EMERGENCY: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for EMERGENCY?

Need another word that means the same as “emergency”? Find 19 synonyms and 30 related words for “emergency” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Emergency” are: emergency brake, hand brake, parking brake, exigency, pinch, crisis, extremity, alternative, substitute, replacement, spare, extra, standby, auxiliary, reserve, backup, fill-in, fallback, in reserve

Emergency as a Noun

Definitions of "Emergency" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “emergency” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A state in which martial law applies.
  • The department in a hospital which provides immediate treatment.
  • The Second World War.
  • A brake operated by hand; usually operates by mechanical linkage.
  • A reserve runner in horse racing.
  • A person with a medical condition requiring immediate treatment.
  • A sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action.
  • Arising from or used in an emergency.
  • A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

Synonyms of "Emergency" as a noun (19 Words)

alternativeOne of two or more available possibilities.
There is no other alternative.
auxiliaryAn auxiliary verb.
A nursing auxiliary.
backupThe procedure for making backup copies of files or other items of data.
Make a backup of any important files.
crisisA time of intense difficulty or danger.
The situation has reached crisis point.
emergency brakeA sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action.
exigencyAn urgent need or demand.
The health care exigency.
extraSomething additional of the same kind.
She stood under an awning and read the extra.
extremityThe degree to which something is extreme.
The extremity of the violence concerns us.
fallbackAn alternative plan that may be used in an emergency.
The offering will hit the market after a fallback from record highs.
fill-inSomeone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult.
hand brakeA card player in a game of bridge.
in reserveA state in midwestern United States.
parking brakeThe act of maneuvering a vehicle into a location where it can be left temporarily.
pinchAn act of pinching someone.
The pinch of the recession.
replacementAn event in which one thing is substituted for another.
The replacement of lost blood by a transfusion of donor blood.
reserveA member of the military reserve.
Part of the marshes has been managed to create a splendid reserve full of birds.
spareA score in tenpins; knocking down all ten after rolling two balls.
The wheel s broken and it would be suicide to go on without a spare.
standbySomething that can be relied on when needed.
Buses were placed on standby for the journey to London.
substituteAn athlete who plays only when a starter on the team is replaced.
A sheriff substitute.

Usage Examples of "Emergency" as a noun

  • The hospital treated two hundred emergencies.
  • Around 1 in 8 adults have no savings at all, not even an emergency fund.
  • Survival packs were carried in case of emergency.
  • The governor declared a state of emergency.
  • An emergency operation to save his sight.
  • A doctor in emergency cleaned the wound.
  • He never knew what to do in an emergency.
  • Personal alarms for use in an emergency.

Associations of "Emergency" (30 Words)

ambulanceConvey in an ambulance.
The ambulance service.
bleedingUsed for emphasis, or to express annoyance.
The watch was a bleeding copy.
brakeMake a moving vehicle slow down or stop by using a brake.
A brake pedal.
contingencyA future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.
The island s public affairs can occasionally be seen to be invaded by contingency.
crisisAn unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty.
The current economic crisis.
dangerA dangerous place.
There was a danger he would do the wrong thing.
dangerousCausing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm.
A dangerous bridge.
deliveranceRecovery or preservation from loss or danger.
Prayers for deliverance.
emergentAn emergent tree or other plant.
Emergents tower above the top canopy.
entreatyAn earnest or humble request.
An entreaty to stop the fighting.
evacuateMove people from their homes or country.
Several families were evacuated from their homes.
evacuationThe action of emptying the bowels or another bodily organ.
Those who required an evacuation of retained products.
exigencyA pressing or urgent situation.
He put financial exigency before personal sentiment.
exigentDemanding attention.
The exigent demands of her contemporaries music took a toll on her voice.
firefighterA person whose job is to extinguish fires.
firemanA member of a fire department who tries to extinguish fires.
hospitalAn institution providing medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people.
Christ's Hospital.
immediateImmediately before or after as in a chain of cause and effect.
The immediate vicinity.
immediatelyWithout any intervening time or space.
I rang immediately for an ambulance.
imperativeRelating to verbs in the imperative mood.
Free movement of labour was an economic imperative.
inquestAn inquiry into the cause of an unexpected death.
An inquest by New York newspapers into a subway fire.
instantInstant coffee.
The offence justified instant dismissal.
medicA medical practitioner in the armed forces.
paramedicA person trained to give emergency medical care to people who are injured or ill, typically in a setting outside a hospital.
All ambulances were manned by a nurse or paramedic and a driver.
pressingExpressing something strongly or persistently.
At the pressing of a button.
prioritizeAssign a priority to.
The department has failed to prioritize safety within the oil industry.
suffocationDifficulty in breathing.
The occupants died of suffocation inside the airtight compartment.
tourniquetBandage that stops the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure.
urgencyAn urgent situation calling for prompt action.
They departed hurriedly because of some great urgency in their affairs.
urgentOf an action or event done or arranged in response to an urgent situation.
An urgent demand for more state funding.

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