FALLING: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for FALLING?

Need another word that means the same as “falling”? Find 1 synonym and 30 related words for “falling” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Falling” are: dropping

Falling as an Adjective

Definitions of "Falling" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “falling” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Decreasing in number, amount, intensity, or quality.
  • Decreasing in amount or degree.
  • Moving from a higher to a lower level, typically rapidly and without control.
  • Becoming lower or less in degree or value.
  • Coming down freely under the influence of gravity.

Synonyms of "Falling" as an adjective (1 Word)

droppingComing down freely under the influence of gravity.
The eerie whistle of dropping bombs.

Usage Examples of "Falling" as an adjective

  • Falling attendance figures.
  • Falling incomes.
  • Falling temperature.
  • Falling temperatures.
  • Falling standards.
  • Falling rain.
  • She was injured by a falling tree.
  • A falling market.

Associations of "Falling" (30 Words)

belowSee below.
See below.
beneathHidden behind an appearance.
The smile revealed the evil beneath.
clangMake or cause to make a clang.
The steel door slammed shut with a clang.
cliffA steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea.
He stood on a high cliff overlooking the town.
declensionA downward slope or bend.
The first declension in Latin.
declivityA downward slope.
A thickly wooded declivity.
descend(of a feeling) develop suddenly and affect a place or person.
The vehicle descended a ramp.
descendingMoving or sloping downwards.
A passage of descending chords.
descentAn act of moving downwards, dropping, or falling.
The ancient empire s slow descent into barbarism.
dipDip into a liquid while eating.
He dipped into his pocket.
downA chance for a team to advance the ball ending when the ball carrier is tackled or the ball becomes out of play A team must advance at least ten yards in a series of four downs in order to keep possession.
At night it would cool down.
downturnA worsening of business or economic activity.
The market took a downturn.
downwardOn or toward a surface regarded as a base.
New rules on sick leave affect employees of all grades from managers downwards.
dropScore a goal by a drop kick.
He doesn t touch a drop during the week.
fallAn act of falling or collapsing.
All that falls under the general heading of corruption.
flopWith a flopping sound.
They hit the ground with a flop.
granteeSomeone to whom the title of property is transferred.
lowSubdued or brought low in condition or status.
The weatherman talked about highs and lows.
parachuteDrop from an aircraft by parachute.
The former Conservative minister was controversially parachuted into the safe seat.
plummetThe metal bob of a plumb line.
Hardware sales plummeted.
plungeSuddenly bring into a specified condition or state.
Our little daughters whooped as they plunged into the sea.
settleSettle conclusively come to terms.
The wind settled in the West.
sinkCause a ship to sink.
The doctor concluded that the lad was sinking fast.
sitWork or act as a baby sitter.
They were determined that women jurists should sit on the tribunal.
splashMake wet by splashing.
He made a great splash and then disappeared.
submergenceThe action of completely covering or obscuring something.
Total submergence of plants results in heavy crop losses.
trickle(of a liquid) flow in a small stream.
The first members of the congregation began to trickle in.
underUnder water.
An under secretary.
unloadLeave or unload.
She hadn t finished unloading the car.
verticallyAt right angles to a horizontal plane; aligned in such a way that the top is directly above the bottom.
The bacteria are vertically transmitted from mother to offspring.

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