tubelessOf a tire; not needing an inner tube An assembly for mounting tubeless tires on tube type rims.
tubelikeConstituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids)
tubercularCharacterized by the presence of tuberculosis lesions or tubercles Technetium 99m isoniazid and ethambutol has been used for tubercular diagnosis..
tuberculateCovered with tubercles The tuberculate roots are edible.
tuberculoidResembling tuberculosis There should be a distinction made between tuberculoid and lepromatous leprosy.
tuberculousConstituting or afflicted with or caused by tuberculosis or the tubercle bacillus Chronic melioidosis can mimic tuberculous pericarditis.
tuberousOf or relating to or resembling a tuber Also, the stalks are spiny and the tuberous rhizomes has eyes.
tubularConstituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids) Ilumination is provided through the ends of the tubular chamber.
tudorOf or relating to a style of architecture in england in the 15th century Chad’s there and a tudor mansion.
tuftedHaving a usually ornamental tuft or process on the head; often used in combination The cover depicts the tufted duck.
tumescentAbnormally distended especially by fluids or gas I see that you deleted one of my articles on tumescent liposuction.
tumidOstentatiously lofty in style
tumultuousCharacterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination The following is a brief summary of the key events in its tumultuous history.
tunefulHaving a musical sound; especially a pleasing tune Moskowitz came with the track’s title and the other tuneful changes and accents.
tunelessNot having a musical sound or pleasing tune It’s a tuneless wimpy peice of poorly sung bubblegum.
tunisianOf or relating to tunisia or its inhabitants Sahbutino is a tunisian rock band.
tuppenyOf trifling worth It doesn’t matter a tuppeny damn what governments say.
turbanedWearing a turban The ghost of a turbaned woman has been seen at the plantation ever since.
turbidClouded as with sediment It is not used in turbid waters with poor visibility.
turbinateOf or relating to the scroll-shaped turbinate bones in the nasal passages Concha refers to the turbinate in this case, the middle turbinate.
turbulentCharacterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination By recessing the seal it is protected from the turbulent flow through the valve.
turgidOstentatiously lofty in style I just felt the intro was very turgid and too busy.
turkicOf or relating to the people who speak the turkic language Turkic is pointless, there are dozens of various turkic people.
turkishOf or relating to or characteristic of turkey or its people or language Turkish bathhouse is definitive proof of his imperturbable nature.
turkmenOf or relating to or characteristic of turkmenistan or its people or culture This not the same language as turkmen.
tuscanOf or relating to or characteristic of tuscany or its people Between the nave and the aisles are square piers supporting tuscan columns.
tuskedHaving tusks The babirusa, a four tusked pig, can be found in indonesia as well.
tutelarProviding protective supervision; watching over or safeguarding Who is your tutelar
tutelaryProviding protective supervision; watching over or safeguarding In mesoamerica these tutelary power animals are called nagual.
tutorialOf or relating to tutors or tutoring Tyrenius has thoughtfully provided you with the tutorial above.
tuxedoedDressed in a tuxedo

Adjectives That Start with TW (31 Words)

tweeAffectedly dainty or refined The compilation falls in the field of twee pop.
tweedyInformal, clannish and outdoorsy Barring the tweedy language, i might as well keep the 1911 eb.
twelfthComing next after the eleventh and just before the thirteenth in position In the twelfth pair yuri mikhaylov was able to equalize the world record.
twelveDenoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units This evidently means twelve psalms, two under each antiphon.
twentiethComing next after the nineteenth in position In the twentieth century the script experienced a resurgence.
twentyDenoting a quantity consisting of 20 items or units Football is only twenty two hirelings kicking a ball.
twiggyThin as a twig I still feel the twiggy image is replaceable.
twiglikeThin as a twig
twilightLighted by or as if by twilight-henry fielding It brings an abrupt and misleading jolt to the length of twilight.
twilitLighted by or as if by twilight-henry fielding The flowers grow in the twilight.
twilledOf textiles; having parallel raised lines The original khaki fabric was a closely twilled cloth of linen or cotton.
twinBeing two identical This leads directly to the seemingly paradox of the twin.
twinklingShining intermittently with a sparkling light He had extremely twinkling and inspiring eyes.
twinklySmiling with happiness or optimism- lewis carroll
twinnedBeing two identical Evil twin is the wireless version of the phishing scam.
twinningBeing two identical This appears in the fraternal twin subsection.
twistedHaving an intended meaning altered or misrepresented Scripture has twisted desire into lust, covetousness, and greed.
twistyMarked by repeated turns and bends You are in a ‘little maze of twisty passages’.
twoBeing one more than one I mediated between two parties.
two-dimensionalLacking the expected range or depth; not designed to give an illusion or depth The 3 dimensional morphology of the tufts in human enamel.
two-for-oneUsed informally as an intensifier Surely one does not usually permute a single value or object.
two-laneHaving a lane for traffic in each direction I thought we’d reminisce down memory lane.
two-partInvolving two parts or elements The conquer part of the algorithm is the unintuitive part.
two-prongedHaving two prongs The two organizations were amalgamated.
two-waySupported by both sides It’s the best way to reunify the two koreas.
two-wheelOf or relating to vehicles with two wheels In america, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
two-yearHaving a life cycle lasting two seasons I see her every two weeks, and my internist four times a year.
two-year-oldHaving lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age Lucky debonair died of old age in 1987 at age twenty five.
twofoldTwice as great or many The trouble with the ailing sound is twofold.
twopennyOf trifling worth I have put in my twopenny worth.
twoscoreBeing ten more than thirty

Adjectives That Start with TY, TZ (12 Words)

tympanicResembling a drum Myringomycosis is a fungal infection of the tympanic membrane.
tympaniticOf or relating to tympanites
typicBeing or serving as an illustration of a type; This is a typic example of communist and panslavic propaganda.
typicalExhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind or category The housefly is the typical sponging insect.
typographicRelating to or occurring or used in typography Thanks for correcting the typographic errors.
typographicalRelating to or occurring or used in typography It was a typographical error in the original edit.
tyrannicCharacteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty In the first 13 programs he is shown as very tyrannic and angry.
tyrannicalCharacteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty Don’t criticize the west for being tyrannical, misogynist, racist or otherwise.
tyrannousMarked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior
tyroleanOf or relating to or characteristic of the tyrol or its people It is located approximately an hour from the tyrolean capital city of innsbruck.
tyroleseOf or relating to or characteristic of the tyrol or its people Tyrolese people in fact speak a german language and have a german culture.
tzaristOf or relating to or characteristic of a czar

We hope you enjoyed our list of ‘T’ adjectives. Use these words to make your picture more vivid and descriptive and improve your English vocabulary.

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