ARMY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for ARMY?

Need another word that means the same as “army”? Find 33 synonyms and 30 related words for “army” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Army” are: u. s. army, us army, usa, ground forces, regular army, fighting force, defence force, military force, the military, land force, soldiery, infantry, militia, horde, crowd, swarm, multitude, host, mob, gang, throng, stream, mass, body, band, troop, legion, flock, herd, pack, drove, sea, array

Army as a Noun

Definitions of "Army" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “army” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A large number of people or things.
  • The part of a country's military force trained to fight on land.
  • A large number of people united for some specific purpose.
  • A permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state.
  • The army of the United States of America; the agency that organizes and trains soldiers for land warfare.
  • An organized military force equipped for fighting on land.

Synonyms of "Army" as a noun (33 Words)

arrayAn orderly arrangement.
It was a bewildering array of books.
bandA stripe, line, or elongated area of a different colour, texture, or composition from its surroundings.
Must I fall and die in bands.
bodyA resonating chamber in a musical instrument as the body of a violin.
A regulatory body.
crowdA large number of things or people considered together.
The crowd of tall buildings.
defence forceA defendant’s answer or plea denying the truth of the charges against him.
droveA hard straight return (as in tennis or squash.
fighting forceThe act of fighting; any contest or struggle.
flockA Christian congregation or body of believers, especially one under the charge of a particular minister.
A flock of gulls.
gangAn informal body of friends.
Three men were attacked by a gang of youths.
ground forcesThe loose soft material that makes up a large part of the land surface.
herdA group of cattle or sheep or other domestic mammals all of the same kind that are herded by humans.
I dodged herds of joggers.
hordeA vast multitude.
Tartar hordes.
hostA person who acts as host at formal occasions makes an introductory speech and introduces other speakers.
Your host is Stuart Macmillan.
infantrySoldiers marching or fighting on foot; foot soldiers collectively.
Infantry battalions.
land forceThe territory occupied by a nation.
legionA large military unit.
Legions of photographers and TV cameras.
massA musical setting for a Mass.
Separate the warriors from the mass.
military forceThe military forces of a nation.
militiaThe entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service–United States Constitution.
Small detachments of militia.
mobA flock or herd of animals.
My mob travelled and traded with other people.
multitudeA large gathering of people.
They would swarm over the river in their multitude.
packA convenient package or parcel as of cigarettes or film.
A pack of thieves.
regular armyA soldier in the regular army.
seaUsed to refer to waves as opposed to calm sea.
A ban on dumping radioactive wastes in the sea.
soldieryMilitary training or knowledge.
The arts of soldiery.
streamThe act of flowing or streaming continuous progression.
The raft floated downstream on the current.
swarmA large number of people or things.
A swarm of journalists.
the militaryThe military forces of a nation.
throngA large, densely packed crowd of people or animals.
He pushed his way through the throng.
troopA group of three or more Scout patrols.
A troop of musicians.
u. s. armyA permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state.
us armyA large number of people united for some specific purpose.
usaNorth American republic containing 50 states – 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776.

Usage Examples of "Army" as a noun

  • He joined the army at 16.
  • Army officers.
  • An army of photographers.
  • The two armies were in position.

Associations of "Army" (30 Words)

armamentMilitary weapons and equipment.
They brought up more reinforcements and more armament.
armedEquipped with or carrying a firearm or firearms.
The many armed goddess Shiva.
armoredEquipped with the complete arms and armor of a warrior.
artilleryAn army unit that uses big guns.
Each corps included two regiments of field artillery.
battalionAn army unit usually consisting of a headquarters and three or more companies.
A battalion of ants.
brigadeForm into a brigade.
They thought the speech too closely brigaded with illegal action.
brigadierA general officer ranking below a major general.
cantonmentTemporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers.
colonelA commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines who ranks above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general.
combatantEngaging in or ready for combat.
A long time combatant for the control of Newcastle FC.
commanderA commissioned naval officer who ranks above a lieutenant commander and below a captain.
The commander of a paratroop regiment.
commandoA unit of commandos.
A commando attack.
conscriptionCompulsory military service.
Conscription was extended to married men.
disarmAn act of taking a weapon away from someone.
Police yesterday disarmed a parcel bomb.
disarmamentThe reduction or withdrawal of military forces and weapons.
The disarmament of the aggressor nations must be complete.
grenadierA soldier armed with grenades.
hordeA moving crowd.
Tartar hordes.
legionaryA soldier in a Roman legion.
The legionary fortress of Isca.
martialRoman poet noted for epigrams (first century BC.
Martial law.
militantA militant reformer.
Militants became increasingly impatient of parliamentary manoeuvres.
militaryThe military forces of a nation.
As a young man he joined the military and pursued a career in the Army.
militiaThe entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service.
Creating a militia was no answer to the army s manpower problem.
munitionMilitary weapons ammunition equipment and stores.
Reserves of nuclear chemical and conventional munitions.
navalConnected with or belonging to or used in a navy.
A naval officer.
navyThe navy of the United States of America the agency that maintains and trains and equips combat ready naval forces.
A navy blue suit.
regimentForm military personnel into a regiment.
Every aspect of their life is strictly regimented.
soldierServe as a soldier.
I soldiered with your father on his last four campaigns.
squadA small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime.
The demolition squad from No 6 Troop were blowing up the guns.
warriorSomeone engaged in or experienced in warfare.
I really love the warrior pose it makes me feel centred and strong.
weaponryWeapons considered collectively.
America s weaponry.

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