DIVA: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DIVA?

Need another word that means the same as “diva”? Find 9 synonyms and 30 related words for “diva” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Diva” are: prima donna, leading actor, leading actress, leading performer, leading player, leading lady, leading man, lead, star

Diva as a Noun

Definitions of "Diva" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “diva” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please (typically used of a woman.
  • A famous female singer of popular music.
  • A distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star.
  • A celebrated female opera singer.

Synonyms of "Diva" as a noun (9 Words)

leadA position of leadership especially in the phrase take the lead.
The lead was in the dummy.
leading actorThin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing.
leading actressThin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing.
leading ladyThin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing.
leading manThin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing.
leading performerThin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing.
leading playerThe activity of leading.
prima donnaUsed primarily as eating apples.
starUsed in names of starfishes and similar echinoderms with five or more radiating arms e g cushion star brittlestar.
The walls were painted with silver moons and stars.

Usage Examples of "Diva" as a noun

  • She is much more the dedicated maverick than the petulant diva.
  • A pop diva.

Associations of "Diva" (30 Words)

actingThe art or occupation of performing fictional roles in plays, films, or television.
The acting supervisor.
actressA female actor.
I became a very good actress and they nearly always believed me.
artistA person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.
A surgeon who is an artist with the scalpel.
balletMusic written for a ballet.
The Bolshoi Ballet.
ballroomBallroom dancing.
The number of people learning ballroom has doubled in the last two years.
bluesA piece of blues music.
Blues has always had a strong following in Australia.
cantoThe highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music.
Dante s Divine Comedy has 100 cantos.
choreographerSomeone who creates new dances.
A professional choreographer.
choreographyThe art or practice of designing choreographic sequences.
The rumbustious choreography reflects the themes of the original play.
composerA person who writes music, especially as a professional occupation.
Mozart was her favourite composer.
dancePerform a particular dance or a role in a ballet.
Dances include the waltz the quickstep and the foxtrot.
dancerA person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a ball.
She thought he would become a ballet dancer.
discoThe lighting and sound equipment used at a disco.
She filled every hour of the day playing tennis or discoing with friends.
glamorous(of a person) having a beauty or charm that is sexually attractive.
Glamorous movie stars.
jazzPlay or dance to jazz music.
Don t give me any of that jazz.
liedA type of German song, especially of the romantic period, typically for solo voice with piano accompaniment.
musicMusical activity singing or whistling etc.
He devoted his life to music.
musicianArtist who composes or conducts music as a profession.
Your father was a fine musician.
operaOperas as a genre of classical music.
A very grand programme of opera and ballet.
performanceAn individual’s use of a language, i.e. what a speaker actually says, including hesitations, false starts, and errors.
The jet s performance conformed to high standards.
pianistA person who plays the piano, especially professionally.
piano(used chiefly as a direction or description in music) soft; in a quiet, subdued tone.
The piano passages in the composition.
popLike a pop or with a pop.
He pulled a can of beer from the refrigerator and popped its tab.
repertoireA stock of plays, dances, or items that a company or a performer knows or is prepared to perform.
His repertoire of denigratory gestures.
singerUnited States inventor of an improved chain-stitch sewing machine (1811-1875.
A pop singer.
soloistA musician or singer who performs a solo.
He appears as a concerto soloist with all the great British orchestras.
songA musical composition suggestive of a song.
A bird will not learn its song unless it hears it at an early age.
sopranoA female or boy singer with a soprano voice.
Soprano voice.
superstarSomeone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.
He became a superstar overnight.
technoA style of fast heavy electronic dance music usually without vocals.

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