FICTITIOUS: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for FICTITIOUS?

Need another word that means the same as “fictitious”? Find 16 synonyms and 30 related words for “fictitious” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Fictitious” are: assumed, false, fictive, pretended, sham, fabricated, fancied, fictional, fake, counterfeit, imaginary, imagined, make-believe, unreal, mythical, apocryphal

Fictitious as an Adjective

Definitions of "Fictitious" as an adjective

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “fictitious” as an adjective can have the following definitions:

  • Formed or conceived by the imagination.
  • Occurring in or invented for fiction.
  • Adopted in order to deceive.
  • Not real or true; imaginary or fabricated.

Synonyms of "Fictitious" as an adjective (16 Words)

apocryphalOf or belonging to the Apocrypha.
The apocryphal Gospel of Thomas.
assumedAdopted as a basis of reasoning; expected.
An assumed cheerfulness.
counterfeitMade in exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud.
A counterfeit prince.
fabricatedFormed or conceived by the imagination.
A fabricated excuse for his absence.
fake(of a person) claiming to be something that one is not.
She got on the plane with a fake passport.
falseUsed in names of plants animals and gems that superficially resemble the thing properly so called e g false oat.
False pretenses.
fanciedFormed or conceived by the imagination.
A fancied wrong.
fictionalRelating to or occurring in fiction; invented for the purposes of fiction.
Fictional texts.
fictiveCapable of imaginative creation.
The novel s fictive universe.
imaginaryNot based on fact; unreal- F.D.Roosevelt.
Chris had imaginary conversations with her.
imagined(of something unreal or untrue) believed to exist or be so.
They perceive imagined slights where none exist.
make-believeImagined as in a play.
mythicalIdealized, especially with reference to the past.
A mythical age of contentment and social order.
pretendedNot genuine; assumed.
Eating ice cream with pretended unconcern.
shamBogus; false.
Sham modesty.
This conversation is getting more and more unreal.

Usage Examples of "Fictitious" as an adjective

  • A fictitious address.
  • Reports of a deal were dismissed as fictitious by the Minister.

Associations of "Fictitious" (30 Words)

arthurianOf or relating to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
assumedAdopted as a basis of reasoning; expected.
An assumed name.
bestsellerA book or other product that sells in very large numbers.
The bestseller list.
concoctMake a concoction of by mixing.
His cronies concocted a simple plan.
constructMake by combining materials and parts.
History is largely an ideological construct.
counterfeitA fraudulent imitation of something else.
Counterfeit 10 notes.
dissembleConceal or disguise one’s true feelings or beliefs.
An honest sincere person with no need to dissemble.
escapismAn inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy.
His alcohol problem was a form of escapism.
fableA supernatural story incorporating elements of myth and legend.
Believers accused the cosmologists of inventing fables on the birth of the universe.
fabricateConcoct something artificial or untrue.
The company fabricates plastic chairs.
fabricationWriting in a fictional form.
The synthesis and fabrication of single crystals.
fakeMake (an event) appear to happen.
The politician was not well prepared for the debate and faked it.
fanciedFormed or conceived by the imagination.
A fancied wrong.
fancifulIndulging in or influenced by fancy.
Fanciful lunar inhabitants.
feignInvent (a story or excuse).
She feigned nervousness.
fictionA literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact.
The notion of the country being a democracy is a polite fiction.
figmentA thing that someone believes to be real but that exists only in their imagination.
A figment of the imagination.
illusoryBased on or having the nature of an illusion.
She knew the safety of her room was illusory.
imaginaryNot based on fact; existing only in the imagination.
A small child s imaginary friends.
imaginationThe formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses.
Her story captured the public s imagination.
imitativeFollowing a model or example without any attempt at originality.
Acting is an imitative art.
inauthenticFalse or fake; not what it appears to be.
These books were fabricated and contained inauthentic material.
personaJungian psychology a personal facade that one presents to the world.
Chris adds that his media persona does not match reality.
potboilerA book, film, or other creative work produced solely to make the originator a living by catering to popular taste.
pretendedAdopted in order to deceive.
Eating ice cream with pretended unconcern.
pseudoNot genuine but having the appearance of.
The arty chat of a campus pseudo.
shamA thing that is not what it is purported to be.
A clergyman who arranged a sham marriage.
simulateReproduce someone’s behavior or looks.
Red ochre intended to simulate blood.
supposedGenerally assumed or believed to be the case, but not necessarily so.
The supposed existence of ghosts.
taleA fictitious or true narrative or story, especially one that is imaginatively recounted.
A delightful children s tale.

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