GENERATION: Synonyms and Related Words. What is Another Word for GENERATION?

Need another word that means the same as “generation”? Find 38 synonyms and 30 related words for “generation” in this overview.

The synonyms of “Generation” are: genesis, multiplication, propagation, coevals, contemporaries, crop, batch, wave, type, range, ages, an age, years, aeons, an aeon, an eternity, age, age group, peer group, cohort, stage of life, creation, causing, causation, making, spawning, production, initiation, origination, inception, prompting, kindling, triggering, inspiration, procreation, reproduction, breeding, fathering

Generation as a Noun

Definitions of "Generation" as a noun

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, “generation” as a noun can have the following definitions:

  • Group of genetically related organisms constituting a single step in the line of descent.
  • All the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age.
  • A group of people of similar age involved in a particular activity.
  • The propagation of living organisms; procreation.
  • All of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.
  • A set of members of a family regarded as a single step or stage in descent.
  • A coming into being.
  • The normal time between successive generations.
  • The act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production.
  • The production of heat or electricity.
  • The average period, generally considered to be about thirty years, in which children grow up, become adults, and have children of their own.
  • A single stage in the development of a type of product or technology.
  • A stage of technological development or innovation.
  • The production or creation of something.

Synonyms of "Generation" as a noun (38 Words)

aeons(Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing various roles in the operation of the universe.
ageA particular stage in someone s life.
It was replaced because of its age.
age groupA prolonged period of time.
agesA time of life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises.
We ve known each other for ages.
an aeonAn immeasurably long period of time.
an ageA prolonged period of time.
an eternityTime without end.
batchAll the loaves of bread baked at the same time.
A batch of loyalists and sceptics.
breedingThe production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization.
That s the kind of modesty you get from good breeding.
causationThe action of causing something.
A strong association is not a proof of causation.
causingThe act of causing something to happen.
coevalsAll the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age.
cohortA band of warriors (originally a unit of a Roman Legion.
The 1940 4 birth cohort of women.
contemporariesA person of nearly the same age as another.
creationThe event that occurred at the beginning of something.
From its creation the plan was doomed to failure.
cropThe total number of young farm animals born in a particular year on one farm.
The annual crop of students brings a new crop of ideas.
fatheringThe head of an organized crime family.
Charlie s stern fathering of his daughter.
genesisThe first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation; Adam and Eve; the Fall of Man; Cain and Abel; Noah and the flood; God’s covenant with Abraham; Abraham and Isaac; Jacob and Esau; Joseph and his brothers.
This tale had its genesis in fireside stories.
inceptionAn event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events.
She has been on the board since its inception two years ago.
initiationWisdom as evidenced by the possession of knowledge.
His initiation into the world of martial arts.
inspirationArousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity.
A rare moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display.
kindlingSmall sticks or twigs used for lighting fires.
makingUsually plural the components needed for making or doing something.
It was already in the making.
multiplicationThe process or skill of multiplying.
The multiplication of four by three gives twelve.
originationThe act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new.
There are a number of theories on the origination of the name.
peer groupA nobleman (duke or marquis or earl or viscount or baron) who is a member of the British peerage.
procreationThe sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring.
In general animals copulate purely for the purpose of procreation.
productionAn artifact that has been created by someone or some process.
A production model.
promptingPersuasion formulated as a suggestion.
The audience could hear his prompting.
propagationThe spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions.
Asexual propagation is the primary mode of reproduction.
rangeA set of different things of the same general type.
Grand hotels were outside my price range.
reproductionA copy of a work of art, especially a print or photograph of a painting.
Gutenberg s reproduction of holy texts was far more efficient.
spawningThe mass of eggs deposited by fish or amphibians or molluscs.
stage of lifeA specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process.
triggeringLever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun.
typeMetal types used in letterpress printing.
She characterized his witty sayings as the type of modern wisdom.
waveA shape regarded as resembling a breaking wave.
Her hair has a slight natural wave.
yearsA late time of life.
In his final years.

Usage Examples of "Generation" as a noun

  • They had to wait a generation for that prejudice to fade.
  • A third-generation Canadian.
  • The same families have lived here for generations.
  • The generation of wealth.
  • One of his generation's finest songwriters.
  • A new generation of rear-engined sports cars.
  • Dams were built for the generation of electricity.
  • A new generation of actors and directors.
  • Methods of electricity generation.
  • The third generation of computers.
  • Fourth-generation broadband.

Associations of "Generation" (30 Words)

begetMake (offspring) by reproduction.
They hoped that the King might beget an heir by his new queen.
brandAn identifying mark burned on livestock or in former times criminals or slaves with a branding iron.
The brand on a sheep identifies it as mine.
breedA sort or kind of person or thing.
He experimented on a particular breed of white rats.
buildBe engaged in building.
The county council plans to build a bypass.
compulsionAn urge to do or say something that might be better left undone or unsaid.
Though pressed into rugby under compulsion I began to enjoy the game.
concoctMake a concoction of by mixing.
She began to concoct a dinner likely to appeal to him.
createCreate or manufacture a man made product.
He created a thirty acre lake.
deviseA gift of real property by will.
A training programme should be devised.
engenderCause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition.
The issue engendered continuing controversy.
fabricateConstruct or manufacture (an industrial product), especially from prepared components.
The company fabricates plastic chairs.
filialDenoting the offspring of a cross.
Filial respect.
forgeCreate by hammering.
He forged ahead.
formulateCreate or prepare methodically.
The argument is sufficiently clear that it can be formulated mathematically.
foundOf art comprising or making use of found objects.
Collages of found photos.
generateProduce or create.
Changes which are likely to generate controversy.
hybridizationThe process of an animal or plant breeding with an individual of another species or variety.
These irises are the products of hybridization carried out by a plant breeding firm.
inventConcoct something artificial or untrue.
He invented an improved form of the steam engine.
inventive(used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action.
A courageous and inventive piece of film making.
inventorA person who invented a particular process or device or who invents things as an occupation.
lactationThe action of suckling an infant.
Lactation normally continues until weaning.
makeMake formulate or derive in the mind.
Make a wall of stones.
makingThe process of making or producing something.
She has the makings of fine musician.
manufacturerSomeone who manufactures something.
The manufacturers supply the goods to the distribution centre.
millennialA person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.
The millennial anniversary of Leif Eiriksson s voyage to the New World.
monumentA building, structure, or site that is of historical importance or interest.
A simple stone monument marked the nearby crash site.
multiplicationThe process of combining matrices, vectors, or other quantities under specific rules to obtain their product.
We need to use both multiplication and division to find the answers.
produceFresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market.
The plant produces blue flowers in late autumn.
productionA presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television.
Steel production had peaked in 1974.
productiveMarked by great fruitfulness.
Many suffixes are common and productive.
propagationThe act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production.
The propagation of plants by root cuttings.

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