BOUNTY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for BOUNTY?

Need another word that means the same as “bounty”? Find 42 synonyms and 30 related words for “bounty” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Bounty” are: premium, bounteousness, amplitude, bountifulness, h.m.s. bounty, reward, prize, award, recompense, remuneration, commission, consideration, dividend, bonus, endowment, gratuity, tip, favour, donation, handout, present, offering, contribution, presentation, bestowal, largesse, alms, charity, boon, bequest, legacy, inheritance, settlement, subsidy, grant, benefaction, generosity, magnanimity, munificence, liberality, lavishness, indulgence

Bounty as a Noun

Definitions of "Bounty" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “bounty” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • Generosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely.
  • A sum paid by the state to encourage trade.
  • A ship of the British navy; in 1789 part of the crew mutinied against their commander William Bligh and set him afloat in an open boat.
  • A sum paid for killing or capturing a person or animal.
  • A sum paid by the state to army or navy recruits on enlistment.
  • Payment or reward (especially from a government) for acts such as catching criminals or killing predatory animals or enlisting in the military.
  • Something given or occurring in generous amounts.
  • Generosity.
  • The property of copious abundance.

Synonyms of "Bounty" as a noun (42 Words)

almsMoney or goods contributed to the poor.
The riders stopped to distribute alms.
amplitudeThe property of copious abundance.
The amplitude of alpha rhythms.
awardSomething given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery.
A 1 5 per cent pay award.
benefactionAn act intending or showing kindness and good will.
Take official receipt of such benefaction.
bequestA legacy.
A bequest of over 300 000.
bestowalThe act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift.
bonusAn extra dividend or issue paid to the shareholders of a company.
Big Christmas bonuses.
boonA desirable state.
A spanking breeze is a boon to sailors.
bounteousnessGenerosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely.
bountifulnessThe property of copious abundance.
charityThe body of organizations viewed collectively as the object of fundraising or of donations.
Faith hope and charity.
commissionA work produced in response to a commission.
Put the ships into commission.
considerationCareful thought, typically over a period of time.
You can buy the books for a small consideration.
contributionAct of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity.
Local historians are requesting contributions for a forthcoming book on the history of the community.
dividendAn individual s share of a dividend.
Buying a rail pass may still pay dividends.
donationThe action of donating something.
The donation of carpets chairs and cutlery.
endowmentNatural abilities or qualities.
Differences in genetic endowment.
favourA small inexpensive gift given to guests at a party.
Training is looked upon with favour by many employers.
generosityThe trait of being willing to give your money or time.
Diners certainly cannot complain about the generosity of portions.
grantA contract granting the right to operate a subsidiary business.
A grant of probate.
gratuityAn award (as for meritorious service) given without claim or obligation.
An end of contract gratuity of 20 of the total pay received.
h.m.s. bountyGenerosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely.
handoutA piece of printed information provided free of charge, especially to accompany a lecture or advertise something.
Dependence on central government handouts.
indulgenceIn the Roman Catholic Church a grant by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due for sins after absolution The unrestricted sale of indulgences by pardoners was a widespread abuse during the later Middle Ages.
The notice given granted a final indulgence of four weeks.
inheritance(genetics) attributes acquired via biological heredity from the parents.
The European cultural inheritance.
largesseGenerosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others.
Presumably public money is not dispensed with such largesse to anyone else.
lavishnessThe quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive.
legacyA gift of personal property by will.
Being a legacy increased a student s chance of being accepted to a highly selective college by up to 45 per cent.
liberalityThe quality of giving or spending freely.
Noblemen were expected to live with a certain liberality and panache.
magnanimityLiberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.
Both sides will have to show magnanimity.
munificenceLiberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.
We must be thankful for his munificence.
offeringThe verbal act of offering.
Noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds.
premiumA prize, bonus, or award given as an inducement to purchase products, enter competitions initiated by business interests, etc.
The Society of Arts awarded him a premium.
presentSomething presented as a gift.
They are happy and at peace refusing to think beyond the present.
presentationA visual representation of something.
A breech presentation.
prizeSomething given as a token of victory.
Her invention won first prize in a national contest.
recompensePayment or reward (as for service rendered.
Adequate recompense for workers who lose their jobs.
remunerationSomething that remunerates.
Adequate remuneration for his work.
rewardA fair return for good or bad behaviour.
He s reaping the rewards of his hard work and perseverance.
settlementThe process of establishing a settlement or settlements.
Inheritance tax could be due if you make a substantial gift or settlement and then die within the following seven years.
subsidyA grant or contribution of money.
The rail service now operates without subsidy.
tipThe extreme end of something; especially something pointed.
They clambered to the tip of Monadnock.

Usage Examples of "Bounty" as a noun

  • Bounties were paid to colonial producers of indigo dye.
  • The bounties of nature.
  • They do not qualify for their bounty because they have spent insufficient time at summer camp.
  • There was an increased bounty on his head.
  • For millennia the people along the Nile have depended entirely on its bounty.

Associations of "Bounty" (30 Words)

abundanceThe property of a more than adequate quantity or supply.
Vines and figs grew in abundance.
abundantPresent in great quantity.
The riverbanks were abundant in beautiful wild plants.
affluenceAbundant wealth.
A sign of our growing affluence.
affluentAn affluent person a person who is financially well off.
An affluent banker.
bountifulGiven or giving freely.
Bountiful compliments.
bountifulnessThe property of copious abundance.
copiousProfuse in speech or ideas.
She took copious notes.
countlessToo numerous to be counted.
She d apologized countless times before.
galoreExisting in abundance.
Whiskey galore.
generosityActing generously.
Diners certainly cannot complain about the generosity of portions.
incalculableToo much to be measured.
Under the pressure of anxiety his temper became incalculable.
largessA gift or money given (as for service or out of benevolence); usually given ostentatiously.
lavishlyIn a very generous or extravagant manner; in profusion.
Members of the band spent lavishly on their families.
lotDivide into lots as of land for example.
Nineteen lots failed to sell.
manyA quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as’ or `too’ or `so’ or `that’; amounting to a large but indefinite number.
Many temptations.
mellownessA taste (especially of fruit) that is ripe and of full flavor.
The cheap wine had no body no mellowness.
muchGreat in quantity or degree or extent.
Thanks very much.
munificenceLiberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.
We must be thankful for his munificence.
myriadToo numerous to be counted.
He faced a myriad of details.
numberlessToo many to be counted; innumerable.
There are numberless questions to be asked.
plenitudeAn abundance.
The plenitude of the Pope s powers.
plenteousAffording an abundant supply.
A plenteous grape harvest.
plentifulExisting in great number or quantity.
A plentiful year.
plentitudeA full supply.
plentyAs much as necessary.
She has plenty more ideas.
profuse(of a person) extravagant.
They are profuse in hospitality.
profusionThe property of being extremely abundant.
A rich profusion of flowers.
prosperityThe condition of prospering; having good fortune.
A long period of peace and prosperity.
richnessAbundant wealth.
The richness of the mines and pastureland.
teemBe teeming be abuzz.
Every garden is teeming with wildlife.

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