COLLECTIVE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for COLLECTIVE?

Need another word that means the same as “collective”? Find 16 synonyms and 30 related words for “collective” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Collective” are: corporate, common, shared, joint, combined, mutual, communal, united, allied, cooperative, collaborative, co-op, community, kibbutz, fellowship

Collective as a Noun

Definitions of "Collective" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “collective” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • Members of a cooperative enterprise.
  • A collective farm.
  • A cooperative enterprise.

Synonyms of "Collective" as a noun (5 Words)

co-opA jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners.
communityA group of people living together and practising common ownership.
The team is drawn from all parts of the community.
cooperativeA farm, business, or other organization which is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.
We run the agency as a workers cooperative.
fellowshipThe status of a fellow of a college or society.
A fellowship in mathematics.
kibbutzA communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm.

Usage Examples of "Collective" as a noun

  • The anarchist collective and bookshop.

Collective as an Adjective

Definitions of "Collective" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “collective” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government.
  • Forming a whole or aggregate.
  • Done by people acting as a group.
  • Done by or characteristic of individuals acting together.
  • Taken as a whole; aggregate.
  • Relating to or shared by all the members of a group.

Synonyms of "Collective" as an adjective (11 Words)

alliedOf or relating to or denoting the Allies in World War II.
Members of the medical and allied professions.
collaborativeProduced by or involving two or more parties working together.
Collaborative research.
combinedMade or joined or united into one.
commonCommonly encountered.
A common soldier.
communalShared by all members of a community; for common use.
A communal settlement in which all earnings and food were shared.
cooperativeWilling to adjust to differences in order to obtain agreement.
Every member has clearly defined tasks in a cooperative enterprise.
corporateOf or belonging to a corporation.
A special agency set up in corporate form.
jointSharing in a position, achievement, or activity.
A joint statement.
mutual(of a feeling or action) experienced or done by each of two or more parties towards the other or others.
His contract with City has been terminated by mutual consent.
sharedPossessed in common with another or others.
A joint venture with shared profits.
unitedJoined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings.
Presented a united front.

Usage Examples of "Collective" as an adjective

  • Ministers who share collective responsibility.
  • Collective farms.
  • A collective protest.
  • A collective sigh of relief from parents.
  • The collective power of the workforce.
  • The collective mind.

Associations of "Collective" (30 Words)

agglomerateCollect or form into a mass or group.
He is seeking to agglomerate the functions of the Home Office.
allianceA formal agreement establishing an association or alliance between nations or other groups to achieve a particular aim.
His party is in alliance with the Greens.
amalgamateCombine or unite to form one organization or structure.
Amalgamated zinc.
annexAdd as an extra or subordinate part, especially to a document.
Hitler annexed Lithuania.
coalesceCombine (elements) in a mass or whole.
The puddles had coalesced into shallow streams.
coalescingGrowing together, fusing.
combineCombine so as to form a whole mix.
Groups of teachers combined to tackle a variety of problems.
communistA member of the communist party.
A French communist writer.
communityCommon ownership.
The gay community in London.
confederacyA group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose.
The Yakuza is a secret confederacy of criminal fraternities.
confederationThe act of forming an alliance or confederation.
A confederation of trade unions.
consolidateMake (something) physically stronger or more solid.
The company consolidated its position in the international market.
federationAn organization formed by merging several groups or parties.
A first step in the federation of Europe.
gatherThe act of gathering something.
The front is gathered at the waist.
integrateBecome one become integrated.
Transport planning should be integrated with energy policy.
jointCut the body of an animal into joints for cooking.
Seal the joint between the roof and the house wall.
libertarianAn advocate of libertarianism.
A lot of people are very libertarian they just haven t heard the term.
mergeBecome one.
He crouched low and endeavoured to merge into the darkness of the forest.
nationalistRelating to nationalists or nationalism.
Minor nationalistic differences.
nationalizeNaturalize (a foreigner).
Mitterand nationalized the banks.
politicianA schemer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways.
A veteran communist politician.
privatizeTransfer (a business, industry, or service) from public to private ownership and control.
They were opposed to plans to privatize electricity and water.
reunifyUnify again, as of a country.
Will Korea reunify.
revolutionaryMarkedly new or introducing radical change.
The revolutionary army.
socialistAdvocating or following the socialist principles.
She was a lifelong socialist.
subversiveA subversive person.
The government claimed we were subversives or terrorists.
synthesisThe tendency in a language to use inflected forms rather than word order to express grammatical structure.
The synthesis of intellect and emotion in his work.
unifyJoin or combine.
The government hoped to centralize and unify the nation.
unitedOf or relating to two people who are married to each other.
Presented a united front.
utopiaA work of fiction describing a utopia.
Misplaced faith in political utopias has led to ruin.

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