FAMILIAL: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for FAMILIAL?

Need another word that means the same as “familial”? Find 14 synonyms and 30 related words for “familial” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Familial” are: genetic, hereditary, inherited, transmissible, transmitted, conventional, customary, established, accepted, orthodox, standard, regular, normal, conservative

Familial as an Adjective

Definitions of "Familial" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “familial” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Relating to or occurring in a family or its members.
  • Occurring among members of a family usually by heredity.
  • Relating to or having the characteristics of a family.

Synonyms of "Familial" as an adjective (14 Words)

acceptedGenerally believed or recognized to be valid or correct.
He wasn t handsome in the accepted sense.
conservativeAverse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.
They were very conservative in their outlook.
conventionalFollowing accepted customs and proprieties.
Conventional forms of address.
customary(in South Africa) relating to black African traditional custom or law.
Sealed the deal with the customary handshake.
establishedBrought about or set up or accepted especially long established.
The established facts in the case.
geneticRelating to genetics.
Genetic research.
hereditary(of a characteristic or disease) determined by genetic factors and therefore able to be passed on from parents to their offspring or descendants.
The Queen s hereditary right to the throne.
inherited(of money, property, or a title) received as an heir at the death of the previous holder.
Inherited wealth.
normalConforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm not abnormal.
The most normal person I ve ever met.
orthodoxOf the ordinary or usual type; normal.
They avoided orthodox jazz venues.
regularRelating to a person who does something regularly.
Regular students.
standardConforming to or constituting a standard of measurement or value or of the usual or regularized or accepted kind.
The standard fixtures.
transmissible(of a disease or trait) able to be passed on from one person or organism to another.
Transmissible tradition.
transmittedPassed on from one person or place to another.
Genetically transmitted features.

Usage Examples of "Familial" as an adjective

  • Familial relationships.
  • Familial traits.
  • The familial Christmas dinner.
  • Certain diseases are familial.

Associations of "Familial" (30 Words)

behavioralOf or relating to behavior.
Behavioral sciences.
bionicsApplication of biological principles to the study and design of engineering systems (especially electronic systems.
brotherA close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities.
A Benedictine brother.
congenital(of a person) having a particular trait from birth or by firmly established habit.
A congenital liar.
deleteriousCausing harm or damage.
Deleterious chemical additives.
folksYour parents.
Folks around here drink moonshine.
geneGenetics a segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain it can include regions preceding and following the coding DNA as well as introns between the exons it is considered a unit of heredity.
Playing tennis is in my genes.
genealogyThe study and tracing of lines of descent.
The genealogies of the kings of Mercia.
geneticOf or relating to the science of genetics.
Genetically transmitted features.
grandparentA parent of your father or mother.
It must be a great blessing to have Chloe s grandparents living nearby.
hereditaryInherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent.
The Queen s hereditary right to the throne.
homogeneityThe quality of being of uniform throughout in composition or structure.
The cultural homogeneity of our society.
inbornNormally existing at birth.
An inborn defect in the formation of collagen.
inbreedingThe breeding of closely related people or animals, especially over many generations.
Persistent inbreeding has produced an unusually high frequency of sufferers from this disease.
inheritReceive or be left with (a situation, object, etc.) from a predecessor or former owner.
I inherited a castle from my French grandparents.
inherited(of a quality, characteristic, or predisposition) derived genetically from one’s parents or ancestors.
An inherited disease.
kinsfolkPeople descended from a common ancestor.
parentBe or act as a parent to a child.
Policy considerations were determined largely by the parent company.
parentalRelating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent.
Parental responsibility.
paternalRelating to or characteristic of or befitting a parent.
He reasserted his paternal authority.
pedigreeAncestry of a purebred animal.
The scheme has a long pedigree.
phenotypeThe set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.
phenylketonuriaAn inherited inability to metabolize phenylalanine which, if untreated, causes brain and nerve damage.
predispositionSusceptibility to a pathogen.
Factors including genetic predisposition.
relationshipA relation between people relationship is often used where relation would serve as in the relationship between inflation and unemployment but the preferred usage of relationship is for human relations or states of relatedness.
The landlord tenant relationship.
siblingEach of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.
sisterA member of a religious order of women.
None of her sisters would betray her.
sisterhoodAn association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.
Much of sisterhood is about sharing lipsticks.
uncleA pawnbroker.
He visited his uncle.
uniformityThe quality or state of being uniform.
An attempt to impose administrative and cultural uniformity.

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