APPALLING: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for APPALLING?

Need another word that means the same as “appalling”? Find 42 synonyms and 30 related words for “appalling” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Appalling” are: dismaying, shocking, horrific, horrifying, horrible, terrible, awful, dreadful, ghastly, hideous, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous, hateful, loathsome, odious, gruesome, grisly, monstrous, nightmarish, heinous, harrowing, dire, vile, shameful, unspeakable, unforgivable, unpardonable, very bad, disgraceful, deplorable, hopeless, lamentable, laughable, substandard, poor, inadequate, inferior, unsatisfactory

Appalling as an Adjective

Definitions of "Appalling" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “appalling” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Causing shock or dismay; horrific.
  • Causing consternation.
  • Very bad; awful.

Synonyms of "Appalling" as an adjective (42 Words)

abhorrentInspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant.
Racism was abhorrent to us all.
abominableVery bad; terrible.
Abominable workmanship.
atrociousProvoking horror- Winston Churchill.
Atrocious cruelties.
awfulOffensive or even (of persons) malicious- Ezra Pound.
The awful war.
deplorableBad; unfortunate.
Deplorable housing conditions in the inner city.
dire(of a warning or threat) presaging disaster.
The concert was dire.
disgracefulShockingly unacceptable.
It is disgraceful that they should be denied unemployment benefits.
dismayingCausing consternation.
The list of complaints was dismaying.
dreadfulCausing or involving great suffering, fear, or unhappiness; extremely bad or serious.
This was all a dreadful mistake.
frightfulVery unpleasant, serious, or shocking.
A frightful crime of decapitation.
ghastlyExtremely unwell.
Ghastly shrieks.
grislyCausing horror or disgust.
The town was shaken by a series of grisly crimes.
gruesomeExtremely unpleasant.
Gruesome catering.
harrowingAcutely distressing.
A harrowing film about racism and violence.
hatefulCharacterized by malice.
That hateful arrogant woman.
heinous(of a person or wrongful act, especially a crime) utterly odious or wicked.
A battery of heinous crimes.
hideousExtremely unpleasant.
A hideous pattern of injustice.
hopeless(informal to emphasize how bad it is) beyond hope of management or reform.
With a hopeless sigh he sat down.
horrendousExtremely unpleasant, horrifying, or terrible.
Horrendous explosions shook the city.
horribleProvoking horror- Winston Churchill.
A horrible massacre.
horrificCausing fear or dread or terror.
Horrific injuries.
horrifyingProvoking horror.
An alarming even horrifying picture.
inadequateNot sufficient to meet a need.
These labels prove to be wholly inadequate.
inferiorOf low or inferior quality.
Inferior goods.
lamentableFull of or expressing sorrow or grief.
A lamentable decision.
laughableIncongruous;inviting ridicule.
It would have been laughable if it hadn t hurt so much.
loathsomeHighly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust.
This loathsome little swine.
monstrousShockingly brutal or cruel.
The monstrous tidal wave swamped the surrounding countryside.
nightmarishOf the nature of a nightmare; very frightening or unpleasant.
A nightmarish eight hour journey.
odiousExtremely unpleasant; repulsive.
Consequences odious to those you govern.
outrageousVery bold and unusual and rather shocking.
Spends an outrageous amount on entertainment.
poorLacking in specific resources, qualities or substances.
His poor distorted limbs.
shamefulDeserving or bringing disgrace or shame- Rachel Carson.
A shameful display of cowardice.
shockingVery bad.
She brought shocking news.
substandardBelow the usual or required standard.
Substandard housing.
terribleVery unwell or troubled.
The stranger gave a terrible smile.
unforgivableNot excusable.
Losing your temper with him was unforgivable.
unpardonableNot admitting of pardon.
Unpardonable behavior.
unsatisfactoryNot satisfactory; not good enough.
Years of living in unsatisfactory rented accommodation.
unspeakableExceptionally bad or displeasing.
A piece of unspeakable abuse.
very badPrecisely as stated.
vileCausing or able to cause nausea.
He has a vile temper.

Usage Examples of "Appalling" as an adjective

  • His conduct was appalling.
  • Appalling conditions.
  • The cat suffered appalling injuries during the attack.

Associations of "Appalling" (30 Words)

abominableVery bad; terrible.
Abominable treatment of prisoners.
alarmingWorrying or disturbing.
Our countryside is disappearing at an alarming rate.
atrociousShockingly brutal or cruel.
Atrocious taste.
awfulAwfully very.
An awful voice.
beastlyIn a beastly manner.
Beastly desires.
blamedExpletives used informally as intensifiers.
It s a blamed shame.
dreadfulCausing or involving great suffering, fear, or unhappiness; extremely bad or serious.
Dreadful manners.
fearsomeCausing fear or dread or terror.
The cat mewed displaying a fearsome set of teeth.
frighteningCausing fear or dread or terror.
A frightening experience.
frightfulProvoking horror.
A frightful mistake.
ghastlyCausing great horror or fear.
Ghastly wounds.
grotesqueComically or repulsively ugly or distorted.
A figure wearing a grotesque mask.
harrowingExtremely painful.
A harrowing film about racism and violence.
hellishExtremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell.
It had been a hellish week.
hideousExtremely unpleasant.
A hideous pattern of injustice.
horribleProvoking horror.
The tea tasted horrible.
horrificCausing fear or dread or terror.
Horrific injuries.
horrifyingProvoking horror.
An alarming even horrifying picture.
ineffableToo great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.
The ineffable name of the Deity.
infernalExpletives used informally as intensifiers.
The infernal heat of the forge.
nastyRepugnant to the mind.
Her stories are very nasty full of murder and violence.
sadlyIn a sad manner.
Sadly he died before he could see his grandchild.
scaryFrightening; causing fear.
A scary movie.
stygianDark and dismal as of the rivers Acheron and Styx in Hades.
terribleExtremely bad or serious.
A terrible curse.
tragedyAn event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe.
Greek tragedy.
unlovelyNot attractive; ugly.
Unlovely tower blocks.
unpleasant(of a person or their manner) unfriendly and inconsiderate; rude.
The symptoms are extremely unpleasant.
unsightlyUnpleasant to look at.
Unsightly billboards.
unspeakableDefying expression or description.
Unspeakable happiness.

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