CHIVALRY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for CHIVALRY?

Need another word that means the same as “chivalry”? Find 13 synonyms and 30 related words for “chivalry” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Chivalry” are: gallantry, politesse, knightliness, knight errantry, the knightly code, knighthood, courtliness, nobility, magnanimity, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, consideration, considerateness

Chivalry as a Noun

Definitions of "Chivalry" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “chivalry” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • The combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, namely courage, honour, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.
  • Courteous behaviour, especially that of a man towards women.
  • The medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code.
  • Courtesy towards women.
  • The medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct.
  • Knights, noblemen, and horsemen collectively.

Synonyms of "Chivalry" as a noun (13 Words)

attentivenessPaying particular notice (as to children or helpless people.
This sight has maintained its top grading due to the attentiveness of the staff.
consideratenessKind and considerate regard for others.
considerationA fact or a motive taken into account in deciding something.
The idea was motivated by political considerations.
courtlinessElegance suggestive of a royal court.
gallantryPolite attentiveness to women.
No young man offers to carry this burden for her such gallantry is out of fashion.
knight errantryOriginally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry; today in Great Britain a person honored by the sovereign for personal merit.
knighthoodThe title, rank, or status of a knight.
He received a knighthood in the Birthday Honours.
knightlinessThe medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct.
magnanimityLiberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.
Both sides will have to show magnanimity.
nobilityThe state of being of noble birth.
A member of the English nobility.
politesseFormal politeness or etiquette.
The suave circumlocutory politesse of a consular official.
the knightly codeA set of rules or principles or laws (especially written ones.
thoughtfulnessConsideration for the needs of other people.
I am touched by your thoughtfulness.

Usage Examples of "Chivalry" as a noun

  • He still retained a sense of chivalry towards women.
  • Tales of chivalry and knightly deeds.
  • The age of chivalry.
  • I fought against the cream of French chivalry.

Associations of "Chivalry" (30 Words)

bioethicsThe ethics of medical and biological research.
chasteWithout unnecessary ornamentation; simple or restrained.
A chaste consoling embrace.
chivalrousCourteous and gallant, especially towards women (typically used of a man or his behaviour.
Shall I be chivalrous and offer you my coat.
courteousExhibiting courtesy and politeness.
She was courteous and obliging to all.
courtesyA courteous or respectful or considerate act.
He treated the players with courtesy and good humour.
decentDecently clothed.
That s awfully decent of you.
decorousCharacterized by propriety and dignity and good taste in manners and conduct.
Charlotte gave David a decorous kiss.
decorumPropriety in manners and conduct.
He had acted with the utmost decorum.
ethicRelating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.
The ethic question is of wider import.
etiquetteRules governing socially acceptable behavior.
Etiquette books.
exemplarSomething to be imitated.
The place is an exemplar of multicultural Britain.
goodnessThe quality of being morally good or virtuous.
A belief in the basic goodness of mankind.
humbleDecisively defeat (a sporting opponent previously thought to be superior.
My humble apologies.
humilityA disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride.
Not everyone regards humility as a virtue.
instanceCite (a fact, case, etc.) as an example.
Another instance occurred yesterday.
kindA category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality.
Our neighbor was very kind about the window our son broke.
kindnessA kind act.
It would be a kindness on your part to invite her.
knighthoodThe title, rank, or status of a knight.
The basis of feudal knighthood.
medievalResembling or likened to the Middle Ages, especially in being cruel, uncivilized, or primitive.
A medieval castle.
meeknessThe fact or condition of being meek; submissiveness.
All his best friends make fun of him for his meekness.
modestLimited in size or scope.
Comfortable but modest cottages.
moralConcerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour.
The moral dimensions of medical intervention.
moralityPrinciples concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.
The matter boiled down to simple morality innocent prisoners ought to be freed.
nice(of a person) good-natured; kind.
A nice point.
paradigmaticRelated as members of a substitution class.
His biography is paradigmatic of the experiences of this generation.
politeNot rude; marked by satisfactory (or especially minimal) adherence to social usages and sufficient but not noteworthy consideration for others.
They thought she was wrong but were too polite to say so.
prototypeMake a prototype of a product.
The firm is testing a prototype of the weapon.
righteousMorally justified.
Righteous indignation.
unassumingNot pretentious or arrogant; modest.
Unassuming to a fault skeptical about the value of his work.
virtueMorality with respect to sexual relations.
Patience is a virtue.

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