BLACKSMITH: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for BLACKSMITH?

Need another word that means the same as “blacksmith”? Find 30 related words for “blacksmith” in this overview.

Associations of "Blacksmith" (30 Words)

anvilThe ossicle between the malleus and the stapes.
Anvil clouds.
apprenticeServe as an apprentice.
An apprentice electrician.
architectA person who is responsible for inventing or realizing a particular idea or project.
John was indisputably the architect of his own misfortune.
assimilationThe social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another.
The assimilation of the knowledge of the Greeks.
breweryA place where beer is made commercially.
Work continued on the new lager brewery in Alton.
bricklayerA craftsman skilled in building with bricks.
carpenterWork as a carpenter.
The rails were carpentered very skilfully.
densenessThe amount per unit size.
distilleryA plant and works where alcoholic drinks are made by distillation.
Scotland s southernmost malt distillery.
engraverA person who cuts or carves text or designs on the surface of hard objects.
The engraver etches the design into a high quality steel plate.
factoryA person or organization that continually produces a great quantity of something specified.
He is chaplain to the British factory at St Petersburg.
foundryFactory where metal castings are produced.
ginSeparate the seeds from cotton with a cotton gin.
Gin game.
glazierA person whose trade is fitting glass into windows and doors.
hammerBeat with or as if with a hammer.
They hammered St Mirren 4 0.
immersionThe act of wetting something by submerging it.
As a teacher she advocates learning by immersion.
industryA particular form or branch of economic or commercial activity.
American industry is making increased use of computers to control production.
liquorAn alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented.
Waste liquors.
masonA Freemason.
The other building was masoned up out of hewn limestone.
masterMake a master copy of a film or recording.
I managed to master my fears.
plumberA person who fits and repairs the pipes, fittings, and other apparatus of water supply, sanitation, or heating systems.
scotchPrevent (a wheel or other rolling object) from moving or slipping by placing a wedge underneath.
A spokesman has scotched the rumours.
sculptorAn artist who creates sculptures.
silverMake silver in color.
Silver speech.
silversmithSomeone who makes or repairs articles of silver.
smithA worker in metal.
The wheels then needed the smith s attention.
tanTan from which the tannin has been extracted used for covering the ground for walking riding children s play etc and in gardening.
If Mickey touches a fishing net I ll tan his hide.
tannerA lotion or cream designed to promote the development of a suntan or produce a similar skin colour artificially.
Skincare companies are coming to the rescue of consumers with sunless tanners.
tanneryWorkplace where skins and hides are tanned.
wrightUnited States aviation pioneer who (with his brother Wilbur Wright) invented the airplane (1871-1948.

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