AIRY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for AIRY?

Need another word that means the same as “airy”? Find 24 synonyms and 30 related words for “airy” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Airy” are: impractical, laputan, visionary, windy, aired, aerial, aeriform, aery, ethereal, well ventilated, fresh, delicate, soft, fine, feathery, floaty, insubstantial, flimsy, wispy, nonchalant, casual, breezy, flippant, insouciant

Airy as an Adjective

Definitions of "Airy" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “airy” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air.
  • Open to or abounding in fresh air.
  • Not treating something as serious; casual.
  • Not practical or realizable; speculative.
  • Giving an impression of light gracefulness and elegance.
  • (of a room or building) spacious, well lit, and well ventilated.
  • Delicate, as though filled with or made of air.
  • Having little or no perceptible weight; so light as to resemble air.
  • Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air- Thomas Carlyle.

Synonyms of "Airy" as an adjective (24 Words)

aerialComing or carried out from the air, especially using aircraft.
Aerial photography.
aeriformInsubstantial, intangible, unreal.
Figures light and aeriform come unlooked for and melt away.
aeryOf or belonging to the air; aerial; (hence) ethereal, spiritual, incorporeal, insubstantial.
airedOpen to or abounding in fresh air.
breezyAppearing relaxed, informal, and cheerily brisk.
The text is written in a breezy matter of fact manner.
casualHappening by chance; accidental.
Casual jobs.
delicateVery fine in texture or structure; of intricate workmanship or quality.
His delicate health.
ethereal(of a solution) having diethyl ether as a solvent.
Ethereal otherworldly visions.
featheryHaving, covered with, or resembling feathers.
The feathery congregation of jays.
fineCharacterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment.
There is a fine distinction between misrepresenting the truth and lying.
flimsy(of clothing) very light and thin.
The flimsy garment fell from her.
flippantShowing inappropriate levity.
A flippant remark.
floaty(especially of a woman’s garment or a fabric) light and flimsy.
Elegant floaty dresses.
fresh(of food) recently made or obtained; not tinned, frozen, or otherwise preserved.
We were fresh out of art school.
impractical(of a person) not skilled or interested in doing practical work.
Impractical high heels.
insouciantMarked by blithe unconcern.
An utterly insouciant financial policy.
insubstantialLacking in nutritive value.
Vinyl siding has become the standard bearer for cheap insubstantial construction.
laputanRelating to or characteristic of the imaginary country of Laputa or its people.
nonchalantMarked by blithe unconcern.
Drove his car with nonchalant abandon.
softUsed chiefly as a direction or description in music soft in a quiet subdued tone.
Soft voices.
visionaryThinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.
Visionary dreams.
well ventilatedWise or advantageous and hence advisable.
windyAbounding in or exposed to the wind or breezes.
A windy dash home.
wispyLacking clarity or distinctness.
A few wispy memories of childhood.

Usage Examples of "Airy" as an adjective

  • An airy apparition.
  • Airy rooms.
  • Her airy unconcern for economy.
  • A large, airy room.
  • The conservatory is light and airy.
  • Her airy presence filled the house.
  • Airy clouds.
  • Airy gauze curtains.
  • Airy theories about socioeconomic improvement.

Associations of "Airy" (30 Words)

ampleAffording an abundant supply.
Of ample proportions.
atmosphereA pleasurable and interesting mood.
A superb restaurant full of atmosphere.
billowingCharacterized by great swelling waves or surges.
A billowing skirt and shirt.
breadthWide range or extent.
A teacher must have a breadth of knowledge of the subject.
broadShowing or characterized by broad mindedness.
A broad hint.
capaciousHaving a lot of space inside; roomy.
She carried a capacious bag.
commodiousRoomy and comfortable.
A commodious building suitable for conventions.
distributedShared or spread out.
The figures of syllogisms all have properly distributed middle terms.
eddyA circular movement of wind, fog, or smoke.
An eddy of chill air swirled into the carriage.
expandedIncreased in extent or size or bulk or scope.
The expanded fins of the ray.
expanseThe distance to which something expands or can be expanded.
The moth has a wing expanse of 20 to 24 mm.
extensiveBroad in scope or content.
They suffered extensive damage.
extensivelyIn a widespread way.
He has written extensively about the project.
fireplaceA structure surrounding a fireplace.
A big open fireplace with a brick surround.
gamutThe lowest note in the gamut scale.
The whole gamut of human emotion.
loungeA sitting room in a house.
A TV lounge.
outspreadSpread out.
Outspread hands.
panoramicAs from an altitude or distance.
A panoramic view.
roomyHaving ample space.
A roomy but sparsely furnished apartment.
spacious(of buildings and rooms) having ample space.
The hotel has a spacious lounge and TV room.
suffuseCause to spread or flush or flood through, over, or across.
The first half of the poem is suffused with idealism.
swathThe space created by the swing of a scythe or the cut of a mowing machine.
sweepingDirt or refuse collected by sweeping.
A wide sweeping view of the river.
vastOf very great extent or quantity; immense.
At vast or immense expense.
ventA slit in a garment (as in the back seam of a jacket.
Remove any debris blocking the vents.
ventilateKill (someone) by shooting.
He used the club to ventilate an ongoing complaint.
wholesaleAt a wholesale price.
Imported clothing which he now wholesales to 20 retail stores.
wideA ball that is judged to be too wide of the stumps for the batsman to play for which an extra is awarded to the batting side.
The current taste for wide trousers.
windyUsing or containing too many words.
A windy dash home.
wingspanLinear distance between the extremities of an airfoil.
An eagle with a wingspan of 7 ft.

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