FAR: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for FAR?

Need another word that means the same as “far”? Find 29 synonyms and 30 related words for “far” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Far” are: a long way, a good way, afar, up to a point, to some extent, within reason, within limits, much, very much, considerably, markedly, immeasurably, decidedly, greatly, significantly, substantially, appreciably, noticeably, materially, signally, distant, faraway, far off, further, more distant, alir, army for the liberation of rwanda, former armed forces, interahamwe

Far as a Noun

Definitions of "Far" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “far” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • A terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the government dominated by Tutsi and to institute Hutu control again.

Synonyms of "Far" as a noun (4 Words)

alirA terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the government dominated by Tutsi and to institute Hutu control again.
army for the liberation of rwandaA large number of people united for some specific purpose.
former armed forcesThe first of two or the first mentioned of two.
interahamweA terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the government dominated by Tutsi and to institute Hutu control again.

Far as an Adjective

Definitions of "Far" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “far” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Being the animal or vehicle on the right or being on the right side of an animal or vehicle.
  • Being of a considerable distance or length.
  • Distant from a point seen as central; extreme.
  • Situated at a great distance in space or time.
  • More distant than another object of the same kind.
  • Located at a great distance in time or space or degree.
  • Beyond a norm in opinion or actions.

Synonyms of "Far" as an adjective (5 Words)

distantFar away in space or time.
A distant acquaintance.
far offBeing of a considerable distance or length.
farawaySeeming remote from one’s immediate surroundings.
The faraway future.
furtherMore remote from a central point.
Cook for a further ten minutes.
more distantQuantifier meaning greater in number.

Usage Examples of "Far" as an adjective

  • He was standing in the far corner.
  • Far corners of the earth.
  • The far reaches of the universe.
  • A far trek.
  • We come from a far country.
  • Far from the truth.
  • A far journey.
  • The right side is the far side of the horse.
  • Far in the future.
  • The far right.
  • The far future.
  • The far north of Scotland.
  • The far side of the road.
  • The horse on the right is the far horse.
  • The success of the far Right.

Far as an Adverb

Definitions of "Far" as an adverb

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “far” as an adverb can have the following definitions:

  • At or to or from a great distance in space.
  • To an advanced stage or point.
  • At or to a certain point or degree.
  • At, to, or by a great distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing is distant from another.
  • Remote in time.
  • Over a large expanse of space or time.
  • By a great deal.
  • To a considerable degree; very much.

Synonyms of "Far" as an adverb (20 Words)

a good wayIn a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good’ is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well.
a long wayFor an extended distance.
afarAt or to a certain point or degree.
For months he had loved her from afar.
appreciablyTo an appreciable extent; considerably.
Profits have grown appreciably over the last four years.
considerablyBy a notably large amount or to a notably large extent; greatly.
Painting the room white made it seem considerably or substantially larger.
decidedlyUndoubtedly; undeniably.
No Donna said decidedly.
greatlyTo an extraordinary extent or degree.
I admire him greatly.
immeasurablyTo an extreme or extensive degree; immensely.
The quality of service has improved immeasurably.
markedlyIn a clearly noticeable manner.
New diagnoses have increased markedly since 1998.
materiallyIn a significant way; considerably.
Materially different circumstances.
muchFrequently or in great quantities.
We enjoyed ourselves very much.
noticeablyIn a noticeable manner.
After surgery she deteriorated noticeably.
signallyIn a signal manner.
Signally inappropriate methods.
significantlyIn a sufficiently great or important way as to be worthy of attention.
Their situation is significantly different from ours.
substantiallyFor the most part; essentially.
Things will remain substantially the same over the next ten years.
to some extentImprecise but fairly close to correct.
up to a pointNearer to the speaker.
very muchUsed as intensifiers; `real’ is sometimes used informally for `really’; `rattling’ is informal.
within limitsOn the inside.
within reasonOn the inside.

Usage Examples of "Far" as an adverb

  • The mountains far in the distance glowed in the sun.
  • He had not travelled far.
  • The house was not too far away.
  • He is able to function far better than usual.
  • That's why we have come so far and done as well as we have.

Associations of "Far" (30 Words)

apartOne from the other.
Quality sets it apart.
astrayAway from the right path or direction.
He was led astray by boozy colleagues.
awayOut of the way especially away from one s thoughts.
The pitch was away or wide.
bounceHit something so that it bounces.
The wicket was causing the occasional erratic bounce.
constellationA group of associated or similar people or things.
No two patients ever show exactly the same constellation of symptoms.
detachedLacking affection or warm feeling.
She felt detached from the group.
distantFar away in space or time.
Distant events.
farawayFar removed mentally.
Exotic and faraway locations.
fartherTo or at a greater distance in time or space farther is used more frequently than further in this physical sense.
The practice may go back still farther to the Druids.
forthFrom a particular thing or place or position forth is obsolete.
Go forth and preach.
furtherIn addition or furthermore.
Further in the future.
galaxyThe galaxy of which the solar system is a part the Milky Way.
Extragalactic nebula is a former name for galaxy.
inaccessibleUnable to be used.
A remote and inaccessible cave.
isolatedUnder forced isolation especially for health reasons.
Isolated instances of rebellion.
leapMove forward by leaps and bounds.
It doesn t take a great leap of imagination to recognize that you have held an important leadership role.
lonely(of a place) unfrequented and remote.
A lonely country lane.
mileA race extending over a mile.
Vistas which stretch for miles.
nebulaA medicinal liquid preparation intended for use in an atomizer.
out-of-townUnited States architect who was noted for his design and construction of truss bridges (1784-1844.
outbackThe bush country of the interior of Australia.
A two week tour of the outback.
outlyingRelatively far from a center or middle.
An outlying village.
outpostA station in a remote or sparsely populated location.
Troops in some outposts have surrendered.
outsideOutside a building.
The dog was still barking outside.
remoteA remote control device.
Remote stars.
secluded(of a place) not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private.
A secluded romantic spot.
separatedSeparated at the joint.
Thought of herself as alone and separated from the others.
solitaryBeing the only one; single and isolated from others.
A solitary traveler.
strayA stray person or thing especially a domestic animal.
A stray dog.
underpopulatedHaving a lower population density than normal or desirable.
The richly endowed but underpopulated Ivory Coast.
yonDistant but within sight yon is dialectal.
Scattered here and yon.

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