DIVE: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for DIVE?

Need another word that means the same as “dive”? Find 46 synonyms and 30 related words for “dive” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Dive” are: plunge, plunk, plummet, nosedive, descend, jump, fall, drop, swoop, pitch, swim under water, go under water, submerge, sink, leap, lunge, launch oneself, throw oneself, go headlong, bolt, dart, dash, rush, scurry, nose dive, diving, honkytonk, descent, going down, coming down, spring, dodge, drinking den

Dive as a Noun

Definitions of "Dive" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “dive” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A plunge head first into water.
  • A headlong plunge into water.
  • An instance of swimming or going deeper under water.
  • A sudden movement in a specified direction.
  • A shabby or sleazy bar or similar establishment.
  • A sudden marked fall in prices or profits.
  • A steep descent by an aircraft or bird.
  • A cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall.
  • A deliberate fall by a player, intended to deceive the referee into awarding a foul.
  • A steep nose-down descent by an aircraft.

Synonyms of "Dive" as a noun (22 Words)

boltThe part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key.
coming downThe temporal property of becoming nearer in time.
dartA small pointed missile with a feather or plastic flight used in the game of darts.
Stitch collarband on to neck edge and stitch darts.
dashThe act of moving with great haste.
He wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer.
descentA moral, social, or psychological decline.
A descent on the Channel ports.
divingAn athletic competition that involves diving into water.
dodgeA sudden quick movement to avoid someone or something.
The grant system s widespread use as a tax dodge.
drinking denThe act of consuming liquids.
dropThe act of dropping something.
The planes finally managed to make the drop.
fallThe season when the leaves fall from the trees.
The fall of the government.
going downAdvancing toward a goal.
honkytonkA cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall.
jumpAn obstacle to be jumped especially by a horse and rider in an equestrian competition.
She will make a sponsored jump at Thruxton Airfield.
leapThe distance leaped or to be leaped.
It doesn t take a great leap of imagination to recognize that you have held an important leadership role.
lungeAn exercise or gymnastic movement resembling the lunge of a fencer.
Lucy made a lunge for Gabriel s wrist.
nose diveA natural skill.
nosediveA sudden dramatic deterioration.
The stock took a nosedive.
pitchA delivery of the ball by the pitcher.
Her voice rose steadily in pitch.
plummetA steep and rapid fall or drop.
The bird has a circular display flight followed by an earthward plummet.
plungeA swift and drastic fall in value or amount.
Fanatics went straight from the hot room to take a cold plunge.
springThe ability to spring back strongly elasticity.
He will hold office until the spring of next year.
swoopA swooping or snatching movement or action.
Four members were arrested following a swoop by detectives on their homes.

Usage Examples of "Dive" as a noun

  • She made a dive for the fridge to quench her thirst.
  • He hit the sea in a shallow dive.
  • A detective story set in the smoky clubs and dive bars of 1940s Los Angeles.
  • Divers should have a good intake of fluid before each dive.
  • He got into a fight in some dive.
  • An 11 per cent dive in profits.
  • The jumbo jet went into a dive.

Dive as a Verb

Definitions of "Dive" as a verb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “dive” as a verb can have the following definitions:

  • (of an aircraft or bird) plunge steeply downwards through the air.
  • Swim under water.
  • Plunge head first into water with one's arms raised over one's head.
  • Move quickly or suddenly in a specified direction.
  • (of a player) deliberately fall when challenged in order to deceive the referee into awarding a foul.
  • (of prices or profits) drop suddenly.
  • Plunge into water.
  • Swim under water using breathing equipment.
  • Drop steeply.
  • (of a fish or submarine) go to a deeper level in water.

Synonyms of "Dive" as a verb (24 Words)

boltSecure or lock with a bolt.
New benefits have been bolted on to the social security system.
dartMove along rapidly and lightly skim or dart.
She darted across the street.
dashBreak into pieces, as by striking or knocking over.
I must dash I m late.
descendMove or fall downwards.
He was scrupulous in refusing to descend to misrepresentation.
dropLet or cause to fall in drops.
Pre tax profits dropped by 37 per cent.
fallDescend in free fall under the influence of gravity.
All that falls under the general heading of corruption.
go headlongTo be spent or finished.
go under waterMove away from a place into another direction.
jumpJump from an airplane and descend with a parachute.
Her new novel jumped high on the bestseller list.
launch oneselfSet up or found.
leapMove forward by leaps and bounds.
The widow leapt into the funeral pyre.
lungeMake a lunge.
McCulloch raised his cudgel and lunged at him.
nosediveOf an aircraft make a nosedive.
The plane nosedived into the ground and exploded.
pitchSet one s voice or a piece of music at a particular pitch.
He should pitch his talk at a suitable level for the age group.
plummetFall or drop straight down at high speed.
Hardware sales plummeted.
plungeSink (a pot containing a plant) in the ground.
The ship plunged through the 20 foot seas.
plunkPull lightly but sharply with a plucking motion.
I plunked down 14 95 for the new paperback edition.
rushCause to move fast or to rush or race.
As soon as the campaign started they rushed into action.
scurry(of a person or small animal) move hurriedly with short quick steps.
Pedestrians scurried for cover.
sinkFall or sink heavily.
You can relax on the veranda as the sun sinks low.
submergeCompletely cover or obscure.
The tensions submerged earlier in the campaign now came to the fore.
swim under waterTravel through water.
swoopSeize with a swooping motion.
Armed police swooped on a flat after a tip off.
throw oneselfGet rid of.

Usage Examples of "Dive" as a verb

  • He dived off the bridge for a bet.
  • The fish dive down to about 1,400 feet.
  • The plane dived as it was buffeted by turbulence at 34,000 ft.
  • She walked to the deep end, then she dived in.
  • Profits before tax dived by 61 per cent.
  • I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool.
  • He had been diving in the area to test equipment.
  • Stein was booked for diving.
  • Arctic skuas which dive at your head as you walk near their territories.
  • A bullet passed close to his head and he dived for cover.

Associations of "Dive" (30 Words)

aquaticAn aquatic plant or animal especially one suitable for a pond or aquarium.
Boats are aquatic vehicles.
cascadeRush down in big quantities like a cascade.
A sudden cascade of sparks.
dipA thick sauce in which pieces of food are dipped before eating.
He dipped into the pool.
diversOf varying types; several.
A person of diverse talents.
divingAn athletic competition that involves diving into water.
He scored with a diving header.
dropA section of theatrical scenery lowered from the flies a drop cloth or drop curtain.
A chocolate drop.
drownDeliberately kill a person or animal by drowning.
They committed suicide by jumping into the sea and drowning themselves.
engulf(of a natural force) sweep over (something) so as to surround or cover it completely.
The toad can engulf nestling birds.
fallGo as if by falling.
The fall of the government.
immerseCause to be immersed.
He immersed himself into his studies.
plummetDecrease rapidly in value or amount.
Hardware sales plummeted.
plungeQuickly immerse in liquid.
He plunged his hands into his pockets.
poolJoin or form a pool of people.
We soon reached the pool at the foot of the waterfall.
scubaScuba diving.
I want to do some scuba.
seaA roughly definable area of the sea.
She scanned the sea of faces for Stephen.
sinkFall or sink heavily.
They agreed to sink their differences.
slumpSit, lean, or fall heavily and limply.
The team went into a slump.
springboardA platform fixed to the side of a tree and used by a lumberjack when working at some height from the ground.
He uses other people s ideas as a springboard for his own.
submergeDescend below the surface of an area of water.
The U boat had had time to submerge.
submergenceThe process or state of being submerged in or covered with water.
Total submergence of plants results in heavy crop losses.
submerseSink below the surface; go under or as if under water.
Pellets were then submersed in agar.
submersibleA small submersible boat or other craft especially one designed for research and exploration.
A submersible pump.
submersionThe act of wetting something by submerging it.
Five small islands threatened by submersion.
subsideLapse into silence or inactivity.
The mud subsides when the waters become calm.
surfingThe activity of moving from page to page or site to site on the World Wide Web.
Why share your internet connection with people surfing and chatting.
swimThe act of swimming.
It was the swimming they enjoyed most.
swimmerA sperm cell.
The lab technician examining your sample takes a close look at how many of your swimmers are normally shaped.
swimmingThe act of swimming.
Swimming eyes.
underwaterSubmerged; flooded.
An epidemic of underwater mortgages.
waterfallA cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice or steep incline.
Each phase of a waterfall project must be complete prior to moving to the next phase.

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