LOUNGE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for LOUNGE?

Need another word that means the same as “lounge”? Find 42 synonyms and 30 related words for “lounge” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Lounge” are: footle, hang around, lallygag, linger, loaf, loiter, lollygag, lurk, mess about, mill about, mill around, tarry, laze, lie, loll, lie back, lean back, recline, stretch oneself, drape oneself, relax, rest, repose, take it easy, put one's feet up, unwind, luxuriate, couch, sofa, waiting area, waiting room, public room, sitting room, common room, living room, parlour, front room, drawing room, morning room, reception room, salon, family room

Lounge as a Noun

Definitions of "Lounge" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “lounge” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • An upholstered seat for more than one person.
  • A sitting room in a house.
  • A public room in a hotel, theatre, or club in which to sit and relax.
  • An act or spell of lounging.
  • A room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait.
  • A seating area in an airport for waiting passengers.

Synonyms of "Lounge" as a noun (15 Words)

common roomA piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area.
couchA reclining seat with a headrest at one end on which a psychoanalyst’s subject or doctor’s patient lies while undergoing treatment.
The child was lying on the examination couch.
drawing roomAct of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source.
family roomA loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities.
front roomThe immediate proximity of someone or something.
living roomThe condition of living or the state of being alive.
morning roomThe first light of day.
parlourA room in a public building for receiving guests.
The mayor s parlour.
public roomA body of people sharing some common interest.
reception roomThe manner in which something is greeted.
salonGallery where works of art can be displayed.
Washington political salons.
sitting roomThe act of assuming a certain position (as for a photograph or portrait.
sofaAn upholstered seat for more than one person.
Sofa cushions.
waiting areaThe act of waiting (remaining inactive in one place while expecting something.
waiting roomThe act of waiting (remaining inactive in one place while expecting something.

Usage Examples of "Lounge" as a noun

  • The hotel has a pleasant lounge and bar.
  • The departure lounge.
  • A TV lounge.

Lounge as a Verb

Definitions of "Lounge" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “lounge” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • Sit or recline comfortably.
  • Be about.
  • Lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way.

Synonyms of "Lounge" as a verb (27 Words)

drape oneselfPlace casually.
footleBe about.
Where's that pesky creature that was footling about outside?
hang aroundHold on tightly or tenaciously.
lallygagBe about.
lazePass time in a relaxed, lazy way.
Laze away a long summer day.
lean backCause to lean to the side.
lieOriginate (in.
His epitaph reads Here lies Garcia King of Galicia and Portugal.
lie backHave a place in relation to something else.
lingerBe slow to disappear or die.
The shy student lingered in the corner.
loafBe about.
loiterBe about.
The high school students like to loiter in the Central Square.
loll(of a part of the body) hang loosely; droop.
The boy lolled out his tongue.
We re lollygagging along.
lurkBe about.
A ruthless killer still lurked in the darkness.
luxuriateBecome extravagant; indulge (oneself) luxuriously.
She was luxuriating in a long bath.
mess aboutEat in a mess hall.
mill aboutProduce a ridge around the edge of.
mill aroundGrind with a mill.
put one's feet upCause to be in a certain state; cause to be in a certain relation.
reclineCause to recline.
He tried to recline his seat.
relaxCause to feel relaxed.
The team relax with a lot of skiing.
reposeLean in a comfortable resting position.
I ll go to him and repose our distresses on his friendly bosom.
restRest on or as if on a pillow.
The country s security rested on its alliances.
stretch oneselfLie down comfortably.
take it easyGet into one’s hands, take physically.
tarryLeave slowly and hesitantly.
unwindBecome less tense, rest, or take one’s ease.
The Grand Hotel is a superb place to unwind.

Usage Examples of "Lounge" as a verb

  • Several students were lounging about reading papers.

Associations of "Lounge" (30 Words)

airyDelicate, as though filled with or made of air.
Her airy presence filled the house.
ampleEnough or more than enough; plentiful.
He leaned back in his ample chair.
armchairA large, comfortable chair with side supports for a person’s arms.
An armchair traveller.
bedUsed with reference to a bed as the typical place for sexual activity.
A three bed detached house.
bookcaseA piece of furniture with shelves for storing books.
broadBroad in scope or content.
Generous and broad sympathies.
cafeteriaDenoting a system in which people may choose from a number of available options, especially one in which an employee may select a personal package of company benefits.
Employers who offer cafeteria plans and other flexible programs.
capaciousLarge in capacity.
She rummaged in her capacious handbag.
chairThe person in charge of a meeting or of an organization used as a neutral alternative to chairman or chairwoman.
He was due to step down after a three year stint in the chair.
commodiousRoomy and comfortable.
A commodious building suitable for conventions.
corridorA long passage in a building from which doors lead into rooms.
The security forces established corridors for humanitarian supplies.
couchTreat (a cataract) by pushing the lens of the eye downwards and backwards, out of line with the pupil.
The child was lying on the examination couch.
cupboardA recess or piece of furniture with a door and typically shelves, used for storage.
A broom cupboard.
cushionA mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses.
To cushion the blow wages and pensions were increased.
extensiveLarge in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity.
An extensive collection of silver.
fridgeA refrigerator.
She put the carton of milk back in the fridge.
furnishingDenoting fabrics used for curtains or upholstery.
The furnishing comprised three easy chairs and one oval table.
panoramic(of a view or picture) with a wide view surrounding the observer; sweeping.
On a clear day there are panoramic views.
pillowRest one s head as if on a pillow.
Pillow your head.
plankCover with planks.
He planked the money on the table.
reclinerA chair with a reclining back, especially one with an integral footrest.
roomyHaving ample space.
Roomy trousers.
seatProvide with seats.
Owen seated his guests in the draughty baronial hall.
sofaAn upholstered seat for more than one person.
Sofa cushions.
spacious(especially of a room or building) having ample space.
A spacious ballroom.
stoolLure with a stool as of wild fowl.
Fibre in the child s diet will soften the stools.
sweepingDirt or refuse collected by sweeping.
A sweeping assertion.
vastAn immense space.
The vast accumulation of knowledge which we call civilization.
wholesaleAt a wholesale price.
The wholesale destruction of these animals by poachers.
wideA ball that is judged to be too wide of the stumps for the batsman to play for which an extra is awarded to the batting side.
The arrow was wide of the mark.

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